Paula Turner is a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. She is portrayed by Frances Turner.

She is the ex-wife of former Sentinel Services agent Jace Turner and the mother of the late Grace Turner.

Early Life Edit

Paula had been with her husband Jace and their daughter Grace in the park while a mutant rights rally was going on not too far away. As their daughter was playing, they could hear the noise from the rally carry over and heard it start escalating and Paula became worried. When they tried to leave, there was a flash and Paula saw to her horror that their daughter had been caught in some kind of blast.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

In eXodus, Paula had been sent a message from Jace saying that he would be working late. Paula responded that she was proud of him.

In boXed in, Paula was called by Jace and he told her that he wouldn't make it because he was going to run late. Paula was confused as she thought that he was only transporting a prisoner today but he told her that what he was doing was a follow up. She then heard about him being kidnapped but wasn't allowed to see him in the hospital. When he came home, she was relieved but she became confused when Jace asked if Grace was inside. She was then woefully forced to remind Jace that Grace had died years ago.

In outfoX, Jace calls Paula to tell her that it's going to be another late night at the office. Not that she is surprised. Jace is certain that they're closing in, but Paula doesn't like that he's going back to work so soon. Jace tells her that it isn't just about him. He wants justice for all of them.

Season 2Edit


Jace suspects that mutants are behind the blackouts, and Paula is disappointed

In unMoored, Paula asks Jace about a meeting he had earlier that day, to which he replies that he thinks he landed a new client for the firm. Defense contractor, who want to use some private security guys. While Paula is thrilled, Jace seems distracted. He had been thinking about the blackouts that hit D.C. He had a feeling about them, that they were mutant related. Paula becomes upset, asking him not to back track to this obsession with the Mutant Underground as he had been doing so well for the last three months. While Jace insists that while he's moved on, the blackouts are certainly the doing of mutants. However, Paula is very much aware of the files he keeps on the Mutant Underground in the attic. Paula wants to build a new family, and so she makes Jace promise that he'll focus on what's important.


Paula is happy to have Jace back

Paula returns home to find Jace throwing away all his files on the Mutant Underground. For the longest time, he thought that if he stopped, he'd be letting Grace down. The truth is, there's not enough justice in the world for Grace, and if he doesn't let go of the past, he's going to lose his future, too. Jace says to Paula that she didn't just lose her daughter on 7/15. She lost her husband, too. Hearing this from Jace, she hugs him and tells him that it meant a lot that he said that to her.

In coMplications Jace leaves to go to Washington DC after news of the lights appearing in the sky over the city which he believes are tied to the mutants he had been after. When Jace arrives, he calls her but he finds that it went to voicemail, again. He leaves a message where he tells her that he's sorry for leaving but he had to and it would all be worth it. He would then call her again when the job is done.

In outMatched Jace calls Paula and she picks up her phone where she immediately tells him that he needs to stop calling her. Jace tries to tell Paula that she just needs to bare with him for a bit longer as he had gotten a meeting with an officer and is getting somewhere with his hunt for the Mutant Underground. He tells her that it will soon be all over but Paula tells him that it will never be over. He tells her that he won't give up on Grace but Paula tells him that its not about giving up, but about moving on. Jace asks her if he thinks that he's doing this for himself because he's not. He claims that its the only way for him to move on so he could be the husband that she deserves. Paula tells Jace that the husband she needs is the one that stays with her. He tries to argue that he's doing this for all the little girls like Grace but Paula tearfully tells him that Grace is dead, and while she will always love her, she has to keep living. She then tells Jace goodbye before she hangs up.

In afterMath Jace is looking at forms for divorce which Paula had filled out and sent to him.

In meMento, Jace texts Paula to inform her that he has signed the divorce papers and sent them through the mail. Later that day, much to Jace's surprise, Paula calls him, having watched the latest broadcast of Benedict Ryan's show. She tells him Grace would be proud of him for "saving" the kids at the orphanage, unaware it was a lie. In spite of their divorce, she suggests they meet. However, a guilt-ridden Jace merely hangs up but not before telling Paula he loves her and he has to go.

Personality Edit

Paula has shown to deeply love and care for her family. She doesn't seem to despise mutants as her husband Jace does, following the events of 7/15 during which their daughter Grace was killed, though she does supports her husband's working for Sentinel Services. But upon discovering her husband's underhanded and immoral operations within Sentinel Services, she became very ashamed of him and believed him to be disgracing their daughter's name and memory with what he had been doing.

After Jace leaves Sentinel Services, they move and she believes it could be a fresh start for them but she is disappointed to see that he is still chasing after the mutants and not moving on. She then becomes happy when she finds Jace throwing his old files away, telling her that he's ready to move on with her instead of being stuck in the past. However, soon after, he goes against that and leaves her to go to DC after an incident with mutant ties is reported. She then starts making his calls to her go straight to voicemail and doesn't answer his messages or texts. When she finally accepts his call, she makes it clear that she can't just keep standing by while he takes off on his hunt for the mutants with their daughter being his excuse all the time.

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She is an attractive woman of African American descent.

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  • Her actress has the same surname as her character.

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