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Tra-Tragedy?! You're talking to me about tragedy?! I sacrificed everything for this agency. {...} Yeah, I don't need your damn suggestions. While you cowards sit here covering your asses, real people are dying out there. Our country, our species, is under attack. You want to play your little bureaucratic games? You go right ahead. You can do it without me. I quit.
— Jace to Wolcott[src]

Jace Turner is a main character and antagonist on FOX's The Gifted.

Before joining this government agency, Jace was a police officer, who lost his daughter to a mutant related incident. He takes no pleasure from separating Mutants from their families, however, he feels it's something that must be done for public safety. Agent Turner started an illegal, non government sanctioned extermination/incarceration attempt of mutants after Dreamer, in an attempt to gain information on an illegal secret program, manipulated his memories, and unintentionally caused him to forget the death of his daughter.

After failing to take down the Mutant Underground during an all-out assault on their Atlanta based station, Jace quits his position at Sentinel Services upon the revelation that he was being used as a scapegoat for the death of Senator Montez, who was assassinated by Lorna Dane, the mutant fugitive that Jace failed to secure.

He then travels to Washington D.C. where he joins a group of Purifiers and utilizes their manpower to continue his hunt for the Mutant Underground.

Character Description

"A weathered man who quietly wrestles with the moral ambiguities of a job that regularly requires cold-blooded, calculating efficiency on a day-to-day basis."[1]

Early Life

Jace's father died at the age of 40 which forced him to grow up without a father for the majority of his childhood. After graduating from the Police Academy, he became an officer of the law. At some point, he met his future wife Paula and their relationship grew over the course of time, allowing them to get happily married and have a child together whom they named Grace. On July 15th, 2013, when Grace was seven-year-old, she was killed in a mutant related incident that later came to be known as 7/15. This set Jace on his course in persecuting mutants of all kinds, which eventually resulted in him becoming a field agent for Sentinel Services.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Agent Turner shows up at the Strucker house

In "eXposed", Agent Jace Turner arrives at the Strucker house to take Andy and Lauren Strucker into custody after a mutant related incident at their school, which was being described as an act of terrorism. Under the amended Patriot Act, it is Sentinel Services duty to secure the safety of the community. However, Caitlin Strucker is reluctant to allow them into her home. He attempts to reason with Caitlin as he too, was a parent, and this is as much for Andy and Lauren's protection as it is for everyone else's. Agent Turner and his partner Agent Weeks bypass Caitlin, knocking her down in the process, which angers Andy, who causes the entire house to shake. Turner urges Andy to calm down and to come with him for questioning but as the shaking persists, Agent Turner and Agent Weeks draw their firearms. However, they don't account for Lauren blocking their path with a shield, though it only lasts for a few moments. Unfortunately, this provides the Struckers with enough time to escape in the family's car.

The next day, he arrives at the Central Courthouse Building, and requests access to Reed Strucker's office, as well as his computer and emails. A court order is being processed should they encounter any resistance. Reed Strucker's boss is surprised to learn that Reed would run after being a part of the office for fifteen years, and the mutant task force for five years. In Agent Turner's experience, perspectives changes when it's your own kid.

Agent Turner instructs the fugitives to surrender

Unlike his last encounter with the Struckers, Agent Turner comes prepared with a fully assembled team. They corner the Struckers and Mutant Underground affiliate Eclipse in an abandoned warehouse. Agent Turner speaks from a microphone, announcing himself as the Sentinel Services before demanding that each of them get on the ground and put their hands on their head. If they try to flee, Sentinel Services won't hesitate to use deadly force. Reed demands an attorney as they would only negotiate if one was provided. Clearly misinformed, Agent Turner explains that there will be no negotiations. He advises Reed to think about what is best for his family. He is forced to deploy the Sentinels after Thunderbird and Blink comes to the fugitives rescue. Following the Sentinels with their guns drawn, Agent Turner and his team proceed throughout the building in search of the fugitives. Before Reed can escape with his family through a portal created by Blink, he is shot and apprehended.

Agent Turner instructs the agents of officers

In "rX", after an unsuccessful attempt to apprehend the Struckers in an abandoned warehouse, Agent Turner announces to both Sentinel Services Agents and Atlanta PD that in addition to the Struckers, they are also searching for three mutant suspects, two unidentified males (Thunderbird and Eclipse), and one female prison escapee (Blink). All are to be considered extremely dangerous as they are believed to be affiliated with the national network in the business of helping persecuted mutant fugitives escape government custody. They are to search every square inch of the surrounding area, behind, doors, walls, and even under water. Just because something seemed impossible, doesn't mean it didn't happen. With mutants, anything is possible.

He then introduces himself to Reed Strucker as he is being carried away on a stretcher, informing Reed that the reason for his inability to move is due to the fact that he was hit with an immobilization round, and that the effects are to wear off in a few hours.

Agent Turner interrogates Mr. Strucker

After ensuring that Reed knows his rights, the interrogation begins. Reed explains that he's been a prosecutor for 20 years, thus he knows his families rights. It isn't illegal to be a mutant, he notes. Agent Turner agrees, though he does focus on crimes committed by them. Agent Turner only asks that Reed cooperate, but how could he after Sentinel Services sent Sentinels after his children? Agent Turner reminds Reed that before they released the Sentinels that the Struckers were given the opportunity to surrender peacefully, which they declined. Reed then asks for his lawyer, which Agent Turner insists is ill-advised. He claims that he is doing Reed a favor by even talking to him as there are no deals or offers on the table as of yet.

The next day Agent Turner brings up charges of terrorism against Reed. He points to Lorna Dane on the monitor, more commonly known as Polaris. From what they have been able to put together, Reed used her police file to get in contact with the Underground. They had spoken Reed's co-worker, and she told them everything. There had been talk for quite some time about classifying the Underground as a mutant terrorist group, like the Brotherhood or Mutant Liberation Front. Their lawyers wanted to make Reed and Lorna their test case though Reed objects that the Underground is nothing like the former groups mentioned. However, Agent Turner reminds Reed that he was just prosecuting Lorna a few days ago. He goes on to explain how he lost his daughter Grace during the 7/15 incident. She was only 7. People constantly talk about the X-Men and the Brotherhood, but Agent Turner is never going to know if the blast of energy that killed his daughter came from a good mutant or a bad mutant. Nonetheless, Reed is positive that the charges he face will never stick but Turner disagrees.

Agent Turner needs Reed to understand the stakes, as he was making the mistake that he, his wife, and his kids were the only ones at jeopardy. He escorts Reed into the interrogation room, where they watched from the one way mirror as Agent Weeks interrogates Reed's mother, Ellen Strucker. They are bringing in every potential co-conspirator. If Rreed desires the interrogation to end, all he has to do is tell Agent Turner who was involved and how to find the rest of the Strucker family.

Agent Turner returns to the interrogation

Later, Agent Turner asks if Reed is ready to talk, but it seems that he isn't, even in spite of putting his mother through an interrogation. Reed had been thinking about it and he has come to the conclusion that he isn't the one in trouble. He had sat on Agent Turner's side of the table. So, if Turner truly was going to throw him in jail, he would've done it already. Between coming in with charges and dragging his mother in, Reed has come to the conclusion that Agent Turner overplayed his hand. He had a bad day, lost millions of dollars worth of equipment and allowed 6 mutants to slip through his fingers. Reed's been in his shoes enough to know that he's desperate. So Reed turns the tables on Turner. He agrees to make a deal, but only on his terms, meaning that his mother, wife, children and anyone else they had brought in gets to go free. Agent Turner reluctantly agrees so long as he gets the Mutant Underground.

Agent Turner offers Lorna a deal

In "eXodus", Agent Turner visits Lorna Dane at the Fulton County Jail. He tells her that he is not far off from taking down the Underground, starting with Marcos, who goes by the street name of Eclipse. Turner came to give Lorna one last chance to cooperate. Should she, he will arrange visitation for her and Marcos. At least while in prison, they would be able to create some kind of family. On the other hand, should Lorna refuse to give her cooperation, she will end up some place much worse. Either she will give him what he wants at the jail or she'll give him what he wants there. He gives Lorna some time to think about it. Should they bust the Underground without her, she'll lose any deal being offered.

Agent Turner wants Reed to be a mole for Sentinel Services.

The next day, Agent Turner and Reed retrace his steps leading up to his capture. They pick up at Reed and Marcos meeting at Tex's Lounge to broker a deal to move his family to Mexico. Reed recalls Marcos being familiar with the bartender, Fade, making him the contact to the Underground. With that, Agent Turners tells Agent Weeks to get a recon team out by the bar. Agent Turner then explains that they're going to put out a fake APB for Reed, saying that he managed to escape capture. Assuming the bar is connected to the Underground, they'll hear about it. Should Reed not be able to make contact, Agent Turner tells him to get them to take him to his family. Sentinel Services will then pick up Marcos Diaz and roll-up their entire operation. As for the Underground, they're classified as a terrorist organization. So they'll be dealt with accordingly.

Agent Turner, Reed and Agent Week in the surveillance van

Later, Turner, Weeks, and Reed sit in a surveillance van not far from Tex's lounge. Sentinel Services Headquarters has sent out the APB notice. As of an hour ago, Reed Strucker is the subject of a multi-agency manhunt. With any luck, their target will have heard about it. Reed simply needed to convince them to take him to the Underground. Meanwhile, Agent Turner and Agent Weeks will track him with an ankle monitor. It's thin enough to the point where it won't be felt if Reed is subject to a pat-down and it also won't come off unless Turner unlocks it. Having already hacked the nearby surveillance cameras, they watch as Fade exits the backdoor of the bar to dump the trash, providing them with the perfect opportunity to send Reed out. Before doing so, Agent Turner reminds him that his family is depending on him. Their plan proceeds ahead as Reed eventually gains Fade's trust, and is taken into the bar.

Agent Turner follows van

In the surveillance van, Agent Turner messages a woman, presumably his girlfriend or wife, named Paula. He tells her that he loves her and that he'll be home late. Afterward, Agent Weeks, who is observing the monitor, tells him that Reed and Fade are on the move. Turner then alerts backup of their position. They follow the van from a distance, keeping eyes on it at all time. However, everything does not go as planned, as Reed has a change of heart, deciding to jump out of Fade's van, allowing him to get away. Agent Turner is outraged. He scolds Reed for going back on their deal.

Agent Turner takes Lorna to her cell

In "eXit strategy", Agent Turner has Polaris escorted back to her cell, where she would be held for the next couple of days, ignoring her taunts and her request to be called "Polaris" instead of her real name. A stunned Polaris discovers her former prosecutor Reed Strucker is imprisoned as well and asks why he is there, in which Turner explains that Reed has "legal problems" of his own. He also reveals that they are both to be transferred to the same facility together. Before leaving the room, he receives another taunt from Polaris, to which he unhumorously bites back by once again referring to her real name, much to her agitation.

Agent Turner and Agent Weeks investigate

Later that week, Turner is in route with Sentinel Services to transport Reed and Lorna to maximum security prison. The escort is halt up when a back tire on the prison bus is blown out, causing Jace and the other agents to investigate. Immediately realizing mutants are the cause of the blowout, Turner orders the teams of agents to lock down the whole perimeter. His partner Weeks confirms Jace's suspicions, reporting gunfire up the street, but they are unsure of how many hostiles they're up against, with a minimum guess of at least three. Turner then orders the agents to maintain their positions and look for more hostiles, telling them they're to continue their prisoner escort in five minutes.

Agent Turner orders Sentinel Services to shoot

Upon seeing the prison bus implode from the inside, Turner realizes Polaris and Reed have broken free, and orders all agents "shoot to kill". Seeing Polaris and Reed escape from the back of the convoy, Turner and Sentinel Services fire at them, but their bullets are sent back at them via Polaris' powers. She then uses her powers to strip them of their guns. Outmatched, Turner orders a retreat. He then witnesses Reed and Polaris' escape with their attackers in a Sentinel Services vehicle. Outraged over the loss, Turner orders to shut down ever safe house, sympathizer, and anyone's who's ever helped them, declaring he wants everyone within the Mutant Underground network.

Jace during 7/15

In "boXed in", four years ago, moments prior to the events of 7/15, Jace and his wife Paula are at park with their daughter Grace in Dallas, Texas. Grace asks her father to continue playing on the merry-go-round with her, but he declines, saying he taking a little break. Paula teasingly asked if "a big, bad Dallas cop" was dizzy from a merry-go-round, causing an amused Jace to jokingly tell her to try it with how fast Grace is going on it. The two then share a kiss, joking that he's starting to feel better already. The couple then notice a mutant rights' march, which the duty sergeant asked to Jace to help with crowd control, which he declined, having promised his family a picnic. Upon seeing the march getting a bit intense and mutant energy blasts in the sky, Jace and Paula decides they should leave for their own safety and calls for Grace to come with them. Before Grace can retrieve her doll and join them, a giant ball of energy erupts from the sky, triggering a massive explosion, in which Grace is tragically killed. A devastated Jace and Paula grieve over the loss of their daughter.

Agent Turner and Agent Weeks track the Underground

Present day, in the immediate aftermath of Polaris and Reed Strucker's escape, Agent Turner and Agent Weeks are in pursuit of the Underground members who escaped in a Sentinel Service registered SUV. Weeks reveals that the vehicle's GPS tracker has been pulled and is now headed to north on 23 towards Druid Hills. Turner orders all tactical units be rerouted and to launch an aerial drone, knowing they'll abandon the SUV as soon as possible.

When their drone is destroyed, Turner orders the location locked down and units at every intersection within a ten-mile radius. He then has their transport en route towards the interstate, on the chance they use side roads to get there.

Agent Turner cuts off Polaris and Eclipse

Arriving at the location, Turner receives a call form Paula, who was concerned about Jace, as he had not returned home from the prison transfer sometime after noon as promised. He reveals that he and Sentinel Services had an issue, unable to disclose the full story. He promises to be home soon after "the job is done". Turner asks Weeks where the other units were, as he made the request for their location 20 minutes ago. Weeks reveals they're ten minutes away and that the deputy director rerouted some units to expand the search, much to Turner's frustration. Seeing a car speeding their way, Turner orders all agents to aim their firearms. Ordering them to exit the car and surrender, Jace is caught off-guard as Polaris uses her powers to dispatch one of the agents. With his order to surrender ignored, Turner and the other agent open fire, but their bullets are reflected, and Polaris disables another agent and steals Turner's gun, leaving him at her mercy.

Polaris and Eclipse take Turner to an abandoned warehouse for interrogation. He tells them to just shoot him, but Polaris merely taunts him as has a metal pole tied around his neck as payback for the mutant collar he put on her.

Eclipse and Polaris kidnap Agent Turner

When being questioned on why a mutant was working with Sentinel Services, Jace tauntingly answers he was working with them, and that not all mutants are terrorists. Eclipse and Polaris don't buy as Sentinel Services tried to kill him and wouldn't just turn own his own kind. Jace states his motives are for what happened on July 15. Eclipse counters only a few people caused the incident, not all mutants, and that a lot of humans and mutants were killed that day. Jace agrees, but says nobody had to die. He then says he won't apologize for trying to stop violence. Eclipse bites back at him for causing more violence. Turner then told them that his 7-year-old daughter was killed that day.

Ecllipse and Polaris learn that Agent Turner's daughter died during 7/15

A while later, Turner asks if Polaris and Eclipse knew that their situation is only gonna get worse. Polaris tauntingly asks if it was for them or him. He then states she's already in enough trouble and that their only move is to release him and him and hope for the best. Lorna decides to make a deal with Turner to tell them about Pulse and their secret detention centers, but he counters they're only kept secret from "dangerous people" like them off the streets. Marcos counters that Turner meant "mutants", not people, reminding him that Pulse was guarding his prison convoy. Jace then tells them they're gonna be disappointed if they thought he was going to reveal employee personnel files. Polaris confidently tells Jace they'll find out what they wanna know one way or another. Dreamer and Blink arrive via Clarice's portal, just as Sentinel Service arrives.

Agent Turner's mind is invaded by Dreamer

Polaris tells Dreamer that Jace knows what happened to Pulse and doesn't want to tell them. Turner then warns Sonya whatever she's about to do will be considered assault on a federal officer. Sonya confidently (and mockingly) assures him that he won't feel a thing, before using her powers to view his memories. Before she can fully extract the information, the warehouse is bombed with tear gas, forcing the Mutant Underground to flee. Due to being interrupted during her mind scan, the effect of Dreamer's power causes Jace's various memories to overwhelm his mind, causing him extreme mental pain.

Later, that night, Jace is escorted home to a worried Paula. He assures her that he's fine, just a little "scrambled". He then asks if Grace is still up. Paula painfully reminds him that their daughter had died four years ago. Heartbroken, Jace breaks into tears in his wife's arms.

Jace returns to work

In "got your siX", Jace returns to work at the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters despite being put on a mandatory leave of absence. His return comes as a surprise to Agent Weeks who attempts to convince him to leave. Everybody's heart broke for Jace and Paula after learning that he had lost his memory of Grace's death, but he's not supposed to be at work. Regardless, Jace enters his office, looking to the photo of his family before calling Dr. Campbell.

Dr. Campbell enters Agent Turner's office with news of his reinstatement. Campbell is accompanied by Aide, an associate of his who happens to be part of the Hound program. Dr. Campbell reassured them that Agent Turner is committed to the cause. One last thing, the Strucker children, Dr. Campbell wants access to their files now that he and Agent Turner are working together. Agent Turner reluctantly agrees.

Agent Turner holds a conference

The next day, Agent Turner holds a conference to inform everyone that the mutants that were at the roadblock were the same mutants from the cell that broke into the Baton Rouge federal building to steal vital, classified information. Dr. Campbell and Aide also attend the conference. Agent Turner wants surveillance on all cellphones within a 50-mile radius of the roadblock site. They're to also monitor target names, keywords, repeated phrases, anything that sounds like coded communication.

Agent Turner and Dr. Campbell discuss moving their mutant assets into the field

In "eXtreme measures", at the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, Agent Turner meets with Dr. Campbell and his associate/mutant asset Aide in the conference room. Dr. Campbell is hoping to get a sense of how their surveillance program is proceeding. While Sentinel Services has been monitoring every phone call in the region, the Mutant Underground is discreet in their workings. They're ditching burner cells every day and using some sort of cloaking to beat their scans. This only reinforces Dr. Campbell's conviction to take a more direct approach. To date, they've employed their mutant assets cautiously, but now it's time to be more effective by placing their assets in the field. Agent Turner doesn't believe that they're ready for undercover operations, but Dr. Campbell has evidence to suggest otherwise. He has placed several mutant assets in local prisons as part of an experimental program. They remained undetected until activation. And when they were activated, they were quite effective.

Agent Turner orders support teams

Agent Turner orders support teams for the mutant assets that are to be sent into the field. Unfortunately, he has troubles ahead. Agent Weeks informs him that an official from the Department of Justice has unexpectedly shown up. She wishes to discuss the new field operation that Turner is planning. They are preparing a briefing though she notes that should've been done before he launched the program. This is a legal nightmare. They have neither warrants nor probable cause. But as Agent Turner points out, she can't even begin to understand the power that certain mutants possess. Agent Weeks attempts to justify their actions under the terrorist guidelines though she isn't buying it. She then address his partnership with Dr. Campbell, who runs a program that doesn't exist, officially. She requests that he suspend the program but Agent Turner refuses.

Campbell sits with Turner as they argue their case against the Department of Justice attorney.

Later, Agent Turner, Agent Weeks and Dr. Campbell are called in by the same official of the Department of Justice from before. She wants to make sure there is no confusion from where they stand. Their warrantless surveillance has strayed well outside of legal bounds. So they cannot deploy mutant assets against suspects. Turner informs her that they're pursuing terrorists. Although, she corrects him in saying that they're pursing people they suspect of terrorism. She reminds him that before anything else, they are American citizens. However, Agent Turner begs to differ. They protest the government, conspire with mutants in other countries, and even consider themselves to be a separate species. He questions why they should enjoy the rights of American citizens when they're determined not to act like American citizens. She replies that this argument was tried on Catholics in the 1950s, on Muslims in the 2000s, and the Supreme Court shut it down every time. So she's requesting a court order. Before she can continue, she begins to have a stroke, though Campbell comes to her aid.

Agent Turner calls Dr. Campbell shortly thereafter as he suspects that Dr. Campbell had Aide induce a stroke. Fortunately, she'll live. But Campbell denies all allegations. Turner worries that the DOJ (Department of Justice) will just send someone else. In a few weeks, Campbell suspects. But until then, their work can proceed.

Dr. Campbell and Agent Turner proceed with the Hound program

The following day, Agent Turner and Dr. Campbell have begun their undercover program involving sending their mutant assets into the field. They've started with the assets who can target the Underground immediately. Turner questions the success rate of their plan since they had been trying to send in spies for years. Rather than spies, Campbell thinks of them as weapons. All they have to do is get them inside. The "Hounds" will take it from there. Turner, Campbell and Aide enter a secured room to find at least a dozen Hounds waiting for command.

Agent Turner and Agent Weeks outside the hospital room

In "outfoX", Agent Turner and Agent Weeks watches from outside the hospital room as Dr. Campbell lies in the hospital bed thriving in pain after his run-in with Otto Strucker in Chattanooga. He seems to have suffered horrendous burns all over his face. Aide, his mutant asset appears to be trying to heal him. Turner suspects that the Mutant Underground will be looking to launch another attack, so they need to put a team together, however, it will be tough to sell an operation like that without specific intel as Washington is upset about losing two agents during the explosion. Unfortunately, Agent Turner was tasked with informing the families. To make matters worse, the Underground knows about the Hound program, meaning the lab is their next target.

Jace on the phone with Paula

Jace later calls Paula to tell her that it's going to be another late night at the office. Not that she is surprised. Jace is certain that they're closing in, but Paula doesn't like that he's going back to work so soon. Jace tells her that it isn't just about him. He wants justice for all of them. They say that they love each other before hanging up. Agent Weeks enters his office to inform that he pulled together a team to look into the lab. But they're risking it all for this. If they failed an unauthorized investigation into a covert facility they would soon be talking to the FBI in handcuffs.

Agent Turner discovers the Underground's plan

As Agent Turner enters the conference room, Agent Weeks informs him that they checked into everything, but there are no irregularities with the lab. As for lab employees, everything seemed fine. One was out of town for a funeral while another claims he's sick. Turner inquires about the sick security guard, who called in last night. He realizes that something isn't right and requests Trask's employee network to pull the guard's file. However, Agent Weeks argues that it's a dead end. The guy passed out in a bar, bumped his head and was probably sleeping off a hangover. On the guard's file, Agent Turner finds the access information to the power station. He believes that their plan is to hit the power station, thus providing the mutants with a way in. So he orders a tactical team.

Agent Weeks and Agent Turner prepare to move in

Agent Turner sets up his tactical team. But Agent Weeks still isn't convinced that the mutants are planning to hit the power station since he thought they were going after Campbell's lab. Turner explains that the lab is still priority, but it's not a coincidence that the guard who called in sick has access to the power station. Turner is convinced that the mutants are trying to disable the lab's security before they go in. Agent Weeks informs Turner that he's making a lot of leaps. They're done if the remote units don't find anything. Unfortunately for Agent Turner, Zones 1-3 are clear. But just as it starts to seem that they were wrong, remote units have targeted, meaning they've found the mutants. So the team heads in. Weeks is concerned that the Sentinel will be destroyed just like the last time, but Agent Turner informs him that they've been improved.

After capturing Blink and Dreamer, Agent Turner, Agent Weeks, and numerous other agents surround Andy and Lauren Strucker in the basement of the power station. Agent Turner tells them it's over as they get on their knees and ability suppressing collars are placed around their neck.

Agent Turner interrogates Sonya

In "eXploited", Agent Turner interrogates Sonya in the interrogation room. According to Sonya's statement, she, Clarice, Lauren and Andy wandered into the power substation because they got lost. She claims that they were looking for the aquarium. While it is a bit hazy for him given that Sonya unintentionally scrambled his brain, which he believes was done to cover their own tracks, Agent Turner is able to recall their previous encounter, where she dug through his mind for information in relation to Trask Industries and their Hound program. Agent Turner reveals to Sonya that she took the memories of the last few days that he had of his daughter, Grace, which Sonya had no prior knowledge of. After the incident in which they held him hostage in a warehouse for hours, he went home that night to read his daughter a bedtime story. However, his wife had to stop him, to remind him that their daughter had died four years prior. Because of Sonya, he has been cursed with the opportunity to lose his daughter twice. As tears of remorse runs down Sonya's face, she apologizes for her actions, claiming that it was an accident. Unfortunately, Agent Turner isn't after an apology. This matter is extremely personal for him. He wants Sonya to pay. As he is leaving the room, he informs Sonya that they are going to introduce her into the Hound program.

Agent Turner monitors Agent Week's interrogation of Clarice, who claims that she too got lost, but while looking for the restroom. Agent Weeks offers Clarice the opportunity to make a deal because she won't like what follows. Despite his offer, Clarice refuses to talk. Agent Turner takes this time to call Dr. Campbell with the news of Clarice, Sonya, Andy and Lauren's apprehension, before arranging them to be sent to Trask.

Paula comforts Jace

Jace returns home and has a drink. Paula, noticing the signs, realizes that it must've been a rough day at work for him. Jace claims that he's fine, but she knows there's more to it. He says that it's just work stuff that he can't talk about with her though she hates that he has been burdened with carrying all that on his shoulders. Nonetheless, she is so proud of him. But she wants him to take time off. However, he can't as he is on to something big. Leaving Paula to question if he wants to end up like his father, leaving her widowed at 40. Jace replies of course not. But she'd make a hot widow, he remarks. The doorbell rings. She answers it. Upon opening the door, Caitlin and Reed force their way in with a gun.

Reed and Caitlin try to convince Agent Turner to release the mutants

Jace tells Caitlin and Reed that kidnapping him and Paula will only hurt their cause. Furthermore, Sentinel Services doesn't negotiate with terrorist. Reed explains that it isn't a kidnapping and that they aren't terrorist. At the end of this, they're going to walk away. What happens after that is up to Turner. Caitlin explains that they're only there to talk about their kids and the other mutants who are being tortured. So Paula decides to hear them out. Reed and Caitlin want the Hound program shut down. But Agent Turner isn't willing to let an entire facility full of criminals to go free. All Reed is asking is that he uphold the constitution. However, Agent Turner counters that everything going on at Trask labs has been authorized by Congress.

Caitlin tells Paula about the Hound program

Reed and Caitlin continue to plead their case to free Andy and Lauren along with the other mutants. While Reed insists that Turner knows what Trask is doing is wrong, Turner counters that what they're doing is perfectly legal. The matter isn't up for debate as far as Turner is concerned. He reminds Reed that Andy and Lauren were apprehended attacking a key infrastructure facility. Which makes them terrorists. Whatever their circumstances, Turner points out that at least their kids are alive. Meanwhile, his daughter is dead. Caitlin then speaks up. She knows how upsetting this must be for Turner with them at his house as she recalls him coming into her house with a gun. His home is the last place she wants to be. Caitlin tells Paula that she's seen first hand what the Hound program does to people. It pumps the mutants full of drugs until they are helplessly addicted. They're also given mental conditioning so that they have to do as told. And then they are sent to kill everyone they love. Caitlin and Reed then exit the Turner's home. As soon as they do, Jace prepares to call a team to hunt them down, but Paula wonders if what they said was true, which it is. Which leaves her to question what Jace is doing in Grace's name.

Sentinel Services comes to take the mutants back from Trask

After speaking with Paula, Agent Turner, Weeks and a small team of agents head to Trask labs to retrieve the prisoners. Agent Turner had been reviewing the status of the detainees and he isn't satisfied that any of it is legal. He has revisited the deal and decided to take the mutants back. Turner looks at the monitors, with each one providing a view into the prisoners' cell. He notices that Sonya is missing. Campbell tells him that there was an incident during one of their experiments and she didn't make it. Agent Turner is upset, but proceeds to round up the other mutants.

Agent Turner knocked unconcious

After securing the mutant prisoners, Agent Turner and Agent Weeks approach the booth and hand the guard authorization papers for a transfer. They're taking out all the prisoners. But before they can leave, they find themselves under attack by Esme, a refugee who's recently found herself allied with the Mutant Underground. She is a telepath. She uses her abilities to take control of Agent Weeks, forcing him to shoot the guard in the booth as well as Agent Turner, before turning the gun on himself and pulling the trigger. Agent Turner is helpless in stopping him. Unfortunately, the attack doesn't stop there. Another agent is instructed to take his grenade off his belt, pull the pin and then get in his car. A couple seconds later, the car explodes with the agent and his partner inside. Agent Turner tries to stop the massacre but is knocked unconscious by the explosion.

Jace at Ed's funeral

In "3 X 1", Sentinel Services holds a burial for Agent Ed Weeks, who was murdered by Esme during the Trask escape. Jace steps forward to say a few words. Weeks was a good man, an agent and a close friend of his. Ed lived a life of service, and he gave the ultimate sacrifice. Jace grew up in his granddad's church. There's a story that he learned there. In the beginning, the Lord loved one angel above all the others. To him, he gave special gifts. He made that angel beautiful and powerful. But one day, that angel decided that he wanted to rule over Heaven. That angel disobeyed God. And for that, he was cast down out of Heaven. That angel was Lucifer. We have, living among us, some who have been given special gifts. Some who, like Lucifer, have followed their pride into darkness. They ask for understanding. They ask for tolerance, but Jace is done tolerating evil. He promises that they're going find the mutants responsible for Ed's death and bring them to justice.

Agent Turner visits his daughter's grave

Agent Turner visits Grace's grave to leave some flowers. He is interrupted but Campbell, who has come to offer his condolences, among other things. He admires what Turner did at the lab to spare the mutant the trials of the Hound program as he is fully aware that the program is the furthest thing from humane. However, he started it to end a terrible conflict that threatens all of humanity, that being mutants. Campbell understands that Agent Turner was trying to be merciful, but the time for mercy is over. This is a crucial moment for them. The research at Trask has entered a new phase, but they want Agent Turner's support before proceeding further.

Dr. Campbell and Agent Turner forge an alliance

The next day, at Trask, Agent Turner is taken to see the Hounds by Dr. Campbell. From Andy and Lauren, they've learned how to combine the Hounds' abilities. When Turner asks if this is legal, Campbell replies that it's well within the mandate of Trask Laboratories. Also, Campbell's confident that they're political allies can handle the bureaucrats once they see the program's potential. The Frosts and the Strucker siblings all had the ability to harness exponentially more power together than apart. Dr. Campbell directs Agent Turner's attention to the Inertia Hound, who has the ability to manipulate intermittent bursts of inertia, while the Gravity Hound influences gravity in minor ways. Separately, their powers are of limited use, but together, that's another matter. So Campbell wants to demonstrate the program in the field. They can help each other as Turner wants to take down the Underground while Campbell wants his program to expand.

Dr. Campbell and Agent Turner in the van

The next day, with Sentinel Services behind them, Agent Turner and Dr. Campbell attack the Mutant Underground's Fairburn station with their mutant assets after getting a tip off one of the truck drivers who ships mutants south of there. Agent Turner and Dr. Campbell watch from the surveillance van as the Hounds tear the building down. They can flush out the mutants without Turner needing to send his men in harms way. Campbell explains to Turner that the manacle around the Hounds' wrist mingles their bloodstreams, conjoining them and their powers. With the right mutants, the possibilities are endless. As they flush out most of the refugees, Turner orders all units to prepare to move in.

Agent Turner and Dr. Campell convince Director Wolcott to proceed with the Hound program

At the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, Agent Turner and Dr. Campbell inform Director Wolcott that the Hound program is more effective than anything they've put in the field before, which includes the Sentinels. The program has unlimited potential as they're building on what they got from the Strucker children, as well as their grandfather's research. However, it will still take significant resources to get the program off the ground. Agent Turner interjects that they've lost too may people to be politically correct. At the end of the day, people want results and actions. Director Wolcott agrees, and tells them to a demonstration prepared. Benchmarks, timeline, resources needed to bring it Washington later that week. They can make the program an international effort with the right support.

Agent Novak and Agent Turner

In "X-roads", Agent Turner arrives on the scene of Southern Worldwide Insurance company, where Ellen Strucker works to learn that Andy Strucker attacked two Sentinel Services agents and fled before back up could arrive. However, their getaway may not be as clean as they thought. Dr. Campbell sent Turner a new pair of Hounds. One is clairvoyant and the other one detects organic molecules. Together, they make a good tracker, allowing Sentinel Services to track the Struckers' route.

Agent Turner updates Director Wolcott

Using the Hounds, Agent Turner tracks the Struckers' trail down to the gas station where they stopped at to ditch the SUV. Agent Turner calls Director Wolcott to update him on their operations. They're following up on their attack in Atlanta. It appears to be related to the Underground. Wolcott reveals to Agent Turner the attack at the Summit. With Dr. Campbell working to get political support in D.C. to expand the Hound program, they needed a win in their favor. The Hounds are picking up 2 trails after searching the car and the road. One with Ellen Strucker headed towards the highway and the other follows the rest of the Struckers to the city outskirts. They'll alert the local police about Ellen while perusing the Struckers to the Underground Headquarters.

Agent Turner prepares to infiltrate the station

Sentinel Services gear up on the road. The Hounds are indicating that the trail heads off into the woods, but the area is a toxic waste contamination site. the whole area's off-limits as a lot of people supposedly got sick up there. Turner realizes that this worked as the perfect cover for the Underground. He isn't convinced that the area is toxic as the mutants seem to be doing just fine, as well as the humans with them. Agent Turner calls Director Wolcott to inform him that they're closing in on the Underground. Wolcott tells him to send in the S.W.A.T team and then the assault team from Fairburn.

Agent Turner sends the Hounds in

Sentinel Services slowly moves in. When they do, the Underground attacks at once. They fire guns while also relying on their abilities. After being hit by the Struckers, the agents are forced to fallback per Agent Turner's request. Agent Turner then sends in the Inertia Hound and the Gravity Hound to end the station as they are past taking prisoners. He intends on bringing it all down. And the Hounds are capable of doing jut that with the manacle combining their powers. The Underground attempts to protect the station, but the Hounds hit the station hard. They shake the building with each blast. Agent Turner watches from a safe distance as the Underground stops resisting and the Hounds continue their assault.

Agent Turner watches the Underground building get destroyed

Agent Turner tells them to end it if they meet any resistance. Just behind those Hounds who just attack the station, are the Clairvoyant and Molecule Hounds, who unleashes a sonic scream, causing the building to crumble. As the Hounds proceed further into the station, they are met by Andy and Lauren, who have conjoined hands and combined powers before unleashing a wave of power so strong that it kills the Hounds and completely vaporizes the station. Outside the station, Agent Turner orders that his men fallback as the station falls.

Jace quits from Sentinel Services

At the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, Director Wolcott scolds Agent Turner for the mishap at the Atlanta station. They've reviewed the operation and so far there are grave questions about Turner's judgement. He launched the assault without proper backup. However, Turner launched that assault under the Director's instructions. Director Wolcott claims that his instructions were to apprehend any terrorists in a way that secured the safety of their agents and mutant assets. Agent Turner realizes that he's being made out to be the scapegoat. However, Director Wolcott explains that it's not just the Underground they have to worry about. They lost Senator Montez in a plane crash at the hands of a mutant criminal (Polaris) that Turner failed to secure. Had he been more careful, theses tragedies may have been prevented. Agent Turner becomes irate. He accuses them of being cowards who are only concerned with covering themselves while real people die. If they want to play their bureaucratic games, they can do it without him as Jace quits the agency.

Season 2

Jace suspects that mutants are behind the blackouts

In unMoored, Jace returns home from work. He greets his wife Paula in the kitchen, whose had a rough day. She asks Jace about a meeting he had earlier that day, to which he replies that he thinks he landed a new client for the firm. Defense contractor, who want to use some private security guys. While Paula is thrilled, Jace seems distracted. He had been thinking about the blackouts that hit D.C. He had a feeling about them, that they were mutant related. Paula becomes upset, asking him not to back track to this obsession with the Mutant Underground as he had been doing so well for the last three months. While Jace insists that while he's moved on, the blackouts are certainly the doing of mutants. However, Paula is very much aware of the files he keeps on the Mutant Underground in the attic. Paula wants to build a new family, and so she makes Jace promise that he'll focus on what's important.

Jace visits an old friend with his suspicion of mutants causing the blackouts

Jace meets up with an old friend of his at the bar. His friend, Agent Myers, reveals that a lot of folks around Sentinel Services thought Jace got a raw deal on the Mutant Underground situation. Jace called him to pick his brain about the blackout that hit D.C. According to reports, some kind of electrical storm hit a substation. Glitch in the stem knocked out the whole grid. Jace doesn't believe this is true after reading all the news reports about the right transformers that exploded. There were even surges through the grid for half an hour. Jace recalls Lorna, who possessed certain abilities to make something such as this occur. Agent Myers informs Jace that his theory is crazy and that he should let it go. Jace has a new life and he and Paula pulled through. Myers doesn't want to see him blow all that for the sake of some conspiracy theory.

Jace throws away his Mutant Underground files

Paula returns home to find Jace throwing away all his files on the Mutant Underground to her surprise. Jace tells her that for the longest time he thought that if he stopped chasing after mutants, he'd be letting Grace down. He tells her that he now sees there will never be enough justice in the world for Grace, and if he doesn't let go of the past, he's going to lose his future, too. Jace says to Paula that she didn't just lose her daughter on 7/15. She lost her husband, too. Hearing this from Jace, means a lot to Paula, who then hugs Jace.

Jace requests to speak with the on-duty sergeant

In coMplications, Jace heads to the local police precinct in Washington DC. He leaves his car and makes a quick call to Paula. It goes straight to voicemail and Jace quickly apologizes for taking off but tells her that he had too and will be worth it. He says he loves her and will call again when the job is done. He heads on inside and goes to the front desk. The officer at the desk tells Jace that they were backed up and couldn't see the lieutenant. Jace says that he'll speak to the sergeant instead as he has information about mutant fugitives but the clerk tells him that he can't talk to anyone right now. Jace explains that he has important information about the blackout and the lights appearing in the sky above the city and the officer asks who he is with. Jace momentarily freezes before saying that he's a concerned citizen. The clerk explains that whatever he has then he could pass along himself but Jace wasn't going into the main offices. Jace tells him that he isn't some guy off the street but was on the job. He then tells him that he lost his daughter on 7/15 and the sergeant will be happy to hear what he has to say. The officer then asks Jace to take a seat and he'll see what he can do.

Sergeant Lopez and Jace look over the files

He meets with the Sergeant and shows him all the files he has on Eclipse, Polaris and the Frost sisters. Jace explains that the lights appearing over the city's sky was likely caused by Eclipse and if they share their resources then they could catch them all. The Sergeant asks him if he was a cop back in Georgia but Jace tells him he was actually with Sentinel Services but left to go to the private security sector. The Sergeant explains that their budget was cut and Jace offers to buy drinks when they bring the mutants in. The Sergeant agrees to let Jace in and look through their information but tells him that it has to be kept quiet and between them. Jace goes through the station's files but is frustrated on the lack of information they have. He then hears a radio dispatch of a car accident that might be mutant related and a request for a mutant forensic. He quickly writes the address down and leaves the station.

Jace at the crash site

When Jace arrives, he sees that there had been a car crash and asks some of the gathered construction workers if they had seen what happened. They tell him that they heard the crash but there was no one there when they arrived. Though if mutant forensics showed up then it had to be mutants. Jace wonders if they are still around but the workers don't think so. Jace then looks around and notices some blood on a slightly open gate door. He goes to scout the area and hears the sound of a car. He checks it out and spots Reed and Lauren Strucker getting into a car and tries to run after them. But, the car drives off before he can catch them.

Jace is told to leave

He returns to the station and tells the Sergeant that he had just spotted the mutants leaving the scene. The Sergeant then asks him what he was doing at an accident site. Jace tells him that he heard the call on the wire and that he spotted the Struckers when he got there. He then tells him that they had to move quickly but the Sergeant loudly tells him that there is no 'we'. Their conversation begins to draw the attention of the other officers and the Sergeant tells Jace he has to leave. When he asks why, the Sergeant tells him that he made some calls and learned about what happened back in Atlanta. Jace tries to explain but the Sergeant says that it should start with him getting thrown out of Sentinel Services. Jace moves to defend himself and explain that his bosses tried to make him a scapegoat but gets cut off. The Sergeant reveals what Sentinel Services told him about Jace from his unprofessional behavior to the frivolous reports about dead mutant suspects but Jace yells that they aren't dead. Jace tries to explain again about seeing the Struckers but the Sergeant tells him to just stop. He tells Jace that the department has been informed about him and that he needed to leave and go home. Jace then angrily but quietly leaves.


Agent Jace Turner appears to be a ruthless, but professional individual, who is dedicated to his job of imprisoning mutants who he feels pose a threat to the community. Upon being tasked with bringing in Lauren and Andy Strucker following the destruction of Belleview Acres High School's gymnasium, he made several attempts to reason and even empathize with both Caitlin and Reed Strucker, proving that he cares about the family's troubles to a small extent. However, when it comes to mutants, he has little reservations on what tactics he uses to bring them down. To him, there are no such things as good or innocent mutants. He sees his work as justified and lashes out at anyone who tries to argue with him against it.

He's willing to use anything whether it is blackmail, intimidation, or even using Hounds to get the mutants he's after. After being forced to live through losing his daughter a second time, his morals and ethics regarding his hunt for mutants has gotten looser to the point that he is even willing to violate protocol and people's basic rights in his agendas. He proclaims all mutants, young or old, as terrorists and uses this as justification to resort to any methods he finds effective. At his lowest point he is even willing to overlook one of Roderick's hounds causing an aneyrism on a non mutant Department of Justice officer that tried to hinder his actions in order to continue his non sanctioned war on mutants. After leaving Sentinel Services, though initially he was hesitant in joining a hate group, he chose to join up with Purifiers to continue his goal of chasing down the Struckers and the rest of the Mutant Underground.

His primary motivations are to avenge his daughter, Grace, who was lost during 7/15, as she had been caught in the crossfire. He's been known to allow that drive to manifest in his actions, which has occasionally resulted in decisions that some would view as morally questionable. After his dismissal from Sentinel Services, that drive has only gotten stronger, to the point of obsession. Even when he promised his wife that he would stop and started to throw away his files, he quickly went back on the hunt for mutants and recovered his files at the first possible mutant sighting. When he was presented with the choice to try and save his marriage or chase down a possible lead on finding the mutants, he ultimately chose the mutants.

Since joining the Purifiers, Jace has become self-righteous with his morals almost completely lost. After capturing John, Jace subjected him to torture and nearly killed John by shooting him twice at point blank range with buck shot all while claiming out loud that the mutants were responsible for him losing everything he cared about while completely ignoring the fact that his wife left him because of his obsession with the mutants. His tunnel vision has gone to the extreme. He even led an armed group into a troubled youth shelter and assaulted two children with firearms. When the situation escalated to the point that one of the children being questioned was shot, he covered up the murder of the child to cover for fellow Purifier Ted Wilson. When questioning the youths on why they ran away, he claimed that people who run have something to hide, completely disregarding the fact that the youths had been the subject of extreme prejudice. Jace's self-righteous side was most prominently shown when the youth he was questioning compared the Purifiers to the KKK pointing out that people don't need a reason to run from a hate group, while Jace claimed they are not a hate group and will not harm mutants who are following the law.

Physical Appearance

Jace is a shaven headed, middle aged man in good physical shape, likely due to his profession of hunting dangerous mutants.

Abilities and Skills

As a former police officer and a field agent for Sentinel Services, it can be assumed that Jace is proficient with firearms. From the incident at the abandoned warehouse, it would appear he has some SWAT experience.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Agent Jace Turner is not a character from the X-Men comics. He's a original character created for this series .
  • threat of eXtinction is the first episode that Jace does not appear in.



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