Naya is a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. She is a mutant teenager, who has the ability to move and shape water.

She is a refugee who was brought into the Mutant Underground after Sentinel Services raided her previous home. She has since started training with Polaris to master her abilities.

Early Life Edit

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Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit


Naya shows her ability to Lorna

In "got your siX", Naya is brought into to the Mutant Underground along with multiple other mutant refugees after escaping from the Sentinel Services. She demonstrates her powers to Lorna by moving water from a vase up into the air and then forcefully throwing the water back down and shattering the vase into small pieces in the process. Lorna asks her if she has ever trained, Naya answers that she has not. With that, Lorna decides to personally train Naya.

The next day, Lorna trains Naya, Skyler, Wes and Lauren to use their powers for combat. Unfortunately, their training session is interrupted by Caitlin Strucker, who pulls Lauren away.

In "eXtreme measures", Naya joins Andy and Skyler in another training session with Lorna. This time they're avoiding and neutralizing bricks that she is throwing at them while also being blindfolded. This session is interrupted as well, but by Reed Strucker.


Naya and Skyler discuss Campbell and the war to come

In "X-roads" , as Naya and Skyler wash clothes, Andy joins them upstairs to ask if he can stay with them, which they have no problem with. They begin to talk about Dr. Campbell, though none of them know what will happen next regarding Trask and Sentinel Services. Nonetheless, this is what Polaris has been training them for. Andy just wishes she was there to guide them.

Some time later, the station breaks out in chaos as Sentinel Services locates Headquarters and gears up to attack. Lauren comes upstairs to find Naya, Skyler, Andy and the others packing. She tells them that they will do whatever they have to in order to defend the station and everyone in it.


Naya and Skyler packing

With evacuation underway, they attempt to get as many people out as possible. However, Sentinel Services closes in, forcing them to retreat back into the station. So they begin to block off the windows and doors with large cement boulders in an effort to secure the station. If the refugees are captured, they'll end up as Hounds, as Sentinel Services will have teams on all the exits. As for a plan, Caitlin suggests making a new exit. Reed recommends the vault. It's partially underground. Sentinel Services is not going to have cover on that side of the building. If they can get through there, they might be able to get away. Reed then gives a speech to the Underground about unity and giving Sentinel Services a fight. Caitlin calls everyone who's been in combat training upstairs, which includes Naya, while everyone else is to help her in the vault.


Naya worries that they can't stop Sentinel Services

Reed leads Naya, Skyler, Andy, Lauren and the other combat ready mutants. Considering that Pedro spotted them from the road, it meant that Sentinel Services will be focusing on attacking the front. So their job is to stop them there. Naya and Skyler are doubtful that they can do it on their own, but Reed informs them that they only have to hold the agents off long enough for the others to create another exit. Andy assures them that everything will be okay so long as they stand up and fight, and remember what Polaris told them, to stick together and watch each others' backs. Naya and Skyler are ordered to take the right while Andy and Lauren take the left, with Reed in the middle.


Naya and Skyler combat Sentinel Services

The Underground watches as Sentinel Services slowly approaches. About a dozen or so agents move in. When they do, the Underground attacks at once. Reed fires a shotgun as Naya and Skyler attack using their abilities. Lauren shields them from gunfire while Andy also attacks the guards, forcing the agents to fallback per Agent Turner's request.

While the Underground managed to hold off the S.W.A.T team, Sentinel Services is now bringing in the Hounds, who hit the station hard. Caitlin, Reed, Andy, Lauren, Naya and Skyler fight off the agents though they are no match for the Hounds, who shake the building with each blast. So everyone runs downstairs into the vault, which Caitlin and the other mutants have managed to break through. Naya, Skyler, Caitlin and Reed follow everyone else outside while Andy and Lauren volunteer to stay behind after everyone's out so that they can destroy the building in order to cover their tracks. Outside the station, Naya, Skyler, Caitlin and Reed watch the building explode just after escaping the tunnel.


The Underground plans to rebuild

In Nashville, Tennessee, the Underground has regrouped at the Mutant Way Station. Naya and Skyler stand alongside Bulk as John and Marcos announce that they need to start thinking about next steps, like rebuilding. With Headquarters gone, a lot of people have nowhere to go. It's not about the building. It's about the network and the people in it. However, others, like Sage, Shatter and Fade have their doubt that it's even possible to start from nothing and they worry that that anything that they build, Sentinel Services is just going to smash it again. As Marcos explains that the X-Men did this knowing it would take struggle and sacrifice, Lorna and Esme interrupt to recruit people to join them as they rebuild the Hellfire Club, among those to join them are Sage, Fade, Bulk and Andy.

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Naya is a young girl with brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a tan complexion.

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  • Hydrokinesis: Naya has the ability to move and shape water. She demonstrated this ability by raising water from a vase, and forcefully slamming it down, shattering the aforementioned vase into many pieces.

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  • Naya is not a character from the Marvel Comics. She's an original character created for this series.

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