I marched against apartheid in 1984. They were oppressing all kinds of people. Not just the mutants.
— Ellen to Agent Weeks[src]

Ellen Strucker is a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. She is portrayed by Sharon Gless

She is the estranged wife of Otto Strucker, the mother of Reed Strucker, the mother-in-law of Caitlin Strucker, and grandmother of Lauren and Andy Strucker.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

One year prior to the beginning of the series, Ellen joined ReedCaitlinLauren and Andy at the bowling alley for a family outing. After a pitiful attempt by Caitlin, she looked to Ellen asking if she was sure that she didn't want to give it a try. Ellen declined her offer, then telling her son that the love of bowling was one of many things that she and his father didn't have in common. Unfortunately, their peaceful and joyous outing was interrupted by a dispute one lane over involving a father and his mutant daughter and an obnoxious group of people that were teasing the young girl because of her mutation. Between her father's yelling and the cruel group of individuals making fun of her, the girl temporarily lost control of her ability as she screams out, causing a huge gust of wind to form. This is when Reed stepped in, and informed the father to take his daughter and leave before the situation worsened.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Strucker family outing

In rX one year ago, Ellen attends a family gathering at a bowling alley with her son Reed, his wife Caitlin, and their children Lauren and Andy. Reed recommended that Caitlin reconsider her professional bowling career after witnessing her poor attempt at a strike. Reed then looked to his mother, who shared no desire in partaking in the family's activity. She informed Reed that the love of bowling was one of many things that she and his father did not have in common. Their fun family outing quickly turned bad as they were interrupted by a dispute occurring one lane over between a father and his mutant daughter, and the obnoxious group of people that were teasing the daughter because of her mutation. Reed attempted to ignore the dispute turning his head, but as the belittling and arguing continued between the two parties, the young girl briefly lost control of her abilities, and while no serious damage was done, Reed decided it was time to intervene in the conflict. He advised the father to leave the bowling alley with his child before the situation got any worse because damaging property with a mutant ability is a serious crime.

Ellen under interrogation

Ellen is brought in for interrogation by Agent Weeks of the Sentinel Services after her grandchildren, Lauren and Andy destroyed their school's gymnasium, which was being reported as an act of terrorism. Under the suspicion that she is potentially involved in her grandchildren's escape and that she knows of their whereabouts, they see it best to bring her in. She informs the Agent that nothing her grandchildren did was intentional as they would never attack anyone. With phone records from Ellen to her son Reed, Agent Weeks suspects her involvement some way or another, though Ellen explains that she merely called her family to check in on them after seeing the incident that took place at their school on the news. The Agent then asks about her husband, who Ellen states as being alone in Chattanooga. From there, Agent Weeks accuses her of being a radical activist, looking back to her support for the mutant rights movement as well as her protest against the South African government. Ellen clarifies that she marched against apartheid in 1984. They were oppressing all kinds of people, not just the mutants, she says.

In outfoX, Ellen briefly appears during a flashback. She paces just outside Reed's hospital room, scolding her husband Otto for not being at Reed's side as he suffers from a potentially fatal sickness.

Ellen learns that Sentinel Services killed Otto

In eXtraction, Ellen receives a surprise visit from Reed and Caitlin at her place of work. , Caitlin and Reed update her on every thing that has occurred since they went into hiding, including the fact that Sentinel Services will be coming to pick her up to interrogate her on Otto's research, which she claims to have no knowledge of. Ellen hasn't seen Otto in years, but that won't matter to them. Reed and Caitlin just need for her to come with them. If Sentinel Services even thinks that she knows something of use, they won't stop coming after her. However, Ellen refuses to run away from her entire life though she starts to reconsider that when Reed reveals that Sentinel Services killed Otto.

Reed. Ellen and Caitlin leave the office

Ellen then learns that Otto was in fact a mutant, which he kept a secret from her for 26 years. Reed then reveals to his mother that his father is the reason behind his illness when he was 10. Otto was using a serum to block the X-gene in Reed, which is what Sentinel Services is in search of. Should they acquire it, they could wipe mutants off the face of the earth. Reed asks if his dad had another lab, but Otto had no other lab, at least not to Ellen's knowledge. Reed then gets a call from Lauren that Sentinel Services has just arrived. Reed, Caitlin and Ellen quickly make their way out the office to meet with Lauren and Andy downstairs. They proceed to exit the building and make their escape.

Ellen informs Reed of Otto's research partner

The Struckers stop near a gas station after narrowly escaping Sentinel Services. Ellen is fine, but she wishes she could be of more help. If Otto had some type of secret lab, he never told her. If not a lab, Reed and Caitlin asks about a possible research partner or even somewhere secret Otto would go. It may be nothing, but Ellen recalls a researcher that Otto used to talk to late at night. They once went on a trip together, and Ellen confronted him because she was convinced that Otto was having an affair. Otto promised that he'd never see her again. Ellen only ever met her once at the house. She came to see Reed around the same time he got sick. Her named was Madeline Risman. Ellen apologizes for not knowing that it was Otto who was making Reed sick. She knew there was something wrong, but she was desperate and he said he could cure Reed.

Ellen says goodbye

Ellen, Reed and Caitlin then head over to Andy and Lauren by the SUV. While the Mutant Underground is coming to pick them up, Ellen however, won't be going with them. She would only hold them up. Though, she has no intentions on going home either. Ellen has a friend in Boca Raton who lives way out of town and she has enough money to get there. Lauren begins to cry as she explains that they are still the same people they've always been. Ellen says that this isn't true. They're so much more. She then gives Lauren and Andy and hug before parting ways.

Abilities and Skills[edit | edit source]

Ellen has yet to display any abilities or skills worth noting. Should that change, this section is likely to be updated.

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