Lauren Diane Shuler Donner is an American producer. She is best known for her work within the Marvel Universe, such as "X-Men", "X-Men 2", "X-Men: The Last Stand", "Deadpool", and many others. She was an Executive Producer for FOX's The Gifted.

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Lauren was born on June 23, 1949 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her mother was a wholesale distributor and housewife. Born and raised in Cleveland, she took on photography at a young age. She went on to study film at Boston University, where she specialized in production and editing. Afterwards, she moved to Los Angeles with hopes of making it in the entertainment industry.

Laura began as an assistant editor of educational and medical films. Initially, she had no original intention to work in television, but after leaving her data at a NBC headquarters meetings, she was invited by the network invited to a vacation relief program, where she'd be filling in for employees on vacation. From there she decided to work as a camera operator due to her past photography experience, and so after being taught about cameras by the crew of The Tonight Show, Donner asked the network to work on the local news.

in 1976, she became an associate producer, when joining ABC's "Wide World of Entertainment". She then started working with several screenwriter friends and would go on to become a creative executive on "Motown Productions"'. It only got better from there as she made her television producing debut in 1979 with "Amateur Night at the Dixie Bar and Grill". Beyond this, she is widely known for her influence on many of Marvel's X-Men films.

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