Zingo is the pet female dog of the Mutant Underground.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

In Exposed, Zingo became friendly with newcomer Blink. Blink demonstrated her powers for Eclipse by using Zingo's favorite toy. After it broke in the process, Blink later fixed it.

In Threat of Extinction, Blink came down the stairs to the sight of Norah petting Zingo. Clarice claimed that the dog was pretty particular about the people she liked, Clarice and Norah were lucky enough to be two of them, which Clarice stated was due to the fact that they were special. Most of the mutants walking around the station were unidentifiable from humans, unlike them, as Clarice had pointed ears and green eyes while Norah had blue skin, and Zingo had fur.

In X-Roads, Zingo can be seen fleeing the Mutant Underground Headquarters with other mutants as Sentinel Services approached.

Season 2Edit

In eMergence, John feeds Zingo dinner scraps.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Zingo has black and white fur with black spots. She has bright blue eyes.


Season 1Edit

Season 2 Edit


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