eXtreme measures is the seventh episode of the first season of The Gifted. It is the seventh episode of the series overall.[2]

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ECLIPSE'S EX RETURNS Eclipse receives a call from his ex-lover, Carmen and must revisit his dark past in order to protect the Underground. Reed and Sage comb through some secret files they recovered and find alarming information about Lauren's new friend. Meanwhile, Thunderbird helps Blink open up about her past life and Jace greenlights a special surveillance program with the help of Dr. Campbell. [3]

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John and Lorna meet with Marcos

Three years ago, John and Lorna arrange a meeting with Marcos at a diner on the outskirts. They had heard a lot about Marcos' abilities and wanted him to join the Mutant Underground. Marcos is both flattered and amused with their offer, however, they don't seem to fully understand his situation, or so he thinks. They are very much aware of his story; how he is helping mutants cross the border. The only difference is that they want him to do it full time with the Underground. Marcos claims that was merely a side deal, where he had room in a couple of trucks, so he helped a couple people across. John questions if he genuinely wants to run trucks for the Guerra Cartel for the rest of his life, when he can be out saving people, making a difference in the world. Marcos explains that it is more complicated than that, mainly because he is dating the boss' daughter. With the X-Men gone and the government weighing down on them, they are the mutants' only chance of survival.


Carmen calls in Marcos

Present day, picking up from where the previous episode left off, Marcos and Carmen discuss their arrangement and Marcos' obligation to fulfill his end of their deal. Carmen strongly recommends that Marcos honor their deal as it wasn't easy for her to learn the prison convoy's schedule. She's expecting him to show up to her place tomorrow. While Lorna sleeps, Marcos opens a lock-box containing a Santa Muerte medallion


Sage and Reed discuss the encrypted files

The next day, after talking with the other stations, John tells Marcos, Lorna, Sonya, Sage, and Reed that Sentinel Services is ramping up surveillance across the board, meaning things are going to get worse before they get better. Unfortunately, they are running out of supplies with the influx of refugees. So, Marcos volunteers to take a drive up to Marietta, where he supposedly heard that they had supplies to offer. John turns his attention to the hard drives from Baton Rouge, which Sage and Reed are working on. They are encrypted, but that likely means that there is something worth hiding on them. If they don't find out how Sentinel Services is turning mutants against each other, all their work will have been for nothing. Lastly, John announces that he will be leaving soon to track down Clarice. She knows the station's location, which can compromise the entire organization if she is apprehended. Lorna volunteers to join Marcos on his supply run but he insists that he can handle it.


Wes and Lauren over the mountains

Wes has taken Lauren out to the roof and onto the scaffolding. He has something to show her. Lauren wants to head back inside out of fear that they will be seen on the roof, a forbidden area, though Wes convinces her otherwise. She joins Wes further onto the scaffolding, looking over, only to see the ground. Wes tells her to close her eyes, as he grabs her arms and places them in an outward motion. After creating an illusion of the two of them being high up in the air, over a river in the mountains, Lauren and Wes lean over the rail, to simulate flight. It is gorgeous, she remarks. They then lean in to share a kiss, but Andy interrupts to get Lauren for lunch, at their mother's request.


Caitlin wonders where Lauren was at

Caitlin feeds Zingo while waiting for the kids to return. Lauren and Andy soon make their way downstairs, joining their mother for lunch. Although, she is curious as to what took them so long. Andy says that he couldn't find Lauren, so he looked on the roof, which again, is off limits, but he then covers for Lauren by saying that he didn't find her there either. When Caitlin asks where was she, Lauren lies and says that she was downstairs in the supply room, where she had lost track of time. Caitlin then reminds them about the homework she had assigned and how she wanted them turned in tomorrow. Neither Lauren nor Andy took her serious when she initially assigned it. Unfortunately, this is the deal they had made with their her. If they wanted to train, they'd have to study as well.


Reed discovers Wes' file

Sage and Reed attempt to crack the hard drives from Baton Rouge. During which time, Reed notes that the first drive is solely police files on mutants. However, on Sage's drive, the encryption runs much deeper. Reed suggests that maybe they are dealing with a shopping list. It seems as if Sentinel Services is picking mutants specifically based on their powers to participate in whatever program they are working with. They aren't even pretending as if it is legal. While combing through the files, Reed comes upon what he believes to be Wes' file. A Hispanic male, 16-19, with medium black hair and the ability to manipulate images.


Agent Turner and Dr. Campbell discuss moving their mutant assets into the field

At the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, Agent Turner meets with Dr. Campbell and his associate/mutant asset Aide in the conference room. Dr. Campbell is hoping to get a sense of how their surveillance program is proceeding. While Sentinel Services has been monitoring every phone call in the region, the Mutant Underground is discreet in their workings. They're ditching burner cells every day and using some sort of cloaking to beat their scans. This only reinforces Dr. Campbell's conviction to take a more direct approach. To date, they've employed their mutant assets cautiously, but now it's time to be more effective by placing their assets in the field. Agent Turner doesn't believe that they're ready for undercover operations, but Dr. Campbell has evidence to suggest otherwise. He has placed several mutant assets in local prisons as part of an experimental program. They remained undetected until activation. And when they were activated, they were quite effective.


Carmen proposes that she and Marcos work together

Marcos arrives at the Guerra Cartel's mansion. He is greeted by Carmen, and takes that time to remind her that he go out for a reason though she remembers. He wanted to fight for fellow mutants. The truth is that their reunion could benefit everyone, humans and mutants alike. Marcos' people and Carmen people have a lot in common such as being under constant persecution by law enforcement and being forced to fight. Carmen has money. Marcos has power. She believes that can help each other in what would be a mutually beneficial relationship. Carmen remarks that she's missed him and then asks that he just hear her proposal out.


Caitlin teaches a class

Back at HQ, Caitlin teaches a biology class to the young mutant refugees. She teaches them about the passing down of specific traits, much like the X-gene. She halts her teaching to speak with Reed about Wes. Reed tells her that he is almost certain that Wes is in the mutant criminal files for conning people and robbing stores in Cartersville. While Caitlin agrees that this is bad, she tells Reed not to overreact as Lauren has been through a lot lately. Caitlin instructs him to talk to her because she won't be happy about this. The worst thing Reed can do right now is go on the attack.

In a demolished wing of the station, Lorna trains Andy, Naya and Skyler. She hurls bricks at them, instructing them with the appropriate action as she does so. Reed interrupts to speak with Andy. Reed asks him about Lauren who was also supposed to be at the training session though Andy claims to have no knowledge of her whereabouts. But he quickly caves and reveals that she is with Wes.


John finds Clarice and offers to help her find the road she's looking for

John manages to track Clarice down to an old abandoned warehouse. He apologizes once more for the memory that Sonya put in her head without permission, which Clarice can still see. She describes it as being a bad soap opera that she can't escape. John came to convince Clarice to return to the station because she isn't safe. He admits however, that Clarice's safety isn't the only reason he came looking for her. The Underground needs her, though Clarice doesn't seem to care, stating that she has other stuff to attend to. What stuff, John asks. Clarice tells him that she is trying to find that countryside road that she kept portalling to when she got sick (see: rX). She learned from them that nothing is random. There's always a reason to why they use their powers. So, Clarice believes that the road holds some form of significance to her. John volunteers to help her find it because she has no idea where she is headed. He owes her, if nothing else. While she is initially resistant, she eventually agrees to allow him to help her.


Agent Turner orders support teams

Agent Turner orders support teams for the mutant assets that are to be sent into the field. Unfortunately, he has troubles ahead. Agent Weeks informs him that an official from the Department of Justice has unexpectedly shown up. She wishes to discuss the new field operation that Turner is planning. They are preparing a briefing though she notes that should've been done before he launched the program. This is a legal nightmare. They have neither warrants nor probable cause. But as Agent Turner points out, she can't even begin to understand the power that certain mutants possess. Agent Weeks attempts to justify their actions under the terrorist guidelines though she isn't buying it. She then address his partnership with Dr. Campbell, who runs a program that doesn't exist, officially. She requests that he suspend the program but Agent Turner refuses.


Lorna discovers that Marcos didn't go to Marietta

Lorna commends Andy, Naya and Skyler on their respective performances during training. But she tells Andy not to do any structural damage. "No promises", he replies. Lorna asks Shatter if he had heard from Marcos, which he hasn't. Lorna calls the Marietta station to check in on Marcos, but she learns that they haven't had supplies in weeks and Marcos never came by. She now realizes that she has been lied to. While handing out blankets to the refugees, Sonya is approached by Lorna, who asks to speak with her privately. Sonya learns that Marcos lied; he never went to Marietta and he isn't answering his phone. Sonya assures Lorna that there must be a good explanation for Marcos' suspicious behavior, though Lorna already has her answer given that Marcos' Santa Muerte medallion is gone. Sonya asks what that is. Lorna informs her that it is a patron saint of death. It's big with the cartels, and Marcos used to wear it for luck when he worked for them.


Marcos and Carmen plan to destroy the Russians shipment

Marcos asks to know more about the job from Carmen. She tells him that they've been having trouble with the Russians moving into the area and they want to send a message. The Russians have a shipment going up north tomorrow. Carmen knows where they load their trucks. So she wants Marcos to go in and deal with the shipment. No one has to die. She even offers to pay Marcos so that he can supply the Underground.


Reed and Caitlin present Lauren with Wes' file

Lauren returns, supposedly from the basement as some of the refugees needed more towels. However, Reed and Caitlin know this to be a lie. They tell her that they need to talk to her about Wes. Lauren immediately assumes that it's about them not wanting her to date a mutant. But Reed shows her Wes' file that he recovered from the encrypted drive. Lauren reads the file, but she's in denial that Wes has committed the crimes being accused of him. Lauren defends him by pointing out that they've all broken the law. But as Reed points out, they broke the law out of survival. Wes did it out of greed, by conning a jewelry store owner. Lauren realizes that her father hasn't changed a bit. He still assumes the worst of mutants with little to no proof. Reed wants her to look at the situation from clear eyes, but she pleads with him to stop as she walks off teary eyed.


John and Clarice track the road

John and Clarice track the road that she kept portalling to while sick. John asks if she remembered anything about it, but she didn't as she was unconscious during the repeated portalling. She figured that she would be able to find something about it in the news. However, Sentinel Services is good about covering up mutant incidents. While Clarice appreciates his quest for redemption, he has failed in finding the road, so he is of no use to her. John desperately wants to help Clarice, though she doesn't believe it is possible without a trail to follow. John isn't so sure that this is true, explaining that she could have a trail inside her. When an animal is hurt or scared, their instinct is to take themselves to a place of safety, such as a nest or burrow. Clarice had her very own version of a burrow, where she felt loved and safe. John just needs to know where that was.


Department of Justice official having a stroke

Agent Turner, Agent Weeks and Dr. Campbell are called in by the same official of the Department of Justice from before. She wants to make sure there is no confusion from where they stand. Their warrant-less surveillance has strayed well outside of legal bounds. So they cannot deploy mutant assets against suspects. Turner informs her that they're pursuing terrorists. Although, she corrects him in saying that they're pursing people they suspect of terrorism. She reminds him that before anything else, they are American citizens. However, Agent Turner begs to differ. They protest the government, conspire with mutants in other countries, and even consider themselves to be a separate species. He questions why they should enjoy the rights of American citizens when they're determined not to act like American citizens. She replies that this argument was tried on Catholics in the 1950s, on Muslims in the 2000s, and the Supreme Court shut it down every time. So she's requesting a court order. Before she can continue, Dr. Campbell signals Aide, who causes the official have a stroke though Campbell then comes to her aid to play the hero.

Agent Turner calls Dr. Campbell shortly thereafter as he suspects that Dr. Campbell had Aide induce a stroke. Fortunately, she'll live. But Campbell denies all allegations. Turner worries that the DOJ (Department of Justice) will just send someone else. In a few weeks, Campbell suspects. But until then, their work can proceed.


Reed Sage about her duty of processing new arrivals

Reed and Sage continue their efforts on the encrypted drives. As Reed takes everything there is to take from the files, Sage works on the second drive, calculating relationships with asymmetrical algorithmic keys. Reed inquires about her secondary duty of evaluating the mutants that are brought into the station. With so many mutants running from the law, Reed wonders how she determines whether or not to allow someone to stay or leave. There are certain things that they didn't forgive, such as murder, rape, and victimizing other mutants. Other than that, she only asks that everyone tell the truth because the station is built on trust. Should they fail to adhere, then they are forced to leave.


Lauren confronts Wes about his file

Lauren finds Wes to ask if he is the wanted mutant fugitive that was being depicted in the police file. He confesses that he is indeed the mutant from the file. His explanation is that he was a mess after his parents kicked him out. He was living in shelters and eating out of dumpsters until he was found by a group of guys that allowed him to join their crew. He was merely their front man, essentially tasked with covering things up and tricking people. Lauren is especially frustrated with Wes' actions after he had just told her not to hide her powers, having made it seem as if he used his powers proudly. Wes claims that he was desperate back then and that he needed Lauren to trust him, though she finds it difficult to trust him considering that he lied to her. "You're just like one of your stupid mirages", Lauren states upon her exit.


Carmen prepares Marcos for the raid

Back at the mansion, Marcos and the Guerra Cartel gear up to destroy the Russians' shipment. While strapping on his bullet proof vest, he is reminded of the old days. Carmen recalls that it used to give him a rush and he'd come home and keep her up all night. Marcos claims he was just excited to have a roof over his head. He can tell himself that all he wants, but Carmen knows the truth. She remembers when he was just "Marcos who likes the burn things". Marcos explains that people evolve. They find something to believe in. However, Carmen is convinced that Marcos' change only stems from his love for Polaris or as she calls her "Magnet girl". Back to the Russian lab, it is in Forest Hills. They'll go there, where Lodo will take care of the guards without killing them. Lodo, like Marcos, is a mutant.


John comforts Clarice

Headed down an unknown road, John asks Clarice what did the house she grew up in look like. She tells him it wasn't too big, a one story home for mutant foster kids, the ones that couldn't pass as human that is. She was only there for a couple years, back when she was supposed to be in high school. While the couple who ran it were caring, their idea of keeping the mutants safe was to hide them away forever. As they head further down the dirt road, Clarice recognizes the front gate. Just past the gate is the farmhouse that she lived in. Clarice runs over towards her former home. However, as she does so, John's foresight activates, allowing him to see a glimpse of the past. He sees Sentinel Services storm the house. Under the impression that something bad has happened, he advises Clarice to stay back, but that only makes her want to enter the home more. John punches through the locked door and once inside, they discover two distinct pools of blood and the back door riddled with bullet holes. As Clarice begins to cry, he holds her close.


Dreamer and Polaris at the Cartel's mansion

Dreamer and Polaris pull up to Carmen Guerra's mansion. Dreamer asks Polaris if she is sure about picking a fight with the Cartel, as it isn't smart to do so, especially if they don't absolutely have to. Polaris assures her that they have to considering that Marcos is likely in trouble. The ladies approach the gate, calling out to the armed guards in order to gain their attention. As the guards proceed towards them, Polaris makes quick work of them both, lifting one guard into the air by the strap of his gun and knocking the other into the bushes. Still hanging in the air by the strap of his gun, Polaris uses her abilities to pull the once armed guard over to the gate that separates them from the mansion. She first asks for the whereabouts of Marcos and Carmen, but when he fails to answer, Dreamer accesses his memories by exhaling her pink smoke into his face.

Caitlin joins Reed as he contemplates his approach with Lauren. He never figured they would be arguing over mutant boyfriends. He just wants to protect her. Caitlin and Reed were blind to so much about the world, which is why Lauren hid herself from them. Right now, Caitlin tells Reed that Lauren needs a dad, not a prosecutor.


Reed chats with Wes

Reed finds Wes just outside the station, sitting on the front steps. Wes presumes that Reed hates him but this isn't the case. Nonetheless, what Reed thinks doesn't matter nearly as much as what Lauren thinks. He tells Wes that he's been enforcing laws all his life. The way he saw it, society only worked if there are consequences for breaking the rules. Lately, his feelings on society have changed a bit, but i's something he still believes in. What Wes did was wrong. So, Reed gives Wes a choice to make, either he can hope that no one at the station finds out or he can be truthful and take his chances. Either way, Reed leaves the decision in his hands.


Clarice agrees to join the fight against Sentinel Services

Just outside the farmhouse, John tells Clarice that he had found whatever traces he could and it looks as if her foster parents died trying to protect some of the foster kids. Clarice blames herself for the attack, as it was her portals that led them to the house. However, as John explains, Sentinel Services pulled the trigger. She isn't to be held accountable for their actions. He then gives her another hug. Clarice seeks to revisit her previous statement about the war with Sentinel Services not being her fight. She doesn't know if it was before, but it certainly is now.


Eclipse destroys the drug shipment

Eclipse and Carmen camp outside the Russians' lab in Forest Hills. They're waiting for all the drugs to come out before going in. Carmen recalls Eclipse always being very anxious when it came time to deliver. Then he'd go in to do the job, and they couldn't stop him until everything was burning. As the final shipment of drugs come out, Eclipse and the Cartel move in. They drive straight through the front gate and Lodo freezes the guards in their place. Eclipse proceeds towards the drugs and set everything ablaze. Little does he know that Dreamer and Polaris watch from the shipping containers. Seeing how pleased he is with his actions, Polaris realizes that he isn't in trouble after all and decides to leave with Dreamer without saying a word.


Lorna waits for Marcos

Lorna waits at HQ for Marcos to return. He comes up with an excuse that there was a delay at the station in Marietta, but she calls him out on his lies, yanking his Santa Muerte medallion from round his neck. Marcos explains that when she was in jail, the only way he could get to her was through going to Carmen for information, but he had to agree to work for her. Marcos did it for her and for their child. He only kept it secret because h didn't know how to tell her. Lorna then throws his Santa Muerte medallion before walking off.


Wes tells the Struckers that he's leaving

Wes interrupts the Struckers' dinner to let them know that he spoke to Sage and the others and told them about his criminal history. However, it was all behind him and he intends to be a better person moving forward. So they allowed him to stay. He then apologizes for lying and thanks Reed for the talk. Unfortunately, Wes has no plans on staying. There is a group going to the Augustus station tomorrow and they asked him to join them, much to Lauren's disappointment.

Meanwhile, John returns to the station with Clarice, where he is greeted with a kiss by Sonya, though he seems dissatisfied. Later that night, Marcos gets a text from Carmen, thanking him for his services though he too seems dissatisfied with his predicament. Elsewhere, as Andy and Lauren sleep, Reed and Caitlin have sex.

The following day, as Wes is preparing to leave for the Augustus station, Lauren gives him a kiss goodbye. He then gets in the van and leaves.


Sage informs Reed and John of Trask Industries

In the monitoring cell, Sage informs John that the second drive mostly contains information from mutants who were sent into the program. Pulse happened to be one of the first. Unfortunately, all they have are the courthouse's records of who was selected, but it doesn't say anything on where they went. However, Reed explains that if it is ran by the Sentinel Services, then there has to be records given that it is a government program. Sage reveals that it isn't a government program at all. It is run by a private military contractor; Trask Industries, which Reed is familiar with since his father worked there for 35 years. However, it supposedly closed down in 2006. John questions if Reed's father has any involvement with the program, though Reed is unsure.


Dr. Campbell and Agent Turner proceed with the Hound program

Agent Turner and Dr. Campbell have begun their undercover program involving sending their mutant assets into the field. They've started with the assets who can target the Underground immediately. Turner questions the success rate of their plan since they had been trying to send in spies for years. Rather than spies, Campbell thinks of them as weapons. All they have to do is get them inside. The "Hounds" will take it from there. Turner, Campbell and Aide enter a secured room to find at least a dozen Hounds waiting for command.

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  • A fake commercial for "Empower Academy" was shown after the end credits, advertising a school where Mutant children can learn to become 'more than their power'. It ends with a link to a website:, which leads to the TV series tie-in site:
  • Trask Industries is mentioned for the first time. Bolivar Trask appeared in the 2014 X-Men film "Days of Future Past". It is revealed that Reed's father worked there for 35 years and that the company was shut down in the year 2006.
  • In the original comics, Campbell's alternate ego, known as Ahab, was the leader of the Hounds in an alternate reality. Rachel Summers, the daughter of X-Men member Cyclops, was forced to join them.

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