Do you know how many people are gonna die if the Hound program continues? We are not leaving here without him.
Esme to Thunderbird, Eclipse and Blink[src]

Hounds, also known as mutant assets, are mutants that have been drugged and brainwashed into hunting other mutants for Sentinel Services. They are created through a program devised by Trask Industries and branded with a tattoo to signify their status as Hounds.


Pulse was among the first mutants to be subjected to the Hound program.[1] When he was discovered to be working with Sentinel Services, two members of the Mutant Underground - Polaris and Eclipse - captured Agent Jace Turner to find out what had happened to Pulse. Using Dreamer's ability to manipulate memories, the Mutant Underground learnt that the tattoo they extracted from Agent Turner's mind was the same one branded on Pulse's arm.[2] When the Mutant Underground managed to capture Chloe Tan, they learned that the hound program turned mutants into hounds through mental conditioning that forces the apprehended mutants into obeying their orders without question and forcing massive doses of the highly addictive power enhancing drug called Kick into the mutants body until they are hopelessly addicted. Recently, Thanks to research conducted by Trask Industries on Andy and Lauren Strucker's combined Fenris force ability, a manacle like device was created, which combines the abilities of the 2 mutants it is connected to. Sentinel services now uses this device with their hound operatives to create much more powerful and effective weapons against mutants. The program ended when Roderick Campbell was killed in a plane crash caused by Polaris.


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