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All my life, I've been enforcing laws. The way I saw it, society only worked if there were consequences for breaking the rules. Lately, my feelings about society have changed a bit, but... it's something I still believe in. Maybe in a new way, but I do believe it. It's about trust.
— Reed to Wes[src]

Reed Strucker was a main character on FOX's The Gifted. He is portrayed by Stephen Moyer.

He was a Attorney for the mutant task force, employed with the goal of prosecuting and imprisoning mutants that threaten the community.

He was the husband of Caitlin Strucker, and the father of two mutant teens, Lauren and Andy Strucker. Reed is forced to go on the run with his family upon finding out that his children are mutants, and that Sentinel Services seek to take them into custody.

Character Description

"An ambitious attorney trying to balance the demands of his job at the DA's office with his responsibilities to his family."[1]

Early Life

When Reed was a child, his father was always away at work and he hardly ever saw him. He had gotten sick when he was a pre-teen and had been sent to the hospital where he never even saw him. What he didn't know was that his father had administered a serum to him that would suppress the X-gene within him and eliminate his powers though the process nearly killed him. It was during this time that doctors diagnosed Reed with what they believed to be Leukemia. Before his father left, Reed often tried gain his father's attention but he was often too absorbed in his work.

In 2001, while Caitlin was five months pregnant with Andy, she and Reed were advised by their doctor to get an abortion due to medical complications with the pregnancy. Despite the risk of Caitlin and his son dying, Reed supported his wife's decision to carry the baby to full term. [2]

Three years prior to discovering that his children were mutants, his family were nearly the victims of a car accident but the oncoming truck swerved and missed them. His wife preached that it was a miracle that they didn't die for weeks when it had really been their daughter using her powers to save them.

Two years after that event, Reed had taken his family and mother out for a family night of bowling. While there, he saw a young mutant girl being teased by some teenagers and it caused her powers to lash out and damage a bit of the alley. He told the girl's father that they had to leave or he would be forced to call the police. After they left, Lauren confronted him and asked why it had to be the two of them that left, but Reed dismissed it and tried to get them to go back to what they were all doing.

Around that same time, Reed and his wife had taken the family out for a picnic in the park. They were happy to see that their children weren't fighting for a change. Unknown to him, the two had momentarily tapped into their joint power for the first time.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Caitlin and Reed at Andy's school

In "eXposed", Reed, and his wife Caitlin, arrive at Belleview Acres High School to address the bullying of their son, Andy. They meet with Mr. Baird, who assures them that Belleview has zero tolerance for bullying. However, they notice a recent change in Andy's behavior, which in return is negatively impacting his grades. Not to mention that he hasn't been sleeping. In situations such as this, Mr. Baird would recommend the C.A.R.E (communicate, adjust, reconcile, and empathize) system. Though Caitlin would rather more drastic measure be taken. The bullies are terrorizing her son, and they needed to be handled appropriately. Furthermore, should the school continue to neglect Andy's needs, Reed will sue them into oblivion. After Mr. Baird exits the office to retrieve someone more equipped for the task at hand, Caitlin comments on Reed's aggressive demeanor and scary glaring. Sadly, Reed has to leave soon thereafter as he is called in to interview a suspect at the Garland Detention Center. They exchanged I love you's before kissing him goodbye.

Reed meetes with Polaris at Garland

Reed and his associate, Carla, enter the mutant wing of the Garland Detention Center, where he meets face to face with Lorna Dane, better known as Polaris, who is imprisoned within a smaller transparent and plastic box within the cell. Reed inform her that she is being charged with the attempted murder of two officers as well as the illegal use of her abilities. Reed offers her a reduced sentence in exchange for her cooperation, but Lorna claims to have nothing to offer. She was walking through the rain when an officer randomly fired at her, or so her story went. However, with documented information pertaining to Lorna, and her affiliation to the Mutant Underground, Reed knows better than to take Lorna for her word. She and her associates have aided and abetted hundreds if not thousands of mutant fugitives.

Reed gets a frantic call from Caitlin

That night Reed receives a frantic call from Caitlin telling him about a mutant attack at the kids' school. If this is the case, he's wondering why there were people at the house. What Caitlin is trying to convey is somehow getting lost in translation. There was so much that she doesn't even know where to begin. While the kids are safe, Caitlin doesn't know for how much longer that will remain to be true. As for the mutants that attacked them, Reed asks what had happened of them, to which Caitlin explains that they weren't attacked by mutants, they are the mutants, Andy and Lauren, that is. Reed is nearly speechless, barely able to form a full sentence after learning of this development.

The Struckers at a diner on the outskirts of Atlanta

Reed meets up with Caitlin and the kids in a diner on the outskirts of Atlanta, and begins his professional evaluation of the situation. Caitlin reminds him that it isn't a deposition and that a legal understanding of the matter will do little to help against Sentinel Services. When she mentions the Sentinel Services' part in all of this, he finally understands the life and death reality of the situation. Sentinel Services is a federal agency with little oversight that has "disappeared" mutant suspects in the past and he won't allow that to happen to his children. The only reason they got away is that Sentinel Services didn't have enough time to put a full team together. Soon, the pressure will pick up its pace, and they need to find someplace safe, not, as Caitlin suggests, that they stay with her sister, Jenny in Phoenix, but Reed is thinking more along the lines of someplace with less strict mutant laws, like Mexico. Reed promises to figure something out. There is nothing more important to him than his family.

Reed calls Carla

Reed later calls his associate, Carla, from just outside the Central Courthouse Building to ask for her help. Carla first informs him that Sentinel Services is raiding his office, his computer and emails included, which he is already aware of. He needs the case file for the Mutant Underground investigation. Acknowledging the insanity of this plan, Reed doesn't know what else to do in such desperate times. He needs to get his family some place safe and if he could get in contact with the mutants, they may be able to help. Carla is afraid that this will trace back to her, as she could possibly get disbarred, or arrested even. Reed begs her to help him because these are his children that are in trouble. Carla is defeated by this, choosing to help him.

With the case file, Reed calls Marcos Diaz, one of the members of the Mutant Underground, hoping that they could help his family get across the border. Reed proposes a deal to Marcos. He explains that he is the prosecutor with the city, involved in building a case against Marcos and his mutant associates for the district's attorney office, so if he helps his family across the border, he would be able to sort out Lorna's release. Reed has more shocking news, Lorna is pregnant. If Marcos wasn't inclined to helping him before, he certainly is now.

Caitlin and Reed spot the Sentinel Services drone

The next morning after a night of sleep at the Caravan Motel, Reed and Caitlin stand by the window as the kids sleep. Caitlin jokes that he may be a mutant as well, nut with a snoring ability. Later in the evening, Reed will be meeting with Marcos. Caitlin wonders how great their chances are in making it out. They don't have many options, Reed replies. Caitlin is aware that he is doing the best he could. She'd take one option over none. She then asks Reed if he knows how rough it is on the mutant fugitives who are constantly on the run from Sentinel Services. Reed knows it isn't easy, but they both remember how it is with the mutants fighting amongst each other, and innocent people getting hurt in the crossfire. Before long, it is time to move again as Reed spots a Sentinel Services drone circling the area. While it can't see them from inside the room, it knows the license plate of their vehicle, and it won't be long before Sentinel Services agents are at their door if they don't leave now. With that in mind, they wake the kids, and exit the motel, stealing a truck as Lauren creates force fields to protect them from the car owner so they have enough time to steal it and drive away.

Reed meets with Marcos

As planned, Reed meets up with Marcos at a local bar for mutants called Tex's Lounge. When Reed arrives at the bar, Marcos asks about how Lorna and the baby are doing. When he asks Reed which detention center is being kept at, Reed isn't inclined to tell him, but after he uses his power to scare him, Reed spills which center it is. Reed offers to help Lorna in exchange for assisting his family. Marcos agrees because Lorna’s big secret is that she is pregnant, but he says that Reed will have to stay behind to make sure the other man holds up his end of their bargain. He gives Reed an address, where he and his family are supposed to meet him to plan their escape to Mexico.

The Struckers meet with Eclipse

That night, after following the address given to him by Eclipse, Reed, Caitlin, Andy and Lauren arrive to an abandoned warehouse facility where Eclipse awaits their arrival. From there, Eclipse would get them food, water, and blankets before heading down to the border, though Caitlin refuses to go any further until she knows all of what he has planned for her family. Eclipse explains that he knows people down by the border with a specific set of skills, that'll allow them to get people under, over, or even through the wall. Once that is done, they'll get them new IDs. There are also churches of people who will help them. Unfortunately, their plans never initiate as doesn't take long before they are surrounded by Sentinel Services, and ordered to the ground.

Reed on the opposite side of Blink's portal

Luckily, Eclipse is not alone. Two of his fellow mutants, Thunderbird and Blink, come to their rescue. The Struckers and the mutants run throughout the facility in search of an exit, all the while being pursued by Sentinel Services and the Sentinels. Despite their best efforts, they find themselves cornered by the Sentinels. With all hope seemingly lost, Caitlin grabs Reed's hand as the mutants fend off the attacking robots. Much to their surprise, Blink creates a portal for them all to retreat through that'll lead to the Mutant Underground Headquarters. Everyone Reed goes through the portal. Just as he is about to go through, he gets shot before he gets the chance. Having strained her abilities, Blink collapses, causing the portal to close and for Reed to be left for capture on the other side.

Strucker family outing

In "rX", one year ago, Reed took Caitlin, Lauren, Andy, and his mother Ellen out to the bowling alley for a family gathering. He recommended that Caitlin reconsider her professional bowling career after witnessing her poor attempt at a strike. Reed then looked to his mother, who shared no desire in partaking in the family's activity. She informed Reed that the love of bowling was one of many things that she and his father did not have in common. Their fun family outing quickly turned bad as they were interrupted by a dispute occurring one lane over between a father and his mutant daughter, and the obnoxious group of people that were teasing the daughter because of her mutation which resembled a vibrating motion. Reed attempted to ignore the dispute turning his head, but as the belittling and arguing continued between the two parties, the young girl briefly lost control of her abilities, and while no serious damage was done, Reed decided it was time to intervene in the conflict. He advised the father to leave the bowling alley with his child before the situation got any worse because damaging property with a mutant ability is a serious crime.

Reed is met by Agent Turner of Sentinel Services as he is being carried away on a stretcher. He can't feel his arms or legs. Agent Turner explains that is a result of the embolization round that he had been hit with, known to last up to a few hours. Once the effects wear off, Agent Turner informs him that they will then discuss his family.

Reed being interrogated by Agent Turner

Recovering from his arrest, Reed is taken into an interrogation room, where Agent Turner wants to make sure that he understood his rights, to which Reed replies that he's been a prosecutor for twenty years. He's well aware of his rights, as well as his children's. "It's not illegal to be a mutant," Reed says. Agent Turner agrees, though he does focus on crimes committed by them. Agent Turner only asks that Reed cooperate, but how could he after Sentinel Services sent Sentinels after his children? Agent Turner reminds Reed that before they released the Sentinels that the Struckers were given the opportunity to surrender peacefully, which they declined. Reed then asks for his lawyer, which Agent Turner insists is ill-advised. He claims that he is doing Reed a favor by even talking to him as there are no deals or offers on the table as of yet.

The next day, Reed is astonished by the charges being brought against him, for instance, terrorism. Agent Turner pulls up Lorna Dane's photo on the screen. From what Sentinel Services could gather, Reed used her police file to make contact with the Mutant Underground. Reed denies these claims, but with Sentinel Services having already talked to Carla, the co-worker who retrieved the file for him, denying the accusations is pointless. There's been talk for quite some time about classifying the Underground as a mutant terrorist group, much like the Brotherhood and the Mutant Liberation Front. Their lawyers wanted to make Reed and Lorna their test case though Reed objects that the Underground is nothing like the former groups mentioned. However, Agent Turner reminds Reed that he was just prosecuting Lorna a few days ago. He goes on to explain how he lost his daughter Grace during the 7/15 incident. She was only 7. People constantly talk about the X-Men and the Brotherhood, but Agent Turner is never going to know if the blast of energy that killed his daughter came from a good mutant or a bad mutant. Nonetheless, Reed is positive that the charges he face will never stick but Turner disagrees.

Reed learns the stakes

Carried out in handcuffs, Reed is escorted to an interrogation room where Agent Turner attempts to explain the stakes to Reed as he is under the impression that he, his wife, and his kids are the only ones in jeopardy. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. They enter the interrogation room to the sight of Reed's mother, Ellen, being interrogated by Agent Weeks. Sentinel Service is bringing in every potential co-conspirator. His mother is being harassed, and Reed wishes for it to stop, to which Agent Turner replies that all he has to do is reveal whoever was involved and the where his family is hiding.

Agent Turner returns to the interrogation

Reed has done some thinking, and comes to the conclusion that he isn't in as much trouble as Agent Turner would like for him to believe. He had sat on Agent Turner's side of the table. So, if Turner truly was going to throw him in jail, he would've done it already. Between coming in with charges and dragging his mother in, Reed has come to the conclusion that Agent Turner overplayed his hand. He had a bad day, lost millions of dollars worth of equipment and allowed 6 mutants to slip through his fingers. Reed's been in his shoes enough to know that he's desperate. So Reed turns the tables on Turner. He agrees to make a deal, but only on his terms, meaning that his mother, wife, children and anyone else they had brought in gets to go free. Agent Turner reluctantly agrees so long as he gets the Mutant Underground.

Agent Turner plans with Reed and Agent Weeks on taking down the Underground

In, "eXodus", Reed and Agent Turner retrace his steps leading up to his capture at Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters. They pick up at Reed and Marcos meeting at Tex's Lounge to broker a deal to move his family to Mexico. Reed recalls Marcos being familiar with the bartender, Fade, making him the contact to the Underground. With that, Agent Turners tells Agent Weeks to get a recon team out by the bar. Agent Turner then explains that they're going to put out a fake APB for Reed, saying that he managed to escape capture. Assuming the bar is connected to the Underground, they'll hear about it. Should Reed not be able to make contact, Agent Turner tells him to get them to take him to his family. Sentinel Services will then pick up Marcos Diaz and roll-up their entire operation. As for the Underground, they're classified as a terrorist organization. So they'll be dealt with accordingly.

Agent Turner, Reed and Agent Week in the surveillance van

Later on, Reed is with Agent Turner and Weeks in a Sentinel Services van. Sentinel Services Headquarters has sent out the APB notice. As of an hour ago, Reed Strucker is the subject of a multi-agency manhunt. With any luck, their target will have heard about it. Reed simply needed to convince them to take him to the Underground. Meanwhile, Agent Turner and Agent Weeks would track him with an ankle monitor. It's thin enough to the point where it won't be felt if Reed is subject to a pat-down and it also won't come off unless Turner unlocks it. Having already hacked the nearby surveillance cameras, they watch as Fade exits the backdoor of the bar to dump the trash, providing them with the perfect opportunity to send Reed out. Before doing so, Agent Turner reminds him that his family is depending on him.

Reed asks Fade for help

Reed approaches Fade to tell him that he was at the bar a few days ago with Marcos in talks about moving his family out of the country. But they ran into Sentinel Services and got separated. Fade remembers Reed. But he also knows that the F.B.I and Sentinel Services are looking for him. Fade turns invisible and then reappears with a gun in had, pointed at Reed, who claims that he just wants to find his family. When Fade demands that he leave, Reed tells him that he was a prosecutor and that's why he and Marcos were talking in the bar. Reed knows about the investigation into the network. He also tries to use his relationship with the police and the federal agencies to sway Fade into trusting him. Reed guarantees that he can offer valuable information. He simply wants to find his family first. And so Fade reluctantly agrees to help.

Reed being relieved of his pain by Sheila.

Inside the bar, Fade questions how Reed got away from Sentinel Services in the first place. Reed tells him about a supposed crawl space he found inside a warehouse where he hid until they gave up the search. Fade takes Reed into the backroom where he introduces him to Sheila and Dominique. They would also be taken to the station. Fade explains that he takes them to the drop-point and someone from HQ picks them up to drive them the rest of the way. Sheila and Dominique were alone after they took her husband who is also a mutant to the Sentinel Services detention center. They tried to take Sheila and Dominique as well but they escaped. Reed is surprised that they would be after a small child like Dominique but Sheila informs him that they only saw her as a future threat as she possesses the X-Gene. Noticing he is in pain from his encounter with the Sentinel Services where they shot him with an immobilization round, Shelia uses her powers to remove his pain, to which he thanks her for after.

Reed jumps out the truck to let the mutants get away

When night fell, they are placed in the back of a van, and Fade starts to drive them off. Reeds appears to be experiencing guilt as he observes Sentinel Services tailing them. Dominique grabs Reed's hand and tells him that everything is going to be okay as they will soon be at the Underground's HQ. Shelia confirms this. Telling Dominique that the worst part is over and that they are with friends now, looking to Reed as one of those friends. Realizing that he's made a terrible mistake, Reed tells Fade to stop the van because he set them up. Fade is enraged, but refuses to stop the van as they would be captured. Reed apologizes for his betrayal and jumps out of the moving van in order to prevent them from being tracked. Fade then cloaks the van and proceeds to the drop-point. Agent Turner is outraged. He scolds Reed for going back on their deal.

Reed tries to talk with Lorna

In "eXit strategy", Reed is being detained in a prison cell for breaking his deal with Agent Turner, who has Polaris put in the same cell block as Reed. A shocked Lorna asks why her prosecutor is imprisoned, to which Turner responds that Reed has his own legal problems and will be transferred to the same facility as she is. Lorna is amazed at the fact that Reed, the same person who tried to use her unborn child to get her to turn against her friends is going to prison as well. As Agent Turner leaves the room, Reed attempts to inform Lorna of his deal with the Underground, but she refuses to hear him out, especially after learning that he almost got Marcos killed.

Reed tells Lorna why he did what he did

Reed tries to get through to Polaris, acknowledging he's not the kind of person she wants to speak to, in which Lorna agrees with. He always told himself that anyone that was facing him in his courtroom was guilty. He told himself that he was the prosecutor, and that the laws were clear, and if someone broke them, it was on them. He also told himself that he was doing his job. Then he found out that his kids are mutants. They didn't mean to hurt anyone. They were only defending themselves. But they broke the law. And with mandatory minimums, they'll get at least ten years. If not more. And a few days ago, he would have been the one making that argument. Before all of this, Reed didn't understand. But he does now. And for that he's sorry. Lorna congratulates him on realizing that he's the bad guy. He has destroyed many lives. If he wants forgiveness, she tells him to ask the little boy who she strapped on a bus while he screamed, begging to join his mother in prison where Reed sent her. Better yet, he can ask the hundreds of families whose lives he and his co-workers have ruined. Because Lorna has no forgiveness to offer.

Reed asks Lorna to help him escape

The day of Reed and Lorna's transfer to a new ultra secure facility has arrived, and they're both escorted to a transport bus with several Sentinel Service agents, including Jace Turner. Both are placed in a plastic cell and strapped to their seats. While the bus goes through a warehouse district in Peachetree, it suddenly breaks down. Reed implores Lorna to hear him out. He knows she hates him and is fine with it, but there obviously something wrong with the bus and if they get a chance to escape, it'll come along soon. He then asks if her hatred of him was worth more than giving her child a real life. Polaris reluctantly agrees to work with him.

Polaris and Reed plan to escape

Reed and Polaris are about to be moved to a more secure location. As the agents unlock them from their seats, Polaris and Reed enact their escape and attack the guards. However, it doesn't go as planned, and they are beaten down. Soon after, Polaris can feel her powers coming back. Unfortunately, there is nothing inside their plastic cells that she can use to escape. Everything metal is outside of their cell. Reed remembers the metal screws in his leg that Polaris tugged on during their first encounter. He tells her to take it. Polaris yanks the metal screws from Reed's leg and uses them to free Reed and herself from their restraints. She then attacks the guard with the very same screws as he attempts to call-in their escape.

Lorna then uses her powers to break open the back of the bus, allowing her and Reed to escape, and rendezvous with Thunderbird and Eclipse, whom had come to rescue them. Caitlin then arrives in a stolen Sentinel Services SUV to get them to safety. Reed then embraces his relieved wife, before she drives them away fast as possible.

Reed and Caitlin reunited

In "boXed in", Reed, Caitlin, Thunderbird, Eclipse and Polaris pull into their rendezvous point; an abandoned lot. Reed thanks Eclipse for saving him despite having no obligation to, but Eclipse is more concerned with getting out of the open. While Caitlin and Reed embrace after being apart, Polaris, Eclipse and Thunderbird retrieve the untraceable getaway cars they had left nearby. Thunderbird then hears an incoming Sentinel Services drone. Eclipse and Polaris volunteer to draw it away while Thunderbird, Reed and Caitlin head back to Headquarters.

John breaks up Fade and Reed's fight

Reed, Caitlin and Thunderbird arrive at Headquarters to find the station crowded with new arrivals. Caitlin informs Reed that they are at the Underground station and that their room is downstairs. Reed wonders about their previous plan to go to Mexico. Caitlin explains that they could never leave him behind. Reed then calls out Andy and Lauren, and they come together as a family. After their reunion, Caitlin and Reed learn from Lauren that Sentinel Services shot Harry. Not long after his arrival is Reed attacked by Fade. Reed and Fade exchange blows before the fight is broken up by John. Fade then reveals that the last time he and Reed crossed paths, Reed was working for Sentinel Services.

Read explains himself

John urges everyone to calm down so that Reed can explain himself though Fade is irate. Before he can, Lauren comes to his defense, explaining that while her father used to prosecute mutants, he stood up to Sentinel Services after learning that she and her brother are mutants. Reed admits to wearing a tracker into Fade's bar. He was doing what he had to do to get back to his family. But he realized that what he was doing was wrong, which is why he stopped. Meanwhile, Harry condition worsens as he can be heard groaning in pain throughout the station. Leading Caitlin, Andy and Lauren to take action while Reed tries to make amends.

John hopes that Reed and Fade can come to an understanding but that seems like the least likely scenario at the moment as Fade doesn't trust him after he nearly led Sentinel Services to the station. Reed reasons that his own children are mutants and that he would never endanger the one place protecting them. The tension between the two only seems to grow, and before John can do anything to solve it, Sage calls him back into the monitoring cells after picking something up on the scanners.

Reed informs John and Sage of Sentinel Services search

Until a few minutes ago, the radios were going wild with activity, but it suddenly stopped. Now, a traffic stop is being called in. Before that, a drunk and disorderly by the freeway. But there's no word on the manhunt, leaving Sage to conclude that the police have given up, though Reed is unconvinced. He offers to help as he used to work similar manhunts, and therefore knows the protocol. Dispatch calls in all units for a petty theft. So Reed asks for a map, marking on it the last three calls; a burglary in Stratford, lewd conduct at a bar in Hapeville, and a 586 in Glen Haven. They sent multiple units to all of three places, which means that they know the Underground is listening. So they have resorted to speaking in code. While Sentinel Services searched for Eclipse and Polaris, Atlanta PD is tightening a net, working a grid, looking for the Underground.

Sage, John, and Reed devise a plan to redirect the search

While listening to the scanners, John contemplates evacuating the station. Sage however advises him against such actions given that any identifiable mutants leaving the Underground will be apprehended before they are out of city limits. Since they are looking for fugitives, Reed suggests that he go out there to draw them away from Headquarters by making it seems as if they are in a different direction. Reed explains that Sentinel Services made an educated guess about the direction they went in, so if they were to see Reed anywhere in the opposite direction, they would assume that he is going to 85 South, toward Alabama, and they would redirect the search that way. But as Sage points out, if he gets caught, they will arrest and interrogate him, thus compromising the station. Maybe there is a way we could avoid that, John states, as he looks over to Fade.

Reed and John asks Fade to help save the station

Reed and John asks Fade if he can help save the station, informing him that Reed will lure the cops in the wrong direction, and that all he has to do is be the getaway driver. Fade is hesitant to sign on, as it means working with Reed. After telling Fade that he is going to do what is commanded of him, John tells Reed to say goodbye to his family as he's leaving in five minutes. Reed says his goodbyes to Caitlin who isn't pleased that he's leaving after they just got him back. But Reed explains that he has to do this to lure the police away as there is nowhere else to go. The Underground needed to know what side he is on, so this is his chance to make it right. Reed gives Caitlin a kiss and tells her to tell the kids that he'll be back by dinner.

Reed spotted by traffic cameras

Reed and Fade pull up to an intersection downtown where the traffic cameras are hooked into the district police station. Once he's spotted, it'll send the cops away from the Mutant Underground. The plan is for them to reconvene in two blocks on Elm. In his prison overalls, Reed walks down the street hoping to gain the attention of the people around him. John and Sage monitor the scanners for the call to come in of Reed. Before long, dispatch makes the call, which results in the search being redirected, as theorized. While they are clear, Reed still needed to get out of site. So John tells Sage to text Reed's phone.

Reed arrives on Elm street only to find that Fade isn't where he said he would be. He runs into an alleyway as the police approach him and open fire. While running, Reed bumps into the car, which Fade had made invisible. Reed hops in and the two of them flee the scene.

The Underground discuss what they learned from Agent Turner's memories

Reed returns to Headquarters soon thereafter. He convenes with the others. Sonya drew several well detailed illustrations of what she can recall seeing in Agent Turner's mind after Lorna and Marcos had kidnapped him. It was hazy, but Turner definitely knew Pulse, a former member of the Underground turned Hound. There was a building, documents, and a logo. While Reed is just as unfamiliar with the logo as her, John remembers seeing it branded on Pulse's arm. Fortunately, Reed does recognize one of Sonya's drawings. He identifies it as being the Baton Rouge Federal Building. Some people he prosecuted were transferred there, but they disappeared soon thereafter.

Strucker family dinner

Reed then joins his family just as Caitlin is preparing dinner for the kids. All four of them sit around the table, enjoying their first meal together as a family in quite some time. Andy asks what is next for them, if they are still going to Mexico since that was the initial plan. However, they won't be leaving the station anytime soon given that it's still unsafe to travel due to the heavy police presence. Reed had also been talking to some of the people around the station who have questions about Sentinel Services, which he can help them with. So, for the time being, they will remain at the Underground, especially considering that they could use all the help they could get.

The Underground gathers to discuss their plan

In "got your siX", Reed, John, Marcos, Shatter, Lorna, Sonya, and Sage gather around to discuss their plan of breaking into the federal building. Their mission is no longer just about hiding mutants. They are taking the fight to the enemy, making it a matter of survival. Some of Reed's cases had been transferred to Baton Rouge. There is a judge James Kresge that works there. He dealt with most of Reed's cases. Shatter questions how many people Reed prosecuted that disappeared through the building. Reed says it was rare and that all they told him was that some of his cases were being prosecuted under a special federal program. Rather than wondering why Reed didn't do more, Marcos is only concerned with getting past the wall to the files, which he plans on Clarice getting them to. John takes that opportunity to reveal to everyone that Clarice left. Having eavesdropped on their entire discussion, Andy volunteers to get them through the wall, as he can do it faster than Marcos, who claims he can cut through it.

Reed and Caitlin kiss goodbey

The next day, Reed and Andy load up the truck for the mission. Reed briefly stops to discuss bringing Andy on the mission with Caitlin. She asks if he is alright with taking Andy. Reed sees it as an opportunity to connect with Andy. "Nothing says "father-son bonding" like breaking into a federal building." Caitlin replies. She understands that this is their best chance, but it doesn't mean she has to like it. After loading up the truck, Caitlin tells Andy to stay close to his dad and she then gives Reed a goodbye kiss. However, she notices that his wedding ring is missing. They took it from Reed while he was in jail. They kiss one more time before parting ways.

Andy and Reed hide

While in the back of the truck, Marcos recommends that Reed and Andy get some sleep on the long ride to Baton Rouge, but Andy would rather sit up and beatbox which Reed notes that he hasn't done in a while. The guys at Andy's school used to think it was weird. Which reminds Reed that they never talked about the bullying that Andy was enduring. Reed tried to help. He went to the school to see the guidance counselor, but as Andy explains, that's the entire reason the guys came after him, which led to his powers manifesting. Reed wished Andy had talked to him about it before it had gotten that bad, but Andy points out that his father was never home. Reed offers to talk about it now, but the truck gets pulled over by highway patrol who wants to take a look in the back of the truck. Marcos tells Reed and Andy to turn off the lights as he might be able to hide them. He absorbs light before he emits it, so as the officer open the backdoor to the truck, Marcos drains all the light out of the room, seemingly encasing him, Reed and Andy in a large shadow, creating a blind spot.

Andy and Reed talk about his powers

They stop in a park to rest for the night. Andy recalls how he and his father used to always talk about going camping. He jokes that they can go swimming in the puddle behind the bathrooms. Reed takes this opportunity to talk to Andy about his abilities. Reed wonders if it ever hurt Andy to use his powers. He had seen Marcos using it earlier and it looked like it took a lot out of him and so he wonders if it is the same with Andy, though it's not. Andy tells him that it didn't hurt him and that it in fact felt good when he ripped things apart. He compares using his abilities to yelling. He has to put something into it but it's worth it when it happens. Reed then tries to remind him that his powers can actually hurt people but Andy insists that he's done no wrong. He gets a tad bit defensive as he feels that his dad should be proud of him embracing his power. Marcos then calls Reed over about tomorrow's route.

Eclipse and Reed discuss fatherhood

Marcos didn't mean to eavesdrop but he heard Reed and Andy talking about his powers. While it may not have ended well, Marcos encourages Reed to keep at it because it'll be easier for Andy if he has his father to talk to. Marcos wonders if Reed always wanted to be a dad. Reed did. He then asks if Marcos feels the same way. He replies that he doesn't know. He didn't know his father much, even before he kicked him out for being a mutant. Marcos was the oldest. As such, he was supposed to run the family business. Safe to say, he disappointed his father. Reed tells Marcos not to worry so much because if they all turned out like their fathers, then he wouldn't be much of a dad himself. Reed still hasn't figured out parenting, but nothing that his children does can make him love them less. He advises Marcos to start there and do the best he can.

Upon arriving in Baton Rouge, Marcos, Andy and Reed call Lorna to tell her that the courthouse is more well protected than initially though. They have to find a new entry point. Andy thinks he can get them in through the parking garage of the building next door as it shares a wall with the courthouse.

Reed watches Eclipse scortch the office

Reed, Andy and Eclipse enter the parking garage connected to the courthouse. Most of the building is sealed off, so it'll take authorities longer to get to them. As planned, Andy cracks through the wall and makes a hole large enough for Reed and Eclipse to sneak through. Andy tries to run on in after Eclipse but Reed holds him back. Andy argues that he can handle himself but Reed orders him to follow the plan and go back to the truck. When Marcos tells them that there is no time for their arguing, Andy relents and runs back to the truck. Eclipse and Reed proceed into the building and break into judge James Kresge's office to uncover the files regarding Pulse and mutants like him who are being turned against other mutants. While Reed gathers the files, Eclipse works to get the hard drives. Before leaving, Eclipse scorches the room.

Andy, Reed, and Eclipse being tailed by the cops

The next day, Reed, Andy, and Eclipse call John to inform him that they are being trailed by a cop. Reed instructs John to check the traffic agency public notices to see if there is any directives to avoid Buford Highway, which there is, meaning that Reed, Andy, and Eclipse are heading into an ambush. With this, Lauren, Andy and Wes devise a plan to save them. Polaris, Lauren and Wes arrive at the nearby stadium to get a skyline view of the roadblock being set up. While on the phone with Eclipse, Polaris instructs him to tell the driver to keep going no matter what, and that they will handle the rest. As the truck nears the roadblock, Sentinel Services and Atlanta PD open fire. Polaris ferrokinetically halts the bullets being directed at the truck while Lauren forms a row of shields on the road, acting as a ramp, which propels the truck clear over the roadblock. Wes then creates an illusion of the truck going down two separate paths, all while cloaking the real truck that kept driving ahead.

Reed and Andy play games

After returning to the station, Reed prepares dinner for his family. He and Caitlin make jokes and reminisce. She then gives him a replacement wedding ring that she found in the storage room and they kiss. Reed wonders if now would be a good time to have that talk that Caitlin previously spoke of, but she suggests that he talk with Andy first. Reed approaches Andy as he sits alone by the Monopoly board and tells him that he's always been proud of him. Whatever it is that Andy is thinking, Reed wants to hear it. Andy is thinking that his dad should be the shoe for the game of Monopoly as he is always the shoe.

Sage and Reed in the monitoring cell

In "eXtreme measures", Reed, Marcos, Lorna, Sonya, and Sage learn from John that Sentinel Services is ramping up surveillance across the board, meaning things are going to get worse before they get better. Unfortunately, they are running out of supplies with the influx of refugees. So, Marcos volunteers to take a drive up to Marietta, where he supposedly heard that they had supplies to offer. John turns his attention to the hard drives from Baton Rouge, which Reed and Sage are working on. They are encrypted, but that likely means that there is something worth hiding on them. If they don't find out how Sentinel Services is turning mutants against each other, all their work will have been for nothing. Lastly, John announces that he will be leaving soon to track down Clarice. She knows the station's location, which can compromise the entire organization if she is apprehended.

Reed discovers Wes' file

Reed and Sage attempt to crack the hard drives from Baton Rouge. During which time, Reed notes that the first drive is solely police files on mutants. However, on Sage's drive, the encryption runs much deeper. Reed suggests that maybe they are dealing with a shopping list. It seems as if Sentinel Services is picking mutants specifically based on their powers to participate in whatever program they are working with. They aren't even pretending as if it is legal. While combing through the files, Reed comes upon what he believes to be Wes' file. A Hispanic male, 16-19, with medium black hair and the ability to manipulate images.

Reed asks Andy about Lauren

Reed reveals his findings to Caitlin. He is almost certain that Wes is in the mutant criminal files for conning people and robbing stores in Cartersville. While Caitlin agrees that this is bad, she tells Reed not to overreact as Lauren has been through a lot lately. Caitlin instructs him to talk to her because she won't be happy about this. The worst thing Reed can do right now is go on the attack. After speaking to Caitlin, Reed goes looking for Lauren. He interrupts Polaris' traning session with Andy, Skyler, and Naya. Reed asks him about Lauren who was also supposed to be at the training session though Andy claims to have no knowledge of her whereabouts. But he quickly caves and reveals that she is with Wes.

Reed and Caitlin present Lauren with Wes' file

Lauren returns, supposedly from the basement as some of the refugees needed more towels. However, Reed and Caitlin know this to be a lie. They tell her that they need to talk to her about Wes. Lauren immediately assumes that it's about them not wanting her to date a mutant. But Reed shows her Wes' file that he recovered from the encrypted drive. Lauren reads the file, but she's in denial that Wes has committed the crimes being accused of him. Lauren defends him by pointing out that they've all broken the law. But as Reed points out, they broke the law out of survival. Wes did it out of greed, by conning a jewelry store owner. Lauren realizes that her father hasn't changed a bit. He still assumes the worst of mutants with little to no proof. Reed wants her to look at the situation from clear eyes, but she pleads with him to stop as she walks off teary eyed.

Reed asks Sage about her duty of processing new arrivals

Reed and Sage continue their efforts on the encrypted drives. As Reed takes everything there is to take from the files, Sage works on the second drive, calculating relationships with asymmetrical algorithmic keys. Reed inquires about her secondary duty of evaluating the mutants that are brought into the station. With so many mutants running from the law, Reed wonders how she determines whether or not to allow someone to stay or leave. There are certain things that they didn't forgive, such as murder, rape, and victimizing other mutants. Other than that, she only asks that everyone tell the truth because the station is built on trust. Should they fail to adhere, then they are forced to leave.

Reed is joined by Caitlin as he contemplates his approach with Lauren. He never figured they would be arguing over mutant boyfriends. He just wants to protect her. Caitlin and Reed were blind to so much about the world, which is why Lauren hid herself from them. Right now, Caitlin tells Reed that Lauren needs a dad, not a prosecutor.

Reed chats with Wes

Reed finds Wes just outside the station, sitting on the front steps. Wes presumes that Reed hates him but this isn't the case. Nonetheless, what Reed thinks doesn't matter nearly as much as what Lauren thinks. He tells Wes that he's been enforcing laws all his life. The way he saw it, society only worked if there are consequences for breaking the rules. Lately, his feelings on society have changed a bit, but i's something he still believes in. What Wes did was wrong. So, Reed gives Wes a choice to make, either he can hope that no one at the station finds out or he can be truthful and take his chances. Either way, Reed leaves the decision in his hands.

That night, Wes interrupts the Struckers' dinner to let them know that he spoke to Sage and the others, and told them about his criminal history. However, it was all behind him and he intends to be a better person moving forward. So they allowed him to stay. He then apologizes for lying and thanks Reed for the talk. Unfortunately, Wes has no plans on staying. There is a group going to the Augustus station tomorrow and they asked him to join them, much to Lauren's disappointment.

Later that night, as Andy and Lauren sleep, Reed and Caitlin have sex.

Sage informing Reed and John of Trask Industries

In the monitoring cell, the following day, Sage informs John that the second drive mostly contains information from mutants who were sent into the program. Pulse happened to be one of the first. Unfortunately, all they have are the courthouse's records of who was selected, but it doesn't say anything on where they went. However, Reed explains that if it is ran by the Sentinel Services, then there has to be records given that it is a government program. Sage reveals that it isn't a government program at all. It is run by a private military contractor; Trask Industries, which Reed is familiar with since his father worked there for 35 years. However, it supposedly closed down in 2006. John questions if Reed's father has any involvement with the program, though Reed is unsure.

Reed tells his family the truth about his father

In "threat of eXtinction", Reed gathers Caitlin, Lauren and Andy to inform them of his father's past involvement with Trask Industries, the same independent contractor responsible for the Hound program. Andy recalls Reed telling them that his dad disappeared years ago, and that he ran out on him and his mom. However, this isn't quite true. He lives up in Chattanooga. Which is only 2 hours away. The kids had never met him, which was intentional. He was a difficult man that was always working and never close with his family. When Reed was a child, he got sick, and almost died, yet his father didn't even bother coming to visit him at the hospital. Lauren sympathizes with her father, grabbing his hand tightly. They hadn't spoken since before Lauren and Andy were born, but that would have to change if they desire to know more about Trask Industries and their affiliation with Sentinel Services.

John and Reed plan to leave for Chattanooga

Reed tells John that they need to visit his father in Chattanooga. In spite of the risk, he is their only connection to Trask Industries. A station in Perry had just fell, so John is heading out to pick up survivors, but he tells Reed to prepare a car with supplies, and they'd leave once he returns. After John, Marcos and Clarice return from picking up the refugees from the fallen Perry station, Reed and John prepare to head out. Reed says goodbye to his family before leaving for Chattanooga. Caitlin wants to go with him since seeing his father for the first time in so long will certainly bring up all the disappointments and bad memories, but she's better off with the kids. Reed can cross examine a murder suspect, but he's shaken by the thought of talking to his father after 20 years. Regardless, if talking to him helps protect them from their latest threat then it is a small price to pay. Caitlin then gives him and hug and says that she loves him before sending him off.

Reed and John arrive in Chattanooga, where much to John's surprise, Reed's father is an antique dealer. Given that he worked for Trask, John was under the impression that he was a scientist. Reed explains that he took it over when he retired, as he was big on living in the past. Reed and John enter the antique shop, where Reed reunites with his father after twenty years. Otto is taken back by Reed's unexpected arrival as he never expected to see him again.

Reed and Thunderbird question Otto

Reed is told by his father that he shouldn't have wasted his time by coming as he had heard about the incident involving Andy and Lauren at their school. Sentinel Services had come to him after the incident but he told them that he hadn't spoken to his son in years and never even met his grandchildren. He then tells Reed that his work with Trask is classified and can't help him. Reed is upset as his father had told him for years that Trask was just a defense contractor. When Otto says that Trask no longer exists, Reed informs him that it is back and they are now doing anti-mutant research. Otto worked there for 30 years and now it turns out his grandchildren are mutants which Reed doesn't believe to be a coincidence. John goes on to say that they are experimenting on mutants. They've even managed to turn his best friend, Pulse. Having said that, Otto calls Reed upstairs.

Strucker family photo

They go upstairs, where his father asks if his mother, Ellen is okay. Reed tells him that they used to see her every couple weeks. He had seen her last when she was brought in for questioning by Sentinel Services. Reed then goes onto talk about the children. Andy is 15. Lauren just turned 17. Reed gives his father a family photo of them all from last summer. Reed wonders if his father can tell him anything about Trask but that work was peaceful research and had nothing to do with turning mutants against other mutants. Reed begs his father to tell him anything. While Reed presumes that he didn't mean much to his dad, Reed says that his children mean everything to him. Otto becomes defensive. He claims that Reed meant everything to him and he did what he did all for him. Otto then asks what powers Andy and Lauren possess. Reed informs him of Lauren's shields and Andy's destructive power. Otto becomes distressed at the realization that he failed. "It came back", he utters.

Otto explains his reasons for taking away Reed's powers

His father shows him pictures of his own father (Andreas) and aunt (Andrea) who were terrorists, as well as mutants, who did unspeakable things. He proceeds to shows Reed newspaper clipping of their terror. Apart, they had the same abilities as Andy and Lauren, but together they were an unstoppable force known as Fenris — the Wolf. Andy and Lauren's mutation are inherited as Otto is also a mutant. His father and aunt tried to raise him to be like them but he ran away. He had hidden his powers from everyone, including Reed's mother. Their family's abilities set them apart even from other mutants, which is why Otto had to stop it. This led him to Trask, where he worked on a project to eliminate the X-Gene and create a serum that worked on all mutants. Otto couldn't quite do it but managed to make a version of a serum that worked on one mutant and gave it to Reed. Reed realizes that his sickness as a child was due to the serum. It had to be done before any powers manifested. Reed was in such pain and Otto hated himself for it. So much so that he had become distant with Reed because he couldn't look him in the eyes after being responsible for putting him through that. He now realizes that all of it was for nothing.

Thunderbird warns them that Sentinel Services is outside

His father was simply trying to give him a normal life. So he never told Reed. Andreas and Andrea were monsters. He couldn't allow the same to come of Reed even if it wasn't guaranteed that he would. As for how much Reed's mother knew, all she really knew is that his father had secrets. That's what destroyed their relationship. Otto asks if Andy and Lauren have used their powers together, which they have a few times. He then asks if they ever held hands since they both discovered their powers. But before Reed can answer, Thunderbird comes in to tell them that Sentinel Services is outside.

Reed, Otto and Thunderbird watch from the window as Sentinel Services move in. Instantly, Thunderbird and Otto feel the hindering of their abilities. Unfortunately, there is no other way out. Without his powers, they won't stand a chance against the agents. They'll cut Thunderbird down the same as anyone else. Hearing this, Otto volunteers to go down there. First, he apologizes to Reed for his actions, then he tells him to not only protect Andy and Lauren, but to protect the world from them. Otto then gives Reed a hug before heading down to speak with Campbell and the agents.

Reed finds his father's body

Reed and Thunderbird wait upstairs, where they debate over whether or not they should go downstairs to help. Reed wants to head down, but Thunderbird convinces him otherwise as they have people back at the station who are counting on them. After the agents refuse to leave, Otto activates his powers, despite Pulse's presence. However, this results in the agents shooting him. He is hit with two bullets, but that doesn't stop him from unleashing the energy as a blast that sends Campbell and his men wounded and running. Following the blast, Reed and Thunderbird head downstairs, where they find Otto's lifeless body lying on the floor. Reed mourns his father's death.

Thunderbird and Reed give Pulse and Otto proper burials

Later that night, after taking their bodies from the antique shop, Reed and Thunderbird bury their loved ones off road in shallow graves. Thunderbird throws a handful of dirt on Pulse's grave. On his father's grave, Reed leaves the family photo of him, Caitlin, Andy and Lauren from last summer. Reed and John then return to the station soon thereafter, where Reed reveals to Caitlin, Andy and Lauren the death of his father. Learning this, Lauren and Andy hold hands while Caitlin comforts Reed.

In "outfoX", one year ago, the Strucker family have a picnic at a local park. It had been a long time since their last family outing and Reed apologizes for that, but Caitlin understands that his work keeps him busy. He then inquires about the kids. Lauren has apparently been distant lately, but Caitlin writes it off as normal teenage behavior.

Reed remembers brief moments of his childhood

Reed remembers going into his father's office when he was younger with his mother warning him against it. He also recalls being in the hospital as his mother and father argued just outside his hospital room. She spoke to his father over the phone and urged him to come to the hospital to see Reed, but he refused, for reasons that are now clear. Caitlin joins Reed as he sits thinking. Reed can't sleep nor can he stop thinking about his dad. He hadn't spoken to him in 20 years and didn't think that losing him would hurt so bad, but it does. Caitlin can relate all too well. She imagines that it's worst when you're not close to someone who dies because you realize how much time you missed. Reed then tells Caitlin about his father's work and how he's the reason that Reed's powers never manifested. For those 2 years that Reed was sick, they thought he had Leukemia and it destroyed his family.

Reed tells Caitlin about his family's history

Reed finds Caitlin struggling with everything that has happened in recent weeks. While it isn't fair, Caitlin can't help but think how much different everything might be if Lauren had told them the truth about her being a mutant or if his father had just told everyone the truth. Reed doesn't want to think like that, but it's all Caitlin can do. Their whole lives could be different, from Reed's job to how they raised Andy and Lauren. Nonetheless, Reed explains that they did the best they could. He then looks to Caitlin and asks if she had known then what she knows now, would she have done anything differently between the two of them. Caitlin assures him that she wouldn't have. Hearing this, Reed shares one last thing with Caitlin, that Otto's father and Aunt, Andreas and Andrea, were terrorists and they had the same powers as Andy and Lauren. And when they combine those powers, they are massively destructive. Reed and Caitlin suspects that Andy and Lauren might be able to do the same thing and so they decide to test the theory.

Reed and Caitlin take Andy and Lauren to test their powers

After explaining the news to Lauren and Andy, Reed suggests that they test to see if the kids inherited the Fenris Force. They learned the hard way that discovering mutant abilities by accident isn't ideal so they decided to test it in a controlled environment. Reed, Caitlin, Lauren and Andy head to the vault, where Lauren and Andy conjoin hands. When nothing happens, Andy asks Lauren to try again. They join hands once more, and this time they begin to glow. The two begin to light up as their hair blows upward in a dramatic fashion. They proceed to build up their energy until Reed forcefully pulls their hands apart. Andy and Lauren explain that it was like they could feel everything around them and could've torn the entire building down with everyone in it. Reed and Caitlin are frightened.

Andy and Lauren explain that when they combined their powers, everything around them more so disappeared. They weren't two people anyone, but a conjoined force, almost as if they were seeing out of the same eyes. Reed recalls them saying that they could've destroyed the building. He questions how they knew that. Lauren replies that she could feel it. Andy wants to practice to hone this newly discovered ability, but Lauren agrees with their parents in it being too dangerous. Andy storms off when Reed points out that he can barely control his own powers let alone his and Lauren's.

The Underground convinces the Struckers to help take down Trask

The Underground hatches a plan to take down Trask Industries. So they call down the Struckers to ask Lauren and Andy can assist in disengaging the substation transformers, similar to how they stopped the prison convoy. While it is admittedly a lot to ask, they feel as if they have no other choice as everyone else with combat powers will be assaulting the lab. Hopefully, they can take down the power substation without putting Andy and Lauren in danger. Sage hacked the security cameras and the station only has a handful of guards. Clarice will portal everyone in, and from there, Sonya will guide them. They'd been through every option. Unfortunately, the plan with Lauren and Andy is the only one that can work. Having said that, both Lauren and Andy are willing to help in whatever way they can. Reed and Caitlin agree to allow the kids to take out the transformers, but only if they can monitor security. With a plan set in motion, they'll be moving out within the hour.

The Struckers headed to the power station

As Blink drives Reed, Caitlin, Lauren, Andy and Dreamer to the power station, Reed informs Thunderbird that they are in route. Caitlin then tells Andy and Lauren that what they're doing is a parents' worst nightmare. But they're doing it because they trust Andy and Lauren. They arrive at the power station soon thereafter. Reed then calls Sage to inform her of their arrival. Sage bypasses the fire wall, allowing Caitlin and Reed to view the security footage from the truck. She looped the feed so that security wouldn't see their team but they would notice eventually. Blink then rips open a portal for Dreamer, Andy, Lauren and herself to go through, leading them into the building.

Reed monitors the team

With Reed and Caitlin in her ear, Dreamer, Blink, Lauren, and Andy progress forward into the power station, avoiding security and other personnel. Reed and Caitlin inform the team that the next few hallways are clear. Reed assures Caitlin that they're going to be alright but Caitlin can't help but worry. Caitlin wonders how Reed used to deal with the nerves whenever he went on busts. Reed tells her the first few times he threw up, which he never told her because they were still dating and he was trying to impress her. Reed found that if he focuses just on his plan, it gets better. Now their plan is to watch over the kids to keep them safe.

Reed holds Caitlin as she cries as Andy and Lauren are captured

As Dreamer, Blink, Lauren and Andy proceed throughout the building, Reed and Caitlin alert them of a quickly approaching Sentinel robot and armed team. As the alarm begins to sound, the team begins looking for an exit, but they ultimately fail to get away. First Blink is apprehended. Then Dreamer. Andy and Lauren make it to the basement, but there is nowhere for them to go. Caitlin and Reed watches this unfold from the surveillance van. Caitlin wants to go in and help, but Reed convinces her to stay back as they can't help the kids if they get captured too. Andy and Lauren are then surrounded by numerous Sentinel Services agents, and told to get down on their knees. They do as they are told. Mutant Inhibitor Collars are then placed on them and they are arrested. All the while Caitlin and Reed watch helplessly from the van as this occurs. Caitlin, crying hysterically as Reed comforts her.

The Underground plan their next move against Sentinel Services and Trask

In "eXploited", the Mutant Underground is under distress following the apprehension of Dreamer, Blink, Andy and Lauren by Sentinel Services. Lorna wants to move in now to retrieve the team, but Reed and Caitlin argue that hitting Sentinel Services is far too risky. She reminds them that it isn't just her people with Sentinel Services, they also have Andy and Lauren, though Caitlin needs no reminder. John grows tired of their senseless bickering and breaks the table in a fit of rage while demanding that they stop because there is no more "yours" or "ours". Andy, Lauren, Sonya and Clarice are all of their people. While Reed argues that going in weapons drawn will only get someone hurt, Lorna worries that the longer they wait, the greater the risk of their friends being turned into Hounds become. As Lorna, Reed and Caitlin go back and forth, Marcos reminds them that the enemy is Sentinel Services and Trask Industries. So he wants to set up scouts to possibly get eyes on their people. John agrees and decides to send out Sage and Shatter while checking in with their police contacts.

Esme approaches Reed and Caitlin with a plan

Reed and Caitlin try to take a more political route in retrieving Andy and Lauren. Just outside their door, Esme eavesdrops on their conversation while also looking through Reed's thoughts. She sees Reed's encounter with Sentinel Services. Esme then enters the room to tell them that they are right about not attacking Sentinel Services as they both have family inside and another attack will only get them killed. She explains that it is a human problem that requires a human solution, and Reed and Caitlin are the only ones who understood that. She suggests going to Agent Turner and trying to appeal to him. Reed and Caitlin are skeptical due to their past with Turner, but Esme tells them that they can try to convince Agent Turner to take the mutants out of Trask labs and to do the right thing. Better them sitting in jail then being inject with drugs and turned into Hounds. Andy and Lauren's powers in the wrong hands can change everything.

Caitlin and Reed plan to see Agent Turner at his home

Reed and Caitlin discuss the risk they take with Esme's plan. At least in jail, Andy and Lauren will have a chance. In that lab, they'll be turned into Hounds. So if they'e going to do it, they need to do it now. Without telling anyone since the Underground doesn't want them talking to anyone, much less a Sentinel Services agent. Caitlin wonders how they will even go about getting in contact with him. Reed suggests approaching him at home. The file work from the courthouse had the addresses of all the agents on the program, which includes Agent Turner. Caitlin tells Reed to get the address while she gets supplies and keys to a car.

Caitlin and Reed arrive at Agent Turner's home

Reed and Caitlin pull into Turner's neighborhood. It reminds them of their own neighborhood. Reed wonders how Patriotic they'd feel if they knew their fellow Americans were being used as Science experiments. Honestly, Caitlin believes that a lot of people would be fine with it, just as they were before everything that happened. Caitlin then turns her attention back to Turner. Reed wants to at least try to convince him to do the right thing. Turner on some level Reed believes is a good man, but he's just angry. Caitlin pulls a gun out of the glove compartment just in case things go wrong. When Reed asks if she's sure she wants to do this, she replies that her dad put a gun in her hand when she was 4 years old. As they arrive at the Tunrer's house, Reed and Caitlin force their way in with a gun.

Reed and Caitlin try to convince Agent Turner to release the mutants

Reed and Caitlin are told by Jace that kidnapping him and Paula will only hurt their cause. Furthermore, Sentinel Services doesn't negotiate with terrorist. Reed explains that it isn't a kidnapping and that they aren't terrorist. At the end of this, they're going to walk away. What happens after that is up to Turner. Caitlin explains that they're only there to talk about their kids and the other mutants who are being tortured. So Paula decides to hear them out. Reed and Caitlin are there because they've seen Agent Turner's record and more importantly because he's a father who has dealt with the pain of seeing his child get caught up in a war that they did not start, a war that began before they were even born. Reed and Caitlin want the Hound program shut down. But Agent Turner isn't willing to let an entire facility full of criminals to go free. All Reed is asking is that he uphold the constitution. However, Agent Turner counters that everything going on at Trask labs has been authorized by Congress.

Caitlin tells Paula about the Hound program

Reed and Caitlin continue to plead their case to free Andy and Lauren along with the other mutants. While Reed insists that Turner knows what Trask is doing is wrong, Turner counters that what they're doing is perfectly legal. However, as Reed points out, that doesn't make it right. But the matter isn't up for debate as far as Turner is concerned. He reminds Reed that Andy and Lauren were apprehended attacking a key infrastructure facility. Which makes them terrorists. Whatever their circumstances, Turner points out that at least their kids are alive. Meanwhile, his daughter is dead. Caitlin then speaks up. She knows how upsetting this must be for Turner with them at his house as she recalls him coming into her house with a gun. So she's going to say what she has to say, then she and Reed are going to leave. Caitlin tells Paula that she's seen first hand what the Hound program does to people. It pumps the mutants full of drugs until they are helplessly addicted. They're also given mental conditioning so that they have to do as told. And then they are sent to kill everyone they love. They may be alive, but that's worse than death. Reed and Caitlin then exit the Turner's home.

Reed and Caitlin are confronted by Harry as soon as they return to the station after learning that they went to Agent Turner. Reed and Caitlin can't make sense of why Esme would tell everyone about their plan as she was the one that suggested it. They're now realizing that Esme has been lying to everyone.

In "3 X 1", couple days later, the Underground holds a funeral for Sonya. The entire station is in attendance. After Marcos and Lorna say a few kind words on her behalf, the Struckers place flowers on her grave.

Reed and Caitlin tell Lauren and Andy that they're leaving the station

Caitlin asks Andy and Lauren if they want to talk about what went down in the lab and Sonya's death, but they would rather not as talking about it only makes them feel worse. Reed understands that the station is now filled with difficult memories. It's one of the reasons that he and Caitlin have been considering moving on. However, Andy and Lauren disagree with their decision to abandon the station as they see it as giving up. Reed and Caitlin almost lost them a few days ago and don't want to risk that happening again. Besides, there was a lot of tension that they don't want to get caught in the middle of. They want to head up to Mexico as planned, but Andy and Lauren believe they can make a difference while with the Underground.

Caitlin and Reed watch the Frost Sisters enter the station

Their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of the Frost Sisters. They've come peacefully as they only desire to talk about the Hound program, which is expanding, and they want the Underground's help in taking it down. However, Marcos and Reed are still upset that Esme used and lied to them. Admittedly, Esme mislead them, but she also saved their children and her family. The ends justify the means as far as she is concerned. They need the Underground's help because Sentinel Services knows what they look like. So they can't take them on by themselves. They have information about Dr. Campbell's plans and resources to share. Meanwhile, the Underground has the muscle. While Reed, Caitlin and Marcos refuse to even consider an alliance of any kind, John seems more willing though he does kick them out after hearing what they have to offer.

Caitlin and Reed pack their things

After reaching out to the Fairburn station, Reed and Caitlin begin packing their belongings. Marcos finds them as they're doing so. He's surprised that they're leaving now despite all that has just happened. They are needed at the station, especially the help Caitlin has been giving with the school. But, they feel that it's time to move on, more so with Esme and her sisters coming back. Marcos doesn't want to align with them either, which is why the Underground needs to stick together, but Reed claims it's too late for that. The last time, Esme played them all against each other. They can't risk that she might do that again. Not to mention that she has already turned some of the mutants at the station against them because they talked to Agent Turner.

The next day, as the Strucker prepare to leave the station, Marcos brings them out some supplies as there isn't much to the Fairbun station. It's basically a meeting point for people heading South. Marcos shakes Reed's hand and gives Caitlin a hug after telling them to stick to the back roads and follow the speed limit.

The Struckers arrive at the Fairburn station

The Struckers arrive at the Fairburn station some time later. When they enter, the station is seemingly vacant. However, as they proceed forward they learn that Wes is merely creating an illusion of an empty station. Lauren is thrilled to see him and they embrace. He'd been helping out with security, ensuring that no one sees them there unless they want to be seen. Lauren informs Wes that they're leaving for Mexico. They've got about 20 mutants and they're still arranging a ride. So until then, Wes gets them some dinner. Reed notes that it's good to see Wes again, before he heads off with Lauren to catch up. When Caitlin points out how relaxed Reed is with Wes, Reed explains that he's just happy to see Lauren smiling again.

Caitlin, Reed and Andy at the Fairburn station

The next day, at the Fairburn station, Reed tells Caitlin that he checked in with the transport people and there's a trucking company that might be able to help them. But there's still a chance they could stay longer, allowing Lauren to spend more time with Wes. Assuming they are staying, Andy wants to go back to Atlanta, but Reed reminds him that the whole point of leaving was to get away from Atlanta. Caitlin reminds him that they've already talked about this. Just as it seems that Andy is about to speak to his parents, Sentinel Services arrive. With the Inertia and Gravity Hound, who are wearing some kind of manacle that allows them to combine abilities, they snatch an entire window out of the building.

Reed and Caitlin tend to Andy

Fortunately, Wes manages to create an illusion and cloak them in time before they are spotted. Wes tells them to make a run for it while he covers them, but Andy wants to fight. He looks to Lauren for help, but before they can join hands, Andy is is struck with a massive wave of energy and knocked unconscious. As Reed and Caitlin check on Andy, they get a call from Thunderbird, who is aware of the attack, and is in route to the station with Polaris, Eclipse and Blink to save them. Unfortunately, Andy is hurt and still unconscious. Caitlin fears that moving him will only make matters worse. Wes' mirage is hiding them, but he can't keep it up forever.

The Underground escaping the Fairburn station

As Wes struggles to maintain the mirage, Reed and Caitlin tend to Andy as he bleeds from his head. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Blink make their way through the station while it is under constant fire. Unfortunately, Wes is able to maintain the illusion no more, making the Struckers vulnerable to attack. Lauren, however, shields them from Sentinel Services' gunfire. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Blink find the Struckers and Wes on the south end and see them to safety though it is no easy task as the Hounds continuously strike the building with great power. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris Blink, Lauren, Wes, Andy, Reed and Caitlin quietly move throughout the woods, hoping not to alert any nearby agents. To make matters worse, Thunderbird's foresight reveals that their car has been discovered. Andy then jumps to his feet and leads the group out of the woods, claiming that "they" said it was safe. "They" turn out to be the Frost Sisters, who are waiting by the road with escape vehicles.

After getting back to Headquarters, Reed watches over a sleeping Andy while Caitlin monitors Wes. Andy wakes up, but Reed tells him to rest as he has a concussion. He also deserves to rest after saving them in the woods. But Andy reveals that it was the Frost Sisters who saved them as they led him through the woods.

Caitlin and Reed settle back into the station

In "eXtraction", the Struckers are settling in at the station and are partly glad to be back home. While Reed and Caitlin are unpacking, John comes into the room to inform them about their plan to kidnap Campbell and ask Reed if he was able to extract anything useful from Otto Strucker's old research notes. Unfortunately, Reed didn't uncover much. His father only gave him his old notebooks and Reed couldn't follow much of the science. Considering that Otto's research helped build the Hound program, John is positive that there must be something of use from his notes. If they're trying to take the program apart, it's best to start from the beginning. So Reed and Caitlin agree to look through Otto's research again.

Reed, Caitlin and Sage discover that Sentinel Services is going after Reed's mom

In the monitoring cell, Reed and Sage comb through his dad's research, most of which was from his grad school days. They are soon joined by Caitlin. They haven't found much of his work on mutants. Sage discovers that Sentinel Services is also tracking down everyone Otto Strucker's ever worked with and they're even sending agents to the Southern Worldwide Insurance company where Reed's mom works. Reed and Caitlin then interrupt Andy and Lauren's discussion to inform them that Sentinel Services is going after Ellen, and that they have to get to her first.

Reed and Caitlin find Ellen

The Struckers arrive at Southern Worldwide to retrieve Reed's mom. Reed and Caitlin go up to the office while Andy and Lauren stay on the ground to guard outside. Caitlin tells them if there's any kind of trouble to return to the station. While looking for Ellen's office, they run into one of her co-workers, who claims to know Reed but can't exactly pinpoint from where. Caitlin comes up with a cover story that they're "Ally and Mark Young" from last year's party. The guy seems to buy it, but they still don't have much time to find Ellen before Sentinel Services arrives. They begin to worry when they find her office empty, but are relieved when they find her yelling about the dirty dishes around the office.

Caitlin and Reed reveal that Otto is dead

Reed and Caitlin update her on every thing that has been going on since they went on their run, including the fact that Sentinel Services will be coming to pick her up to interrogate her on Otto's research, which she claims to have no knowledge of. Ellen hasn't seen Reed's father in years, but that won't matter to them. Reed and Caitlin just need for her to come with them. If Sentinel Services even thinks that she knows something of use, they won't stop coming after her. However, Ellen refuses to run away from her entire life though she starts to reconsider that when Reed reveals that Sentinel Services killed his father.

Reed, Ellen and Caitlin leave the building

His mother now knows that his father was a mutant, which he kept a secret from her for 26 years. Reed then reveals to his mother that his father is the reason behind his illness when he was 10. His father was using a serum to block the X-gene in Reed, which is what Sentinel Services is in search of. Should they acquire it, they could wipe mutants off the face of the earth. Reed asks if his dad had another lab, but he had no other lab, at least not to his mother's knowledge. Caitlin tells Reed that they can continue questioning her later, but they have to leave now. Reed then gets a call from Lauren that Sentinel Services has just arrived. Reed, Caitlin and Ellen quickly make their way out the office to meet with Lauren and Andy downstairs. Reed, Caitlin and Ellen exit the building. Everyone gets into the SUV and they speed off.

Caitlin and Reed learn about Otto's research partner Madeline Risman

The Struckers stop near a gas station after narrowly escaping Sentinel Services. Reed's mom is fine, but she wishes she could be of more help. If his father had some type of secret lab, he never told her. If not a lab, Reed and Caitlin asks about a possible research partner or even somewhere secret Otto would go. His mother recalls a researcher that Otto used to talk to late at night. Reed's mother only ever met her once at the house. She came to see Reed around the same time he got sick. Her named was Madeline Risman. While the Underground is coming to pick them up, Ellen however, won't be going with them. She would only hold them up. Though, she has no intentions on going home either. Ellen has a friend in Boca Raton who lives way out of town and she has enough money to get there. The Struckers then share a hug.

The Struckers return to HQ, where Sage informs Reed just how lucky his timing was in getting to his mother as Sentinel Services sent another team to her house. However, she's made it out of town so far without them noticing. Trask was only after her though. They've sent agents to anyone whose ever met Reed's dad. Reed tells Sage about the research that his dad worked with, Madeline Risman.

Reed and Caitlin update Andy and Lauren

In "X-roads", at headquarters, Reed and Caitlin learn from Sage and Shatter that something went wrong at the Summit. They'd been been monitoring the police reports and all they know for sure is that Campbell escaped. Reed and Caitlin relay this information to Andy and Lauren. Andy wants to go out there and back them up. But with them being 2 states away, it would be too late by the time they got out there. Andy disagrees. He still thinks they should go out to help their friends, but Lauren reasons that with people to protect at the station, they better stay put. When Reed and Caitlin urge Andy and Lauren to stop fighting amongst each other, Andy loses his temper as he feels that he's the only one that wants them to be strong. But Lauren corrects him in saying that Andy really wants them to be the von Struckers again. Andy feels they should be ready for when the humans attack. Reed takes offense to this statement and rhetorically asks Andy if he or Caitlin are coming after him as they are human, though Andy claims he didn't mean it like that before brushing past Reed.

Reed explains Andy's moves upstairs to Caitlin

Andy packs his things to crash with Naya and Skyler upstairs. Caitlin's upset that he's leaving, but Andy assures her that it's not what she thinks. A month ago, he had a bedroom with a door where he could have some space if he wanted it. He no longer has that. Reed tells Caitlin that Andy's likely looking for a little bit of independence.

Later, Shatter receives Pedro's warning and begins evacuating the station at Sentinel Services has found their location. He tells Reed and Caitlin that Sentinel Services is coming, and that they need to get as many people in vans as possible. Reed tells Caitlin to get the kids while he helps Shatter evacuate.

Reed returns to inform Caitlin of Sentinel Services' arrival

With evacuation underway, Reed returns with unfortunate news of Sentinel Services' arrival. They need another van as there are more people to send away, but it's too late. Inside, Reed, Bulk and the others block off the windows and doors with large cement boulders in an effort to secure the station. Caitlin wonders what his plan is. If the refugees are captured, they'll end up as Hounds. Reed isn't sure how to get everyone out as Sentinel Services will have teams on all the exits. So Caitlin suggests making a new exit. Reed recommends the vault. It's partially underground. Sentinel Services is not going to have cover on that side of the building. If they can get through there, they might be able to get away. Reed then gives a speech to the Underground about unity and giving Sentinel Services a fight. Caitlin calls everyone who's been in combat training upstairs while everyone else is to help her in the vault.

Reed leads the combat ready mutants

Upstairs, Reed leads the combat ready mutants, which includes, Andy, Lauren, Naya and Skyler. Considering that Pedro spotted them from the road, it meant that Sentinel Services will be focusing on attacking the front. So their job is to stop them there. Naya and Skyler are doubtful that they can do it on their own, but Reed informs them that they only have to hold the agents off long enough for the others to create another exit. Andy assures them that everything will be okay so long as they stand up and fight, and remember what Polaris told them, to stick together and watch each others' backs. Naya and Skyler are ordered to take the right while Andy and Lauren take the left, with Reed in the middle.

Reed fends off Sentinel Services

The Underground watches as Sentinel Services slowly approaches. About a dozen or so agents move in. When they do, the Underground attacks at once. Reed fires a shotgun as Skyler and Naya attack using their abilities. Lauren shields them from gunfire while Andy also attacks the guards, forcing the agents to fallback per Agent Turner's request. Downstairs in the vault, Caitlin and the mutants continue to break their way through the wall. As they continue to break through the vault, an opening appears. Caitlin instructs them to keep digging so that they can crawl through while she gets the others. Caitlin heads upstairs to inform the others that they need just a couple more minutes. Unfortunately, they may not have that long. While the Underground managed to hold off the S.W.A.T team, Sentinel Services is now bringing in the Hounds, who hit the station hard. Reed, Caitlin, Andy, Lauren, Naya and Skyler fight off the agents though they are no match for the Hounds, who shake the building with each blast. So everyone runs downstairs into the vault.

Reed, Caitlin, Skyler and Naya watch the building explode

Downstairs in the vault, Bulk and the others have finally managed to break through to the other side as the Hounds continue their assault of the station. While Shatter helps escort everyone out, Reed and Caitlin worry that the Hounds will see them and know where they went, resulting in their capture. So Andy and Lauren volunteer to stay behind after everyone's out so that they can destroy the building in order to cover their tracks. Reed and Caitlin reluctantly agree, telling Andy and Lauren that they will see them outside. Just as Reed and Caitlin exit, the Gravity and Inertia Hound enter the station. As the Hounds proceed further into the station, they are met by Andy and Lauren, who have conjoined hands and combined powers before unleashing a wave of power so strong that it kills the Hounds and completely vaporizes the station. Outside the station, Reed, Caitlin, Skyler and Naya watch the building explode just after escaping the tunnel.

Caitlin and Reed at the station

Nashville, Tennessee, the Underground has regrouped at the Mutant Way Station. John, Marcos and Blink arrive some time later. Meanwhile, Caitlin checks in on Lauren and Andy to ensure that they are fine. Reed then tells all 3 of them that while what happened today was hard, the fact is that they recused the station. A little later, John and Marcos announce that they need to start thinking about next steps, like rebuilding. With Headquarters gone, a lot of people have nowhere to go. It's not about the building. It's about the network and the people in it. Sage and Shatter doubt that it's even possible to start from nothing and they worry that that anything that they build, Sentinel Services is just going to smash it again. Reed reveals that he is in fact a mutant. As well as his children. The Underground saved their lives. If Sentinel Services comes after another family, they owe it to them to be there. Sage points out however that since the Struckers arrived, half their stations have been destroyed, but Caitlin counters that the Hound program was coming one way or another.

The remainder of the Underground

Marcos explains that the X-Men didn't do this because they thought it would be easy. They knew it would be a struggle and take sacrifice. Lorna interrupts with Esme, and tells Marcos that there's nothing noble about struggle. And sacrifice is just a pretty name for losing. The Mutant Underground is dying, but that world that they've always talked about where they don't have to hide and live in fear, she wants to build that for them. Esme informs Marcos that they aren't there to ask for his help. The people they've come for know who they are, which includes Fade, Bulk, and Sage. Last to join them is Andy. Reed and Caitlin refuse to let Andy leave, but ultimately, it's his decision. What they're trying to rebuild, the Hellfire Club, Andy explains that their family was apart of it. He feels as if it's his birthright. As Reed grabs Andy's arm to forcefully stop him, Andy pushes him off and causes the building to shake. He apologizes for that before joining Polaris, Esme, Sage, Fade, and Bulk. Still unwilling to let her son leave, Caitlin tries to run after him, only to be held back by Marcos and Reed.

Season 2

In eMergence, Reed intercepts dispatch's call for a raid at Liberty Park Apartments. He alerts John, Marcos, Lauren and Clarice.

Reed creates false IDs

After the others manage to successfully rescue two groups of mutants from the raid, Reed begins forging identification for them in a secret room located inside the Community of Mercy Clinic. He is then joined by Caitlin, who spent the day treating those who were hurt during the raid. Caitlin begins to wonder what is the point behind all their effort, to which Reed replies that they rescued ten people. A sure victory in his eyes. Caitlin then reveals that she asked someone that she treated about Andy, but no one knew anything because she couldn't use his real name due to the fact that law enforcement was under the impression that they were all dead. They'd searched a number a cities in their attempt to find Andy before John managed to track Andy and Lorna to D.C. Reed understands Caitlin's frustration, comforting her with a hug.

Mutant Underground meeting

The next day, Reed, John, Marcos, Clarice, Lauren and Caitlin are held up at the Potomac Salvage junkyard. Reed speaks to the group, as he's very much aware that losing Liberty Park Apartments is difficult to stomach. But it is because of what they did that ten mutants and their families get to start new lives today. So he would like to try and focus on that instead. Furthermore, Reed has organized transportation for the people they took in and got them documents. Shatter's crew in Baltimore are going to get most of them someplace safe. However, Lauren is concerned for Cristina, who doesn't wish to leave without her sister Jazmine. While the trail is a day old, John and Clarice will continue their efforts to find Jazmine, and until then, Cristina will stay with them. Lastly, Marcos had been asking around, and in doing so, got in contact with a group of mutant hackers who can get into computer systems. Marcos spoke to the man in charge, Wire, personally. John and Reed are upset with Marcos' effort to reach out as the hackers are known criminals, however, Caitlin, as desperate as she is, doesn't believe they have too many other options. John reminds everyone that the only thing keeping them safe is that the government thinks they died in Atlanta. So they have to be careful.

Reed wants Lauren to leave the shelter

Reed returns from his trip to Baltimore, where he dropped off the rescued mutants as Caitlin surfs the web for mutant related school incidents and Lauren prepares dinner. They got lucky at the check points, and everyone made it through safe. Reed then asks about the shelter, which Lauren claims is fine, however, she hasn't made any friends there. As Lauren goes into detail, Reed becomes distracted and irritated at a ringing sound that only he can seem to hear. Once the ringing subsides, Reed encourages Lauren to find a job where she can meet people her own age. However, as Caitlin explains, most of the information they have Lauren got through people she met at the shelter. While Reed is aware, he doesn't think her sole focus should be finding Andy, though Caitlin disagrees, arguing that it's a priority. Reed simply wants Lauren to live her life, but Lauren doesn't seem to mind working at the shelter. She then excuses herself, as she wishes to be alone.

Reed questions Lauren's dream

Reed and Caitlin rush into Lauren's bedroom that night after hearing her screams. She had a nightmare. Lauren claims that it didn't feel like a dream though, and Andy looked older and different. Lauren reveals that the dream took place at a parking garage, from where she could see the Capital. When Caitlin pushes for more answers, Reed suggests that she ease up. Caitlin is happy to hear of Lauren's dream, as it could mean they're getting closer to Andy. She recalls Lauren saying that she and Andy can see through each other's eyes, but Reed believes that it may have just been a dream. Furthermore, Lauren back tracks, claiming that she can't fully remember the dream and that it might not have even been Andy at the parking garage.

Reed's power manifest

Reed doesn't appear to be feeling well the following day, so he pops a few pills while at the clinic. He then gets a call from John, who tells him that Caitlin was grazed by a bullet. Although, she'll be fine, they need for him to hurry home with a suture kit and some bandages. Hearing this news seems to trigger something in Reed; his mutant powers, which were supposedly suppressed so many years ago, appear to manifest as his arm glows red with energy and his vein darken and pulsate. This transformation appears to cause Reed a great amount of pain.

Reed, Caitlin and Lauren argue over Andy

Reed returns to the apartment with the suture kit so that she could stitch herself up. Reed is upset that Caitlin put her life at risk by meeting with Wire. But Caitlin didn't have many options. Reed wonders what they're even going to do with the new found information, as it isn't worth much but Caitlin argues that it's better than nothing. However, Reed isn't sure how much longer they can continue. They searched for six months and it got them nowhere. But Caitlin refuses to just give up. She sees it as Andy being taken, but Lauren disagrees. She states that he left. As did Lorna. And they can't just keep acting like Andy was kidnapped when in actuality, he knew what he was doing. Reed agrees. This war came to Andy. And this is what he chose to do about it. Caitlin reminds Lauren that Andy is her brother, but it is because of this that Lauren knows Andy better than anyone else can possibly imagine, which is why she's so adamant about Andy leaving them.

Reed, Marcos, Caitlin and Lauren observe the surge

Caitlin understands that Lauren's hurt, but she can't dismiss her own brother. Reed doesn't believe that this is what she's doing. Sometimes they get so focused on this search that they ignore other issues. It's not just Lauren. Just as it seems that Reed is about to reveal to Caitlin that his powers have manifested, Marcos knocks on the door, telling them both to come to the roof. Marcos, Caitlin, Reed and Lauren make it to the roof, where they see the surging of lights throughout the entire city. Marcos is certain that this is Lorna's doing. Reed argues that they don't know this for sure, but Marcos knows what her powers look and feel like. Given the circumstances, Caitlin concludes that the disruption in the magnetic fields is due to Lorna's contractions, meaning she's in labor.

The Underground can't track Lorna

On the road, Reed, Caitlin and Lauren track the surge, which gets stronger as they get closer. Caitlin looks back to Lauren, telling her than her dream was right and that Andy is in D.C. Unfortunately, before they can track the surge to its source, the entire grid shuts down, preventing John from tracking it any further. Marcos questions what this means, if Lorna or the baby are dead. However, no one has the answers for him. Reed and Caitlin hold hands to draw comfort from one another as Marcos, in an emotional state, drops down to his knees in agony as his hands glow.

Reed and Caitlin argue over Andy

In unMoored, Reed is dissatisfied with Caitlin's latest decision to drive out to Philadelphia with John to see Evangeline Whedon, a mutant attorney, who possibly could lead them to Inner Circle and Andy. So he confronts Caitlin, who believes the trip is more than worth it despite the fact that she still has an open gunshot wound. For months, he gave Caitlin some space, but Reed doesn't think she's making rational decisions, especially since like Lauren said, Andy chose to leave them. Caitlin questions if this means that they should just let him go. She wonders what Reed would do if it was Lauren, daddy's little girl, who left. This leads to Reed addressing the fact the Caitlin has been distant. Caitlin counters that Reed has been disappearing into his work and lapsing into pained silences. While Reed may believe in suppress and repress, Caitlin's a fighter. For the family's sake, Reed is asking Caitlin to stay, but the family is why she has to go.

Young Reed in pain

Reed looks through his father's old research notebooks. Reed reads on of the entries. "September 22, 1985. Reed had another attack of neuralgia. They seem to be triggered by elevated glucocorticoid levels. I fear if I don't do something soon..." Lauren enters the room before Reed can finish reading the entry. She informs him that she and Clarice are heading out to pick up Jazmine. When Lauren inquires about his activities, Reed claims that he is simply looking at old family photos. They reminisce as they browse through the photos. Lauren then asks if he's okay, which he claims he is and that Lauren doesn't have to worry about him. Nevertheless, she tells him that it's fine if he's not okay.

Later, at the clinic, Reed answers a call meant for Lauren. However, when he asks who is calling for her, the person on the other end doesn't respond. Unbeknownst to Reed, Andy is the caller.

Reed's powers manifest

As Reed wraps Cristina's wound, he tells her that she'll need to change it twice a day where she's going, which is Memphis. Lauren and Clarice then return with Jazmine. Reed imagines that it can't be easy on Lauren to see siblings reunited when she and Andy are still torn apart. Reed encourages Lauren to tell him if there's something wrong, but Lauren insists that she's fine. However, Reed knows this to be untrue. Lauren can't believe that he's lecturing her on the truth when he and her mother are constantly fighting about Andy and pretending that everything is okay. While Lauren wants Andy to come back, she can't forget how they killed fifteen people back in Atlanta. Lauren had been looking them up. She knows their names and their kids names but Reed and Caitlin never talked about what it might mean for Lauren to have Andy come home. Reed apologies, but there isn't much he can do. As Lauren leaves the room, his powers begin to manifest again. Just like before, his arm glows red with energy and his vein darken and pulsate. The energy emerging is so powerful that it not only disintegrate his ring, but everything else he touches, such as the wall and filing cabinet.

That night, Reed and Lauren are on their way back to the apartment from the clinic. They don't say a word to each other, simply riding in silence.

Caitlin asks Reed to talk with Lauren

In coMplications, Reed recalls the manifestation of his powers, which resulted in the destruction of his wedding ring, a file cabinet and the brick wall of the Community of Mercy Clinic. He then sets out for Baltimore to meet with Shatter. However, before leaving, Caitlin apologizes for all she said the day before. Reed apologizes as well. Caitlin the reveals that she's worried about Lauren. Last night, Caitlin could sense that something was off between Lauren and Reed. And now, Lauren won't even talk to her at all. Despite knowing that Lauren was suffering from the aftermath in Atlanta, Reed claims that Lauren seems fine to him. Nonetheless, Caitlin would like for him to talk to her. She suggests that he bring Lauren along for the ride to Baltimore.

Reed disintegrates the steering wheel

While on their way back from Baltimore, Lauren admits that she regrets saying what she said, however, Reed is glad that she told him because he wanted to know what is going on with her. Reed then gets a call from Caitlin, who is looking for the files they have on the Inner Circle. They're usually in the back of the clinic in the filing cabinet, the same one Reed disintegrated, unbeknownst to Caitlin. Reed lies and tells her that the cabinet is broken, so he's replacing it. Caitlin then notices the crack in the wall, also caused by Reed, who begins to become unsettled as Caitlin suspects that something strange is going on. Reed hangs up in a panic. When he does, his powers begin to manifest before Lauren's very eyes. In fact, the steering wheel crumbles in Reed's hand, forcing him to slam on the brake, though not in time to prevent them from slamming into the back of a parked truck.

Reed and Lauren looking for an escape

Lauren's fine, but Reed is bleeding after cracking his head on the windshield. Lauren is in disbelief after witnessing his powers, but they don't have time to address Reed's sudden powers as nearby civilians are aware of the crash and are quickly approaching. Reed and Lauren escape through a fence and hideout behind behind a wall of an abandoned building, where Reed apologizes for not pulling over sooner. Lauren questions how long he was going to hide his powers. Reed claims that it's not that simple. Before he can continue, they are forced to move as police sirens approach.

Lauren plays look out as Reed hot-wires a getaway car. Once he does, Lauren drive off with him in the passenger seat and unbeknownst to them, Jace Turner in their rear view mirror.

Reed learns that Lauren was harrassed

On their way back to the clinic, Reed asks Lauren to keep his powers secret from Caitlin. Lauren is in disbelief that he wants to keep secrets. Lying is the reason that their family is in shambles, Lauren says. Lauren recalls Sophomore year of high school, where Reed picked her up from a party at her friend's house, where a group of mutants supposedly came by and broke out all the windows. Lauren was terrified, but not for the reason that Reed remembers. She actually broke those windows with her powers. Some boy was trying to grab her. He backed off as soon as stuff started breaking. She was going to tell Reed, but when she got in the car, he told her not to worry because his job was prosecuting mutants and to protect her from them. After that, she never said anything because she didn't want to hurt their family. But she can't help wonder if she had. Maybe things would be different with her. With Andy. Maybe none of this would have ever happened.

Reed and Caitlin hug

Once Reed and Lauren arrive at the clinic, Reed informs Caitlin that he has powers. His father thought that he had suppressed his powers permanently, turns out he was wrong. Reed can't control it. He even destroyed the filing cabinet and his wedding ring. When Caitlin asks how long this has been occurring, Reed says he's been getting the headaches since Andy left six months ago. Caitlin's upset that he didn't tell her sooner. Reed reasoned that he thought he would be able to get them under control. He had similar headaches when he was a kid, so he started reading his father's researching, hoping that he could stop them. Reed apologizes for not coming to Caitlin earlier as he doesn't know what's happening to him or how to control it.

In outMatched, sixteen years ago, Atlanta, Georgia, Reed and Caitlin receive startling news from her OBGYN. The prognosis is worse than they anticipated. Caitlin's liver is already seriously affected and they don't have many options other than termination, which given the fact that Caitlin is five months pregnant with Andy, is a hard pill to swallow. In 20 weeks, the baby isn't viable and carrying to term is very risky. The pain Caitlin is experiencing could worsen to severe bleeding and seizures. A successful pregnancy is technically possible but there's a greater chance of death for Caitlin or Andy or both of them. Despite the doctor's advisement, Caitlin is determined to carry to term.

Present day, the Struckers minus Andy, are having family dinner. Reed tells Lauren that he intends to discuss his manifesting powers with John to see if they can get ahold of them. Reed and Caitlin are also thinking about Lauren, who claims she's fine. Reed and Caitlin realizes that they've been so focused on getting Andy back that they didn't consider what bringing him back might mean to Lauren. Reed's powers manifesting has opened his eyes to how terrifying this ordeal must be for Lauren. All this time, Lauren has been scared of what happened and the dreams and what she thought they meant. However, she now thinks the dreams are telling her that she has to be the one to bring Andy home.

The Mutant Underground convenes at the Potomac Salvage yard, where Marcos informs the group of his run-in with Reeva Payge. She's powerful and has a hold on Andy and Lorna that's greater than anything Marcos thought possible. Caitlin claims that Andy's merely caught up in it all, but Marcos explains that Andy is a believer in the Inner Circle's cause. As for Lorna, she looked Marcos in the eyes and told him that she loved him. But their goal matters more. This goal is the key to the Underground tracking the Inner Circle, so they first need to discover what it is. However, after six months, all they know is that the Inner Circle is well-funded and well hidden. They also like destroying things and killing people, Clarice adds. Marcos wants to pay Wire another visit as the Inner Circle were hacking into data cables. Clarice and Lauren are hesitant but Marcos and Caitlin are determined.

As John, Marcos and Clarice are abut to set out to find Wire, Reed informs John that his powers have began to manifest despite his father's attempt to suppress the X-Gene. Reed's powers are destructive. When he touches things, they crumble within his hands and he has no control of it. Reed begins to panic as he doesn't even know if this is a result of what his father did, but the headaches and the way in which the power accelerates, Reed is scared. John explains that he needs training but Reed doesn't believe he has that kind of time. He'd much rather they just stop, but as John explains his powers are a part of him and linked to his deepest emotions. Reed then begins to think that maybe he can control his emotions, but as John advises him against it. He's seen others try. It doesn't last long and it's not a road that Reed wants to go down.

Reed, Caitlin and Marcos have Graph chained up in the communications room. Marcos is still upset that Graph shot John, but Graph explains that he did so in retaliation to his brother getting killed by the Frost Sisters. They took control of him and forced him to kill himself. Graph possess similar powers to his brother, which allowed him to hack the security cameras and see just how Wire died. Reed offers to pay Graph for his assistance, but he refuses as he is very much aware of Reeva Payge and why his brother was killed. Furthermore, Wire wasn't Reeva's only victim. Graph hacks their computers to pull up images on the screen of dead former members of the Hellfire Club that were spread throughout the city by Reeva as part of some sort of hostile take over. She has a project that she wishes to see through, no matter who she may have to kill to achieve it. So, Graph has no desire to get in her way. Reed tries to reason with Graph, explaining that Reeva has their son, but Graph doesn't care. Marcos becomes enraged and threatens to melt Graph's eyes out.

When Marcos' threats fail to convince Graph to help them, Caitlin decides to take matters into her own hands. Graph's a Kick addict like Wire. In the ER, Caitlin saw addicts stab themselves for a scrip of oxycodone. Past a certain point, a junkie will do anything for a fix. Caitlin returns to the communications room with a bottle of Hypertrexone. When Kick addicts come in with an O.D. they give them Hypertrexone. It counteracts the drug, and it brings them down in seconds. The addicts hate it because they go into immediate withdrawal. Reed watches in disapproval as Marcos holds Graph down long enough for Caitlin to inject him with the Hypertrexone. Caitlin pleads with Graph to help her find Andy as he utters out that he can't breathe.

Graph is going through withdrawals, but Caitlin doesn't seem to care. She and Reed need him to access the hospital's network, however, given Graph's condition, brought on by Caitlin, who claims he did it to himself, he is hardly in the right state to perform such a task. For it to end, Caitlin tells Graph to find out what the Inner Circle is doing at Lynwood hospital. He can hack into the hospital's system, but he can't promise he'll find anything. While looking through the hospital's network, Graph discovers that somebody built a backdoor to the hospital SCADA system. All comm systems are down. Nothing in or out. It went into emergency mode 12 minutes ago. Whatever the Inner Circle's doing, it's happening right now.

Reed and Caitlin relay this information to John, Marcos and Clarice, who immediately gear up and head out. Lauren informs her parents that Andy's likely there as well. This may be their one chance to get him back. Reed is hesitant, as she would be going into a dangerous environment. But Lauren feels that she has to. She and Andy are connected. If anyone can get through to him, it's her. And so, Caitlin sends Lauren off with John, Marcos and Clarice, telling her to ensure Andy comes back.

Despite the fact that Graph is puking into a trash can, Caitlin demands that he get them into the security system. Reed is beginning to further question the lengths Caitlin is willing to go, though she isn't too concerned. She does however offer to make Graph better should he do as he's told. In Caitlin's possession is Hypercortisone D. It's the pharmaceutical version of Kick. If she gives him some, she expects him to get them into the system. Reed can't believe that she would stoop so low. Caitlin reasons that their kids are out there and their friends are in danger. Even still, as Reed points out, she's already taken him down, and now she's going to get him high. As a nurse, shooting up a junkie to get him to do what she wants is unethical. While Caitlin is admittedly a nurse, she is a mother first. Caitlin injects him with the Hypercortisone D and the effects are instant. With that, Graph gets them into the security system of Lynwood. Armed guards storm the halls. The staff runs away in what looks to be lock down procedures and Lorna and at least one of the Frosts make their way throughout the building.

Thunderbird, Eclipse, Blink and Lauren arrive at Lynwood to find the facility in complete disarray. Reed communicates with the team over walking talkies. He informs them that the Inner Circle took over the facility. They took out the guards and are rounding up the staff. As far as they know, only Lorna and the Frost are present.

Reed and Caitlin get a call from Eclipse, asking for answers as to what's the cause of the explosion. However, they don't have the answer just yet as they're still working on it. Reed tells Graph to bring up the security feed of the basement. He used to go to places like this when he was a prosecutor. They keep the mutants they can't control with collars in secure rooms underground. If the Inner Circle's blasting something, the chances are they're down there. Trying to free someone, Reed suspects. But who, Caitlin wonders. Graph can't quite figure that out as all the data coming out of the facility is encrypted. As he tries to extend his reach, he discovers that someone's blocking him. They know he's in the system. Some kind of hacker, leading Reed to suspect Sage. So, he informs Thunderbird that the Inner Circle is now aware of their presence. Thunderbird and Blink head into the basement, where the maximum security area is located.

Caitlin is desperate for video inside the basement, so much so that she bribes Graph with Kick. Caitlin promises Graph that he can have what's left of the Kick in her hand and all they have stocked in the clinic. As an added incentive, Caitlin reminds Graph that they killed is brother, and that is all he needs to hear to take action. Caitlin gives him an injection of Kick and he manages to best Sage, gaining them live surveillance to the basement, which much to their surprise, is footage of Polaris and Andy, who smiles at the camera, unbeknownst to him that his parents are watching.

Thunderbird and Blink make it into the high security area with help from Reed and Caitlin, who guide them along the way. Thunderbird, Blink, Reed and Caitlin watch as Polaris and Andy escort a mutant prisoner from their cell. Reed and Caitlin asks Wire for the camera feed to the elevator and stairs, hoping that they'll get a view on Andy, which they do, before informing Eclipse and Lauren that Polaris released all the patients to cover her and Andy's escape. Caitlin then informs them that Andy and Polaris are on the loading dock, getting into a silver Hummer. And so Eclipse and Lauren intend to cut them off. Meanwhile, Wire's conditions seems to worsen as he starts to bleed from his nose before having a heart attack.

Reed and Caitlin manage to prevent Graph from dying, yet is Reed not over the fact that Caitlin was the cause for his near death. He questions how they're any different from the people they're trying to save Andy from. Reed reminds Caitlin that they both saw Andy smiling in the video footage, meaning no one is making him do anything.

Reed and Caitlin then learn from Thunderbird that Andy and Lorna got away and that they also took at least one patient with them. Caitlin is devastated to hear that they allowed Andy to get away, especially when they were right on top of them, but as Thunderbird explains, they had to tend to the injured. Not to mention the fact that Lauren is still unconscious from the hit she took from Andy. Hearing that Andy is the one responsible for Lauren's state weighs heavy on Reed and Caitlin, who hold each other closely, though this news takes a bigger tole on Reed, whose powers begin to manifest. In his hand, he holds his medication, but the bottle crumbles in his hand and the pills fall to the floor. Reed drops to his knees, picking two pills off the floor and taking them to force his powers to subside.

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Reed seems to have a warm and caring heart. In the sense that he'd do anything for his family and the underground.

Physical Appearance

Reed is a tall and lean man with a pale like complexion. He has short dark hair. Since his escape, he now walks with a slight limp in his step due to surgical pins in his knee being removed.

Abilities and Skills

Reed was given a serum by his father to suppress the X-Gene, which prevented his powers from manifesting when they normally do as a teenager. However, Reed's powers have recently began to manifest in painful bursts as his hands and arms start to glow red and his veins darken and pulsate.

  • Matter Disintegration: Reed had the ability to disintegrate matter with physical touch. His forearms and hands glow red when his powers are active. Currently he cannot control his powers properly: this is likely due to his inexperience with them and his emotional instability. Reed recently learned that his cells produce complex proteins that release energy, the serum used to block his X gene would prevent this from happening but once worn off it triggers a massive release of energy; this has made his powers unstable. His powers are very destructive in nature as they break down matter on contact and reduce it to dust in mere moments. When his powers first emerged he crumbled his wedding band to dust; destroyed part of a filing cabinet; left a large cracked hole in a wall where his hand had laid; destroyed the steering wheel of a car; melted a plastic medicine bottle and partially destroyed a radiator. Reed used his power to create an escape route by making a hole through a wall, in doing so the underground escaped the ambush from the Purifiers. Since he escaped the Purifiers attack he has been unable to turn off his powers, resulting in his search for a way to deactivate his powers, which led him to Madeline Risman. During his encounter with Madeline Risman, Reed was given another serum to block his powers. Though the serum was proven effective, he only secured a few doses before leaving Dr. Risman. After using the serum for a number of weeks, Reed decided to no longer use it as a crutch is set on learning about his powers.
  • Energy Projection: When Reed allowed the unstable energy to flow throughout his body, he created a massive explosion capable of completely destroying the top of a building. However, is also killed him as a result of the energy being suppressed for so long.


Season 1

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  • The actor who portrays Reed Strucker, Stephen Moyer, is married to the actress (Anna Paquin) who portrayed Rogue in the X-Men film series.
  • As seen at the end of X-roads, Reed proclaims himself a mutant despite his mutant abilities being stripped before being allowed to manifest. However, in eMergence, his abilities start to manifest due to an extremely unstable and emotional state.



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