The X-Men didn't do this 'cause they thought it would be easy. They knew it would be a struggle. They knew it would take sacrifice.
Eclipse to the Mutant Underground[src]

The X-Men are a mutant group whose whereabouts are unknown after 7/15. They were regarded as heroes by the mutant community, but after 7/15, became known as urban legends due to their mysterious disappearance,


Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker, the mutant terrorists known as Fenris, supposedly disappeared while they were fleeing from the X-Men.[1]

After 7/15, the X-Men foresaw conflict arising between humans and mutants. Before their mysterious disappearance, the X-Men founded the Mutant Underground and had Evangeline Whedon recruit Thunderbird and Polaris to be leaders of the Atlanta station.[2][3]





Season 1 Edit


  • According to Andy Strucker, he and his sister Lauren used to "play X-Men" when they were kids.


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