eXtraction is the twelfth episode of the first season of The Gifted. It is the twelfth episode of the series overall and the first part of the two part season finale.[2]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

THE MUTANTS MUST STICK TOGETHER AS THEY FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES   Dr. Campbell attends an anti-mutant summit, attempting to take the Hound program national, and some of the team at Mutant HQ goes on a dangerous mission to stop his efforts. Polaris learns more about her past and makes a crucial decision that could have impactful consequences. Meanwhile, the Mutant HQ comes under attack and, with everything to lose, relationships are put to the test and alliances shift.[2]

Plot[edit | edit source]


Roderick Campbell tends to his sick brother Jack

Four years ago, Roderick Campbell tends to the needs of his brother Jack, who is suffering from Cystic fibrosis. Jack's life is almost at an end so Campbell is unwilling to attend a lecture he has to give. But Jack insists that he will be alright. Campbell is then halfway into his lecture speaking about the importance of genes. His years as a scientist have shown him that humans are nothing special for mother nature but are just another species on Earth who have to struggle for survival. He then explains that neanderthals had better chances for being the dominant species on Earth but modern day humans became dominant because genetics don't have to be destiny, so they stood against them as a society and outgrew their communication. Dr. Campbell goes on that evolution has again created a new species (homo superior) with powerful genetic mutations and they may cause the extinction of the modern day humans. Man can only survive if they stand together as a species once more

The Frost Sisters and the Underground plot to stop the Hound program

Present day, the Frost Sisters are with the Mutant Underground discussing how they plan to stop the Hound program. However, before starting, Marcos makes one thing clear, that their being there, doesn't make them friends. Esme, Sophie and Phoebe explain that they're dealing with a secret program that must be stopped as soon as possible as their sources have informed them that Dr. Campbell is working his political connection to take the program International. Their best chance to stop him will be at the Humanity Today Summit in Charlotte tomorrow, where major anti mutant politicians, business heads and Purifiers will be present. The Frost Sisters want to kidnap Campbell to stop the program. When Clarice opposes the idea, the Sisters claim that they know all about her criminal past and "old friends", something she had not shared with the Underground.

Caitlin and Reed settle back into the station

The Struckers are settling in at the station and are partly glad to be back home. While Reed and Caitlin are unpacking, John comes into the room to inform them about their plan to kidnap Campbell and ask Reed if he was able to extract anything useful from Otto Strucker's old research notes. Unfortunately, Reed didn't uncover much. His father only gave him his old notebooks and Reed couldn't follow much of the science. Considering that Otto's research helped build the Hound program, John is positive that there must be something of use from his notes. If they're trying to take the program apart, it's best to start from the beginning. So Caitlin and Reed agree to look through Otto's research again.

Clarice tells John about her time with the Brotherhood

While John is packing for the mission, Clarice approaches him and tells him that two years ago, she was troubled by some purifiers in Clarke County and they basically ran her out of town. She was upset, and started looking for people who felt the same way as her. She found some mutants who were pushing back. It turned out that they were apart of the Brotherhood. John takes this to mean that Clarice joined the Brotherhood, but she insists that was never the case. She helped them with a few things, but when they asked her to do certain other things that she wasn't comfortable with, she left. When John asks why she didn't tell them that from the beginning, Clarice explains that Sage asked what she was arrested for, and nothing Clarice did with the Brotherhood led to her arrest. John grows angry at the fact that she hid this from them. Clarice didn't tell them because in the first time in a long time, she felt safe. She didn't want to lose that. John tells her that when he went to look for her after she left, he did that because he thought she was one of them, but now he's starting to rethink that.

Campbell explains the importance behind Otto Strucker's research

On his way to the summit, Dr. Campbell receives a phone call from Mr. Wong, who tell him that a significant portion of Otto Strucker's research is missing. Campbell tells him to look harder. While the Hound program is the key to fighting the mutants off, Otto's research can help them wipe out the X gene entirely.

Back at Headquarters, Lorna tries to convince Marcos to cooperate with the Frost Sisters. While she's not asking Marcos to change his mind about them, they have a job to do. In case Marcos is worried that the Sisters will come between them, Lorna assures him that this will never happen. She asks Marcos to comply for her if nothing else, and he agrees.

Andy reading about his family's history

In the vault, Andy is again reading about his ancestors Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker when Lauren interrupts after seeing Wes off to Augusta. Andy's curious about their family history though Lauren can't be any less interested. Andy explains that Andreas wasn't a psycho as the book portrays him to be given that it was written by humans, and by Andy account is therefore bias. According to Andy, Andreas and Andrea were apparently trying to build a separate place for mutants. However, as Lauren explains, that's exactly what the Underground is. Andy disagrees as the station is merely a place to hide while Andreas wanted more for them. Lauren argues that the Underground is more than just a safe house. They're saving people while Lauren and Andy's ancestors on the other hand were murders. Lauren then begins to suspect that the Frost Sisters have gotten in Andy head after he praised them for at least treating him like an adult. Lauren claims they're lairs but Andy thinks they're the only ones telling the truth.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Campbell and Director Wolcott arrive at Humanity Today Summit. They make their way past check-in and head inside.

Reed, Caitlin and Sage discover that Sentinel Services is going after Reed's mom

Back at the station, Fade is not pleased with the Struckers' return and he makes that known, to Caitlin in particular. Some people were happy when they left for Fairburn. Caitlin doesn't know what Fade's problem is, but she tells him that they're on the same side. She can say that as much as she wants, but as far as Fade is concerned, that doesn't make it true. Caitlin joins Reed and Sage in the monitoring cell as they comb through his dad's research, most of which was from his grad school days. They haven't found much of his work on mutants. Sage discovers that Sentinel Services is also tracking down everyone Otto Strucker's ever worked with and they're even sending agents to the Southern Worldwide Insurance company where Reed's mom works.

Lauren tries to reason with Andy

Andy is frustrated that he and Lauren have been tasked with watering plants while there are more important matters to be attended to, like Campbell, who is likely moving ahead with his program. Lauren tells Andy that the Underground is going after him, but Andy wants to be apart of the assault. He recalls the Hounds that ambushed them at the Fairburn station and how they combined their powers. Andy feels responsible as Campbell managed to combine their powers through him and Lauren giving Campbell what he wanted back at the lab. But Lauren explains that going out and attacking people will solve nothing. The Underground is a team and they're part of that. Caitlin and Reed interrupt their discussion to inform them that Sentinel Services is going after Ellen, and that they have to get to her first.

John, Lorna, Marcos, Clarice, Esme, Sophie and Phoebe arrive at the safe house

John, Lorna, Marcos, Clarice, Esme, Sophie and Phoebe arrive at a very large and expensive looking safe house in Charlotte. Clarice notes that it looks "boujee", so the Sisters sarcastically offer to accommodate by bringing in mold and smashing holes in the floor. Esme then sees them inside, during which time she informs them that the safe house comes with a full security system, and they're set up for a variety of interrogation methods. Although, Esme should be able to extract any information they need. The X-Men started the Underground before they vanished, but didn't leave them with much. While the Hellfire Club's founders, the Brotherhood, left them with a lot more. In half an hour, their ticket to the summit will be driving down a road near the safe house, so they need to get ready.

Lorna damages the bed

Esme shows Lorna to her room and asks to talk. She is glad that Lorna came a long as it sometimes seems like she's the only one that knows what needs to done. Just because Marcos is concerned, doesn't mean he knows what's best, Esme explains. Though, Lorna doesn't wish to talk about Marcos with her. When Esme continues, Lorna becomes angry and unintentionally slides the bed across the room while also damaging it's frame. Esme is impressed. She concludes that Lorna's been getting stronger. She can see Lorna's father's power in her. Some people think that pregnant woman are fragile, though Esme would be to differ as there is nothing more powerful than a woman with something to fight for.

Caitlin and Reed find Ellen

The Struckers arrive at Southern Worldwide to retrieve Reed's mom Ellen. Reed and Caitlin go up to the office while Andy and Lauren stay on the ground to guard outside. Caitlin tells them if there's any kind of trouble to return to the station. While looking for Ellen's office, they run into one of her co-workers, who claims to know Reed but can't exactly pinpoint from where. Caitlin comes up with a cover story that they're "Ally and Mark Young" from last year's party. The guy seems to buy it, but they still don't have much time to find Ellen before Sentinel Services arrives. They begin to worry when they find her office empty, but are relieved when they find her yelling about the dirty dishes around the office.

Lauren failing to get through to Andy

Just outside, Lauren and Andy stand guard for Sentinel Services. While Lauren is prepared to run should a problem arise, as advised by their parents, Andy wants to fight. Which Lauren fears will only make matters worse. However, considering what they can do, if Sentinel Services does show up, Andy says that he and Lauren won't be the ones in trouble. They agents will be. Lauren again tries to reason with Andy, explaining that their powers come with responsibilities and the last thing they want is for people to be scared of them. Andy counters that maybe they should be scared. Maybe if they were more scared then they wouldn't be going after their grandmother Ellen just because she's related to them.

Ellen learns that Sentinel Services killed Otto

Back in Ellen's office, Caitlin and Reed update her on every thing that has been going on since they went on their run, including the fact that Sentinel Services will be coming to pick her up to interrogate her on Otto's research, which she claims to have no knowledge of. Ellen hasn't seen Otto in years, but that won't matter to them. Reed and Caitlin just need for her to come with them. If Sentinel Services even thinks that she knows something of use, they won't stop coming after her. However, Ellen refuses to run away from her entire life though she starts to reconsider that when Reed reveals that Sentinel Services killed Otto.

Senator Montez and Dr. Campbell discuss expanding the Hound program

Before the Humanity today conference, Dr. Campbell meets with Senator Montez in an attempt to expand his efforts at Trask Industries, which Montez knows all about, including the massacre of a dozen Sentinel Services agents. Campbell explains that the attack ultimately underlines the importance of his work as the mutants realized that he was getting close to stopping them. Unfortunately, Senator Montez's Chief of Staff is against expanding their efforts, which they had already discussed when they visited Trask. Dr. Campbell informs them that the situation has evolved since then. The senator is in a unique position to help with that. And Campbell thinks that merits revisiting a few funding priorities. Senator Montez agrees to hear him out.

Thunderbird, Polaris and Eclipse kidnap Franklin Bennett

Eclipse is upset with the Frost Sisters' method off getting them into the summit, which as Polaris explains is done through their kidnapping of Franklin Bennett, a big fundraiser for anti-mutant causes. He attends the Humanity Today Summit every year. If they're with him, they get past the gate. Thunderbird's research of him reveals that he made a ton of money in pharmaceuticals. When he retired, he decided he wanted to contribute to society. His way of giving back was going after mutants. Meanwhile, Esme sits inside the SUV with Blink. They're looking for a silver sedan that should be coming through shortly as he has an appointment with a very reclusive billionaire. Unfortunately, that billionaire is a mutant and a friend of theirs. Esme wonders if Blink is still angry about her bringing up her past with the Brotherhood, which she is. As for how she knew, the Hellfire Club has quite the Network and everyone talks. As the silver sedan approaches, Blink and Esme pull out into the road to block its path, thus forcing Bennett to a stop. Polaris throws several knives into the man's car, flattening his tires. Thunderbird then rips his door off and Eclipse tells him to get out.

Andy takes down Sentinel Services agent

Ellen now knows that Otto was a mutant, which he kept a secret from her for 26 years. Reed then reveals to his mother that his father is the reason behind his illness when he was 10. Otto was using a serum to block the X-gene in Reed, which is what Sentinel Services is in search of. Should they acquire it, they could wipe mutants off the face of the earth. Reed asks if his dad had another lab, but Otto had no other lab, at least not to Ellen's knowledge. Caitlin tells Reed that they can continue questioning her later, but they have to leave now. Reed then gets a call from Lauren that Sentinel Services has just arrived. Reed, Caitlin and Ellen quickly make their way out the office to meet with Lauren and Andy downstairs. As the agents approach, Lauren plans to find an exit, but Andy prepares to fight. Andy steps out into the open and the two agents immediately draw their weapons and demand that he put his hands in the air. Andy makes them regret that request when he puts his hands up and sends the agents flying back. Although, Andy doesn't want to stop there. So Lauren makes him stop by obstructing his path with a shield. He gets angry and turns his powers on her. But Lauren counters his attack, which blows up in both of their faces, knocking both of them to the ground. At that moment, Caitlin, Reed and Ellen exit the building. Everyone gets into the SUV and they speed off.

Campbell convinces Montez to help expand the Hound program

Back at the summit, Dr. Campbell successfully convinces senator Montez to help expanded the Hound program. Campbell shows him the footage of the Hounds attacking the Fairburn station. With the proper legislative support, they could expand immediately. Campbell's flying to D.C. after the summit, but he can't do this alone. While the Senator has always appreciated Trask's support, they do have to be careful with the optics on these types of things as he worrie about public opinion. They are still paying from the mistakes of the early days of the Sentinel robot program. However, the Hound program is different. In the assault on the Fairburn Mutant Underground station, 37 mutant terrorists captured, not one Sentinel Service agent hurt. Still, rounding up the kind of support they'd need to pass a new bill takes a lot, the Senator explains. Nonetheless, Campbell manages to convince him.

Marcos and John get dressed as security detail

The team brings Bennett back to the safe house for interrogation. The Frost Sisters handcuff him to a chair and force him to make a phone call to the Humanity Today Summit. Their eyes glow blue as they take over Bennett's mind and force him to make changes to his security detail. Meanwhile, Marcos and John get dressed in security uniform. While John knows that Marcos isn't a fan of the Frost Sisters, he has to be in if someone's going to offer a lot of help to take down the people that killed Pulse and Sonya. Marcos is only doing this for John and Lorna, but he honestly doesn't like it. When John was in Afghanistan, in the Marines, he had to work with a lot of people he didn't like, but they have to fight the fight that's in front of them.

Clarice advises Lorna to go in her own path instead of her father's

Lorna and Clarice get dressed in uniform as well though they don't know what good the outfits will doing considering their cover will be blown if anyone gets a good look at Clarice's eyes, Lorna's hair or the fact that 3 of them are the same person (Esme, Sophie and Phoebe). Clarice notices the damaged bed frame and presumes it was the work of the Frost Sisters working over Lorna as they tried to do her. Esme claimed that they weren't so different. While Clarice disagrees, Lorna thinks she may have a point in their similarities. Lorna reveals to Clarice that her birth father was apart of the Hellfire Club. So what if he is, Clarice asks. Clarice explains that you don't get born looking like her without having extra X-genes in your family tree. For a while Clarice thought that mattered. She thought that all the bad guys in her family's past made her one too. It took her too long to realize that a tiny spec of DNA doesn't take charge of who you are.

The Frost Sisters torture Bennett

Back in the den, Bennett tells the Frost Sisters that they will be tracked down and exterminated. They don't even deserve to breathe the same air as human beings as far as he is concerned. Since he doesn't want to breathe the same air as them, the Frost Sisters make him hold his breathe. They can see inside his mind. They see the twisted videos he watches of mutants being tortured. They can feel the hate that he harbors. Clarice enters the den with the others just behind her. She brings a stop to their torture of Bennett.

Caitlin and Reed learn about Otto's research partner Madeline Risman

The Struckers stop near a gas station after narrowly escaping Sentinel Services. Ellen is fine, but she wishes she could be of more help. If Otto had some type of secret lab, he never told her. If not a lab, Reed and Caitlin asks about a possible research partner or even somewhere secret Otto would go. It may be nothing, but Ellen recalls a researcher that Otto used to talk to late at night. They once went on a trip together, and Ellen confronted him because she was convinced that Otto was having an affair. Otto promised that he'd never see her again. Ellen only ever met her once at the house. She came to see Reed around the same time he got sick. Her named was Madeline Risman. Ellen apologizes for not knowing that it was Otto who was making Reed sick. She knew there was something wrong, but she was desperate and he said he could cure Reed.

The Struckers saying goodbye to Ellen

Andy and Lauren stay back at the SUV, where they refuse to even speak to one another after the incident outside of their grandmother's work place. While the Underground is coming to pick them up, Ellen however, won't be going with them. She would only hold them up. Though, she has no intentions on going home either. Ellen has a friend in Boca Raton who lives way out of town and she has enough money to get there. Lauren begins to cry as she explains that they are still the same people they've always been. Ellen says that this isn't true. They're so much more. She then gives Lauren and Andy and hug before parting ways.

Senator Montez's speech at the Summit

The Humanity Today Summit kicks off with Senator Montez being invited on stage. He'd been going to the summit for more than a decade and he is dedicated to fighting for a human future. Meanwhile, the team makes it through the front gates with no problems. Back at the summit, Montez speaks of the event as the birthplace of great ideas. They need those ideas to take their country back. Dr. Campbell and Aide, his mutant asset, sit in the crowd along with many others. Since 7/15, they've been a nation under siege. People live in fear while the mutants who terrorize them hide behind the Constitution, according to Montez. The Constitution is a human document, written by humans for humans. It is time to stop being politically correct by coddling their enemies and offering their friends empty promises. Which is why the Senator will shortly introduce new legislation to defeat the mutants who are supposedly trying to destroy their way of life.

The Underground infiltrating the Sumitt

Polaris, Eclipse and Esme discuss the plan. The second the speech is over, Polaris will knock out the frequencies for phones and walkies. Eclipse and the others are going to need to hurry because once communication goes down, the area is going to be crawling with security. Montez's speech continues. This bill he speaks of will help fund next-generation programs to wipe out their enemies wherever they hide, whatever their powers, because they are done being afraid and living under siege. Just outside, Blink and Thunderbird go on to discuss their end of the plan. She can get them onto the balcony and he will have to take them to the elevator from there. Thunderbird also address Blink's actions in stopping the Frost Sisters from torturing Bennett. He's beginning to think that he's was too hard on her earlier about her past with the Brotherhood because all that matters is who she is now. That she's one of them. Blink and Thunderbird then kiss. Right after that, Blink portals Eclipse, Thunderbird and herself into the Summit.

The Struckers return to HQ, where Sage informs Reed just how luck his timing was in getting to his mother as Sentinel Services sent another team to her house. However, she's made it out of town so far without them noticing. Trask was only after Ellen though. They've sent agents to anyone whose ever met Otto. Reed tells Sage about the research that his dad worked with, Madeline Risman.

Caitlin learns about Andy and Lauren's fight

Noticing that something is wrong, Caitlin confronts Andy and Lauren on their odd behavior. She demands to know what went down in the parking lot because when they came out both Lauren and Andy were on the ground and they haven't spoken to each other since. Andy claims it was only a disagreement, but Lauren explains it was much more as he almost killed the agents. Caitlin informs them that they need to stick together as a family, but Andy doesn't need to hear it, so he claims as he's the one person in the family that's proud to be a von Strucker. When he walks off, Caitlin looks to Lauren to work it out with him as they are family, but as Lauren explains, something has changed in Andy.

Back at the Summit, Sophie and Phoebe dump Bennett while Polaris and Esme sit in the SUV. The speech is over as many in attendance step out the front door. Polaris notes how happy they look. Nothing brings people together like hate, Esme comments. Polaris then knocks out the frequencies for phones and walkies as planned.

Eclipse and Thunderbird fail to get Campbell

Thunderbird, Blink and Eclipse proceed further into the building. Thunderbird's foresight allows him to track Campbell throughout the building. He's coming up with a few guards in the elevator. And there are 3 more armed guards in the suit down the hall. Thunderbird and Eclipse wait on the opposite side of the elevator for Dr. Campbell to exit. When he does, Eclipse blinds them with a bright ray of light. Unfortunately, he then is attacked by Aide while Thunderbird is preoccupied with stopping the armed guards. Once he finishes with the guards, Thunderbird takes out Aide as well. However, before they can get to Campbell, a group of children exit the elevator. So, Campbell pick up a gun and uses the children as leverage/human shields for his escape. Their troubles don't end there. The 3 armed guards exit the suit and begin firing. Eclipse makes it to cover while Thunderbird is hit several time while protecting Blink from the gunfire. Luckily, he is bullet proof.

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  • Andrew Benator as Aide (Hound)
  • Alex Collins as Jack Campbell
  • Cristian Gonzalez as Insurance Agent
  • Charles Green as Political Strategist
  • Elliot Gray as Director Wolcott
  • Hayley Lovitt as Sage
  • Andrew Masset as Franklin Bennett
  • Angela Oh as Chief of Staff
  • Kurt Yue as Trask Employee

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ellen Strucker reveals that Otto Strucker had a research partner by the name of Madeline Risman. While there isn't a direct counterpart within the Marvel Comics Universe, there are 2 characters that share that same surname. The first being Matthew Risman, a prominent Purifier soldier who assumed leadership following the death of William Stryker. The second being a geneticist named Deborah Risman. She was introduced in the animated series X-Men: Evolution as the creator of X-23.
  • Blink confides in Polaris about the evil mutant relatives in her family, which is likely a reference to Apocalypse, from whom she is descendant from within the Marvel Comics Universe.
  • The Humanity Today Summit is a reference to Humanity Now!. An organization commanded by Trask Industries.
  • Director Wolcott mentions that they are still paying for the mistakes of the Sentinel robots program. This is possibly a reference to X-Men: Days of Future Past, when Magneto takes control of the Sentinels.
  • This is the first episode in which Sentinel Services does not appear.

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