Madeline Garber is a guest starring character in Season 2. She is the sister of Matthew Risman, who founded the Purifiers.

She was a former scientist at Trask Industries alongside Otto Strucker, whom she worked with to develop a way to eliminate the X-Gene. She later went on to become the lead researcher on genetic mutations at Charlotte State University to continue her pursuits of eliminating the X-Gene.

Early Life Edit

Prior to the series, she was born into the Risman family and grew up with her brother Matthew, although they would group up to disagree on the subjects of mutants and become estranged. She became an colleague of Otto Strucker who entrusted her enough to confide about his mutant side of the family. Together, they made a serum, one that was specifically designed and used on Otto's son Reed, before his powers could develop. The serum caused Reed to become dangerously sick and he was hospitalized, coming very close to death. Madeline at least visited Reed once while he was hospitalized. She continued her research while Otto stopped and left his family. It's known that she kept in contact with him and was even entrusted with Andrea Von Strucker's music box that Otto gotten ownership of after 1985.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1Edit

In eXtraction, Ellen Strucker tells her son about his father former co worker as he feels like she has the rest answers that his father died with.

Season 2Edit

In the dreaM, she recognizes Reed when he asks the front desk to see her and intervenes when security is about to throw him without a appointment. She learns that the serum has worn off and because of his powers dangerous and unpredictability he wants them deactivated again permanently this time. She agrees and shows the three Struckers her lab and the progress she has made over the years before she studies Reed and Lauren. In the privacy of her house she expresses condolence for Otto's murder and gives them an family keepsake he entrusted with her decades ago.

In gaMe changer, Lauren feels something is off with Dr. Riseman and after some digging discovers her brother founded the hate group who eventually became The Purifiers. Lauren's parents still trust Madeline as they know from experience being related to someone notorious shouldn't been held against you personally. When asked about this Riseman defends herself saying she doesn't support her brothers views and they haven't talk in decades. However Lauren still feels something is amissed and later finds out Dr. Riseman ultimate goal of eradicating the X gene which Lauren is against since she believes it should be free will to keep them or not. Reed and Caitlin finally come around after learning this and attempt to destroy her research, in which Riseman catches them in the act of. This sends the woman into a breakdown, exposing her more uglier zealous personality which makes an mutant employee turn on her, making room for the Struckers escape and destroys her research with his powers.

Personality Edit

Initially, she presents herself as a good-natured, virtuous woman accepting of mutants, even going far as employing and working with them however she has prejudiced views against them if they have aggressive powers, leading her to believe if the X genes was completely eradicated then the world wouldn't be in the turmoil state it would be in. Although, she hides this view from most of the mutants who are in experiment. She also has a zealousness to her personality as she stated to Reed and Caitlin that their children shouldn't been born in the first place just because they are mutants.

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Abilities and Skills Edit

While Madeline possesses no known mutant abilities, she does have a skill that many others lack; that being knowledge and experience of genetic mutations enough to create mutant medicine and serums to repress powers, being one of the early pioneers in this field. She was close to eradication of the X-gene before being stopped.

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