Matthew Montez is a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. His a prominent United States Senator and an anti-mutant activist, his slogan is "Human Choices for a Human Future". His personal and political ideals against mutants had made him unpopular to them. He met his end when Polaris brought down the airborne plane carrying him, Roderick Campbell and a number of their political and financial allies.

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Two months prior to Exploited, Senator Montez held a re-election rally and gave an anti-mutant speech, He talked about how mutant crime is at an all-time high and about how he created laws to punish mutants who use their powers to do harm and promised to continue fighting aganist mutants if he will be re-elected. After his rally, Montez ran into Stacy, one of his assistants, She asked him if she could attend a meeting with people from Trask Industries along with him, and he agreed. After he went back talking to his campaign manager he received a phone call from Sentinel Services notifying him that they have arrested a number of mutants who have infiltrated the rally, Immediately after that he noticed that Stacy has disappeared and asked his campaign manager about her whereabouts, unaware that she was actually a telepathic mutant who was warned about the raid.

Caitlin’s brother, Daniel Reynolds, worked for Senator Montez during his re-election campaign.

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Montez presents the firm front of a pleasant people person that is courteous and generous to anyone he meets. He genuinely feels for people as he noticed that his staff member Esme seemed out of sorts and wondered what was wrong. However, Montez only feels this type of empathy for humans. When it comes to mutants, he has no feeling for them at all. He is a firm believer in classic 'purifier' propaganda that calls for them to be eliminated. He is also a very driven man as he wishes to keep climbing the political ladder. So much that Campbell was able to appeal to that side of him in order to gain his support to launch his Hound Program.

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