outMatched is the fourth episode of the second season of The Gifted. It is the seventeenth episode of the series overall.[1]

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The Struckers, minus Andy, begin to rebuild their broken trust, while Thunderbird, Blink and Eclipse visit Wire, hoping to convince him to help again. But when they get there, they learn that something terrible has happened from Wire's brother, Graph. The team discovers that the Inner Circle is on the way to raid a mutant detention facility, so they make moves to try to intercept them. Meanwhile, Jace is contacted by a member of the Purifiers. [2]

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Sixteen years ago, Atlanta, Georgia, Reed and Caitlin receive startling news from her OBGYN. The prognosis is worse than they anticipated. Caitlin's liver is already seriously affected and they don't have many options other than termination, which given the fact that Caitlin is five months pregnant with Andy, is a hard pill to swallow. In 20 weeks, the baby isn't viable and carrying to term is very risky. The pain Caitlin is experiencing could worsen to severe bleeding and seizures. A successful pregnancy is technically possible but there's a greater chance of death for Caitlin or Andy or both of them. Despite the doctor's advisement, Caitlin is determined to carry to term.

Present day, the Struckers minus Andy, are having family dinner. Reed tells Lauren that he intends to discuss his manifesting powers with Thunderbird to see if they can get ahold of them. Reed and Caitlin are also thinking about Lauren, who claims she's fine. Reed and Caitlin realizes that they've been so focused on getting Andy back that they didn't consider what bringing him back might mean to Lauren. Reed's powers manifesting has opened his eyes to how terrifying this ordeal must be for Lauren. All this time, Lauren has been scared of what happened and the dreams and what she thought they meant. However, she now thinks the dreams are telling her that she has to be the one to bring Andy home.

The Mutant Underground convenes at the Potomac Salvage yard, where Marcos informs the group of his run-in with Reeva Payge. She's powerful and has a hold on Andy and Lorna that's greater than anything Marcos thought possible. Caitlin claims that Andy's merely caught up in it all, being a kid who is given anything he wants, but Marcos explains that Andy is a believer in the Inner Circle's cause. As for Lorna, she looked Marcos in the eyes and told him that she loved him. But their goal matters more. This goal is the key to the Underground tracking the Inner Circle, so they first need to discover what it is. However, after six months, all they know is that the Inner Circle is well-funded and well hidden. They also like destroying things and killing people, Clarice adds. Marcos wants to pay Wire another visit as the Inner Circle were hacking into data cables. Clarice and Lauren are hesitant but Marcos and Caitlin are determined.

John, Marcos and Clarice set out to find Wire, Reed informs John that his powers have began to manifest despite his father's attempt to suppress the X-Gene. Reed's powers are destructive. When he touches things, they crumble within his hands and he has no control of it. Reed begins to panic as he doesn't even know if this is a result of what his father did, but the headaches and the way in which the power accelerates, Reed is scared. John explains that he needs training but Reed doesn't believe he has that kind of time. He'd much rather they just stop, but as John explains his powers are a part of him and linked to his deepest emotions. Reed then begins to think that maybe he can control his emotions, but as John advises him against it. He's seen others try. It doesn't last long and it's not a road that Reed wants to go down.

John, Marcos and Clarice arrive at Wire's shop. Clarice is concerned, stating the entire operation as being sketchy, but if Marcos and John are intent on doing something so risky, she wants to be there to bail them out in case something goes wrong. Marcos explains that Wire is a business man, even in sopite of the fact that he tried to sell Marcos off to the inner Circle during their last encounter. Marcos tells them that the chances are Wire will whine a little and then just taker the cash. If he does, the maybe one of his hacker friends will, Marcos states. There's an entire nest of them, who only smoke Kick all day, hack into networks and steal. Clarice continues to point out just how bad of an idea this is, but Marcos doesn't care as they have his daughter.

John, Marcos and Clarice reach Wire's shop but the door is locked. Clarice wants to leave immediately, but while using his super sense, John can hear someone inside. Moments later, John is shot twice with a shotgun. Although, given his near indestructible state, he manages to stay on his feet before charging through the door and demand that Graph put the gun down. John attempts to get Graph to lower his weapon, explaining that they're only there to talk, but Graph shoots John again at point-blank range just before telling them that they got his brother, Wire, killed. As it seems he's about to continue firing, Marcos blinds him long enough for John to take him out. John then lifts Graph's unconscious body off the floor and takes him with them.

Elsewhere, Jace sits in a motel room, messaging Paula but she's ignoring his calls. He slams his phone down and looks out to the city in frustration. As he begins to web search marriage counseling, he gets a call from officer Ted Wilson from the metropolitan police department. He's interested in talking to Jace after hearing what he previously said to Sergeant Lopez. So, they arrange a meet up at a nearby diner.

At the Community of Mercy Clinic, Dr. Kelsey removes several bullets from John's chest following the encounter with Graph. While John is durable, he is not indestructible. A shotgun at point blank range still hurts him. Clarice blames this incident on John's willingness to go along with Marcos' failed plan, but as John explains, they don't know if it's a bad idea yet as they may be able to get Graph to help them.

Marcos, Caitlin and Reed have Graph chained up in the communications room. Marcos is still upset that Graph shot John, but Graph explains that he did so in retaliation to his brother getting killed by the Frost Sisters. They took control of him and forced him to kill himself with a 9 millimeter handgun. Graph possess similar powers to his brother, which allowed him to hack the security cameras and see just how Wire died. Reed offers to pay Graph for his assistance, but he refuses as he is very much aware of Reeva Payge and why his brother was killed. Furthermore, Wire wasn't Reeva's only victim. Graph hacks their computers to pull up images on the screen of dead former members of the Hellfire Club that were spread throughout the city by Reeva as part of some sort of hostile take over. She has a project that she wishes to see through, no matter who she may have to kill to achieve it. So, Graph has no desire to get in her way. Reed tries to reason with Graph, explaining that Reeva has their son, but Graph doesn't care. Marcos becomes enraged and threatens to melt Graph's eyes out.

When Marcos' threats fail to convince Graph to help them, Caitlin decides to take matters into her own hands. When Lauren asks how it's going, Caitlin replies that he has no intentions on helping them, so she will force him to. Graph's a Kick addict like Wire. In the ER, Caitlin saw addicts stab themselves for a scrip of oxycodone. Past a certain point, a junkie will do anything for a fix. Lauren questions what her mother intends on doing, to which Caitlin answers that she'll do what she has to.

Caitlin returns to the communications room with a bottle of Hypertrexone. When Kick addicts come in with an O.D. they give them Hypertrexone. It counteracts the drug, and it brings them down in seconds. The addicts hate it because they go into immediate withdrawal. Reed watches in disapproval as Marcos holds Graph down long enough for Caitlin to inject him with the Hypertrexone. Caitlin pleads with Graph to help her find Andy as he utters out that he can't breathe.

Marcos, John, Clarice and Lauren stand in the hallway as Caitlin does things her way. Clarice is in disbelief that they managed to get Graph to help, but that's because she isn't aware that Caitlin is drugging him. Graph revealed that the Inner Circle were looking at a mental facility in Bethesda. Lynwood, to be exact. John claims that it's more prison than hospital. They declare mutants mentally unstable and detain them without trial. How is that legal, Lauren wonders. You just get a shrink to say that they're a danger to themselves or society, Clarice explains. When she was young, a judge put Lorna into one of those facilities. She had nightmares about it for years. While they don't know what the Inner Circle is doing in there, it's something very important if they convinced Lorna to set foot in a place like that.

Graph is going through withdrawals, but Caitlin doesn't seem to care. She and Reed need him to access the hospital's network, however, given Graph's condition, brought on by Caitlin, who claims he did it to himself, he is hardly in the right state to perform such a task. For it to end, Caitlin tells Graph to find out what the Inner Circle is doing at Lynwood hospital. He can hack into the hospital's system, but he can't promise he'll find anything. While looking through the hospital's network, Graph discovers that somebody built a backdoor to the hospital SCADA system. All comm systems are down. Nothing in or out. It went into emergency mode 12 minutes ago. Whatever the Inner Circle's doing, it's happening right now.

Reed and Caitlin relay this information to John, Marcos and Clarice, who immediately gear up and head out. Clarice wonders if they have a plan, which they don't, but as Marcos points out, it's the best lead they've had in six months, so he's not going to allow it to slip through their fingers. Lauren informs her parents that Andy's likely there as well. This may be their one chance to get him back. Reed is hesitant, as she would be going into a dangerous environment. But Lauren feels that she has to. She and Andy are connected. If anyone can get through to him, it's her. And so, Caitlin sends Lauren off with John, Marcos and Clarice, telling her to ensure Andy comes back.

Before heading out for his meeting with officer Wilson, Jace calls Paula. Surprisingly, she answers, but she's still very much upset with him. Jace informs her that he has a meeting with a cop and that he's making progress. He only needs her to bare with him a little longer. Paula tells him to stop, as she doesn't wish to hear anymore. Jace calls it giving up, but she sees it as moving on. Jace claims that moving on is precisely the reason he must see this through, in order to be the husband she deserves, but all Paula wants is a husband who is truly with her. Jace states that he will be with her, but when the job is done. However, the way Paula sees it, the job is never done. Jace again claims that he's doing it for Grace and every kid like her. Grace is gone, Paula admits. While she'll always love her daughter, she has to start living again. Lastly, Paula tells Jace to stop calling.

Despite the fact that Graph is puking into a trash can, Caitlin demands that he get them into the security system. Reed is beginning to further question the lengths Caitlin is willing to go, though she isn't too concerned. She does however offer to make Graph better should he do as he's told. In Caitlin's possession is Hypercortisone D. It's the pharmaceutical version of Kick. If she gives him some, she expects him to get them into the system. Reed can't believe that she would stoop so low. Caitlin reasons that their kids are out there and their friends are in danger. Even still, as Reed points out, she's already taken him down, and now she's going to get him high. As a nurse, shooting up a junkie to get him to do what she wants is unethical. While Caitlin is admittedly a nurse, she is a mother first. Caitlin injects him with the Hypercortisone D and the effects are instant. With that, Graph gets them into the security system of Lynwood. Armed guards storm the halls. The staff runs away in what looks to be lock down procedures and Lorna and at least one of the Frosts make their way throughout the building.

Thunderbird, Eclipse, Blink and Lauren arrive at Lynwood to find the facility in complete disarray. Reed communicates with the team over walking talkies. He informs them that the Inner Circle took over the facility. They took out the guards and are rounding up the staff. As far as they know, only Lorna and the Frost are present. Thunderbird orders Eclipse and Lauren to cover the front while he and Blink go in to look for them. Thunderbird can't get much using his powers but most of the activity is coming from the east side of the facility. Armed with a hatchet and blade, Thunderbird and Blink portal in through a window. He advises Blink to keep her head down and be ready for anything. Once inside, they pass a hallway with blood smeared along the walls.

Thunderbird and Blink slowly make their way down the hallway. The patients are all on lock down. Most of them look heavily sedated. Blink asks if Lorna truly spent time in a facility like Lynwood, which she did. Thunderbird goes on to explain that she was a teenager. It might've been for good but someone made a call. Word was, it was her birth father. But she was locked up long enough for it to leave a lasting mark on her.

Just outside, Eclipse and Lauren guard the perimeter. Lauren questions why the police haven't arrived by now. Eclipse concludes that they had Sage kill the alarms and landlines while Lorna likely jammed all cellphones. Clarice wasn't wrong, Eclipse states. If they find Andy and Lorna, it may result in a fight, and they need to be prepared for that if it does. Lauren doesn't think it will come to that as Andy would never hurt her, but Eclipse isn't so sure that's true. He then admits there's something he didn't tell Reed and Caitlin. When Reeva attacked him, he never felt anything like it. He couldn't think, he couldn't control his powers. He was dying. And Andy just stood there watching. Eclipse is certain that Andy isn't the same person they knew, however, Lauren refuses to believe him. She recalls the night that his powers first manifested. She could feel him in that gym. She remembers his face, he was so terrified and sorry. And then he saw Lauren, and it stopped. So, she's positive she can get through to him.

As planned, Jace meets with officer Ted Wilson in the diner. First off, Ted apologizes for what happened at the precinct. He believes they need more people like Jace. After what the mutants did to his daughter and partner, he sees the mutant threat for what it is. Ted pull up his left shoulder sleeve, revealing a tattoo, that which represents the Purifiers. Jace instantly grows uncomfortable as he realizes that officer Wilson is with the Purifiers. Jace isn't willing to join a hate group. Ted understands his concerns. Like everyone else, Jace hear the supposed lies in the media about how they're all bigots. But fact is, at least according to Ted, they're regular folk who love their species, their country and their families. While Jace appreciates the offer, he declines. Ted still leaves his number with Jace just in case he changes his mind.

Thunderbird and Blink continue their search for Andy and Lorna. Thunderbird uses his tracking to discover that they were taking prisoners. Blink asks when are they going to admit to themselves that Andy and Lorn are now the bad guys. Thunderbird explains that Lorna has been with him since the beginning on the Mutant Underground. And now she's with them, blink retorts. They have to be prepared for a fight should one arise. She also reminds Thunderbird that Evangeline said that he'll have to kill them, but Thunderbird needs no reminder. Just then, there's a sudden blast that shakes the building.

Even outside the building, Lauren and Eclipse can feel the blast. Lauren can tell that this is Andy's doing. Eclipse calls into Reed and Caitlin, asking for answers as to what's the cause of the explosion. However, they don't have the answer just yet as they're still working on it. Reed tells Graph to bring up the security feed of the basement. He used to go to places like this when he was a prosecutor. They keep the mutants they can't control with collars in secure rooms underground. If the Inner Circle's blasting something, the chances are they're down there. Trying to free someone, Reed suspects. But who, Caitlin wonders. Graph can't quite figure that out as all the data coming out of the facility is encrypted. As he tries to extend his reach, he discovers that someone's blocking him. They know he's in the system. Some kind of hacker, leading Reed to suspect Sage. So, he informs Thunderbird that the Inner Circle is now aware of their presence. Thunderbird and Blink head into the basement, where the maximum security area is located.

Caitlin is desperate for video inside the basement, so much so that she bribes Graph with Kick. If he gets them what they need, Caitlin promises Graph that he can have what's left of the Kick in her hand and all they have stocked in the clinic. As an added incentive, Caitlin reminds Graph that they killed is brother, and that is all he needs to hear to take action. Caitlin gives him an injection of Kick and he manages to best Sage, gaining them live surveillance to the basement, which much to Caitlin and Reed's surprise, is footage of Polaris and Andy, who smiles at the camera, unbeknownst to him that his parents are watching.

Thunderbird and Blink make it into the high security area with help from Reed and Caitlin, who guide them along the way. Thunderbird, Blink, Reed and Caitlin watch as Polaris and Andy escort a mutant prisoner from their cell. Thunderbird screams out to Polaris, hopeful that she'll respond. He sympathizes with her, explaining that he knows it must hurt for her to be there, at a facility, so similar to the one she was forced into many years ago. All he asks is that she talk to them, but instead, Polaris releases all the maximum security prisoners from their cell, allowing her and Andy to escape. The prisoners immediately begin attacking each other, forcing Thunderbird and Blink to let Polaris go so that they can get the prisoners to safety.

Reed and Caitlin asks Wire for the camera feed to the elevator and stairs, hoping that they'll get a view on Andy, which they do, before informing Eclipse and Lauren that Polaris released all the patients to cover her and Andy's escape. Caitlin then informs them that Andy and Polaris are on the loading dock, getting into a silver Hummer. And so Eclipse and Lauren intend to cut them off. Meanwhile, Wire's conditions seems to worsen as he starts to bleed from his nose before having a heart attack.

Just as planned, Eclipse and Lauren cut Polaris and Andy off as they attempt to make their escape. Eclipse initially prepares himself to have to stop the car with his beams, but Lauren convinces him otherwise. Instead, she takes lead on stopping the Hummer, using a shield to keep the vehicle from passing. This forces a confrontation between Lauren and Andy, who demands that she get out off the way. Lauren refuses, though she insists that it's not too late for him to stop. Lauren points out that Andy's hair is the same now as it is in her dreams, before realizing that Andy has been having the same dreams. Lauren is certain that it means they belong together because they're family, but as far as Andy is concerned, it doesn't matter. When Lauren attempts to reason with him, stating that he's scared, he becomes triggered, exclaiming that he's not scared before telling Lauren to move again, but she doesn't, which forces Andy to attack. Lauren attempts to counter his attack, which fails, knocking both of her and Eclipse to the ground.

Back at the clinic, Reed and Caitlin manage to prevent Graph from dying, yet is Reed not over the fact that Caitlin was the cause for his near death. He questions how they're any different from the people they're trying to save Andy from. Reed reminds Caitlin that they both saw Andy smiling in the video footage, meaning no one is making him do anything. After leaving the room to gather some saline for Graph, Caitlin stumbles across a live news report of the employees of the Lynwood mental facility admitting to war crimes. It would seem that the Inner Circle has orchestrated the entire event to seem as if it was centered around mutant rights. #MutantUprising is now a popular hashtag on social media.

While Blink loads the injured patients into a truck, Thunderbird radios into Caitlin and Reed. He informs them that Andy and Lorna got away and that they also took at least one patient with them. Caitlin is devastated to hear that they allowed Andy to get away, especially when they were right on top of them, but as Thunderbird explains, they had to tend to the injured. Not to mention the fact that Lauren is still unconscious from the hit she took from Andy. Hearing that Andy is the one responsible for Lauren's state weighs heavy on Reed and Caitlin, who hold each other closely, though this news takes a bigger tole on Reed, whose powers begin to manifest. In his hand, he holds his medication, but the bottle crumbles in his hand and the pills fall to the floor. Reed drops to his knees, picking two pills off the floor and taking them to force his powers to subside.

From his motel room, Jace watches the report of the attack at Lynwood mental facility and decides to give Ted Wilson a call.

Andy, Polaris, and the Frost Sisters are on their way back to headquarters. In the back seat sits the patient who they took from Lynwood, though his/her face remains hidden under a blanket.



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  • Aaron Beelner as Small Mutant
  • Spence Maughon as Hospital Administrator
  • William Mark McCullough as Michael
  • Noelle Messier as Screaming Mutant
  • Margo Moorer as OBGYN
  • Kevin Narwich as Large Flailing Mutant
  • Vince Pisani as Dr. Kelsey

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  • Some scenes of this episode were filmed in downtown Atlanta on Broad St.

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