Stop the vehicle immediately, or we will open fire. This is Sentinel Services.
— Agent Weeks to the Mutant Underground

Agent Ed Weeks was a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. He was portrayed by Joe Nemmers.

Ed was an agent of the Sentinel Services who worked alongside Agent Turner until he was forced to kill himself by telepathic mutant Esme Frost.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Weeks with Turner as they go to the Strucker's home to arrest Lauren and Andy.

In eXposed, Agent Weeks and Agent Turner are assigned with the task of taking two mutant teens into custody following the destruction of a suburban Atlanta Belleview Acres High School's gymnasium, which was being described as an act of terrorism. They knock on the door of the Strucker Home and inform Caitlin Strucker that under the amended Patriot Act, it is their duty as Sentinel Services to secure the safety of the community, meaning Lauren and Andy will be coming with them. While they are aware that the teens' father, Reed Strucker, is a mutant prosecutor for the District Attorney, this does nothing to deter them from their task. Although Caitlin is reluctant to allow them in, attempting to slam the door in their faces, Agent Weeks and Agent Turner bypass her, knocking Caitlin down in the process. Regrettably, this angers Andy, and he causes the house to shake/ As his anger grows, so does the shaking, thus forcing Agent Weeks and Agent Turner to draw their weapons. However, before they can fire. Lauren obstructs their path with a shield, buying the Struckers enough time to get away in the family's van.

Agent Weeks backing Agent Turner

In rX, after failing to apprehend the Struckers and several members of the Mutant Underground in an abandoned warehouse, Agent Turner announces to the Sentinel Services agents as well as Atlanta Police Department that in addition to the Struckers, they are also seeking three mutant suspects, two unidentified males (Thunderbird and Eclipse), and one female prison escapee (Blink). All are to be considered extremely dangerous. They are to search every square inch of the warehouse - behind doors, walls, and even under water. With mutants, anything is possible.

Agent Weeks interrogates Ellen

The next day, at Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, Agent Weeks interrogates Reed Strucker's mother, Ellen Strucker, on her potential involvement and the whereabouts of her grandchildren. With documented phone records from earlier that week between Ellen and her son Reed, Agent Weeks accuses her of having a role to play in the Strucker's escape. Though Ellen claims that she merely called to check in on them after seeing the news of the destroyed gymnasium. When he asks about her husband, Otto Strucker, she replies that he lives alone in Chattanooga. From there, Agent Weeks accuses her of being a radical activist, looking back to her support for the mutant rights movement as well as her protest against the South African government. Ellen clarifies that she marched against apartheid in 1984. They were oppressing all kinds of people, not just the mutants, she says.

Agent Turner plans with Reed and Agent Weeks on taking down the Underground

In eXodus, at Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, after making a deal with Reed Strucker that would ensure the safety of his family and the apprehension of the Mutant Underground, they began to retrace Reed's steps leading up to his capture. They pick up at Reed and Marcos meeting at Tex's Lounge to broker a deal to move his family to Mexico. Reed recalls Marcos being familiar with the bartender, Fade, making him the contact to the Underground. With that, Agent Turners tells Agent Weeks to get a recon team out by the bar. Agent Turner then explains that they're going to put out a fake APB for Reed, saying that he managed to escape capture. Assuming the bar is connected to the Underground, they'll hear about it. Should Reed not be able to make contact, Agent Turner tells him to get them to take him to his family. Sentinel Services will then pick up Marcos Diaz and roll-up their entire operation. As for the Underground, they're classified as a terrorist organization. So they'll be dealt with accordingly.

Agent Turner, Reed and Agent Week in the surveillance van

Later that day, Sentinel Services Headquarters sends out the APB notice. As of an hour ago, Reed Strucker is the subject of a multi-agency manhunt. With any luck, their target will have heard about it. Reed simply needed to convince them to take him to the Underground. Meanwhile, Agent Weeks and Agent Turner would track him with an ankle monitor. It's thin enough to the point where it won't be felt if Reed is subject to a pat-down and it also won't come off unless Turner unlocks it. Having already hacked the nearby surveillance cameras, they watch as Fade exits the backdoor of the bar to dump the trash, providing them with the perfect opportunity to send Reed out. Before doing so, Agent Turner reminds him that his family is depending on him. Reed heads out there, and successfully gains Fade's trust, as he is led inside the bar.

In the surveillance van, Agent Weeks, who is observing the monitor, tells Agent Turner that Reed and Fade are on the move. Turner then alerts backup of their position. As they follow the van, Reed suddenly jumps out, going back on his initial deal with them, allowing Fade to escape.

Agent Turner and Agent Weeks at the convoy

In eXit strategy, while on their way to transport Reed Strucker and Lorna Dane to a secure location via a convoy of military vehicles, the bus breaks down as they pass through a warehouse district. Outside the transport bus, they discover that the axle has snapped on the tire. While Agent Weeks suspects it's a mechanical failure, Agent Turner is certain that it is in fact a mutant attack. So he orders Agent Weeks to lock down the surrounding area.

It would turn out that Agent Turner's suspicions were correct. Not long after locking down the area, gun fire erupts throughout the warehouse district. Agent Weeks reports this to Agent Turner. Shots have been fired up the street and there were at least three hostiles. Agent Turners orders all teams to maintain their position and look for more hostiles.

Before long, Lorna Dane and Reed manage to escape the transport bus. When they do, the Agents open fire. Lorna halts their fired bullets, sending them back in the agents direction, forcing them to retreat after taking their weapons away. As they escape in a Sentinel Services marked vehicle, Agent Turner orders that they shutdown every safe house in the area as he doesn't just want them. He everyone, including the mutant sympathizers.

Agent Weeks and Agent Turner track Eclipse and Polaris

In boXed in, Agent Weeks and Agent Turner track down the escapees from the prison transport. They pulled the GPS tracker on the Sentinel Services vehicle they stole, which is headed north on 23 towards Druid Hills. Agent Turner instructs his fellow agents to reroute all tactical units and to get a drone in the air because the mutants will be ditching the car the first chance they get.

Agent Weeks and Agent Turner are later alerted when the drone is destroyed. They lock in it's last known location and call in units for every intersection within a 10 mile radius. If they're smart, Eclipse and Polaris going to take the side roads to head for the interstate. So Agent Turner hopes to cut them off.

Agent Weeks and Agent Turner at the roadblock

After the drones fail, Agent Weeks and Agent Turner set up a roadblock where they believe Eclipse and Polaris' will travel. Turner wants three more units in the position. Based on the drones last location, they know the mutants are near. As for the other roadblocks, every route in a 20 mile perimeter is secure and they have reinforcement coming. Agent Turner orders Weeks to double whatever they got as he doesn't want to take any chances.

At the roadblock, Agent Turner wonders where his other units are that he called in over 20 minutes ago. Agent Weeks tells him that the Deputy director rerouted some units to expand the search, which frustrates Turner as he's certain that Eclipse and Polaris are headed in their direction. As it turns out, he is correct. Eclipse and Polaris spot the roadblock. While he wants to find another route, Polaris suggests that they he keep going. She takes control of the car and proceeds towards the roadblock in high speed before abruptly stopping and getting out the car. She makes quick work of the two agent backing Turner before disarming him of his gun and kidnapping him.

Agent Weeks prepares to invade the warehouse

Agent Weeks and his fellow agents manage to track Turner, Polaris and Eclipse down to an abandoned warehouse. They quickly surround the area and on Agent Week's command, prepares the agents to breach the warehouse. As they slowly approach, Polaris launches rebar out the window at the agents, forcing them to momentarily retreat. As a last resort, Sentinel Services bombs the warehouse with tear gas, forcing the mutants to retreat.

In got your siX, Weeks approaches Jace as he enters the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters despite being put on a mandatory leave of absence following his encounter with the Mutant Underground. Agent Weeks attempts to convince him to leave, but Jace refuses. Everybody's heart broke for Jace and Paula after learning that he had lost his memory of Grace's death, but he's not supposed to be at work. Regardless, Jace enters his office.

Agent Weeks fires at the truck

The next day, Agent Weeks stages a roadblock after the mutants were marked by the tollway cameras when spotted in Baton Rogue around the same time the federal building was hit. As the marked vehicle approaches, Agent Weeks makes several request for them to pull the vehicle over, but the driver keeps going. As the truck nears the roadblock, Sentinel Services and Atlanta PD open fire. However, they do not account for Polaris ferrokinetically halting the bullets being directed at the truck while Lauren forms a row of shields on the road, acting as a ramp, which propels the truck clear over the roadblock. Wes, another member of the Underground then creates an illusion of the truck going down two separate paths, all while cloaking the real truck that kept driving ahead.

Weeks explains the terrorist guidelines

In eXtreme measures, Agent Turner orders support teams for the mutant assets that are to be sent into the field. Unfortunately, he has troubles ahead. Agent Weeks informs him that an official from the Department of Justice has unexpectedly shown up. She wishes to discuss the new field operation that Turner is planning. They are preparing a briefing though she notes that should've been done before he launched the program. This is a legal nightmare. They have neither warrants nor probable cause. But as Agent Turner points out, she can't even begin to understand the power that certain mutants possess. Agent Weeks attempts to justify their actions under the terrorist guidelines though she isn't buying it. She then address his partnership with Dr. Campbell, who runs a program that doesn't exist, officially. She requests that he suspend the program but Agent Turner refuses.

Agent Weeks, Agent Turner, and Dr. Campbell at the meeting

Agent Weeks, Agent Turner, and Dr. Campbell are called in by the same official of the Department of Justice from before. She wants to make sure there is no confusion from where they stand. Their warrant-less surveillance has strayed well outside of legal bounds. So they cannot deploy mutant assets against suspects. She reminds him that before anything else, they are American citizens. However, Agent Turner begs to differ. Mutants protest the government, conspire with mutants in other countries, and even consider themselves to be a separate species. He questions why they should enjoy the rights of American citizens when they're determined not to act like American citizens. She replies that this argument was tried on Catholics in the 1950s, on Muslims in the 2000s, and the Supreme Court shut it down every time. So she's requesting a court order. Before she can continue, the official seems to have a stroke, though Campbell comes to her aide.

Agent Turner and Agent Weeks outside the hospital room

In outfoX, Agent Weeks and Agent Turner stand just outside Dr. Campbell's hospital room after he was badly burned from the encounter with Otto Strucker in Chattanooga. Agent Weeks tells Agent Turner that Campbell will live. Turner suspects that the Mutant Underground will be looking to launch another attack, so they need to put a team together, however, it will be tough to sell an operation like that without specific intel as Washington is upset about losing two agents during the explosion. Unfortunately, Agent Turner was tasked with informing the families. To make matters worse, the Underground knows about the Hound program, meaning the lab is their next target.

Agent Weeks enters Agent Turner's office to inform him that he pulled together a team to look into the lab. But they're risking it all for this. If they failed an unauthorized investigation into a covert facility they would soon be talking to the FBI in handcuffs.

Agent Weeks informs Turner of the sick guard

Later, as Agent Turner enters the conference room, Agent Weeks informs him that they checked into everything, but there are no irregularities with the lab. As for lab employees, everything seemed fine. One was out of town for a funeral while another claims he's sick. Turner inquires about the sick security guard, who called in last night. He realizes that something isn't right and requests Trask's employee network to pull the guard's file. However, Agent Weeks argues that it's a dead end. The guy passed out in a bar, bumped his head and was probably sleeping off a hangover. On the guard's file, Agent Turner finds the access information to the power station. He believes that their plan is to hit the power station, thus providing the mutants with a way in. So he orders a tactical team.

Agent Turner and Agent Weeks moving in

Agent Weeks and Agent Turner sets up a tactical team outside the power station. But Agent Weeks still isn't convinced that the mutants are planning to hit the station since he thought they were going after Campbell's lab. Turner explains that the lab is still priority, but it's not a coincidence that the guard who called in sick has access to the power station. Turner is convinced that the mutants are trying to disable the lab's security before they go in. Agent Weeks informs Turner that he's making a lot of leaps. They're done if the remote units don't find anything. Unfortunately for Agent Turner, Zones 1-3 are clear. But just as it starts to seem that they were wrong, remote units have targeted, meaning they've found the mutants. So the team heads in. Weeks is concerned that the Sentinel will be destroyed just like the last time, but Agent Turner informs him that they've been improved.

After the Sentinel captures Blink and the tactical team catches Dreamer, Agent Weeks, Agent Turner and their fellow Sentinel Services agents track Andy and Lauren Strucker to a vacant lot in the basement of the building. They surround the two teens, forcing them to surrender as they draw their weapons. Agent Turner tells them it's over as they get on their knees and ability suppressing collars are placed around their neck.

Agent Weeks interrogates Clarice

In eXploited, Agent Weeks interrogates Clarice, who claims that she too got lost in the power station while looking for the restroom. Agent Weeks tells her that she isn't going to escape like she did last time, as she got lucky. Clarice retorts that luck had nothing to do with it. She made them look foolish, a pretty good skill, she notes. Agent Weeks offers Clarice the opportunity to make a deal because she won't like what follows. Despite his offer, Clarice refuses to talk. Agent Weeks explains that while he knows why they were in the power station, he can't quite figure out what they were looking for.

The Agents come to round up the prisoner

That night, despite initially sending Andy, Lauren, Clarice and Sonya to Trask for experimentation along with the Hound trials, Agent Turner has a change of heart and decides to retrieve them with the help of Agent Weeks and a small team of agents. Agent Turner had been reviewing the status of the detainees and he isn't satisfied that any of it is legal. He has revisited the deal and decided to take the mutants back. Turner looks at the monitors, with each one providing a view into the prisoners' cell. He notices that Sonya is missing. Campbell tells him that there was an incident during one of their experiments and she didn't make it. Agent Turner is upset, but they proceed to round up the other mutants.

Agent Weeks kills himself

As they prepare to leave Trask, Agent Weeks and Agent Turner approach the booth and hand the guard authorization papers for a transfer. They're taking out all the prisoners. The guard questions who authorized the prisoner transfer. Agent Turner tells him Sentinel Services, but the guard isn't satisfied with the answer and decides to call it in. As he does so, Agent Weeks is taken control of by mutant telepath Esme. She makes him turn off the collars on the mutant prisoners inside the transport vehicle. Still under Esme's control, Agent Weeks shoots the guard in the booth as well as Agent Turner, before turning the gun on himself and pulling the trigger.

Agent Ed Week's funeral

In 3 X 1, a funeral is held for Agent Weeks. At his service, Jace steps forward to say a few words. Weeks was a good man, an agent and a close friend of his. Ed lived a life of service, and he gave the ultimate sacrifice. Jace grew up in his granddad's church. There's a story that he learned there. In the beginning, the Lord loved one angel above all the others. To him, he gave special gifts. He made that angel beautiful and powerful. But one day, that angel decided that he wanted to rule over Heaven. That angel disobeyed God. And for that, he was cast down out of Heaven. That angel was Lucifer. We have, living among us, some who have been given special gifts. Some who, like Lucifer, have followed their pride into darkness. They ask for understanding. They ask for tolerance, but Jace is done tolerating evil. He promises that they're going find the mutants responsible for Ed's death and bring them to justice.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Agent Weeks was a stern individual that was strictly about handling his business professionally. He always maintained his poise and never lost his temper under pressure or the stress of his job. He was able to keep calm even under the show of mutant powers all around him as he went after the Mutant Underground. He is also a loyal friend to fellow Sentinel Services agent, Jace Turner.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ed appears to be in his late thirties to early forties, with black hair and dark brown eyes. He is mostly seen wearing his uniform. When he is on the field, he is often seen wearing a bullet proof vest over his uniform.

Abilities and Skills[edit | edit source]

As a field agent for Sentinel Services, Ed is tactical and proficient with firearms.

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  • Agent Ed Weeks is not a character from the X-Men comics. He's a original character created for this series .

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