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got your siX is the sixth episode of the first season of The Gifted. It is the sixth episode of the series overall.[2]


THUNDERBIRD SEEKS ANSWERS FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS FRIEND — Determined to find out more information behind what Sentinel Services did to an old friend of his, Thunderbird spearheads a mission to get answers. Meanwhile, Lauren encounters a new friend with useful powers and Blink makes a big decision regarding her future.[3]



John saves a civilian during the Phoenix explosion

Four years ago, in Phoenix Arizona, John canvasses the area to raise money for those affected by the 7/15 incident. He introduces himself as a mutant veteran who had served in Afghanistan, like his father before him, who served in the Gulf. Unfortunately, there aren't too many interested in donating. One man in particular is outraged at the notion of raising money for those in need after the Dallas explosion. The man accuses him of attacking the country, only to later beg for money. John becomes angry to the point of him bending his steel clipboard and shouting out that he defended the country as he went on two tours. But a fellow mutant veteran calms him down. As a truck rounds the corner, John's super senses allows him to hear the individuals in the truck, who are plotting an attack. As everyone heads for cover, the man in the incoming vehicle throws out a pipe bomb. John grabs the bomb and tosses it across the street to blow up in a vacant parking lot. While no one is hurt, the bomb does however cause a car to explode, sending sharp metal flying. Luckily, John is there to catch it.

Marcos updates John on Pulse and the Federal building

Present day, at the Headquarters, John looks at an old photo of what is presumably himself as a child, with his father. Marcos enters his office with new details regarding Pulse. While there is nothing firm, there are rumors of mutants hunting other mutants for Sentinel Services, meaning that Pulse may not be the only one. They are barely staying ahead of humans. If Sentinel Services manages to turn them against each other, the Underground won't last much longer. As for the Baton Rouge Federal Building, Marcos had learned that it is a major mutant justice center for the south east. With Reed working with the judge there in the past, it is possible that he may have information about the program. If they can break in, they might finally have an actual understanding of how Sentinel Services is turning mutants against one another. While this isn't usually how John would operate, he is willing to make an exception.

Wes shows Lauren his power

Andy and Lauren hand out supplies to the new wave of refugees that have arrived at the station. While Andy is grateful that they at least got beds before the rush, Lauren reminds him that they are the reason for the rush. Sentinel Services is looking for them, making it all their fault. As Andy heads back down to get more water, Lauren is approached by a refugee named Wes. He has the ability of image manipulation. He asks Lauren for her name, though she isn't interested in conversation as she is busy with the refugees. What if you were already done, Wes asks, as he seemingly makes a once crowded room of unsettled refugees into a secure sleeping quarters within seconds. Although this is merely a mirage, which Lauren disrupts upon touch. While impressed with his ability, she still has refugees to attend to.

Lorna trains Naya

Caitlin discovers that Skyler, one of the latest mutant refugee arrivals, suffers from high blood pressure. She wonders why that would be. Skyler tells her that he uses his power 2 or 3 times a day. Whenever he has to find food. This has been going on for a couple of years, much to Caitlin's surprise. He and a couple other mutant kids found a place on I-85 until the Sentinels came after them. After sending Skyler off to get some food, Caitlin observes Lorna training another arrival, Naya. She possess the ability to control and manipulate water. Caitlin interrupts to asks what Lorna's intentions are with training them. Lorna replies that she's training them for combat given that they are faced with constant persecution.

Clarice confronts John about Sonya's implanted memory

John goes into the vault to ask for Clarice's help in teleporting them into the federal building in Baton Rouge. While it is a lot to ask of her, they need to know more about Sentinel Services and what they did to Pulse. Clarice doesn't agree to help, rather she reveals to John that she knows all about the memory that Sonya had put in her head without asking her permission. John apologizes for the unwanted memory. He asked Sonya not to do it, but when she did, he didn't say anything because they had an emergency to deal with, and afterward, they still needed Clarice's help. Hearing this only further angers Clarice, as it becomes apparent that they only want to use her for her powers. She has her own issues to sort out and her own people to find. John offers to assist in whatever she is looking for though Clarice denies his help. She just wants to know if the way he looked at her when they were in the warehouse was genuine. John can't give her the answer she wants, claiming it is complicated. As a mean to uncomplicate the situation, Clarice portals out the Underground. In a fit a rage, John dents the steel vault door with a single punch.

John, Reed, Marcos, Shatter, Lorna, Sonya, and Sage plan out their attack

John, Reed, Marcos, Shatter, Lorna, Sonya, and Sage gather around to discuss their plan of breaking into the federal building. Their mission is no longer just about hiding mutants. They are taking the fight to the enemy, making it a matter of survival. Reed tells them of his knowledge of the building. Some of his cases had been transferred to Baton Rouge. There is a judge James Kresge that works there. He dealt with most of Reed's cases. Shatter questions how many people Reed prosecuted that disappeared through the building. Reed says it was rare and that all they told him was that some of his cases were being prosecuted under a special federal program. Rather than wondering why Reed didn't do more, Marcos is only concerned with getting past the wall to the files, which he plans on Clarice getting them to. John takes that opportunity to reveal to everyone that Clarice left though he neglects to mention the reason for Clarice's sudden departure, which was Sonya's tampering of her memories. Having eavesdropped on their entire discussion, Andy volunteers to get them through the wall, as he can do it faster than Marcos, who claims he can cut through it.

Reed and Caitlin kiss goodbye

The next day, Caitlin watches from the steps as Reed and Andy load up the truck for the mission. Reed briefly stops to discuss bringing Andy on the mission with Caitlin. She asks if he is alright with taking Andy. Reed sees it as an opportunity to connect with Andy. "Nothing says "father-son bonding" like breaking into a federal building." Caitlin replies. She understands that this is their best chance, but it doesn't mean she has to like it. After loading up the truck, Caitlin tells Andy to stay close to his dad and she then gives Reed a goodbye kiss. However, she notices that his wedding ring is missing. They took it from Reed while he was in jail. They kiss one more time before parting ways.

Meanwhile, John tells Marcos to be careful before they head out for Baton Rouge. He won't be joining them due to the Underground needing his supervision. Marcos insists that they will be alright without him, and then the two of them engage in a brief embrace.

Lauren watches Andy and her father preparing to leave

Lauren watches from the window above as Andy and her father gear up to leave with Marcos for the Federal building in Baton Rouge to uncover the top secret program that Sentinel Services had been working on. Wes joins her by the window to ask if everything is okay. She explains that their current predicament is weird considering that three weeks ago, their craziest family outing was to Six Flags. With the way things are going, Lauren isn't sure about anything anymore, though she doesn't have time to talk about it with work piling up.

Jace returns to work

At the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, Jace returns to work despite being put on a mandatory leave of absence. His return comes as a surprise to Agent Weeks who attempts to convince him to leave. Everybody's heart broke for Jace and Paula after learning that he had lost his memory of Grace's death, but he's not supposed to be at work. Regardless, Jace enters his office, looking to the photo of his family before calling Dr. Campbell.

Marcos adsorbs all the light

While in the back of the truck, Marcos recommends that Andy and Reed get some sleep on the long ride to Baton Rouge, but Andy would rather sit up and beatbox which Reed notes that he hasn't done in a while. The guys at Andy's school used to think it was weird. Which reminds Reed that they never talked about the bullying that Andy was enduring. Reed tried to help. He went to the school to see the guidance counselor, but as Andy explains, that's the entire reason the guys came after him, which led to his powers manifesting. Reed wished Andy had talked to him about it before it had gotten that bad, but Andy points out that his father was never home. Reed offers to talk about it now, but the truck gets pulled over by highway patrol who wants to take a look in the back of the truck. Marcos tells Andy and Reed to turn off the lights as he might be able to hide them. He absorbs light before he emits it, so as the officer open the backdoor to the truck, Marcos drains all the light out of the room, seemingly encasing him, Reed and Andy in a large shadow, creating a blind spot.

Sonya believes John was rightfully chosen to lead the Underground

Sonya approaches John as he reinforces the entrance of the station. She's wondering about his conversation with Clarice. It didn't go well. Which is about par for the course these days, he remarks. Sonya figures that he's referring to Pulse, which she ensures John isn't his fault. However, John admittedly left Pulse, allowing Sentinel Services to take him. Sonya reasons that they all though Pulse was dead, but this did not make John feel any better about abandoning him, which leaves him wondering if the X-Men made a mistake in choosing him to be apart of the Underground. While he is doing all he can, it isn't nearly enough. He can't live up to who his father was. They have more refugees in the station than they can possibly save. John can barely protect a group as veterans as it is, though Sonya believes that he was chosen for a reason. The X-Men said a war was coming. However, they didn't say the mutants would win it, John counters.

Andy and Reed talk about his powers

They stop in a park to rest for the night. Andy recalls how he and his father used to always talk about going camping. He jokes that they can go swimming in the puddle behind the bathrooms. Reed takes this opportunity to talk to Andy about his abilities. Reed wonders if it ever hurt Andy to use his powers. He had seen Marcos using it earlier and it looked like it took a lot out of him and so he wonders if it is the same with Andy, though it's not. Andy tells him that it didn't hurt him and that it in fact felt good when he ripped things apart. He compares using his abilities to yelling. He has to put something into it but it's worth it when it happens. Reed then tries to remind him that his powers can actually hurt people but Andy insists that he's done no wrong. He gets a tad bit defensive as he feels that his dad should be proud of him embracing his power. Marcos then calls Reed over about tomorrow's route.

Shatter helps Caitlin find school books

Back at HQ, Shatter finds Caitlin in the supply closet. He offers to help her find whatever she's looking for. Caitlin tells him school books. He finds her the books but wonders what she has in mind with them. Caitlin explains that she's going to start a school for all the refugee kids. As for how they acquired the books, Shatter tells Caitlin that Sentinel Services likes to target families while they're picking their kids up from school to get them all at once.

Skyler, Wes, Lauren, and Naya's training session

Lauren Wes, Naya, and Skyler gather in the lobby for training with Lorna. In the real world, they will be playing for keeps, so the same rules apply during training. Skyler steps forward as Lorna grabs a hammer from a toolbox. She asks if he is ready before launching the hammer in his direction. Prepared for the attack, Skyler is able to repel the hammer. Wes volunteers to be next up, creating an illusion in the shape of flowers to appear in place of Lorna's metal tools. While the others are amused, this angers Lorna, who scolds Wes for his childish behavior. Despite all that has happened, they still fail to grasp the dangers they face. Lauren then comes forward as it is her turn. Although, she is prepared for whatever Lorna has to throw at her, Caitlin will not stand for it, stepping in front of Lauren and openly opposing Lorna's dangerous training methods. Lauren begs her mother to participate in the training session, but Caitlin refuses once more, telling Lauren to come with her.

Marcos and Reed discuss fatherhood

Marcos didn't mean to eavesdrop but he heard Andy and Reed talking about his powers. While it may not have ended well, Marcos encourages Reed to keep at it because it'll be easier for Andy if he has his father to talk to. Marcos wonders if Reed always wanted to be a dad. Reed did. He then asks if Marcos feels the same way. He replies that he doesn't know. He didn't know his father much, even before he kicked him out for being a mutant. Marcos was the oldest. As such, he was supposed to run the family business. Safe to say, he disappointed his father. Reed tells Marcos not to worry so much because if they all turned out like their fathers, then he wouldn't be much of a dad himself. Reed still hasn't figured out parenting, but nothing that his children does can make him love them less. He advises Marcos to start there and do the best he can. Unbeknownst to the two of them, Andy lies awake listening.

Dr. Campbell gets Agent Turner reinstated

At Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, Dr. Campbell enters Agent Turner's office with news of his reinstatement. Campbell is accompanied by Aide, an associate of his who happens to be part of the Hound program. Dr. Campbell reassured them that Agent Turner is committed to the cause. One last thing, the Strucker children, Dr. Campbell wants access to their files now that he and Agent Turner are working together. Agent Turner reluctantly agrees.

Baton Rouge Federal Building

Upon arriving in Baton Rouge, Marcos, Andy and Reed call Lorna to tell her that the courthouse is more well protected than initially though. They have to find a new entry point. Andy thinks he can get them in through the parking garage of the building next door as it shares a wall with the courthouse. Lorna then tells Marcos to be careful before saying that she loves him. Lorna then runs into Caitlin who understands that she's trying to help the kids. But Caitlin believes that the idea is to give the kids a future. Lives after the fighting. While that is a nice idea, Lorna explains that they will all be fighting for the rest of their lives despite the fact that this isn't what Caitlin wants for Andy and Lauren. Lorna tells Caitlin that Andy and Lauren's powers are incredible. It's way beyond what they normally see. Caitlin states that they need some kind of normalcy, but as far as Lorna is concerned, the station is their normalcy as persecuted mutants.

Wes cheers Lauren up with an illusion of Rome

Wes takes Lauren to the "office furniture graveyard" to get to know her. He asks about her mother and her reaction to the training session. Lauren explains that her mother doesn't understand her powers because she had just found out about them three weeks ago, even though Lauren's powers had manifested years before. Wes questions why Lauren would hide her true self. Lauren explains that she wanted a normal life, though to Wes, Lauren's situation of pretending that she was normal when she knew she wasn't, was worse, which she agrees with. She tells him that it was terrible pretending as if everything was fine while secretly counting down the days until graduation, when she could move far away to someplace like Florence. But with the way her life is going, that is never going to happen. Wes then creates an illusion of Florence before her very eyes. Even the water is moving, which is something he'd never done before. Wes suspects that he is better when with Lauren. Unfortunately, what Wes believed was Florence, is actually Rome, which Lauren points out, as she can see the Vatican. It's beautiful just the same, she tells him before leaving.

Eclipse scorches the judge James Kresge's office

Eclipse, Reed and Andy enter the parking garage connected to the courthouse. Most of the building is sealed off, so it'll take authorities longer to get to them. As planned, Andy cracks through the wall and makes a hole large enough for his father and Eclipse to sneak through. Andy tries to run on in after Eclipse but Reed holds him back. Andy argues that he can handle himself but Reed orders him to follow the plan and go back to the truck. When Marcos tells them that there is no time for their arguing, Andy relents and runs back to the truck. Eclipse and Reed proceed into the building and break into judge James Kresge's office to uncover the files regarding Pulse and mutants like him who are being turned against other mutants. While Reed gathers the files, Eclipse works to get the hard drives. Before leaving, Eclipse scorches the room.

Sonya and John kiss

The next day, John informs Sage and Shatter that a station in Alpharetta was hit. They managed to get about half of their people out, and they are on their way to the Underground. However, as Sage explains, housing them will be no easy task given that they are already 78% over capacity. John apologizes for the inconvenience, but they don't have any other choice. While taking a breather, he is approached by Sonya, who inquires about Marcos's mission to retrieve the files from Baton Rouge. John tells her that he was successful. Having done so without Clarice, Sonya comments that not everything requires a portal. John reminds her that what they did to Clarice was wrong, though Sonya would beg to differ considering their actions saved lives. Regardless, they kept the truth from her, which they shouldn't have done. Sonya tells John that it is okay that he made it out, and pulse didn't, and that he need to keep moving forward. The two of them then share a kiss, but he cuts it short. They are at war and he has to remain focused. He can't do that if he is with Sonya, but she disagrees. The fact that they are at war means that all they have is "here and now". They resume kissing, but only momentarily, as John get a call from Marcos, who is almost back with Reed and Andy. Unfortunately, they are being trailed by a cop. Reed instructs John to check the traffic agency public notices to see if there is any directives to avoid Buford Highway, which there is, meaning that Marcos, Andy, and Reed are heading into an ambush.

Lauren devises a plan to save her dad, Andy, and Marcos

John immediately alerts Lorna, Caitlin, and Lauren of the ambush. Despite getting away the first time, Lorna explains that the cops stopped them on their way to Baton Rouge. While they didn't find anything, the driver said he was going to Denver, so they were marked by the tollway cameras when spotted in Baton Rogue. With John failing to come up with a plan, Lauren devised a plan of her own, one that involves Wes creating on of his illusion. John and Caitlin stay behind while Lorna, Lauren, and Wes head out to save Marcos, Reed, and Andy.

Meanwhile, Sentinel Services and Atlanta PD, led by Agent Weeks, stage a roadblock.

Polaris and Lauren stop the roadblock

Polaris, Lauren and Wes arrive at the nearby stadium to get a skyline view of the roadblock being set up by police and Sentinel Services in preparation for Andy, Reed, and Eclipse's arrival. While on the phone with Eclipse, Polaris instructs him to tell the driver to keep going no matter what, and that they will handle the rest. Polaris then tells Lauren that they're going to use her shields to get the truck through the roadblock. But whether or not they are strong enough for a truck to drive over is a question that not even Lauren can answer. Polaris tells her to focus and forget about everything except the target. After that, it is up to Wes. Agent Weeks makes several request for them to pull the vehicle over, but as instructed, the driver keeps going. Inside the truck, Andy begins to lose his temper as they approach the roadblock, but Reed manages to calm him. As the truck nears the roadblock, Sentinel Services and Atlanta PD open fire. Polaris ferrokinetically halts the bullets being directed at the truck while Lauren forms a row of shields on the road, acting as a ramp, which propels the truck clear over the roadblock. Wes then creates an illusion of the truck going down two separate paths, all while cloaking the real truck that kept driving ahead.

Agent Turner holds a conference

At Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, Agent Turner holds a conference to inform everyone that the mutants that were at the roadblock were the same mutants from the cell that broke into the Baton Rouge federal building to steal vital, classified information. Dr. Campbell and Aide also attend the conference. Agent Turner wants surveillance on all cellphones within a 50-mile radius of the roadblock site. They're to also monitor target names, keywords, repeated phrases, anything that sounds like coded communication.

Reed and Andy play Monopoly

Back at HQ, Reed prepares dinner for his family. He and Caitlin make jokes and reminisce. She then gives him a replacement wedding ring that she found in the storage room and they kiss. Reed wonders if now would be a good time to have that talk that Caitlin previously spoke of, but she suggests that he talk with Andy first. Reed approaches Andy as he sits alone by the Monopoly board and tells him that he's always been proud of him. Whatever it is that Andy is thinking, Reed wants to hear it. Andy is thinking that his dad should be the shoe for the game of Monopoly as he is always the shoe.

Marco on the phone with Carmen

Later that night, while John and Sonya read over the files that Marcos, Reed and Andy recovered from the Federal building in regards to Sentinel Services turning mutants against one another, Clarice continues her travels alone in search of her own people. Meanwhile, as Lorna sleeps, Marcos gets a call from Carmen who comes collecting on their agreement. She calls, he comes. She helped Marcos recuse Lorna, now it's his turn to repay the favor. And if he doesn't, her next call is to Sentinel Services.



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  • The truck they are hiding in on the way to Baton Rouge reads "Claremont Interstate Movers". This is a reference to Chris Claremont, who was a longtime writer for several of the X-Men comic books throughout the 1980's.




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