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Officer Ted Wilson was a recurring character on the second season of FOX's The Gifted. He was a police officer at the Metropolitan Police Department and the leader of a Purifiers cell in Washington, D.C. He was killed when he taunted and provoked Reed Strucker into using his powers to mutilate him.

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In coMplications, Officer Ted Wilson watches as Jace Turner was told to leave to police station.

In outMatched, Jace gets a call from officer Ted Wilson from the metropolitan police department. He's interested in talking to Jace after hearing what he previously said to Sergeant Lopez. So, they arrange a meet up at a nearby diner. Jace meets with officer Ted Wilson in the diner. First off, Ted apologizes for what happened at the precinct. He believes they need more people like Jace. After what the mutants did to his daughter and partner, he sees the mutant threat for what it is. Ted pull up his left shoulder sleeve, revealing a tattoo, that which represents the Purifiers. Jace instantly grows uncomfortable as he realizes that officer Wilson is with the Purifiers. Jace isn't willing to join a hate group. Ted understands his concerns. Like everyone else, Jace hear the supposed lies in the media about how they're all bigots. But fact is, at least according to Ted, they're regular folk who love their species, their country and their families. While Jace appreciates the offer, he declines. Ted still leaves his number with Jace just in case he changes his mind. Later on, From his motel room, Jace watches the report of the attack at Lynwood mental facility and decides to give Ted Wilson a call.

In afterMath, Jace watches news coverage of the Lynwood attack. He gets a text message from Ted alerting him to a Purifiers meeting. He texts back that he’ll be there. Jace goes to the Purifiers meeting. Ted preaches to the others in the cell, talking about how the mutants won’t replace them and how they’ll meet them in the streets when they come. Jace suggests that fighting with protestors will just make the mutants look like victims. Jace suggests they search for the fugitive mutants form Lynwood. That will show that the Purifiers are “part of the solution.”
At the clinic, Thunderbird hears Ted, Jace and the Purifiers come into the clinic. He and Caitlin start trying to hide the mutant patients as the Purifiers strongarm their way in. When the receptionist refuses to let them in, they break in. Thunderbird and Caitlin see Jace on the security feed and realize he’s not with Sentinel Services any longer. The Purifiers finds the doctor. He tries to resist, but Jace can tell that the mutants have been there. He continues to lie to them and one of the Purifiers, Kyle, starts beating on the doctor. Kyle continues beating the doctor. Jace pulls him off and they hear sirens. Jace manage to grab some important medical records before the Purifiers leave. Jace finds something in the patient files he took from the clinic. He calls the Purifiers and says they’re going to hit the mutants where they live.

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He was a stiff supporter and member of the Purifiers.

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  • He was the first person that Reed used his powers on.

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