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I think you're forgetting who you're talking to. I am Polaris. My father was part of the Inner Circle before it even was the Inner Circle. Around here, that makes me royalty. So if you're gonna run your mouth, you better have a lot more than a guess.
— Polaris to Max[src]

Polaris (birth name Lorna Dane) is a main character on FOX's The Gifted. She is a mutant with the ability to manipulate magnetism. She is also the daughter of Magneto.[1]

Her biggest heartbreak was not knowing who her real father is.[2] As many mutants do, she discovered her abilities at a young age, but instead of shying away from them as most would, she embraced her powers.[3]

Character Description

"A strong-willed, brave and loyal mutant who has the ability to manipulate magnetism."[4]

Early Life

While Lorna's stepfather was a pilot who died in a plane crash along with her mother, her biological father was a "king" in the Hellfire Club. She actually met her biological father in her childhood but thought he was just a friend of her mother's. After her parents death she was raised by her aunt who would often sing her a lullaby she learned from Lorna’s mother, the only real thing Lorna had left of her. On her 13th birthday, Lorna received a gift left by her biological father, a red metal amulet. Lorna resented her birth father for not coming for her, she would see news reports of him and the Brotherhood as she grew up and all she could think was “the world hates him, but I hate him more”.

After the 7/15 incident and subsequent anti-mutant backlash, four years before the beginning of the TV series, rival pro-mutant and anti-mutant protesters clashed across the country. Lorna attended a pro-mutant rally which found itself threatened by anti-mutant "Purifiers". As a result, six of the Purifiers "accidentally" fell off a highway overpass - actually shoved by Lorna, using her powers to violently defend the protestors. She was arrested after the incident, but got a light sentencing due to her age, and by pleading mental instability: Lorna has bi-polar disorder, and the judge went easy on her because he had a sister with the same condition. Instead, Lorna got a lighter psychiatric sentence to Lakeview Mental Hospital. While there, she was visited by a mysterious woman named Evangeline, herself a mutant, who explained that the X-Men were trying to set up a Mutant Underground. By that point, some months after the 7/15 incident, the X-Men had vanished (along with the Brotherhood) and Lorna initially scoffed that they were just an urban legend. Nonetheless she eventually agreed to the offer. She then linked up with Thunderbird, who the X-Men chose to be a leader in the new underground network, and the two of them became its initial core members, to try and protect mutants from the Sentinel Services. She went on to help save mutants from being taken away and even helped turn the lives of some of them around.

Some time later, Thunderbird and Polaris met Eclipse, a Colombian mutant who had been working as an enforcer with the drug cartels. They were interested in him because they had heard he helped smuggle mutants across the border into Mexico, but he said he simply had some extra space on his transports so he sold passage. Polaris persisted and offered him a way out of the violent drug cartel life, which Eclipse had grown increasingly uneasy with.

Three years prior to the beginning of the series, she had taken Eclipse under her wing and taught him to embrace his powers. One night, Polaris was conversing with Eclipse outside the headquarters about how the Mutant Underground established an abandoned bank as their headquarters, to which she revealed was condemned after the Oakwood Riots during which the National Guard stormed a mutant orphanage up the road from the bank and one of the kids unintentionally destroyed the whole area. What was important in this situation was that they were fighting and protecting each other. However, Marcos revealed his insecurities about being a mutant to Lorna, and that was due to his parents throwing him out on the streets after they discovered his mutant powers. Lorna decided to reveal her secret to him that she could use her powers to levitate. When they made contact, an aurora formed around their hands. Lorna theorized it to be the Aurora Borealis which happens in the Arctic when solar energy hits the magnetosphere. The two of them then went on to form a relationship after they found that their joint powers could create an aurora.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Lorna stopping bullets

In "eXposed", Polaris, Eclipse, and Thunderbird track down a mutant fugitive named Blink to an abandoned workshop in Atlanta. She and Eclipse introduce themselves as Lorna and Marcos. Initially apprehensive, Blink settles down after they explained that they are mutants as well, with Polaris demonstrating her control over magnetism by yanking the steel stapler out of Blink's hand. Unfortunately, they are forced to take cover within the workshop as officers of the Atlanta Police Department surround the building. After using an electromagnetic pulse to shut the lights out, she and Thunderbird take cover on the wall, observing the police as they pull up. She sends out another electromagnetic wave to take out the police cruisers engines, lights and sirens, which prompts the police to fire. As she takes cover behind the wall, Polaris instructs Thunderbird to find another way out while she holds off law enforcement. Polaris uses her abilities once more to disable the cops and halt the firing bullets. With the police applying pressure, Eclipse comes to her rescue, emitting a blinding light from his hands, which stuns the police and provides Polaris with the opportunity to escape.

As Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird and Blink make their way back to the getaway vehicle, Eclipse is shot from behind which sends Polaris into a fury of blind rage. She attacks the shooting officer with great force, using her abilities to slam him against a dumpster multiple times. While she makes quick work of the solo officer, she is unprepared for the back up that follows. Polaris is tazed, taken to the ground, and arrested, forcing Thunderbird, Eclipse, and Blink to leave without her.

Lorna in her cell

Following her arrest, Lorna is taken to the mutant wing of the Garland Detention Center, where she is imprisoned within a transparent, plastic cell. Reed Strucker, a mutant prosecutor, enters the cell to inform her that she is being charged with the attempted murder of two officers as well as the illegal use of her abilities. Reed offers her a reduced sentence in exchange for her cooperation, but Lorna claims to have nothing to offer. She was walking through the rain when an officer randomly fired at her, or so her story went. However, with documented information pertaining to Lorna, and her affiliation to the Mutant Underground, Reed knows better than to take Lorna for her word. She and her associates have aided and abetted hundreds if not thousands of mutant fugitives. Taking into consideration the severity of her charges, Reed claims that he is merely trying to help her. He reiterates her charges of attempted murder. With her ability to control magnetism, Lorna lightly tugs on the screws embedded in Reed's knee after an old sports injury he suffered. If she wanted to, she can tear out the screws, and show him what attempted murder truly looks like. All this to prove a point; that if she wanted those officers dead, they would be. However, there is a factor that Lorna is not aware of. Reed pulls her medical exam from a folder. What Lorna reads shakes her to her core. She has a big decision to make. Angered by this recent discovery, Lorna lashes out and in a great display of power, shatters the lights, breaks a window and cracks her cell. It is later revealed that the contents of her medical exam showed that she is pregnant.

Lorna shocked by her collar

In "rX", Lorna is escorted to a new cell at Lakewood County Jail, where she is taunted by the prisoners in the neighboring cells. After looking around, she attempts to use her powers to break the prison bars, but doing so causes the shock collar around her neck to activate, sending enough voltage through Lorna's body to level her, causing her to hit her head against the steel toilet seat. The entire cellblock explodes with laughter as she lies on the ground in pain. Dazed and confused, Lorna makes it back to her feet. A prisoner across from her cell asks if she is alright, but Lorna does not answer. Instead, she asks the fellow prisoner about the collar around her neck, to which she replies that it is a flea collar used to prevent the mutants from using their abilities. They're built specifically for the mutant wearing them. Fair warning, the collars aren't Lorna's only worry, the prisoner says. Lorna does not take heed of this warning considering that she does not plan on staying long since she had back up on the outside.

Lorna washes out the black dye in her hair

The next day at Lakewood County Jail, Lorna almost gets into a fight when an inmate named Scar spits on her as she is being escorted to the showers, but with guards nearby, she proceeds forward. She then makes brief eye contact with another inmate sitting in their cell, known only as Porcelain Mutant. In the showers, the prisoners stare at Lorna as she washes the black dye out her hair, revealing a full head of dark green hair. She walks out while ignoring all the glares.

During lunch, Lorna approaches the Porcelain mutant. She asks if she can sit down and does so. She introduces herself as Polaris, a pleasantry in which her fellow mutant does not reciprocate. Lorna explains that she is hoping that they can help one another. Lorna asks about the collars while under the assumption that she actually has a chance of getting it off, but she is not the first one to try to remove the collars. All others that have tried failed to do so. The Porcelain mutant then tells her to stop causing trouble and to stay away from her as it is tough enough for people like her in the prison without Lorna making it worse.

Lorna using her abilities

In the courtyard, Scar taunts her Lorna, referring to her as "mutie". Mutants in the prison work for Scar and do what they are told, but Lorna begs to differ. Scar admits that while mutants may have powers on the outside, inside prison, she is the one with all the power. Looking at the scars all along Scar's face, Lorna concludes that she got them from a mutant. As Lorna attempts to leave, she is attacked by Scar's associates. Getting punched in the face several times, causing her nose to bleed. Scar heard of Lorna's pregnancy and so she decides to kick Lorna in her stomach to test how powerful the baby is. Despite the high voltage collar around her neck, that kick makes Lorna so angry that she manages to gain enough power to yank a steel table out the ground and throw it at Scar. The guards break the fight up soon thereafter. But because of her actions, Lorna is placed in solitary confinement.

Lorna and Marcos create a aurora borealis as they kiss

In "Exodus", three years ago, just outside of Headquarters, Lorna tells Marcos that the station was condemned after the Oakwood riots when the National Guard stormed a nearby mutant orphanage that caused one of the young mutants to lose control and destroy the entire area. No one knew what he did exactly, so they stayed away, thus providing the Underground with the perfect hideout. Marcos reveals that he feels as if he's being punished by being a mutant, perhaps a sin from his past life that he's now answering for by being forced to live under constant persecution. Lorna explains that she wouldn't change who she is or what she could do for anything. She then asks Marcos what was the first recreational thing he did with his powers. Marcos explains that he was on the streets of Bogotá, sleeping in a cardboard box. He didn't have much time for fun. So, when he refuses to answer Lorna's question, she reveals to him the reason behind why she wears steel-toe boots and metal bracelets. When she was 16, her abilities manifested and she discovered that she could use her control over magnetism to levitate herself while wearing metal. Marcos concedes and answers Lorna question by grabbing shards of broken glass off the ground and shinning light through it to project a pattern. As their hands touch, they create a small aurora borealis, which grows as the two proceed to kiss.

Agent Turner offers Lorna a deal

Lorna, being held in a cell in Fulton County Jail, receives a visit from Agent Jace Turner of Sentinel Services. He is not far off from taking down the Mutant Underground, starting with Marcos, who goes by the street name of Eclipse. Turner came to give Lorna one last chance to cooperate. If she does, he will arrange visitation for her and Marcos. At least while in prison, they will be able to create some kind of family, but Lorna doesn't see that as much of a life. On the other hand, should Lorna refuse to give her cooperation, she will end up some place much worse. Either she will give him what he wants at the jail or she'll give him what he wants there. He gives Lorna some time to think about it. Should they bust the Underground without her, she'll lose any deal being offered.

Lorna exhausted after using her powers to break out of her cell

As a helpless Lorna sits on the cell floor, she looks at the metal objects adorning her small cell. Looking at the metal door, she is overcome by the idea of using her powers, despite the collar on her neck, to break herself out from the cell. Reassuring herself that she can do it, she stands up and prepares to use her powers. Fighting through the excruciating pain caused by her collar and the blood gushing from her nose, she rips open the door. She manages to crawl out, but the guard arrives just as she passes out.

Agent Turner takes Lorna to her cell

In "eXit strategy", at the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, Lorna is transported to her cell by Agent Turner, though she will only be there for a couple days before being transferred to one of their facilities. Considering that he is sending her to what she refers to as "Hell", Lorna requests that he refer to her as "Polaris" rather than birth name. Lorna is then taken into her cell only to discover that Reed is in the next cell over. She questions why her prosecutor has been imprisoned but all Agent Turner will tell her is that he has legal problems of his own and that they are heading to the same facility. Lorna is amazed at the fact that Reed, the same person who tried to use her unborn child to get her to turn against her friends is going to prison as well. As Agent Turner leaves the room, Reed attempts to inform Lorna of his deal with the Underground, but she refuses to hear him out, especially after learning that he almost got Marcos killed.

Lorna has no forgiveness to offer Reed

The next day, at the Sentinel Services Headquarters, Lorna attempts to break out her cell though the inhibitor collar around her neck sends shock waves through her body every time she uses her powers. Considering that they are stuck in neighboring cells, Reed figures he will at least explain his actions. He always told himself that anyone that was facing him in his courtroom was guilty. He told himself that he was the prosecutor, and that the laws were clear, and if someone broke them, it was on them. He also told himself that he was doing his job. Then he found out that his kids are mutants. They didn't mean to hurt anyone. They were only defending themselves. But they broke the law. And with mandatory minimums, they'll get at least ten years. If not more. And a few days ago, he would have been the one making that argument. Before all of this, Reed didn't understand. But he does now. And for that he's sorry. Lorna congratulates him on realizing that he's the bad guy. He has destroyed many lives. If he wants forgiveness, she tells him to ask the little boy who she strapped on a bus while he screamed, begging to join his mother in prison where Reed sent her. Better yet, he can ask the hundreds of families whose lives he and his co-workers have ruined. Because Lorna has no forgiveness to offer.

Polaris allies herself with Reed

The day of the transfer to the secret facility has arrived as Lorna and Reed board the transport bus along with several Sentinel Service agents, Agent Turner included. They are locked in a plastic cell and strapped to their seats. While driving through a warehouse district in Peachetree, the transport bus breaks down. When it comes to a stop, Reed attempts to forge an alliance with Polaris while the guards are distracted by the blown out tire. Although Polaris may hate him, their chance to escape may be coming along soon. Noticing her hesitance, Reed wonders if her hate for him is worth more than giving her child a real life. All Reed asks of her is that if they get the chance to escape that she'll help him take it. Polaris reluctantly agrees.

Polaris frees herself and Reed

While stuck in the bus, Polaris realizes that her powers aren't working though she can't figure out why. To make matters worse, she and Reed are about to be moved to a more secure location. As the agents unlock them from their seats, Polaris and Reed enact their escape and attack the guards. However, it doesn't go as planned as they are quickly subdued. It isn't long before Polaris' powers come back. Unfortunately, there is nothing inside their plastic cells that she can use to escape. Everything metal is outside of their cell. Reed remembers the metal screws in his leg that Polaris tugged on during their first encounter. He tells her to take it. Polaris yanks the metal screws from Reed's leg and uses them to free Reed and herself from their restraints. She then attacks the guard with the very same screws as he attempts to call-in their escape.

Polaris and Eclipse reunite

Polaris then shatters all the windows from the inside of the bus. This causes Agent Turner to send out the order to shoot-to-kill. Polaris escapes through the back of the bus with Reed. Sentinel Services waste no time opening fire. However, Polaris ferrokinetically halts the bullets in midair and sends them flying back at the agents before stripping them of their firearms completely, forcing the agents to fallback. She then reunited with Eclipse, who along with the Underground, helped stage the break out. She wonders who they found her, but he tells her it doesn't matter. Caitlin pulls up in a Sentinel Services car and tells them all to get in as they make their escape.

Eclipse and Polaris learn that Pulse is alive

In "boXed in", Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird Caitlin and Reed pill into an abandoned lot to retrieve the untraceable getaway cars they had left nearby. Thunderbird stops to explain that Pulse was responsible for them losing their powers at the warehouse district. Polaris and Eclipse are in disbelief as they were all under the impression that he died two years ago at the relocation facility. Furthermore, he hated Sentinel Services. He protected all his people from them in Macon, which as Thunderbird informs them, is a station that had been recently raided. Thunderbird then hears an incoming Sentinel Services drone. Eclipse volunteers to draw it away while Thunderbird, Caitlin and Reed head back to Headquarters, and Polaris joins him.

Polaris fails to reach drone

Polaris and Eclipse draw the drone away as planned though they struggle with taking it down. Polaris attempts to reach it on her own but it is out of range. When Eclipse points out that it's above the car, Polaris pulls off the rear view mirror and levitates it just outside the car. Eclispe then shoots his sunbeams at it, which reflects off the mirror and destroys the drone. Polaris and Eclipse then express how much they love one another and share a kiss.

Polaris and Eclipse seem to be in the clear. Eclipse takes this time to address the fact that she is pregnant with their child. While she had been through a lot, the baby seems okay by all accounts. She can feel it in a similar fashion to feeling metal or electricity. Eclipse asks if she's happy. Polaris tells him that she thought a lot about bringing a baby like theirs into the world they currently live in. As for Eclipse, he can't wait to be a father. As their hands touch, just like before, they create a small aurora borealis. If it's a girl, Polaris decides on calling her "Aurora" in reference to the aurora borealis they create when they touch. Eclipse suggests "Rory" if their child is in fact a boy, but she laughs hysterically and decides against it.

Polaris takes Agent Turner's gun

Polaris and Eclipse arrive at a roadblock set up by Agent Turner and Sentinel Services. While Eclipse wants to find another route, Polaris recommends that they he keep going. She takes control of the car and proceeds towards the roadblock in high speed before abruptly stopping and getting out the car. She makes quick work of the two agent backing Turner before disarming him of his gun and kidnapping him.

Polaris and Eclipse take Agent Turner to an abandoned warehouse, where she places him up against a wall and magnetically wraps rebar around his neck, giving Agent Turner a collar of his own. She tightens it to the point where he can just barely breathe. Eclipse begins to worry what will follow with them abducting a Sentinel Services agent. However, Polaris wants to seize the opportunity to figure out what they did to Pulse. If they've found a way to turn mutants against each other, then the Underground won't stand a chance. Polaris reminds Eclipse that Pulse was John's best friend. If they can turn him, then anyone can be turned. As further reassurance, Polaris informs Eclipse that they were going to try to turn her.

Polaris reminds Eclipse what they're fighting for

Eclipse demands to know why Pulse was working the convoy. Agent Turner explains that not all mutants are terrorist, but he and Polaris aren't buying it. When Polaris accuses them of committing genocide, Agent Turner tells them that his action stem from July 15th, otherwise known as 7/15. But as Eclipse points out, that was the action of a few mutants, not all mutants despite political claims. People died on both sides during catastrophic event. But nobody had to die as far as Turner is concerned. He's not going to apologize for trying to stop mutant violence. Eclipse questions how he can fight violence with more violence. 7/15 started out as a peaceful protest. Little did Polaris and Eclipse know that the peaceful protest killed Turner's daughter. Her name was Grace and she was 7. Polaris calls Eclipse over to remind him that they must remain focused. 7/15 changed the world. Thousands dead. Relentless mutant persecution all across the country. They are fighting for every mutant that can be turned into a weapon. Which Eclipse agrees is a fight worth fighting but he doesn't think Agent Turner will provide them with any useful information. So Polaris decides to take the information from him. They call Sonya to inform her that they kidnapped Agent Turner and that they needed her help.

Eclipse and Polaris wait for Dreamer

Agent Turner tells Polaris that she's in enough trouble as it is. Adding the kidnapping of a federal agent will only make things worse. Their only move is to let him go and hope for the best. Polaris is willing to make him a deal. She'll let him go if he tells them the truth about Pulse and the secret detention facilities that he previously mentioned. They're only kept secret to protect them from people like Polaris and Eclipse, he retorts. They keep dangerous mutants off the streets, Agent Turner claims. However, he has no intentions of telling them what was done to Pulse. Although, he doesn't have to as Dreamer arrives with Blink via portal. Unfortunately, just behind them is Sentinel Services and Atlanta PD, who demand they surrender.

Polaris holds off Sentinel Services

Sentinel Services surround the warehouse where Polaris, Eclipse, Blink and Dreamer are holding Agent Turner hostage. Agent Turner warns Dreamer as she approaches that using her powers on him is an assault against a federal officer. "Don't worry handsome, you won't feel a thing", Dreamer replies as she exhales pink smoke into his face. With Sentinel Services moving in, Polaris buys Dreamer more time by launching rebar out the window at the agents, forcing them to momentarily retreat. While looking through his memories, Dreamer sees his most recent encounters with Polaris, as well as his memories involving a courthouse, the same symbol John saw on Pulse, and a group of mutant files, one of which was titled "Hound". Unfortunately, with Sentinel Service moments away from invading the warehouse after throwing in tear gas, Polaris rips Dreamer away from Agent Turner before she can restore his memories, leaving him in a state of pain and confusion.

Lorna learns of the Baton Rouge Federal Building

At Headquarters, Lorna, Marcos and Sonya convene with John and Reed. Sonya drew several well detailed illustrations of what she can recall seeing in Agent Turner's mind. It was hazy, but Turner definitely knew Pulse. There was a building, documents, and a logo. While Reed is just as unfamiliar with the logo as everyone else, John remembers seeing the logo branded on Pulse's arm. Fortunately, Reed does recognize one of Sonya's drawings. He identifies it as being the Baton Rouge Federal Building. Some people he prosecuted were transferred there, but they disappeared soon thereafter.

In "got your siX", Lorna requests a demonstration of power from Naya, one of the new arrivals. She possess the ability to control and manipulate water. After destroying a vase, Lorna signs her up for training. Caitlin interrupts to asks what Lorna's intentions are with training them. Lorna replies that she's training them for combat given that they are faced with constant persecution.

Lorna, John, Reed, Marcos, Sonya, Shatter and Sage

Lorna, John, Reed, Marcos, Sonya, Shatter and Sage gather around to discuss their plan of breaking into the federal building. Their mission is no longer just about hiding mutants. They are taking the fight to the enemy, making it a matter of survival. Some of Reed's cases had been transferred to Baton Rouge. There is a judge James Kresge that works there. He dealt with most of Reed's cases. Although it was it was rare and all they told Reed was that some of his cases were being prosecuted under a special federal program. Marcos is concerned with getting past the wall to the files, which he plans on Clarice getting them to. John takes that opportunity to reveal to that Clarice left the station. Having eavesdropped on their entire discussion, Andy volunteers to get them through the wall, as he can do it faster than Marcos, who claims he can cut through it.

Lorna trains the mutant refugees

Lorna convenes in the lobby with Lauren Wes, Naya, and Skyler in the lobby for training. In the real world, they will be playing for keeps, so the same rules apply during training. Skyler steps forward as Lorna grabs a hammer from a toolbox. She asks if he is ready before launching the hammer in his direction. Prepared for the attack, Skyler is able to repel the hammer. Wes volunteers to be next up, creating an illusion in the shape of flowers to appear in place of Lorna's metal tools. While the others are amused, this angers Lorna, who scolds Wes for his childish behavior. Despite all that has happened, they still fail to grasp the dangers they face. Lauren then comes forward as it is her turn. Although, she is prepared for whatever Lorna has to throw at her, Caitlin will not stand for it, stepping in front of Lauren and openly opposing Lorna's dangerous training methods. Lauren begs her mother to participate in the training session, but Caitlin refuses once more, telling Lauren to come with her.

Lorna tells Marcos to be safe when breaking into the federal building

Lorna gets a call from Marcos as he arrives at the Federal building with Reed and Andy to tell her that the courthouse is more protected than initially thought. They have to find a new entry point. Andy thinks he can get them in through the parking garage of the building next door as it shares a wall with the courthouse. Lorna tells Marcos to be careful before saying that she loves him. Lorna then runs into Caitlin who understands that she's trying to help the kids. But Caitlin believes that the idea is to give the kids a future. Lives after the fighting. While that is a nice idea, Lorna explains that they will all be fighting for the rest of their lives despite the fact that this isn't what Caitlin wants for Andy and Lauren. Lorna tells Caitlin that Andy and Lauren's powers are incredible. It's way beyond what they normally see. Caitlin states that they need some kind of normalcy, but as far as Lorna is concerned, the station is their normalcy as persecuted mutants.

Lauren and Lorna learn of the ambush

Lorna, Caitlin, and Lauren are informed by John of an ambush set up by Sentinel Services to trap Marcos, Andy and Reed on their way back to the station. Despite getting away the first time, Lorna explains that the cops stopped them on their way to Baton Rouge. While they didn't find anything, the driver said he was going to Denver, so they were marked by the tollway cameras when spotted in Baton Rogue. With John failing to come up with a plan, Lauren devised a plan of her own, one that involves Wes creating on of his illusion. John and Caitlin stay behind while Lorna, Lauren, and Wes head out to save Marcos, Reed, and Andy from Sentinel Services' ambush.

Polaris and Lorna stopping to roadblock

Polaris, Lauren and Wes arrive at a nearby stadium to get a skyline view of the roadblock being set up by police and Sentinel Services in preparation for Andy, Reed, and Eclipse's arrival. While on the phone with Eclipse, Polaris instructs him to tell the driver to keep going no matter what, and that they will handle the rest. Polaris then tells Lauren that they're going to use her shields to get the truck through the roadblock. But whether or not they are strong enough for a truck to drive over is a question that not even Lauren can answer. Polaris tells her to focus and forget about everything except the target. After that, it is up to Wes. Agent Weeks makes several request for them to pull the vehicle over, but as instructed, the driver keeps going. Inside the truck, Andy begins to lose his temper as they approach the roadblock, but Reed manages to calm him. As the truck nears the roadblock, Sentinel Services and Atlanta PD open fire. Polaris ferrokinetically halts the bullets being directed at the truck while Lauren forms a row of shields on the road, acting as a ramp, which propels the truck clear over the roadblock. Wes then creates an illusion of the truck going down two separate paths, all while cloaking the real truck that kept driving ahead.

John and Lorna meet Marcos

In "eXtreme measures", three years ago, John and Lorna arrange a meeting with Marcos at a diner on the outskirts. They had heard a lot about Marcos' abilities and wanted him to join the Mutant Underground. Marcos is both flattered and amused with their offer, however, they don't seem to fully understand his situation, or so he thinks. They are very much aware of his story; how he is helping mutants cross the border. The only difference is that they want him to do it full time with the Underground. Marcos claims that was merely a side deal, where he had room in a couple of trucks, so he helped a couple people across. John questions if he genuinely wants to run trucks for the Guerra Cartel for the rest of his life, when he can be out saving people, making a difference in the world. Marcos explains that it is more complicated than that, mainly because he is dating the boss' daughter. With the X-Men gone and the government weighing down on them, they are the mutants' only chance of survival.

Lorna offers to join Marcos in Marietta

After speaking with the other stations, John tells Lorna Marcos, Sonya, Sage, and Reed that Sentinel Services is ramping up surveillance across the board, meaning things are going to get worse before they get better. Making matters worse, they are running out of supplies with the influx of refugees. Hearing this, Marcos volunteers to take a drive up to Marietta, where he supposedly heard that they had supplies to offer. As for the hard drives from Baton Rouge, Sage and Reed are working on them. They are encrypted, but that likely means that there is something worth hiding on them. If they don't find out how Sentinel Services is turning mutants against each other, all their work will have been for nothing. Lastly, John announces that he will be leaving soon to track down Clarice. She knows the station's location, which can compromise the entire organization if she is apprehended. Lorna volunteers to join Marcos on his supply run but he insists that he can handle it.

In a demolished wing of the station, Lorna trains Andy, Naya and Skyler. She hurls bricks at them, instructing them with the appropriate action as she does so. Reed interrupts to speak with Andy.

Lorna asks Shatter if Marcos has returned

Lorna commends Andy, Naya and Skyler on their performances during training. But she tells Andy not to do any structural damage. "No promises", he replies. Lorna asks Shatter if he had heard from Marcos, which he hasn't. So Lorna calls the Marietta station to check in on Marcos, but she learns that they haven't had supplies in weeks and Marcos never came by. She realizes that she has been lied to and approaches Sonya to speak with her privately. Lorna informs Sonya that Marcos lied; he never went to Marietta and he isn't answering his phone. Sonya assures Lorna that there must be a good explanation for Marcos' suspicious behavior, though Lorna already has her answer given that Marcos' Santa Muerte medallion is gone. Sonya asks what that is. Lorna informs her that it is a patron saint of death. It's big with the cartels, and Marcos used to wear it for luck when he worked for them.

Dreamer and Polaris at the Cartel's mansion

Polaris and Dreamer pull up to Carmen Guerra's mansion. Dreamer asks Polaris if she is sure about picking a fight with the Cartel, as it isn't smart to do so, especially if they don't absolutely have to. Polaris assures her that they have to considering that Marcos is likely in trouble. The ladies approach the gate, calling out to the armed guards in order to gain their attention. As the guards proceed towards them, Polaris makes quick work of them both, lifting one guard into the air by the strap of his gun and knocking the other into the bushes. Still hanging in the air by the strap of his gun, Polaris uses her abilities to pull the once armed guard over to the gate that separates them from the mansion. She first asks for the whereabouts of Marcos and Carmen, but when he fails to answer, Dreamer accesses his memories by exhaling her pink smoke into his face.

Polaris and Dreamer at the shipment lab

Polaris and Dreamer arrive at the shipment lab, where Eclipse and Carmen are targeting the Russian's shipment. Polaris and Dreamer watch from the shipping containers as Eclipse proceeds towards the drugs and set everything ablaze. Seeing how pleased he is with his actions, Polaris realizes that he isn't in trouble after all and decides to leave with Dreamer without saying a word.

Lorna waits at HQ for Marcos to return. He comes up with an excuse that there was a delay at the station in Marietta, but she calls him out on his lies, yanking his Santa Muerte medallion from round his neck. Marcos explains that when she was in jail, the only way he could get to her was through going to Carmen for information, but he had to agree to work for her. Marcos did it for her and for their child. He only kept it secret because h didn't know how to tell her. Lorna then throws his Santa Muerte medallion before walking off.

Lorna refuses to come to bed

In "threat of eXtinction", Marcos pleads with Lorna to come to bed, but she refuses as she's still upset about his secret arrangement with Carmen. Though, Marcos insists that he only went to Carmen to save Lorna. Regardless, she isn't interested in his excuse. While part of the deal is working for her, Lorna just wishes that he didn't enjoy it so much. She saw the look on Marcos' face when he torched the truck and Carmen kissed him on the cheek when he was done, which he doesn't bother to refute. Given that they're already at war, Marcos doesn't wish to start another one with the Cartel, especially not with a baby on the way. Speaking of the baby, Lorna questions how they're supposed to protect it when their world is failing apart. Marcos replies that they do it together. Lorna counters that they can barely protect themselves.

Lorna and Marcos tasked with figuring out who the prisoner is

Marcos, returns to HQ with John and Clarice from retrieving the refugees from a fallen station in Perry. During the retrieval, they encountered a spy. They locked the woman in a cell after discovering a beacon in her back that she could've activated to lead Sentinel Services to the station. Marcos describes her as being a cross between a spy and a suicide bomber. She also has weapons, leaving Lorna to conclude that the station in Perry must've been hit by another Hound like her. With Sentinel Services planting Hounds, Sage suggests that they stop taking in refugees for the time being. However, John refuses to turn his back on desperate people just because one of them might be dangerous. He then tells Reed that it is time for them to head up to Chattanooga, where they hope to get answers from Reed's father in regards to Trask Industries. As for the woman, they need to get what they can out of her. John instructs Marcos and Lorna to figure out who she is though he wonders if the two of them can handle it due to the obvious tension being displayed.

Lorna holds the prisoner at knife point

With the prisoner refusing to talk, Lorna brings in Sonya to "smoke her". While, Sonya agrees to give it a try, she isn't convinced that she will be of much use. Sonya exhales her pink smoke towards the prisoner, but the woman has super speed and avoids the smoke. Sonya isn't equipped to hit moving targets. Furthermore, had the prisoner even breathed in the smoke, her metabolism is likely too fast for Sonya to gather any information of use from her memories. This forces Lorna to resort to more violent means in gathering the information they require by holding the prisoner at knife point. Just as Sonya begins to show concern, Marcos arrives to bring an end to Lorna's brutish interrogation tactic.

Marcos reasons with Lorna

Lorna wonders why Marcos is so opposed to her methods of interrogation. They're running out of time when Marcos possess the capability to make the prisoner talk. He explains that it's not that simple though from what Lorna heard about his time spent with the Cartel, it was just that simple. One of the reasons Marcos came to the Underground was so that he didn't have to do that kind of work anymore. While she may have tried to kill them, Marcos has enough nightmares and knows exactly what lies at the end of that road should they torture the woman for answers. Lorna fears that what was done to the woman will be done to all of them by Sentinel Services eventually should they fail. Marcos looks over to the prisoner as she chews on her nails in the cell. Classic withdrawal symptom. One thing Marcos saw a lot of with the Cartel was drug addicts.

Marcos, Caitlin, Lauren, Lorna, and Andy looking down on Chloe

Lorna and Marcos go to Caitlin with their suspicion that the prisoner is suffering from withdrawal. Caitlin confirms that the woman has all the symptoms. Marcos asks if they've ever seen a mutant on Kick. A mutant drug that temporarily boosts their powers, making them feel invincible. But it's incredibly addictive. And if that's the case, they might be able to treat her. Lorna thinks treating her will only allow the prisoner to get stronger and provide her with the opportunity to kill them while Marcos believes that treatment may lead to their questions getting answered. As they argue, Caitlin reminds them that them that they're fighting for a world where people can live together.

Lorna and Marcos lock the prisoner down

After Andy and Lauren restrain the prisoner against the cell long enough for Caitlin to inject with her the "sleep juice", they move her to a table and lock her down to it. Lorna, Marcos, Lauren and Andy watch as Caitlin injects the woman with medication to help with her withdrawals, though it won't matter given that she is dying from the massive amounts of drugs that Sentinel Services had given her. This is the reason for concern as Marcos suspects that she won't tell them anything if she is already dying. Caitlin isn't so sure, however. She once treated a gang member with a fatal gunshot wound. As he was dying, he told the cops everything he'd done just to get it off his chest.

Marcos, Lorna, Sage, and Caitlin learn the prisoner's name

After looking through the hard drives from Baton Rouge, Sage returnd with the prisoner's identity. Her name is Chloe Tan. She used to live in a trailer park outside of Jasper. Her kid got sick, but the pediatrician wouldn't treat mutants, so Chloe destroyed the doctor's office and was subsequently apprehended by Sentinel services. As she wakes up, Caitlin attempts to speak to her. They know she was arrested by the Sentinel Services, but they need to know what happened to her while she was in their custody. Chloe attempts to speak, but Caitlin determines that she can't speak and she has not the slightest clue whether it is mental or physical. Caitlin suggests that they use Esme, one of the new arrivals, who is a telepathic refugee, to read Chloe's mind.

Marcos and Lorna watch as Chloe dies

When Caitlin returns with Esme, Lorna asks if she is capable of reading Chloe's thoughts as Caitlin had said she could. Esme replies maybe, which doesn't exude confidence in her ability, which concerns Lorna, so she felt it necessary to remind Esme what they are fighting for. However, Esme needs no reminder. Sentinel Services has her family, meaning she is more than willing to fight. Just as before, Esme eyes glow while reading Chloe's thoughts. She senses need and pain. A deeper dig reveals that Trask Industries, which is North of the Underground, had killed her husband and took her daughter. Unfortunately, Chloe dies on the table soon thereafter.

As the day comes to a close, Lorna finally forgives Marcos and joins him in their bedroom.

Lorna and Marcos agree that it's too risky to hit Trask

In "outfoX", Lorna, John, Clarice, Marcos, Sonya, Sage and Esme discuss how best to infiltrate Trask Industries in order to recuse the apprehended mutants, which includes Esme's family. Esme's making a lot of demands for someone who's fairly new to the station as Lorna points out. From what Esme was able to gather from Chloe Tan's mind, the mutants in Trask's lab are desperate. Esme describes being able to hear the screams, see the bodies, and feel the agony when they turned Chloe into a Hound. With Sage assembling a site map, Sonya wonders if Esme was able to gain any information on the lab's security while in Chloe's mind. Unfortunately, she wasn't. However, this matters little to Esme who is determined to break in and save her family. Lorna and Marcos are just as determined as Esme to infiltrate the lab, but going into the facility without a full understanding of the building would only result in their deaths, so they choose to hold off.

Lorna dreams that Trask has her friends and child

That night, Lorna dreams that she is at Trask Industries. In the cells are her friends, Marcos, John and Clarice, all of whom have been turned into Hounds. A baby can be heard crying as she proceeds further into the facility. It's her baby behind a locked door. Lorna attempts to rip the door open with her powers though in doing so she is inadvertently using her powers outside of her dream, waking Marcos up from his sleep as she destroys the nightstand. Lorna then wakes up, but still under the impression that their baby is at Trask. Marcos calms Lorna, telling her that it was only a dream. However, a bad dream is all it seems to take to convince Lorna to infiltrate Trask. And this seems to have been Esme's plan all along as she stands outside of Lorna and Marcos' room, seeming to have planted the dream.

Sonya and Lorna volunteer t hit the bar for Trask employees

The next day, Sage does surveillance of the Trask lab. She discovers it is located in the middle of nowhere. And while there is no information to be gathered on the location, there is a nearby bar that Sage determines is popular with Trask employees. Sonya volunteers to go into the bar and pull information from a guard or operations person. Marcos offers to join her in case the mission turns violent, however, Lorna reasons that they have better chances of obtaining the information they need if two girls went in, rather than a guy. She assures Marcos that they'll be fine and that there's no reason to worry.

Dreamer and Polaris with an unconscious Trask employee

Polaris and Dreamer enter the late night bar disguised as ordinary people. Inside, they find a Trask guard as predicted. The two ladies sit on either side of him, talking the guard up as they get him drunk, hoping that he will reveal the information they seek. The guard compares Trask to a fortress with guns and detectors. Dreamer asks if he ever grows concerned while working around mutants. The guard explains that Trask has a program in place which forces the mutants to behave accordingly. He goes onto mock the phrase "Homo superior", which is often how mutants refer to themselves. However, in doing this, he makes the mistake of angering Polaris, who uses her control over metal to bend a spoon around her hand to form a brass knuckle-like construct, which she then uses to knock the guard unconscious with a single blow. Fortunately, no one had seen the knockout blow. Dreamer takes advantage of this opportunity by exhaling pink smoke into the face of the unconscious guard to gather what she can. While inside his mind, she sees a guarded fence, high powered guns mounted to the rooftop, and the guard's login password. Before leaving the bar, Dreamer makes sure that he has no recollection of the attack, altering his memory so that all he can remember is hitting his head on the urinal.

Lorna wants to take down the guns at Trask

After going through with Marcos the memory she got from the guard, they regroup with the others to inform them that the lab is hardened against mutant attack. They have motion and infrared sensors connected to heavy-caliber guns that are mounted all over the building. Lorna believes that she can handle guns, however, there are too many for her to handle them at the range they need her to. Forcing them to look to Clarice as an alternative to getting past Trask's defenses. However, she won't be of much use either given that the distance they need to travel was far too great. Not to mention that she is unfamiliar with the building, meaning she could blink them into the middle of a concrete wall. Luckily, Sage managed to find one vulnerability. There is a power substation a few miles away. If they take it out, they can gain access to the lab before Trask's systems get back online. However, they don't have enough combat ready mutants to hit the station and the lab at the same time. So, they are checking with other stations to presumably see who would join them.

Lorna and Marcos find out about Esme's plan to use Andy and Lauren

Lorna finds Marcos in the monitoring cell looking at the substation that Sage managed to get into using the guard's system access. Lorna wants to take the substation down herself, but as Marcos informs her, they only have a maximum of 3 minutes before the generators kick back on. They'd never get back to the lab in time. Marcos wants to talk about Lorna's nightmare from the other night, but she isn't too concerned about it. But she is worried about the baby as she isn't sure the station is going to make it. No matter what, Marcos promises that he will protect her and the kid, but Lorna doesn't think that this is a promise he can keep. Esme interrupts their conversation with an idea to knock out the power station. She wants to use Andy and Lauren.

The Underground convinces the Struckers to help take down Trask

Lorna, Marcos, John, Sonya, Clarice, Esme, and Sage call down the Struckers to ask if Reed and Caitlin are willing to allow Andy and Lauren to disengage the substation transformers, similar to how they stopped the prison convoy. While it is admittedly a lot to ask, they feel as if they have no other choice as everyone else with combat powers will be assaulting the lab. Sage hacked the security cameras and the station only has a handful of guards. Clarice will portal everyone in, and from there, Sonya will guide them. They'd been through every option. Unfortunately, the plan with Andy and Lauren is the only one that can work. Having said that, both Andy and Lauren are willing to help in whatever way they can. Reed and Caitlin agree to allow the kids to take out the transformers, but only if they can monitor security. With a plan set in motion, they'll be moving out within the hour.

Polaris catches the detonator that Esme dropped

Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird and Esme pull up in SUVs onto a dirt road not too far off from Trask. Thunderbird and Eclipse look ahead to see what awaits them while Polaris and Esme gather the equipment. When Esme almost drops a detonator, Polaris catches it before it can hit the ground and explode. Esme is a bit jumpy, leading Polaris to wonder if she's ever done anything like this before. "Not exactly", Esme replies. So before they go in there, Polaris warns Esme that when the shooting starts, everything changes. Esme insists that she is ready and that her hand just slipped off the detonator. Polaris suspects that Esme may be along because she thinks infiltrating the lab will be an adventure, but that would be a mistake. Esme looks through Polaris' thoughts. She sees Marcos getting shot while they were rescuing Clarice and Polaris fending off the police officers. With this information, Esme asks Polaris if she's ever been so angry about someone she loves getting hurt that she would do anything to stop the pain. That's why she came along. Her family is still in the lab and she can't leave them.

Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Esme outside Trask

Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird and Esme will only have 3 minutes to get the charges up to the automated guns and get inside Trask once the Struckers take down the substation transformer. But if they're off by a few seconds, they'll be slaughtered. And they don't even know where they're going once they're in there. But that's what Esme is for. First they free the prisoners, then they destroy the mainframe and all of Trask's research. Eclipse wonders how Esme knows the prisoners will help. She merely states that she's sure they will.

The alarms begin to sound at Trask. Eclipse suspects that they've been spotted, but Thunderbird hones in on his hearing and hears the guards say that the power station is under attack, meaning, the others have been discovered. With their cover blown, Thunderbird calls off the entire operation.

The Underground plan their next move against Sentinel Services and Trask

In "eXploited", the Mutant Underground is under distress following the apprehension of Dreamer, Blink, Andy and Lauren by Sentinel Services. Lorna wants to move in now to retrieve the team, but Caitlin and Reed argue that hitting Sentinel Services is far too risky. Reed asks Lorna if she's crazy as she wants to launch an attack on the heels of what they just went through, with no way in. This seemingly triggers Lorna who tells him to never call her crazy. She reminds them that it isn't just her people with Sentinel Services, they also have Andy and Lauren, though Caitlin needs no reminder. John grows tired of their senseless bickering and breaks the table in a fit of rage while demanding that they stop because there is no more "yours" or "ours". Andy, Lauren, Sonya and Clarice are all of their people. While Reed argues that going in weapons drawn will only get someone hurt, Lorna worries that the longer they wait, the greater the risk of their friends being turned into Hounds become. As Lorna and Reed and Caitlin go back and forth, Marcos reminds them that the enemy is Sentinel Services and Trask Industries. So he wants to set up scouts to possibly get eyes on their people. John agrees and decides to send out Sage and Shatter while checking in with their police contacts.

Lorna's worried about Sonya

Marcos asks Lorna how she's doing. Not well considering that Sonya, her best friend, has been captured. Marcos insists that they are working on it though Lorna isn't convinced that the Struckers' plan to talk to lawyers will help. Marcos asks that she not be too hard on them because they came from that world. Part of them still believes and trusts in it. Lorna isn't alright with them cozying up with the very same people that hate them. Marcos reminds Lorna that their kid is in their. Lorna knows this. But they have their own baby to think about and the world they're bringing that baby into.

Marcos and Lorna go over the layout of Trask Industries. Security was tight before, it's going to be worse now. Shatter is out scouting, but it isn't looking good. Esme claims that she read the Struckers' mind unintentionally and suspects that they went to talk to Agent Turner.

John, Lorna, Esme and Marcos discuss the Struckers going to see Agent Turner

Lorna, Marcos and Esme report to John that the Struckers have left to speak with Agent Turner. Esme says that they had some idea about convincing Agent Turner to get everyone out of Trask lab. As if a life time spent behind bars is better, Esme remarks. She now claims that the Struckers just don't understand because they're human. It is clear that Esme is playing both sides, with an end game in mind no doubt. Even if Reed and Caitlin succeed in convincing Agent Turner, then he moves them to a detention center and they're gone forever. Even if there's a small chance that Agent Turner will move the prisoners tonight, John and Lorna think that they might be able to recuse everyone. However, Marcos argues that it's still a big risk. Last time they hit Sentinel Services, they were hit back hard. Given that Reed was a lawyer, Esme informs John that it's possible they may get through to Turner. Regardless, they need a plan. Marcos recalls that Shatter is still scouting Trask. So he needs to know that Sentinel Service might be coming.

Lorna is eager to hit Trask

While Lorna is ready to proceed with a plan assuming the chance comes for them to recuse their friends, Marcos is still worried. They're going to be dealing with a group of armed Sentinel Service agents on high alert along with Trask security. It could be a bloodbath, which Lorna is fully aware of, but she's not about to beg for mercy like the Struckers and bank on human decency. They're trying to save the people they love. Marcos knows how that feels. However, as Lorna points out, he actually came to get her while Reed and Caitlin only want Lauren and Andy out of Trask labs just so that they can sit in prison for the rest of their lives. While neither Marcos nor Lorna can accept that, Marcos has seen a lot of killing and knows where this roads goes as their current predicament isn't that much different from his days in the Cartel. He's lost more friends than he can count. He doesn't want that for them. However, Lorna refuses to accept living in fear.

Marcos and Lorna plan their attack

John gets word from Shatter that Sentinel Services is at Trask with a large transport vehicle and relays this to the others. They can't believe that the Struckers actually managed to pull it off. Unfortunately, the Underground doesn't have a lot of time to make their move. They're going to storm Sentinel Services on the road, free the prisoners and make their escape off the interstate. They're going to have a maximum of 1-2 minutes. The guards coming from the lab are going to be coming at them fast and they might have Hounds. Esme volunteers to go in to scout security, read one of the guards to see what she can find out.

Thunderbird, Esme, Eclipse and Polaris outside Trask

Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird and Esme convene with Shatter just outside Trask. He tells them that he saw 2 Sentinel Services SUVs, 2 Sedans and a transport vehicle. And they all rolled in pretty high. Thunderbird's foresight allows him to see that Sentinel Services just left the building with the friends. When Polaris asks if they were all there, Thunderbird replies that he isn't sure. All he knows is that there is a group of them. They're going to be at the gate soon. Eclipse and Esme go in now to see what they can get off the guard at the booth.

Marcos wakes up to the aftermath after being tazed by Esme. He runs off to inform Polaris, Thunderbird and Shatter about Esme's betrayal and her identical triplet sisters, who are killing everyone.

Lorna and Marcos at Dreamer's funeral

In "3 X 1", the Underground holds a service for Sonya. Lorna speaks on her behalf. Everything Dreamer did, she did for everyone at the station, up until the very end. She could've disguised herself as a human forever, but she chose to live with them, her true family. Marcos then says a few words. It's days like this that remind them that they're up against people that don't think of them as human. And they will point to their differences. But the simple fact is this: Mutants love like they do. Mutants die like they do. Mutants grieve like they do. Sonya will not be forgotten. And Marcos promises they will find justice for her. Lorna and Marcos then place flowers on Sonya's grave.

The Underground hears out the Frost Sisters' alliance proposal

Esme and her sisters Sophie and Phoebe arrive at the station. They've come peacefully as they only desire to talk about the Hound program, which is expanding, and they want the Underground's help in taking it down. However, Marcos and Reed are still upset that Esme used and lied to them. As for why they need the Underground's help despite their own powers being so great, Sentinel Services knows what they look like. So they can't take them on by themselves. They have information about Dr. Campbell's plans and resources to share. Meanwhile, the Underground has the muscle. While Caitlin and Marcos refuse to even consider an alliance of any kind, John and Lorna seems more willing though he does kick them out after hearing what they have to offer.

Marcos and Lorna argue over the alliance with the Frost Sisters

Marcos can't believe that Lorna is leaning towards an alliance with the Frost Sisters after they turned everyone against each other. While this may be true, Lorna thinks Marcos is still just upset about Esme tazing him. Furthermore, Lorna feels not one ounce of remorse for the Sentinel Services agents that died. After brief stomach pains, Lorna reveals that her bottom line is that the Frost Sisters got the job done. If it's a question of their survival, maybe that has t be all that matters.

Esme visits Lorna

Lorna gets out of bed in the late hours of the night and heads out front of the station, where she is met by Esme, who apparently woke her up from her sleep to talk to her. Time is running out. The Frost Sisters need to know if the alliance is going to happen. Deep down, Esme knows that Lorna likes the idea of teaming up. However, Esme has pissed a lot of people off. They don't like being puppets. There's also a rumor about Esme and her sisters being members of a terrorist organization known as the Hellfire Club. This is the same organization that Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker were members to. Esme then realizes that Lorna has no idea about her biological father, not her adoptive father who was a pilot that died in a plane crash. Esme informs Lorna that her father was more than just a member of the Hellfire club. He was a king, which makes Lorna royalty. Esme then turns her attentions to Lorna's pregnancy. It's changing her. If she wants to protect the child then Esme advises her to join them. Lorna has to ask herself what matters most as Esme isn't out to win a popularity contest.

Lorna powers grow

At the station, Lorna's power grows. She notices the green hue of her abilities have changed. She she focus in on the vault door and slams it closed. Marcos asks what that was about. Lorna explains that she could never move that much metal from such distance before. She thinks it's because of the baby. Lorna feels amazing. Marcos recalls the last time she felt amazing, she had a bipolar episode, but she insists the feeling isn't the same. She's changing, along with everything else. They then inform John of this discovery.

John, Lorna and Marcos discuss the alliance with the Frost Sisters

Lorna, Marcos and John need to come to an agreement pertaining to the alliance with the Frost. As far as Marcos is concerned, Esme and her sisters are not an option because he doesn't agree with their tactics. They know nothing about them, but Clarice interjects that they saved her, which is apparently enough for her to agree to the alliance. Marcos is worried as they've now been pulled into an all-out war with Sentinel Services. Congress could declare Martial law, not that Clarice seems to care since they didn't need Martial law when they killed her foster parents. Lorna agrees. Adding that there's no reason for them to continue fighting with one hand tied behind their backs while Sentinel Services is coming at them with full force. In short, they need all the allies they can get, including the Frost Sisters. But Marcos doesn't want to disregard their principals just because it's convenient. the X-Men chose them for a reason. They will take down the Hound program, but they'll do it their way. Sage interrupts to inform them that she had learned from the police scanners that something big is about to go down.

Blink portals the team into the Fairburn station

After learning from Sage that the Fairburn station is under attack, Polaris, Thunderbird, Eclipse, and Blink head down to save the Struckers. Thunderbird calls Reed to inform him that they are on their way. Reed tells them that they're hiding out on the south end of the building, but they can't get to an exit. It was just them and Wes as most of the refugees have already surrendered. Unfortunately, Andy is hurt and still unconscious. Caitlin fears that moving him will only make matters worse. Wes' mirage is hiding them, but he can't keep it up forever. Polaris, Thunderbird, Eclipse, and Blink arrive at the station soon thereafter. Thunderbird hears them prepping to surround the building, and so Clarice portals them in.

Polaris sent in the air

Polaris, Thunderbird, Eclipse, and Blink make their way through the station while it is under constant fire by Hounds wearing a manacle that thanks to Dr. Campbell, allows them to combine their powers. Polaris, Thunderbird, Eclipse, and Blink find the Struckers and Wes on the south end and see them to safety though it is no easy task as the Hounds continuously strike the building with great power. Polaris and Eclipse are hit, but it is Polaris who goes flying several feet into the air. Luckily, Thunderbird is there to catch her. Polaris, Thunderbird, Eclipse, Blink, Lauren, Wes, Andy, Reed and Caitlin quietly move throughout the woods, hoping not to alert any nearby agents. Thunderbird's foresight reveals that their car has been discovered. Andy then jumps to his feet and leads the group out of the woods, claiming that "they" said it was safe. "They" turn out to be the Frost Sisters, who are waiting by the road with escape vehicles.

Marcos questions how the Frost Sisters even found them in Fairburn. They claim that they have sources. The Hounds that attacked them at Fairburn is what the Sisters tried to warn the Underground about. But it was only the start. It's going to get worse, which is why they need the Underground's help to take down Campbell and Trask.

John, Lorna, and Marcos grow suspicious of Clarice

In "eXtraction", the Mutant Underground and the Frost Sisters discuss how they plan to stop the Hound program. However, before starting, Marcos makes one thing clear, that their being there, doesn't make them friends. Esme, Sophie and Phoebe explain that they're dealing with a secret program that must be stopped as soon as possible as their sources have informed them that Dr. Campbell is working his political connection to take the program International. Their best chance to stop him will be at the Humanity Today Summit in Charlotte tomorrow, where major anti mutant politicians, business heads and Purifiers will be present. The Frost Sisters want to kidnap Campbell to stop the program. When Clarice opposes the idea, the Sisters claim that they know all about her criminal past and "old friends", something she had not shared with the Underground. This raises suspicion in Lorna, Marcos and John.

Afterward, Lorna tries to convince Marcos to cooperate with the Frost Sisters. While she's not asking Marcos to change his mind about them, they have a job to do. In case Marcos is worried that the Sisters will come between them, Lorna assures him that this will never happen. She asks Marcos to play along for her if nothing else, and he agrees.

The team arrive at the safe house

Lorna, Marcos, John, Clarice, Esme, Sophie and Phoebe arrive at a very large and expensive looking safe house in Charlotte. Clarice notes that it looks "boujee", so the Sisters sarcastically offer to accommodate by bringing in mold and smashing holes in the floor. Esme then sees them inside, during which time she informs them that the safe house comes with a full security system, and they're set up for a variety of interrogation methods. Although, Esme should be able to extract any information they need. The X-Men started the Underground before they vanished, but didn't leave them with much. While the Hellfire Club's founders, the Brotherhood, left them with a lot more. In half an hour, their ticket to the summit will be driving down a road near the safe house, so they get ready.

Lorna damages the bed

Esme shows Lorna to her room where she asks to talk. She is glad that Lorna came a long as it sometimes seems like she's the only one that knows what needs to done. Just because Marcos is concerned, doesn't mean he knows what's best, Esme explains. Though, Lorna doesn't wish to talk about Marcos with her. When Esme continues, Lorna becomes angry and unintentionally slides the bed across the room while also damaging it's frame. Esme is impressed. She concludes that Lorna's been getting stronger. She can see Lorna's father's power in her. Some people think that pregnant woman are fragile, though Esme would be to differ as there is nothing more powerful than a woman with something to fight for.

Thunderbird, Polaris and Eclipse stop Bennett

Eclipse is upset with the Frost Sisters' method into getting them into the summit, which as Polaris explains is done through their kidnapping of Franklin Bennett, a big fundraiser for anti-mutant causes. He attends the Humanity Today Summit every year. If they're with him, they get past the gate. He made a ton of money in pharmaceuticals. When he retired, he decided he wanted to contribute to society. His way of giving back was going after mutants. As the silver sedan approaches, Blink and Esme pull out into the road to block its path, thus forcing Bennett to a stop. Polaris throws several knives into the man's car, flattening his tires. Thunderbird then rips his door off and Eclipse tells him to get out.

Clarice advises Lorna to go in her own path instead of her father's

Lorna and Clarice get dressed in uniform to go undercover as guards at the Summit though they don't know what good the outfits will doing considering their cover will be blown if anyone gets a good look at Clarice's eyes, Lorna's hair or the fact that 3 of them are the same person (Esme, Sophie and Phoebe). Clarice notices the damaged bed frame and presumes it was the work of the Frost Sisters working over Lorna as they tried to do her. Esme claimed that they weren't so different. While Clarice disagrees, Lorna thinks she may have a point in their similarities. Lorna reveals to Clarice that her birth father was apart of the Hellfire Club. So what if he is, Clarice asks. Clarice explains that you don't get born looking like her without having extra X-genes in your family tree. For a while Clarice thought that mattered. She thought that all the bad guys in her family's past made her one too. It took her too long to realize that a tiny spec of DNA doesn't take charge of who you are.

After walking in on the Frost Sisters torturing Bennett and bringing a stop to it, the team infiltrates the Summit as Bennett's security detail.

Polaris and Esme outside the Summit

Polaris, Eclipse and Esme discuss the plan. The second the speech is over, Polaris will knock out the frequencies for phones and walkies. Eclipse and the others are going to need to hurry because once communication goes down, the area is going to be crawling with security. Some time later, Sophie and Phoebe dump Bennett while Polaris and Esme sit in the SUV. The speech is over as many in attendance step out the front door. Polaris notes how happy they look. Nothing brings people together like hate, Esme comments. Polaris then knocks out the frequencies for phones and walkies as planned.

Polaris hovers red medallion

In "X-roads", four years ago, at Lakeview Mental Hospital, Lorna is a patient of the institute. She sits in her room while magnetically hovering a red medallion (that she got a long time ago from someone her mom knew, which greatly resembles Magneto's emblem) until hearing a knock at her door. She has a visitor. A woman named Evangeline Whedon. She introduces herself and extends her hand though Lorna isn't interested in engaging with her. Evangeline is an attorney and Lorna's situation was recently brought to her attention. According to the court records, Lorna was involved in a Purifier counter-protest that turned violent. Which is how she ended up in Lakeview. She was given psychiatric care as an alternative to jail. Apparently, the judge took pity on Lorna as the judge's sister has a bipolar disorder as well. However, the judge doesn't know that Lorna was responsible for half a dozen protesters "accidentally" falling off an overpass. If she did, Lorna would be in a maximum security facility.

Polaris meets Evangeline

The world has been steadily changing since 7/15 and a hard time was coming for mutants. The X-Men needs fighters like Lorna to join in the upcoming war though the X-Men themselves had disappeared following 7/15. However, before they vanished, they left an underground network behind to help persecuted mutants. But it needs leaders, like Lorna. So Evangeline is hoping to convince her to join despite Lorna's demons as she isn't the only one with demons inside her, Evangeline remarks. She pulls up her sleeve as her hand turns red with scales and black talons extend from her fingers.

Polaris stop the police

Present day, Charlotte, North Caroline, Polaris and Esme stand by the SUV waiting for the others to return as security arrives. At that moment, Thunderbird, Eclipse and Blink portal back to the drop off location. Esme is irate that they didn't return with Dr. Campbell, but as Eclipse explains, it wasn't their fault as Campbell shielded himself with a bunch of kids. Not that Esme cares as a lot of people will die if the Hound program continues. So she refuses to leave without him. But with security moving in, they have no choice but to flee the scene. Which leads to a car chase as law enforcement is right behind them, though not for long. Polaris yanks down a utility pole to obstruct law enforcement's path, allowing the team to get away.

Lorna and Marcos discuss abandoning the plan

Back at the safe house, the Frost Sisters are checking all the airports in the area, but Campbell's going to be ready for them. They're looking at a full-on assault. Marcos wonders if they should take this opportunity to get out while they can and hunt Campbell under their own terms, but Lorna can't help but wonder if there may never be another chance like the one they have. She'd never seen anything like the conference before. All those people focused on hating them. Marcos explains that attacking people won't make things better but Lorna wants to do something as she is done hiding. Marcos reveals that he's worried about Lorna. Between the way she tore down the telephone pole and what little sleep she's been getting, he asks if she's having another manic episode. She insists that she isn't. This isn't about Lorna's illness. It's about there's. The people all over the country. Lorna thought that if she and Marcos had a child that it would have it easier than they did. That they would build a better world where their kid wouldn't have to hide. Marcos believes that they're doing just that, but they have to have faith. Lorna's always loved that Marcos had faith, but she doesn't seem to share it.

Esme convinces Lorna to do what has to be done

Esme finds Lorna on the back porch organizing her knives. She knows what Lorna is thinking, that her friends aren't seeing the situation for what it is. Campbell has to be eliminated, one way or the other. Someone has to make the hard choices. Lorna questions why Esme's so sure that it's her to make the hard choices. Because whether Lorna likes it or not, she's like her father, Esme claims. Lorna denounces the guy Esme thinks is her father as well as the Brotherhood. Being able to read Lorna's mind, Esme knows that Lorna's biological father gave her that red medallion for her birthday. All he ever wanted was for her to be proud of who she is.

Polaris headed to the airport

Whiling driving to the airport to intercept Campbell and Montez, Sophie and Phoebe tells Polaris that it was noble of her to keep her friends out of it. But sooner or later, her friends will join them. Polaris doubts it since the Underground means everything to John and Marcos. The Frost Sisters explain that the Hellfire Club protected mutants once as well, which is why they're trying to rebuild it. They know what she's thinking, but Polaris has to remember that Marcos loves her and that he'll come around. Polaris then tells them to stay out of her head.

Polaris and the Frost Sisters at the airport

Polaris has arrived at the airport with Sophie and Phoebe, who question if she's sure that she can go through with it. Polaris assures them that she's capable of doing what's needed. She then tells the Frost Sisters to leave as she doesn't want her friends to think that she's doing it for them. Polaris then approaches the fence and waits for her moment.

Eclipse, Thunderbird and Blink arrive on scene at the airport to find Polaris waiting to make her move against Campbell and Montez. She tells them this is something she has to do before begging them to stay out her way. When they refuse to comply, Polaris blocks their path with barbed wire.

Polaris attacks the plane

Eclipse tries to reason with Polaris, reminding her of 7/15 and all the innocent lives that were lost. Not everyone on the plane is trying to hurt them. If she takes the plane down, they die. But if Polaris doesn't take it down the innocent people on their side will die. Thunderbird tells her that she's not a killer and this isn't why the X-Men chose them. Polaris claims they made a mistake in picking her. Like Eclipse, Polaris cares about her family and wants to keep them safe. They merely have different ways of approaching the matter. She's tired of hiding and they have to take a stand. Not like this. This changes everything, Eclipse counters as their kid will have to live in this world. To that, Polaris replies "It's time to make a new world". As the plane carrying Senator Montez and Dr. Campbell takes flight, Polaris tears it apart in the sky, causing the plane to crash and presumably killing everyone on board. The blast from the impact knocks Eclipse, Thunderbird and Blink to the ground. By the time they get up, Polaris is gone.

Rebirth of the Hellfire Club

Later that night, at the Mutant Way Station in Nashville, Marcos hopes to encourage the Underground to keep fighting after the revelation that Andy and Lauren destroyed the station to protect everyone. He tells the Underground the X-Men didn't do this because they thought it would be easy. They knew it would be a struggle and take sacrifice. Lorna interrupts with Esme, and tells Marcos that there's nothing noble about struggle. And sacrifice is just a pretty name for losing. The Mutant Underground is dying, but that world that they've always talked about where they don't have to hide and live in fear, she wants to build that for them. Marcos tells Lorna that while he will do anything for her, he can't help her do what she asking of him. Esme informs Marcos that they aren't there to ask for his help. The people they've come for know who they are, which includes Fade, Mark and Sage and Andy. However, Reed, Caitlin and Lauren refuse to let Andy leave, so when Reed grabs Andy's arm and forcefully tries to stop him from leaving, Andy pushes him off and causes the station to shake. He apologizes for that before joining Polaris, Esme, Sage, Fade and Mark.

Season 2

Polaris, six months later

In eMergence, six months have passed since Lorna joined the Hellfire Club. She stares outside the large window of the Inner Circle's base of operations, reminiscing of her relationship with Marcos. Andy joins her, asking if she's ready to go. Where ever she goes, he intends to be there with her. Lorna explains that when she dreamed of having a baby, she imagined she would be surrounded by family. Andy attempts to comfort her, stating that they're her family and that he'll be there for her. Reeva and Esme stand in the doorway, listening, before calling Lorna over.

Lorna, Reeva, Andy and the Frost Sisters arrive at the facility in which they intend for Lorna to give birth at. It was initially a munitions warehouse, according to the Frost. All stone and concrete, which they plan to modify for Lorna's comfort as it's the only place strong enough to contain her powers. Just then, Lorna appears to experience stomach pains, causing her to unintentionally move the SUV they arrived in. "Sorry. The baby's just kicking.", Lorna explains.

Reeva checks in on Lorna

The next day, at the Inner Circle's base, Lorna experiences more pain as she hums a lullaby to her unborn child. When Reeva enters the room to ensure that she is doing fine, Lorna immediately apologizes for the incident at the munitions warehouse, where she moved the car as a result of the pregnancy affecting her powers. However, Reeva isn't concerned with the car. She's worried about Lorna, who explains that she's depressed as she feels alone. Reeva sympathizes. The first thing she ever felt was alone. She was hated for her poverty, then for the color of her skin, then for her powers. But they can change that with each other's help. However, Lorna's hesitant to trust Reeva after hearing rumors of the mutants that were part of the Inner Circle before her. Reeva admits to making sacrifices. But for the sake of what it is that they are building, she would sacrifice anything. Reeva then assures Lorna that she'll be fine as Esme, Sophie and Phoebe are taking care of everything.

Lorna asks Andy to save the baby at all costs

At the munitions warehouse, the following day, Lorna insists that they make sure the cell she will be giving birth in is sealed, and Andy insists that they double check. After chatting with the doctor, Reeva informs Lorna that she shouldn't be exerting herself. Given that she had a pre-term contraction that moved a 6,000-pound car, she should be on bed rest immediately. Lorna reluctantly agrees to the doctor's orders. As Andy heads out to help the Frost Sisters outside, Lorna tells him that she has a bad feeling. She thinks the birth may not go well. If something does go wrong, and it it comes down to her or the baby, Lorna fears that Reeva will choose her. With that being said, Lorna makes Andy promise to protect the baby at all costs. She reminds him of his Von Strucker heritage and tells him to stop them should the time come.

Lorna goes into labor

Back at the Inner Circle's headquarters, Lorna tells Andy he can go to bed, but he has no problem with keeping her company. He offers to pitch more baby names, but Lorna declines the offer, claiming he should be naming porn stars rather than babies given the names he has come up with. Lorna then goes into labor, disrupting the magnetic field for miles. So she tells Andy to inform the others.

The Frost Sisters barge into the labor room with Andy and Lorna, requesting that everything metal is locked down. Realizing that Lorna is going into labor, Reeva removes her ear rings. As Andy guides Lorna to her cell, her contractions worsen, causing her powers to violently manifest.

Lorna's in labor

At the munitions warehouse, Lorna screams out in agony. With Andy at her side, he tells her that'll be okay as long as she breathes. As Lorna pushes, the magnetic fields only worsen, causing objects even outside the building to move dramatically.

The doctor urges Lorna to keep pushing, though in doing so, metal object continue to pull towards the building. Unfortunately, just as Lorna fear, something has gone wrong. She's not dilating. Her blood pressure is off the charts, and she won't be able to take this much longer, but Reeva refuses to lose her. It's not a medical issue, the doctor explains. It's a mental block of some kind, and if they don't do something soon, she could die. This forces Reeva and the Frost Sisters to regroup and come up with a plan.

Lorna gives birth to Dawn

When Andy notices Reeva and the Frost Sisters plotting in the corner, he blocks their path to Lorna. They claim that they're going to help the baby and Lorna by reminding her what they are all fighting for. They explain to Andy that Lorna needs them as the pregnancy is killing her. With no other choice, Andy steps out of their way, allowing them to save Lorna and the child. Reeva speaks to Lorna, telling her to listen closely. Reeva tells Lorna that she needs to be strong. They're going to show her the dawn of a new age. The Frost Sisters use their abilities to plant a telepathic vision in Lorna's head of a future, where mutants have secured a safe world for themselves. Reeva tells Lorna that this world could be for her daughter, but only if she shows that she wants it. Seeing this, Lorna says that she wants it more than anything, and so she gives another big push that nearly brings the entire building down as a forklift slams through the wall, but she does deliver the child, whom she names Dawn.

In unMoored, Lorna finds Andy dosing off by the coffee machine, commenting that she thought looking exhausted was her job. Andy didn't sleep much, be he claims it was because he was up all night playing games, when in actuality, it was because of his dream of Lauren, though he assures Lorna that he's still up for training.

Lorna tells Andy to get his act together

Lorna is singing a lullaby for Dawn when interrupted by Andy. She wonders what went wrong at training. Andy reveals that he's been having thoughts. At first it felt like he was missing his family, but now it feels like something more, like he should be with Lauren. Lorna explains that a little homesickness is fine, but Andy's are being trusted, and if Reeva gets the idea that he's not with her 100%, then it'll end badly for him. Andy understands, stating that he just needs to focus on training. Dawn then starts to cry, and so he leaves so that Lorna can feed her. Later, Lorna finds Andy to inform him that they're waiting for him downstairs for training.

From the Inner Circle's base, Lorna can see a green light from her bedroom. So she gets out of bed to get a better look. She realizes that it's Marcos' doing, and calls out to Dawn and says "Look Dawn, daddy's saying hi". As Lorna goes to wake up her, she realizes that Dawn is burning up. Lorna picks Dawn up and calls out for help.

Reeva commands the Frost sisters to retrieve Marcos

In coMplications, at the Inner Circle's base of operations, Dawn's condition has significantly exacerbated. Therefore, Lorna wants to seek Marcos for help, but Esme, Sophie and Phoebe are very vocal about their opposition to this idea and attempt to convince her otherwise, explaining that they have all the all the resources they could need and that bringing Marcos to headquarters could expose their entire operation. However, Dawn has been diagnosed with jaundice and normal light therapy isn't working. Given the nature of Marcos' powers, he could possibly be the solution. Reeva agrees with Lorna that they need Marcos' help, so she orders the Frost Sisters to retrieve him against their wishes.

Meanwhile, Polaris grows more worried about her baby’s health. As Lorna looks over Dawn, who is inside a light therapy machine, she is joined by Andy, who comes in to check in on her after hearing of Marcos' coming. Lorna explains that Marcos is solely coming for Dawn, not her. Andy questions if Lorna wants to be there when Marcos arrives as it will only make it harder for herself. Lorna is very much aware of this. However, she would do anything to save her daughter. She can handle a few minutes in the same room with Marcos. Andy then asks if Dawn is a mutant like them. While they won't know until she's old enough for her powers to manifest, Lorna knows that Dawn's a fighter at least.

Lorna is relieved to see Marcos

Lorna wants to wake Dawn, but her system is overwhelmed. Marcos then enters the room and Lorna lets out a sigh of relief. When Marcos tries to explain that they've been looking for her, Lorna asks him to stop making it harder than it has to be. He's only there for the child, who Lorna named Dawn, much to his surprise. As Marcos points out, Dawn translates to Aurora in Spanish, which they had previously agreed to name their child should it be a girl. Marcos holds Dawn for the very first time. He is overwhelmed with emotion. Lorna smiles, while also maintaining her distance and keeping her composure. While the doctor had trouble figuring out the right frequency for the light therapy, Marcos seems to know precisely what he has to do, curing Dawn almost immediately.

Marcos speaks to Dawn in his native language of Spanish. He tells her that he will always be her father and will always be there for her. Unfortunately for Marcos, his time is up with Dawn as she is doing better and they no longer have a use for him. Lorna tries not to notice the pain Marcos is enduring, having to give up Dawn, but she does thank him. Marcos then gives Lorna the rattle that he made for Dawn. When Lorna left in Nashville, Marcos didn't want to see anyone get hurt, so he let her leave, but he now knows that was a mistake. He tries to convince Lorna to come with him. While they still love each other, Lorna states that their daughter needs more than love. The Inner Circle is building something bigger, something for Dawn. In that case, Marcos wishes to stay, but both he and Lorna know that would never work. To Marcos, that doesn't matter because real men don't abandon their family. Lorna assures Marcos that he's not his father, but their discussion is cut off there as Esme, Sophie and Phoebe force him to leave.

As Lorna hears from the room, Marcos does not leave without a fight. She is visibly hurt to hear Marcos' plights, but she forces herself to stay put. Later on, Lorna holds a much healthier Dawn while rattling the rattle Marcos created for her.


Best described as fearless, ruthless, and reckless, Polaris is unlike most mutants. She was not ashamed of her abilities upon activating them, despite the persecution that her kind-faced. In fact, she was proud of her abilities.[3]

Lorna has bipolar disorder. This affects her moods, and while she has tried to rein it in over the years so she doesn't have a full-on bipolar episode, she can sometimes become very depressed and cynical, but later shifts to being very motivated by anger, or then sometime later shift to be more friendly and playful. Realistically, these mood shifts do not switch instantaneously, but have their gradual ups and downs from one day to the next. Her mental condition has contributed to her overall sardonic sense of humor. Lorna is somewhat sensitive about her mental disorder, however, and instinctively reacts negatively if anyone calls her "crazy" (as in, generically, "This plan is impossible, are you crazy?"), though she tries to hide it.[5]

Polaris seems to have developed a bond with Andy Strucker, whom she trained to help control his powers. They share both pride in their mutant abilities and willingness to use aggressive force against those who oppress mutants. Unlike many others, Lorna appears to find humor in Andy's sarcasm. When they both joined the Hellfire Club, Lorna comforted him as he left his family behind at the Mutant Way Station. Their bond only seems to have strengthened in the six months since joining the Hellfire Club. They consider each other family and are constantly exchanging sarcastic comments to one another. Lorna even trusted Andy enough to have him promise that if Reeva was going to save her over her baby during labor, he would stop her and make sure the baby was safe at any cost.

Ultimately, by the time of meMento, Lorna had come to regret joining the Hellfire Club (now the Inner Circle) after realizing the full extent of how ruthless the organization was in achieving its overall goals. In addition, her guilt would soon worsen upon discovering that the Inner Circle had murdered Evangeline Whedon, who saved Lorna when no one else would despite her general dislike of her.

Physical Appearance

Polaris is an attractive young woman with pale skin, hazel eyes, and as a result of her mutation she has shoulder-length green hair that she dyes black, making it appear as if she has dark hair with green highlights, in order to go unnoticed as a mutant within society. After joining the Hellfire Club, she abandons the hair dye and embraces her natural hair color fully.

Abilities and Skills


  • Magnetokinesis: Polaris can manipulate various forms of magnetism, usually creating a green field of magnetic energy around her fingers allowing her to move metallic and otherwise magnetic objects in a similar manner to telekinesis. In the comics, she inherited this power from her father.
    • Ferromagnetism: Lorna can magnetize metal and manipulate magnetic objects, causing them to attract or repel each other. She has also used it to ferrokinetically halt bullets in midair and launch them, cause several cars to move and group together, manipulate the pedals of a car she was in to make it move on its own and remove the medical bone screws inside Reed Strucker's knee. Her abilities also work against humans who wear metal or other objects she could magnetize, which allowed her to repeatedly shove a police officer against a dumpster, drag several officers across the ground by pulling on their guns, and levitate a guard in the air through lifting him by the strap of his rifle, using it as a sling to hold the guard by his neck. At the beginning of the series the size, weight, and distance of her targets limited Lorna's effectiveness with her powers, as she was unable to use her powers against a drone that was pursuing her because it was too high, nor could she break out of a metal prison bus immediately when she regained access to her powers, which were dampened by Pulse and the plastic lining of the bus's interior, only managing to break open the back door when she was close enough to it. However, as the time progressed, Lorna's abilities grew stronger, extending her distance and the amount of metal she could manipulate to a point where she was able to pull a jet out of the sky and bring it crashing down, displaying the degree of power she now wields. This increase in power has been attributed to her and Marcos' child.
      • Ferromagnetic Sense: She is also able to sense the presence of metals, as she did when she detected the screws in Reed Strucker's knee from an old sports injury or when she sensed the exact position of an adamantium safe behind a heavy locked door beneath Creed Financial.
      • Ferromagnetic Levitation: Since Polaris was 16, she's been wearing steel-toe boots, metallic bracelets, and various metals within her outfits allowing her to levitate.
    • Electromagnetism: She can create and use magnetic fields to manipulate electrical currents, allowing her some control over electrical appliances. She has used this ability to cause lights to turn off or even blow out, shut down police cruisers using an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and reverse the electrical current of a taser to the cop who was holding it. It was also implied that she amplified the electricity from the taser when reversing the current seeing as how she was convicted for attempted murder, though she stated that she would have indeed been able to kill the men with her powers if she had desired it at the time.
      • Electromagnetic Sense: She has stated that just as she can detect metal; she can feel surrounding electrical currents. She can also sometimes vaguely sense when people or animals are in the same general area, due to sensing the trace metal content in their bones and electromagnetic pulses in their nervous systems.
      • Radio Frequency Distortion: Lorna could block cell and walkie talkie frequencies using her abilities.
      • Cyberpathy: Polaris has the ability to use her electromagnetic powers to "feel" around computers, manipulating them to her will to a limited degree. She used this aspect of her powers to change her grades when she was in high school, and she was also able to use it to hack into Sage's computer in order to gain the information she needed to betray the Inner Circle by providing it to what remained of the Mutant Underground.
      • Telekinesis: Polaris has shown some form of telekinesis. Polaris has shown that she has this ability when she repeatedly threw an officer on a dumpster because an officer shot Eclipse. Her telekinetic abilities are based off the magnetic fields that she can manipulate. She has shown that she is able to control humans an objects that have metal surrounding them. She is shown to use this ability when she throws away people/officers that hold guns. This power is limited due to the fact that Polaris has not mastered her powers. The base of this power is formed from her electromagnetic/magnetic fields.
  • Weaknesses: When her powers are used, a greenish-black glow surround her hands; this makes it hard for her to use them secretly. Polaris is unable to use her powers without any metal in close range. Also, after the birth of her baby, the greenish-black holographic glow that surrounded her hands has returned to a simply greenish glow; the meaning behind this remains unknown. She also has green hair which makes her vulnerable to being exposed in normal society due to her mutant heritage.


  • Combatant: Lorna has shown some proficiency in hand to hand combat. She managed to knock a Sentinel Services guard unconscious by kneeing him the head. She also knocked out a Trask employee by punching him in the face with a metal spoon wrapped around her hand.


Little favor? Call me Polaris. You're sending me to Hell, I think it's the least you can do.
— Lorna to Agent Turner[src]

Marcos, if you want to get information from a guy at a bar, you don’t send a girl and another guy.
— Lorna to Marcos[src]

There's nothing noble about struggle, Marcos. And sacrifice is just a pretty name for losing.
— Lorna to Marcos[src]

I'm telling them the truth. The Mutant Underground is dying. That world where we don't have to hide that we've always talked about? I want to build that. For all of us. For my baby.
— Lorna to Marcos[src]

When I dreamed of having a baby...I thought I'd be with family.
— Lorna to Andy[src]

Andy, you're a VonStrucker. Stop them however you have to. Promise me.
— Lorna to Andy[src]


Season 1

Season 2


  • She made her first appearance in the 1968 comic series titled "Uncanny X-Men #49".
  • In the comics, Polaris is the daughter of "Magneto", a powerful mutant, who like her, could manipulate magnetism, but she doesn’t share the same mother as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.
  • While she did not make an appearance, Polaris' name did appear on William Stryker's computer in X2: X-Men United.
  • The TV series didn't state on-screen that its version of Polaris has bipolar disorder until Season 1 episode 10, "eXploited". However, actress Emma Dumont did state this in behind the scenes promo interviews for the series released before it aired, so apparently she played the character since the beginning with this knowledge.
  • Although this incarnation of Polaris was recruited by the X-Men to join the Mutant Underground, her comic counterpart in the main Marvel continuity actually became a member of the X-Men alongside the original five members in X-Men #60 (1969).
  • Emma Dumont revealed during 2018's Heroes & Villains fan fest panel that Polaris was initially going to be killed off in the pilot.[6]
  • The green glow that appears when Polaris uses her powers is visually similar to the red glow used to portray Scarlet Witch' abilities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This similarity is notable because, in most incarnations of the characters, Scarlet Witch and Polaris are both daughters of Magneto.



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