Pulse (birth name Augustus) was a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. He was a mutant with the ability to disable mutant and non-mutant abilities, as well as electronic systems. He used to be a member of the Mutant Underground, until he was captured by Sentinel Services and transformed into a Hound by Trask Industries.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Pulse had been sent to a mutant relocation center until he was rescued by the Mutant Underground. He decided to join the effort and went on to become best friends with John. During a raid against a Sentinel Services relocation center, he had told John and the others to run while he stayed behind to short out their systems to cover their escape. He succeeded in shorting out all the lights and turrets, but he was shot and presumed dead by his friends.

He was taken by the Sentinel Services and placed in a special program devised by Trask Industries of weaponizing mutants and their abilities.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Pulse at the relocation center

In eXit strategy, Pulse appeared in a flashback where him and his friend, John, were on a mutant rescue mission at a mutant relocation center. As they were looking through the fence of the facility, Pulse wondered why they didn't send him in first since his power of disrupting electronic devices would have served more sufficient. They could've used this to their advantage because Pulse could knock off the power of their security systems. However, John thought if they used Pulse's ability to get inside, the security guards would notice straight away and they would lose the element of surprise.

Not long after, Marcos came running back through the hole in the fence with the news that the break-out had failed and that they lost several of their members along the way. As the team retreated through the woods, Pulse went through the fence in order to disable the facility's gun turret. However, as he was about to retreat through the fence again, a guard emerged from the bushes, and immediately gunned him down. John was forced to leave his friend on the ground as they escaped.

Pulse working for Sentinel Services

Two years later, it was revealed that the Sentinel Services never killed Pulse, but instead captured and brainwashed him. Pulse now a member of the Sentinel Services, helped them in the transport of Lorna and Reed to an ultra-secure mutant facility. When they became stranded with a broken bus, Pulse's disruptive powers activated as Agent Jace Turner knew that mutants were in charge of the rupture of the bus tires. Every mutant soon found out their powers weren't working. John came to realize that was because of a mutant among Sentinel Services who was stopping all of the mutant ability. Pulse turned around, his eyes glowing a bright shade of yellow as he stared directly at John through the window. John decided that he was going to solve the problem at hand. Running up to his old friend, he tried talking to him, but when that didn't work he beat him unconscious.

In boXed in, Polaris and Eclipse captured Jace Turner so that they could learn what Sentinel Services had done to him. Turner told them that he was just a man helping to stop terrorists though Polaris didn't believe him as the last time they had seen him was when Sentinel Services shot him. Dreamer went into his mind and saw a symbol that Thunderbird remembered seeing tattooed on Pulse's arm.

Pulse dying from his wounds

In threat of eXtinction, Pulse arrived outside Otto Strucker's antique shop in Chattanooga in search of any mutants from the Underground. He was injected with a substance of some kind by Dr. Campbell, possibly Kick, the highly addictive, but power enhancing drug. Pulse then activated his ability before entering the shop. Before long, they were joined by Otto Strucker, who claimed to have no knowledge of his son's whereabouts, though Dr. Campbell didn't believe him, instructing the Sentinel Services agent to check the building. Despite Pulse's ability to nullify mutant abilities, Otto was somehow capable of generating heat based energy from his hands. Pulse focused harder, attempting to lock down the area, though his effort proved pointless as Otto was far stronger. Since he failed to complete the task, Dr. Campbell instructed the agents to shoot Otto, which they did. However, in doing so, he released one final and powerful blast of energy. Pulse was found just outside the antique shop by Thunderbird, wounded and barely conscious. He apologized for his actions, though Thunderbird was more concerned with his well-being. He insisted that he would make Sentinel Services pay for what they did to Pulse. Sadly, Pulse had succumbed to his wounds, dying soon thereafter.

Later that night, John buried his body off road, alongside Otto Strucker.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Pulse used to be a calm and collected individual that cared about his fellow mutants. He was ready to risk himself in order to help the ones he and his friends were trying to save escape. He even told his friends to leave and get away, even if something had happened to him.

When he was taken by Sentinel Services, he was turned into a blank and detached person that was made to be addicted and reliant on the drugs that they gave him in order to control him. When he saw his friend Thunderbird again, he tried hard to break free from the control even though it was taxing for him to do so. As he lay dying, he quickly showed his old friend his regret for the actions he did while controlled and silently encouraged his friend's vow to avenge him.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Pulse is a Caucasian male in his late twenties/early thirties. He has sandy colored hair and a toned build.

Abilities and Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Disruptive Pulses: Pulse has the ability to generate a wave of energy that can short out electronic devices in the same manner as an electromagnetic pulse.
  • Mutant Ability Nullification: Pulse can send out waves of energy that can disrupt mutants and their abilities within a two block radius. While his powers were enhanced by Kick, his abilities were powerful enough to induce pain and weaken his targets to the point where he caused Thunderbird to have a nose bleed by being at close proximity to him. It should be noted that he was unable to suppress the abilities of Otto Strucker, though this was because of the Strucker family's unique genetics that was passed down from Andreas Von Strucker. While in use of his abilities, Pulse's eyes glowed yellow.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He made his first appearance in the 2005 comic series titled "X-Men vol. 2, #173".
  • Pulse's appearance in The Gifted marks his live-action debut.
  • Descendants of Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker are powerful enough to overcome Pulse's power negating ability.

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