Twist (birth name Rebecca Hoover) was a recurring character on the second season of FOX's The Gifted.

She was a mutant that was a mental patient before the Inner Circle liberated her in order to utilize her gifts in their overall plans. She had gone on to develop a kinship and bond with Andy Strucker until he unintentionally killed her during her attempt to massacre the Inner Circle.

Character Description[edit | edit source]

"A mutant who “initially comes across as a sweet wounded bird” but reveals herself to be “a sociopath who lives for chaos.”"[1]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

One year prior to gaMe changer, Rebecca's father had called Sentinel Services on her when she tried to use her powers to kill one of her school teachers. Before she was taken away, Rebecca used her powers to kill both her parents. She was then incarcerated in Lynwood prison.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

In outMatched, Rebecca was drugged and locked in her sealed room at the mental facility when her room suddenly gets broken into. Andy Strucker had used his power to break into her room and helped carry her out along with Polaris. She was placed out in the back of their vehicle to rest before she regains consciousness.

In afterMath, Rebecca is placed in a private room at the Inner Circle's headquarters. She just lays in her bed and doesn't say a thing to anyone. Andy, Polaris, and the Frost sisters are watching her by the door, wondering what is wrong with her. The Frosts look into her mind and see her memories of being restrained by the doctors and being injected with multiple drugs as she screams in protest.

Rebecca is taken into the training room and is outfitted with receivers as Polaris and the Frosts ask her to show them her power. Rebecca just stays unresponsive and Polaris tries to tell her about her own experiences in a mental hospital and why what they're doing is important. But Rebecca just stays silent to everyone's frustration. She is then taken back to her room.

Andy comes into her room while she is silently laying in bed and asks if he could sit with her. She stays silent and he takes that as permission to do so. He starts bouncing a ball and shares some things about himself like how he had been bullied in high school and even shows his power by shattering the ball he is bouncing. As he talks, she just stares at him before she uses her power on the new ball he starts bouncing and turns it inside out. Andy then takes her out on a tour of the building and brings her to the meeting room. Rebecca is drawn towards the giant windows as she tells Andy that she had forgotten how beautiful the sky was. Andy realizes that her cell didn't have windows but she is free now. Rebecca tells him that she is still trapped, just there now. Andy quickly tells her that she isn't and she could go anywhere she wants and offers to take her somewhere. Rebecca points out that she doesn't have anything to wear but Andy tells her that they can get her some normal clothes.

She changes into new clothes and meets with Andy by the elevator. He looks a bit speechless and she feels embarrassed but Andy assures her that she looks fine. He asks if she is ready and she tells him that she is. They begin to head out but meet with Polaris who asks them where they are going. Andy tells her that they are heading out for a bite to eat but Polaris tells him that their chef could make anything they want. Andy knows that and tells her that Rebecca hasn't been outside for a long time and she tells him for over a year when he asks just how long it has been for her. Polaris pulls him aside and tells him that taking Rebecca out isn't a good idea but Andy argues that if they want her to fight for their freedom, they have to give her hers. She agrees to let them go but asks for them to be careful.

Rebecca is sitting with Andy outside a burger joint as she is quickly scarfing down her food while Andy is watching her. She thinks its because she's embarrassing herself but Andy tells her that he's impressed as he never has seen a girl eat a burger the way she does and could understand why. Andy offers Rebecca the rest of his milkshake when she finishes hers before asking what exactly her powers are and if she turns all stuff inside out. She takes a nearby soda can and uses her powers to turn it inside out. She tells him that while most mutants have the power to move stuff up, down or sideways, she can do it in another direction. She then rights Andy's name on the store window reversed in ketchup and then uses her power to make it appear correctly. Andy then tries to explain what the Inner Circle is trying to accomplish and that they could use her help but Rebecca tells him that he could stop with the sales pitch as he had her when he offered her his milkshake.

Rebecca then spots some officers across the street, leaving their squad car and tells Andy that they should have some fun. She pulls him away from the store to hide somewhere and Andy asks her what she is doing. She just smiles and then uses her power to turn the police car inside out, which freaks the officers out. She laughs and then asks for Andy to 'do his thing' so she could see it. Andy smiles and then rips the car apart, making it explode. They then run off back to the headquarters in giggles.

When they return, Rebecca thanks him for the nice time. They then move and share a small kiss. They are about to have another one but the elevator opens and they meet up with Esme and Polaris. They see that Rebecca looks a lot better than she did before. Rebecca then asks them about what she could do to help. They take her to the training room and put her before a giant safe. Andy is watching her as she uses her power to turn the safe inside out and have it broken apart.

In iMprint,

In no Mercy, Rebecca participate in the bank heist doing her part without a hitch however as the hostages are locked in a room. Rebecca is triggered by one keeping uttering that mutants are monsters causing her to decide to kill locked in that room with the rest of the participates looking on in horror as they realized what is happening too late.

In the dreaM, Rebecca gets in argument with Lorna about her actions at the bank with Andy feebly trying back her insisting Rebecca was triggered and lost control because of that. Rebecca knows her actions wouldn't be accepted by majority of the HellFire Club Inner Circle. So she uses her powers to roll out of the car although not before giving Andy a goodbye kiss. After being tracked down by Clarice and John she tells them all she knows about the notorious club current plans. After running for hours Rebecca takes a breather however she's captured by Fade.

In gaMe changer, After being captured Rebecca was put in a enclosed spinning ball to disoriented her. Andy later freed her and urged her to runaway with him, but Rebecca wanted revenge on everyone. Andy accidentally threw her against a wall killing her instantly regretting the kill. Lorna told him that Rebecca was too broken just to be fixed by him which made Andy extremely driven on his next mission.

Personality[edit | edit source]

When she first appeared, Rebecca seemed completely traumatized by her time in the mental institution. She was quiet, nervous and confused. However, after spending time with Andy, Rebecca came out of her shell and was actually quite bold and spirited, when turning the police car inside-out she appeared to enjoy the destruction she caused. It was later revealed Rebecca used her powers to kill her entire family, making her an extremely dangerous individual who can masquerade her ruthless nature with a face of innocence. At the end of the bank robbery, when the last part of the plan was to let the humans go free, Rebecca didn't even think twice before killing every human in a locked room when everything else went according to the plan which proved her to be a vindictive sociopath, who'd reacted to a mere insult to mutants in general, and her action was considered monstrous even to the other members of the Inner Circle.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Rebecca has long brown hair, pale skin, and brown eyes.

Abilities and Skills[edit | edit source]

Rebecca using her powers

  • Dimensional Manipulation: Twist possesses the ability to reverse or twist physical matter so that it becomes inside-out or backwards to what it originally was. This effect is triggered by her twisting her hands and extending her arms in a crescent-like shape. Her abilities have been shown to be powerful enough to turn a large adamantium safe inside out, though the process seemed to tax Rebecca of her strength. When her powers are activated, it appears as clear block-like ripples that turn, toss and twist like a Rubik's Cube until the object her powers are being used on is inside out. She is also able to reverse the physical position of matter without altering it, such as when she made the S.W.A.T holograms in the training room face away from her or when she altered the position of Blink and Thunderbird when they were tracking her. Switching and reversing the position and direction they were standing in. She can also use this application of her power to reverse someone standing on the ground to fall upside-down towards the ceiling or even alter her own position to move from one point to another, as seen when she repositioned herself to the opposite side of the gate in the scrap yard she was hiding in to escape from Blink and Thunderbird. She can use her powers on living things to turn them inside-out as well, such as when she killed her parents or when she murdered an entire roomful of people. However, when reversing the roomful of about two dozen people, the process took much longer and it was harder to perform. However, when she did complete the task, the fallout was bloody and seemed very painful for her victims. Her powers are also more effective when used on a single object and/or in enclosed spaces.
    • Limitations: Rebecca is limited to tangible matter only. It is said that she can only reverse solid objects. If an object she is trying to twist is very large or durable it can be very difficult or impossible for her to twist it. Such as with the large adamantium safe she was unable to turn inside out until Andy helped her overcome her limitations by tapping into her anger and summon enough power to twist it.

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  • Twist is not a character from the Marvel Comics. She's an original character created for this series.

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