Skyler is a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. He is portrayed by Charlie Nix.

He is a mutant teenager, who appears to be able to repel objects.

Early Life Edit

Skyler was a homeless teenager living under I-85 in Atlanta with other mutant kids, using his powers to find food. When Sentinel Services began their crackdown on mutants, Skyler flees to the Mutant Underground Headquarters.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

In got your siX, Skyler arrives at Mutant Underground Headquarters along with other mutant refugees after being forced off the streets by Sentinel Services' crackdown. Caitlin gives him a medical examination, noting his high blood pressure from having to use his powers consistently while out in the streets when looking for food. Later on, he along with Lauren, Wes, and Naya begins combat training under Lorna. Skyler easily deflects the hammer hurled at him.

In eXtreme measures, Skyler again undergoes training, this time with Andy and Naya, using his powers to avoid and neutralize bricks.

In X-Roads, Skyler is still living at the Atlanta station, rooming with Naya. The two are joined by Andy when he leaves the room he had shared with the rest of his family. When Sentinel Services attacks the Atlanta station, Skyler takes a critical role in the mutants' defense, holding out long enough for the others to escape, combining his repulsion power with Naya's water manipulation power to create blasts of water to knock back Sentinel Services agents. Skyler survives the battle and joins the rest of the Mutant Underground in fleeing to Nashville. While several members of the Mutant Underground leave to join the Hellfire Club, Skyler opts to remain with the Mutant Underground.

Season 2Edit

Skyler again appears in iMprint, having joined Shatter, Pedro, and Naya at the Baltimore Mutant Underground station. Skyler is at the station when Blink, Eclipse, Thunderbird, and Reed arrive to assist with the influx of mutant refugees displaced by Purifier attacks on mutant safe houses, greeting them with an enthusiastic wave. When the Purifiers attack the station itself, Skyler and the rest of the Underground flee. When Shatter attacks the Purifiers head-on to buy time for others, Skyler uses his powers to knock back a Purifier and prevent him from harming Shatter. While many mutants are captured or killed, Skyler manages to escape with other members of the Mutant Underground.

Personality Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Skyler has shaggy, brown hair and brown eyes. He is lean with an average height of a teenager.

Abilities and Skills Edit

  • Repulsion: Skyler can emit an unknown energy from his hands that repels objects. He can easily repel projectiles heading towards him, and when used in conjunction with Naya's ability, could propel water with enough force to knock several Sentinel Service agents back several feet.

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