This page functions as the current Timeline for FOX's The Gifted. It contains matters of the past, present and future (if necessary) in chronological order.

Events in The Gifted fall into three broad eras: prior to the 7/15 incident (stretching back through the 1950s), the four year period of "recent history" between the 7/15 incident and the beginning of the TV series, and everything after the beginning of the TV series.

In The Gifted, mutants are not a new phenomenon, but have been appearing since at least the 1950s, and the world at large has been aware of their existence in large numbers for several decades. The 7/15 incident provides the immediate background to the TV series, as it resulted in severe restrictions on mutant rights in the United States.

1952[edit | edit source]

  • Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker were hiding out in London after orchestrating a number of terrorist attacks. While writing a letter confirming that he and his sister were safe, Andreas received a call from the Hellfire Club to warn him that their location was discovered by the authorities. After relaying this information to his sister, Andreas combined his powers with Andrea to create a destructive energy blast against their pursuers. [1]

1962[edit | edit source]

  • On May 21st, Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker orchestrated another terrorist attack in Rio de Janeiro. [2]

1984[edit | edit source]

  • Ellen Strucker marched against the apartheid government in South Africa, which was responsible for oppressing mutants alongside other racial groups. [2]

2001[edit | edit source]

  • Caitlin Strucker is advised by her OBGYN to abort her five month old son due to medical complications with the pregnancy. However, she decides to carry the baby full term with the support her husband Reed. [3]

2006[edit | edit source]

2013[edit | edit source]

  • On July 15th in Dallas, Texas, a peaceful mutant rights protest march at City Hall turned into a disaster in which thousands of people (mutants and humans) died including Grace Turner.
  • John and his fellow military veteran friend were raising funds in Phoenix for the victims of the 7/15 Disaster when anti-mutant thugs threw a pipe bomb at them, John was barely able to hurl the bomb outside of harm's way before it exploded.
  • The X-Men founded the Mutant Underground and appointed Thunderbird to be the leader of the Atlanta cell, they also sent Evangeline to a mental hospital where Lorna was hospitalized to convinced her to join the mutant underground.
  • The X-Men disappeared and anti-mutant laws were enacted.
  • The National Guard stormed a mutant orphanage in Atlanta. One of the kids lost control of his powers, and destroyed the whole area, including a bank. That incident triggered "The Oakwood Riots". After the bank building was abandoned, the Atlanta cell of the Mutant Underground moved into it and turned it into their headquarters.
  • Dr. Roderick Campbell had to watch his brother die slowly of cystic fibrosis, that experience caused him to dedicate himself to protecting humankind from dangerous genetic mutations, He became an anti-mutant activist giving lectures about the concept of evolution and how the humans would only defeat the mutants by staying united.

2014[edit | edit source]

  • Thunderbird and Polaris met with Eclipse at a diner and asked him leave the Cartel and join the Mutant Underground. 
  • Eclipse joined the Mutant Underground, where he and Polaris conversed outside the Underground Headquarters. After displaying their powers for one another, they discovered that when they touch, they can create a miniature version of the Northern Lights. The two of them then went on to form a relationship.
  • Lauren Strucker and her family were almost killed in a car accident, however, Lauren was able to prevent the accident by triggering her mutant abilities.

2015[edit | edit source]

  • Thunderbird, Pulse, Eclipse and Sage were on a mutant rescue mission at a mutant relocation center. While they managed to escape, Pulse was shot and captured after he stayed behind to disable the facility's gun turret. He was presumed dead for two years.
  • Trask Industries started the hounds program, Pulse was one of the first mutants to be turned into a hound.
  • Blink was on a date. She and her date were approached by a group of Purifiers wearing giant white crosses on their clothes as they exited the movie theater. The Purifiers spray-painted "mutie" on Blink's car and harassed her. Her date did nothing to help her and just told her to run as the Purifiers burned the car. Blink ran and escaped through a portal she opened.

2016[edit | edit source]

  • The Strucker family went out for a family night of bowling, Lauren knocked nine pins down and when Andy teased her she used her power behind her back to knock down the final pin. While there, They saw a young mutant girl being teased by some teenagers and it caused her powers to lash out and damage a bit of the alley. Reed told the girl's father that they had to leave or he would be forced to call the police. After they left, Lauren confronted him and asked why it had to be the two of them that left, but Reed dismissed it and tried to get them to go back to what they were all doing.
  • The Strucker family went out for a family picnic, Andy gave Lauren a skateboarding lesson but she nearly falls over, Andy grabbed Lauren by the hand and suddenly they started glowing and even started to perceive the world around them differently as if they see out of the same eyes. 
  • Esme went undercover as a staff member for Senator Montez, named Stacy. She asked him if she could sit in on some meetings and he agreed. Esme was then telepathically warned by her sisters to get out as Sentinel Services had arrived in search for her and others like her. Esme ran outside into to the crowd trying to escape. She spotted someone from Sentinel Services and continued running through the crowd as she telepathically heard her sisters being taken.

2017[edit | edit source]

  • Clarice Fong escaped from a mutant detention center and was pursued by the Atlanta Police Department, before creating a portal to an abandoned warehouse for shelter. [4]
  • John Proudstar, Lorna Dane, and Marcos Diaz tracked Clarice to the warehouse, where they came into conflict with the Atlanta DP. As the mutants fled the scene, Marcos was shot in the shoulder and Lorna was arrested while attacking a police officer with her abilities. [4]
  • At a school dance, Andy Strucker manifested his mutant destructive powers for the first time, resulting in the school gymnasium being destroyed, and this caused him to become a wanted fugitive by the Sentinel Services, along with his mutant sister, Lauren. [4]
  • Caitlin and Reed Strucker found out that their children, Lauren and Andy, are mutants.
  • Lorna Dane was arrested by the Atlanta Police Department. [4]
  • Reed Strucker was shot and taken by the Sentinel Services as the Struckers, Marcos, John and Clarice tried to escape through Blink's portal in an abandoned warehouse. [4]
  • After exerting her powers beyond her limits, Blink went into a state of shock, causing her powers to become unstable. Caitlin saved her by stabilizing her potassium levels with medicine.
  • Lorna was transferred to a new cell at Lakewood County Jail.
  • Caitlin escaped with her kids, Andy and Lauren, from the Mutant Underground Headquarters to find help from her brother, Daniel Reynolds.
    • Thunderbird tracked them down, along with Eclipse.
    • They were ambushed by an angry mob of local neighbors, armed with guns, who called out for the Struckers.
    • Sonya used her powers to make Blink regain her ability to create a portal so that she could save John and the rest.
  • The Mutant Underground devised a plan to rescue Lorna and Reed.
    • While they were in route to being relocated, they would strike.
    • Lauren and Andy combined their mutant abilities to destroy the transport bus' tires.
    • Trader tried using his cloaking abilities to move past undetected and see what was happening with the transport bus, but his abilities deactivated when he got closer to the bus, leaving him exposed in plain sight. As a result, he got shot multiple times in the left lower abdomen.
    • Pulse, a mutant with the ability to disable mutant abilities and electronic devices, was the cause of the Undergrounds inability to use their powers. Thunderbird tackled him and knocked him unconscious.
    • Lorna, Eclipse and Clarice got their powers back, as a result.
    • Lorna used Reed's metal screw inside his leg to break them out of the transport bus.
    • They all escaped in Sentinel Service's vehicle.

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