A long time ago, before anyone knew I was a mutant, I used to volunteer at this place, a shelter for battered women. They'd been through such terrible things. Sometimes I'd secretly use my powers on them. Pull their worst memories from their minds. I wish I could make all of us forget this.
— Dreamer to Blink[src]

Dreamer (birth name Sonya Simonson) was a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. She was a mutant with the ability to implant, remove and view memories.

She was also a member of the Mutant Underground, as well as the best friend of Polaris and the girlfriend of Thunderbird.

Early Life

Very little is known about Dreamer's early life. Before anybody knew she was a mutant, she worked at a shelter for battered women. While there, she secretly used her power to pull their worst memories from their mind so that they would forget the difficult times in their lives. She was rescued by the Mutant Underground some time later.

Season 1

In rX, Sonya attempted to get ahold of a doctor in Gainsville after John and Marcos returned to Headquarters with Clarice, who was in bad condition after overexerting herself when teleporting everyone over to the facility. With John, Marcos, and Clarice's return came a family with two mutant children (Andy and Lauren) who needed their help in escaping Sentinel Services. However, with John nearly being killed during the rescue mission, Dreamer isn't as willing to lend a hand as her underground comrades. Come to find out, it was Marcos' doing that led to the Struckers' arrival at Headquarters. He ran off on his own, agreeing to help the family if they reunited him with Lorna in return.

Sonya, Marcos, John, and the Struckers observing Blink's portal

She later joined John, Marcos, and the others down stairs when Clarice's worsening condition and unstable abilities caused the back half of a truck to rip through the compound after entering through one of her portals. As they laid Clarice down on the table, her powers began to forcefully manifest, which caused her great pain. This led to the creation of another portal to the very same road as before, making them visible to the civilians on the street, one of which had a loaded shotgun and was prepared to use it. Fortunately, Lauren was there to close the portal, as Sonya stood back with the rest. While Lauren's ability to close the portal may have proven effective this time around, there was no guarantee this would remain to be true as Clarice became increasingly unstable. Their only chance at saving Clarice was by breaking into a hospital, and stealing a Pyxis machine.

With Marcos and Caitlin off to recover the medication to save Clarice, John and Sonya stayed behind to look after the new arrivals, which goes terribly wrong after Clarice's ability began to violently manifest once more, causing another portal to open and making them visible to law enforcement on the road, which in turn forced Sonya to get the others to safety.

Sonya disagreeing with John

Despite Lauren closing the repeatedly opening portals, Sonya and John grew more concerned with each passing moment. She learned from John that the situation is worse than they thought. He overheard the cops calling in SWAT. They're going to have a serious problem on their hands the next time a portal opens, which is why she was instructed by John to evacuate if necessary, though Sonya disagreed with this decision. She believed the best way to address the threat was by removing Clarice from the facility, but as John explained, moving Clarice is too dangerous, only worsening the situation. What are we to do, Dreamer asked, to which John replied that they're going to hope that Marcos and Caitlin make it back in time with the medicine.

Clarice's portals opening up in the Underground

With Clarice's pain intensifying and her powers growing even more unpredictable, John is prepared evacuate, though Sonya is adamantly against doing so, her reasoning being that they couldn't abandon the facility, but John couldn't come to any better solution. What appeared to be Clarice's worse episode yet, John ordered Sonya to prepare for evacuation. As the SWAT team pulled up, Lauren attempted to close the portal, but to no avail. Failing to close the portal, Lauren is knocked back into the wall by a great force. Dreamer then ran over to help her up, screaming at John to watch out for the approaching SWAT team member as she did so. After John took down the intruder, Andy ran in front, and in a great show of power, sent the officers flying backward into the air, as well as everyone else around him, including Clarice, who was knocked unconscious onto the floor, causing the portal to close. Unfortunately, this resulted in multiple portals opening simultaneously which led Sonya to evacuate the building at John's request.

After Caitlin and Marcos returned with the medicine from the hospital to stabilize Clarice, Sonya and her fellow mutants assembled to re-establish order within the facility.

Sonya agreeing with Marcos to recuse Lorna

In eXposed, Dreamer sat alongside Sage and Shatter as John and Marcos discussed the best course of action in rescuing Lorna. Sonya agreed with Marcos in regards to using Clarice to break Lorna out of prison.

Sonya learned from John that Clarice was having trouble with her abilities following her recovery. Clarice's power had always been fueled by fear. John believed that Clarice needed to find something that she cared enough about in order to get past it. With time being of the essence, Sonya suggested that she use her powers to implant memories into Clarice and provide an emotional anchor to help her focus, positive that she can make Clarice think Lorna is her best friend. However, John refused, stating that implanting memories into a person's mind can have dire consequences and is too dangerous, remember Walker and Eve, John asked. He didn't wish to take shortcuts as they had before. With that being said, Sonya agreed to let John handle Clarice as he saw fit.

Sonya advising Clarice

Dreamer later spoke with Clarice, who was still struggling to access her powers. She took a seat next to Clarice, offering a few words of encouragement as Lorna, who she described as being her best friend, was counting on them. "What did Johnny say?", Sonya asked. Clarice replied that he instructed her to focus on something meaningful to her. Sonya wondered if there was anyone in Clarice's life that she could use as an emotional anchor to stabilize her abilities, possibly an old spouse, though Clarice claimed to have no one. Clarice then made the assumption that she and John were romantically involved, which left Sonya wondering how Clarice came to this conclusion. Clarice explained that it was fairly apparent through the way Sonya looked when she talked about hi m and how she was the only one that referred to him as "Johnny". Dreamer explained that she came to the Underground as a refugee, but when she decided to stay on and help, she and John agreed that if they were going to work together, they shouldn't be together. Back to Clarice's portals and her inability to maintain them, Sonya advised her to keep trying.

Dreamer implanting memories in Clarice's mind

Sonya received a call from John for help while he, Marcos, and the Struckers were being pursued by upset civilians seeking to collect the bounty for the fugitive mutants. John explained that they needed a way out that didn't end with anyone dying. Sonya told John to come back to Headquarters, and by then, she would have a plan. Knowing Clarice was the only one who could save everyone with a portal, by bringing the entire car off the road, Sonya approached her to ask for help. However, with Clarice still unable to create a portal, Sonya exhaled a pink cloud of smoke onto Clarice which implanted an intense romantic memory of her and John in which they kissed in a tender embrace in the rain, thus providing Clarice with someone to care about and the means to create a portal.

Blink, now with a strong emotional connection to John, followed Dreamer out onto the open street, with Thunderbird, Eclipse, and the Struckers just moments away. Dreamer instructed Blink to remember who she was doing it for, and to get them all back to Headquarters. Blink stood in the middle of the road, opening a large portal as their friends approached in the vehicle. After Thunderbird, Eclipse, and the Struckers passed through the portal in the truck, Dreamer and Blink followed closely behind.

Blink immediately embraced Thunderbird, happy to see him safe, as he exited the truck. He quickly caught onto her suspicious behavior and sudden fondness of him. So, he confronted Dreamer, and she admitted to implanting a personal memory into Blink's head of a kiss between her and Thunderbird, though in this memory, she replaced herself with Blink. Dreamer was chastised for using her abilities, as it could lead to great consequences, though if it meant saving Thunderbird, there was nothing she wouldn't do.

Sonya agreeing to save Lorna

In eXit strategy, Sonya joined the rest of the Underground as John and Marcos informed them of Lorna and Reed Strucker's location; they were being held in a cell at the Sentinel Services regional Headquarters. They would soon be relocated to an ultra secure facility, which the Underground didn't have much insight on beyond the fact that the people who go there, don't come back, thus forcing their hand in attacking the Sentinel Services. Unfortunately, they lost six people the last time they went up against the Sentinel Services directly, resulting in a lot of members of the Underground, who were reluctant to do so once more. As Sage explained, they had an 86.5% chance of failure, but if they did nothing, then there's was a 100% chance of never seeing Reed or Lorna again. With Lorna not only being her best friend, but having risked her life for everyone in the room, Dreamer was the first to step up and join John and Marcos on their quest to save Lorna and Reed.

In the monitoring cell, Marcos expressed his disbelief in the fact that only five people (Sonya, Marcos, John, Clarice, Harry) were willing to help save Lorna. Caitlin pointed out that she would be joining them, bringing the number up to a total of six people. The six of them began to strategize on how best to infiltrate the building. However, Caitlin suggested that rather than going in the building, they rescue Lorna and Reed while they're in route to be relocated. Fortunately, Marcos could gain intel on the route from the Cartel. However, many of them were hesitant with him doing so because the last time Marcos got involved with the Cartel, he barely got out.

John telling Dreamer to come clean to Clarice

Afterward, Dreamer was approached by John, who asked if she had told Clarice the truth about implanting a memory in her head, which she hadn't. Sonya didn't believe it was necessary, as Clarice seemed fine, at least according to her. However, John reminded her that giving Clarice a memory that isn't hers and without her permission is wrong. Sonya explained that it was less a memory and more like a dream or impression that'll fade on its own, though John was concerned that wouldn't. He suggested that Sonya confess what she did, though neither of them knew how Clarice would react to being violated in such a personal manner. She could be upset enough to leave, which would prevent them from saving Lorna and Reed. Dreamer understood that John wasn't happy with what she did. However, she made a choice, one that involved saving him. And if she had the time to spare, Sonya admitted that she would've asked Clarice, but that wasn't a luxury that could be afforded at the time. Although, had Clarice said no, Sonya would've given her the memory regardless, as she wasn't willing to allow John to die. Before leaving, she reminded John that they were at war.

Harry, Clarice, Caitlin, Sonya, and John planning

The next day, Sonya, John, Clarice, Caitlin, and Harry gathered in the monitoring cell to discuss what Marcos had learned; a convoy of military vehicles was taking Lorna and Reed to a military airport. Based on the route, the best place to hit the convoy was at an old warehouse district off Peachtree. With Clarice on board, they were looking to her to open a portal, and get them inside the transport bus, which she was willing to do, but if the bus was moving, it could get messy, meaning they would have to stop it first. With Marcos still away with the Cartel, Sonya asked when he would be delivering the time frame, to which John explained that he was working on it.

That night, after Marcos returned with the time frame, Sonya joined John as he worked on the plan to rescue Lorna and Reed.

Dreamer, Trader, and Eclipse waiting for the convoy

With Caitlin, Andy and Lauren on the roof, and Thunderbird and Blink in a warehouse, Dreamer hid in an alleyway with Trader and Eclipse, waiting for the convoy, during which time, Eclipse explained that if anything went wrong, he wouldn't be leaving without Lorna, though as Sonya reminded him that they had already discussed the matter, and how they would take off and regroup at the rendezvous point. The three of them then hid behind a vehicle as the convoy approached. Unfortunately, the Struckers missed their cue to stop the transport bus. However, they did manage to eventually stop it, though it was far past the initial mark point. With the transport bus halted in the wrong place, they were forced to adjust the plan. Eclipse advised them to leave as Sentinel Services moved into a defensive position. They would soon begin their sweep of the area, and if they found the cars, the Underground would have no way of escaping, which was all the more reason for them to stay. Trader volunteered to use his cloaking abilities to move past undetected and see what was happening with the transport bus, though Dreamer questioned if he was capable of performing such a feat. Trader explained that he use to sneak into mutant detention camps undetected, meaning he was more than capable.

Dreamer applying pressure to Trader's wounds

Dreamer and Eclipse hid behind a row of barrels, as Trader made his way throughout the warehouse district. However, his cloaking deactivated, and he was shot several times by a Sentinel Service agent after failing to get down on the ground, as instructed. With agents quickly approaching Trader, as he laid on the ground bleeding, Eclipse pulled out a gun and started shooting draw their fire, thus providing Dreamer with the opportunity to rescue Trader. With Eclipse holding off the agent, Dreamer ran over to apply pressure to his wounds. Unfortunately, with Eclipse running out of ammo and his abilities deactivated, the agents turned their attention back to Trader, and began firing. nearly striking Dreamer.

After a while, Eclipse's powers returned, which allowed him to hold off the agents once more. In doing so, he blew up a car, causing the agents to scatter. Thankfully, Blink managed to open a portal, allowing Dreamer and Trader to escape without any further injury.

Sonya collecting supplies

In boXed in, Sonya and Clarice were joined in the supply room by Shatter, who informed her that they may require her to manipulate Reed's memory into forgetting the location of Headquarters and everyone in it, should people decide that they were no longer comfortable with him being in the Underground. Sonya agreed to do what was necessary, but only if Johnny instructed her to, though Shatter told her that they still might have to do it, even if John doesn't consent. Clarice wondered what Shatter was referring to as she wasn't aware of Sonya's abilities. Dreamer explained that she's capable of manipulating memories, and that sometimes they use it for security purposes.

Sonya later received a call from Eclipse, who she was concerned for, as he and Polaris should've made it back to Headquarters quite some time ago. Eclipse explained that they kidnapped Sentinel Services agent Jace Turner, and that they needed her help.

Dreamer viewing Agent Turner's memories

Dreamer and Blink teleported to the warehouse, where Eclipse and Polaris were held up with the Sentinel Services agent. Polaris explained that Agent Turner knew what happened, but didn't want to share what they did to Pulse, John's best friend and a former member of the Underground, who they thought died three years ago. Agent Turner warned her that using her powers on him was an assault against a federal officer. "Don't worry handsome, you won't feel a thing", Dreamer replied. With Sentinel Services moving in, Polaris bought Dreamer some more time while she entered the Agent's memories by exhaling a pink cloud of smoke into his face. While looking through his memories, Dreamer saw his most recent encounters with Polaris, as well as his memories involving a courthouse, an unfamiliar symbol, and a group of mutant files, one of which was titled "Hound". Unfortunately, with Sentinel Service moments away from invading the warehouse after throwing in tear gas, Dreamer was ripped away from Agent Turner before she could restore his memories, leaving him in a state of pain and confusion.

Back at Headquarters, Sonya drew several well detailed illustrations of what she could recall seeing in Agent Turner's mind. He definitely knew Pulse, she said. It was hazy, but there was a building, documents, and a logo. While Reed was just as unfamiliar with the logo as her, John claimed to have seen it branded on Pulse. Fortunately, Reed did recognize one of Sonya's drawings, which he identified as being the Baton Rouge Federal Building. Some people he prosecuted were transferred there, but they disappeared soon thereafter.

Sonya explaining her actions to Clarice

As she continued with her sketching. Sonya was confronted by Clarice, who had put the pieces together, and suspected Sonya of manipulating her memories. Clarice explained that while watching Sonya in action with Agent Turner, she remembered that the two of them started to have a conversation last week, but she could no longer remember what they discussed. Clarice stated that ever since, she couldn't go ten minutes without thinking about a memory of John and her. With no other option, Dreamer confessed to manipulating Clarice's memories. She reasoned that John was in trouble and that Clarice was incapable of using her abilities when they needed her to. Sonya understood Clarice's frustration, but she hoped that Clarice at least understood that lives were at stake. However, Clarice was furious. She claimed that Sonya's actions were wrong, and because of that, she's stuck with the memory of loving someone that she barely knew, and didn't love her back. Dreamer offered to remove the memory, but Clarice would rather she stay away.

Underground meeting

In got your siX, Sonya gathered with Sage, Johnny, Reed, Marcos, Shatter, and Lorna to discuss their upcoming attack on Sentinel Services. Reed provided his knowledge of the Baton Rouge Federal Building, where some of his cases were sent and handled by judge James Kresge. It was a rare occurrence, but when it did happen, all Reed was ever told is that some of his cases were being prosecuted under a special federal program. Marcos was only concerned with getting the files that Sonya saw while digging through Agent Turner's memories. However, they needed Clarice, who had just left headquarters, to teleport them in. When the others began to question why she suddenly left, Dreamer told them that it didn't matter, as they needed to be focused on finding another solution. Andy volunteered to be that solution by breaking through the back wall for them.

Sonya joined Johnny at the entrance of the Underground, where he was reinforcing the building in preparation for any upcoming attacks. She asked how his conversation went with Clarice. Given that she left, it was a safe assumption that it didn't go well, which was about par for the course those days. Sonya told him that Pulse working for the Sentinel Services wasn't his fault, though John would beg to differ considering they left him for dead three years prior, which now had Johnny questioning his leadership abilities, suggesting that maybe the X-Men made a mistake in choosing him to be apart of the Underground. Sonya advised Johnny against thinking like that. She understood his need to live up to who his father was, but he was doing all he could. Dreamer continued to reassure him that he was chosen for a reason. the X-Men warned them that a war was coming. But they didn't saw we'd win, John countered.

Sonya and John kissing

Sonya later found John in the monitoring cell, stressed over the recent influx of mutant refugees. She asked if Marcos succeeded in retrieving the the documents from the Federal building in Baton Rouge, which he had. She was pleased to learn that they accomplished the mission without Clarice or the need of a portal. John told her that what they did to Clarice was wrong, though Sonya wasn't convinced. Her actions saved lives, even though it meant lying to Clarice. If they'd told her the truth, she would've left earlier, and people would've died. Dreamer told John that it was okay that he made it out and Pulse didn't, as she caressed his face. She stated that they needed to keep moving forward, before kissing him. While John reciprocated the kiss, he was hesitant in doing so due to the war they were fighting. But Sonya reasoned that this was all the more reason to live "here and now". They began kissing once more, before being interrupted by Marcos, who was calling John's phone.

That night, after Marcos, Reed, and Andy returned to the Underground, Sonya and John examined the documents they had stolen from the Federal building.

Sonya and Marcos at the meeting

In eXtreme measures, Sonya, Marcos, Lorna, Sage, and Reed convened in the monitoring cell, where John revealed that Sentinel Services was ramping up surveillance across the board, meaning things were going to get worse before they got better. With the all the new refugees coming in, they were running out of supplies, so Marcos volunteered to head up to Marietta, where he heard there were supplies to be found. As for the hard drives that Marcos, Reed, and Andy had recovered from Baton Rouge, they were encrypted, but that likely meant there was something worth hiding. If they didn't find out how Sentinel Services were turning mutants against their own, all of their efforts would have been for nothing. Lastly, John announced that he was going to track down Clarice, but Sonya questioned if this was a good idea. John explained that she knew the location of Headquarters, so if she were to be caught, it could mean the end of the Underground.

Sonya was approached by Lorna while handing out blankets to the refugees. Lorna asked to speak with her privately, so that they could talk about Marcos, who claimed he was going up to Marietta for supplies. Dreamer learned that he lied; he never went to Marietta, and he wasn't answering his phone. Sonya assured Lorna that there must be a good explanation for Marcos' suspicious behavior, though Lorna already had her answer given that Marcos' Santa Muerte medallion was gone. What is that, Sonya asked. Lorna replied that it was a patron saint of death. It was big with the cartels, and Marcos used to wear it for luck when he worked for them.

Dreamer's memory manipulation smoke

As Dreamer and Polaris pulled up to Carmen Guerra's mansion, she asked Polaris if she was sure about picking a fight with the Cartel, as it wasn't smart to do so, especially if they didn't absolutely have to. Polaris stated that they had to considering that Eclipse was likely in trouble. The ladies approached the gate, calling out to the armed guards in order to gain their attention. As the guards proceeded towards them, Polaris made quick work of them both, lifting one guard into the air by the strap of his gun, and knocking the other into the bushes. Still hanging in the air by the strap of his gun, Polaris, used her abilities to pull the once armed guard over to the fence that separated them from the mansion. Polaris first asked for the whereabouts of Eclipse and Carmen, but when he failed to answer, Dreamer accessed his memories by exhaling her pink smoke into his face.

After pulling the location from the guards memories, Dreamer and Polaris arrived at a warehouse district to find Eclipse burning a shipment of drugs. Following a massive explosion, Lorna decided it was time to leave, stating that he can save himself, as he clearly wasn't in the danger that she though he was.

That night, Sonya greeted John with a kiss after he successfully returned with Clarice.

Sonya hoping that she and Clarice can be cordial

In threat of eXtinction, Sonya approached Clarice outside of Headquarters to ensure that there weren't any residual feelings of disdain between the two after she placed a memory in Clarice's head without permission. Unfortunately, Clarice still harbored anger towards Sonya, explaining that the only reason she returned was to avenge her foster parents who were slaughtered by Sentinel Services. They were in the middle of a war, which they just so happened to be on the same side of. It was the only relationship the two of them needed, Clarice stated, before heading out with Johnny and Marcos to retrieve the survivors from a fallen station in Perry.

Sonya would learn that Johnny, Marcos, and Clarice successfully returned with the refugees from Perry. However, with them, was what Marcos described as an undercover spy/suicide bomber. The subject was a female mutant with incredible strength and speed, who they had locked in a cell after removing the beacon they had discovered in her back, which could've led the Sentinel Services directly to Headquarters.

Lorna and Sonya at the cell

With the prisoner refusing to communicate, Sonya was brought in by Lorna to help, "she won't talk to us, just smoke her, get whatever memories you can", Lorna said. While, Sonya agreed to give it a try, she wasn't convinced that she would be of much use. Dreamer exhaled her pink smoke towards the prisoner, but the prisoner relied on her super speed to avoid the smoke. She explained that she wasn't equipped to hit moving targets. Furthermore, had the prisoner breathed in the smoke, her metabolism was likely too fast for Sonya to gather any information of use from her memories. This forced Lorna to resort to more violent means in gathering the information they required, by holding the prisoner at knife point. Just as Sonya began to show concern, Marcos arrived to bring an end to Lorna's brutish interrogation tactic.

Dreamer manipulating Norah's memory

Sonya was joined by Clarice just outside Headquarters, who came to apologize for her earlier behavior. She then explained that she had discovered what had been happening when her portals had gone out of control when she became sick. They had been trying to take her to the foster home that she had been raised at with other mutant children. Norah, a new refugee, had come from that home as well, but it had been discovered by Sentinel Services due to her portals attracting their attention. The foster parents were killed, and Norah had witnessed it. Since then, she couldn't stop dreaming about the incident. While she couldn't take the memories away, Clarice knew that Sonya could, and so Clarice asked if she could, to which Sonya agreed. She then went to Norah, and removed the awful memories of the foster parents' death from her mind.

Sonya, John, Clarice, Marcos, Esme, Lorna and Sage in the station

In outfoX, Sonya, John, Clarice, Marcos, Esme, Lorna and Sage gathered at the station to discuss how best to infiltrate Trask Industries in order to recuse the apprehended mutants, which included Esme's family. From what Esme was able to gather from Chloe Tan's mind, the mutants in Trask's lab was desperate. Esme described being able to hear the screams, see the bodies, and feel the agony. With Sage assembling a site map, Sonya wondered if Esme was able to gain any information on the lab's security while in Chloe's mind. Unfortunately, she wasn't. However, this mattered little to Esme who was determined to break in and save her family. Although, as Marcos explained to her, going into the facility without a full understanding of the building would only result in their deaths.

Sonya talking with John

After the meeting, Sonya found John in his office, contemplating their next move. He began to think that Esme had a point in attacking the building head on, though Sonya would beg to differ, stating that Esme was just a kid who had no idea what she was talking about. While this may have been true, she was right about Pulse, John remarked. However, Sonya argue that it wasn't his fault that Sentinel Services took Pulse to Trask. Furthermore, John blaming himself wasn't going to do anyone any good. This led Sonya to question how Esme knew of Pulse to begin with considering that she was new at the station. John concluded that given her telepathic nature, she must've picked it up off of him. Regardless, John believed that none of that changed the fact that he left Pulse behind, which resulted in him being turned into a monster. With that being said, John refused to allow anyone else to suffer the same fate as Pulse.

The next day, the group reconvened in the monitoring cell, where Sage informed them that the Trask lab was located in the middle of nowhere. And while there was no information to be gathered on the location, there was a nearby bar that Sage determined was popular with Trask employees. Sonya volunteered to go into the bar and pull information from a guard or operations person. Marcos offered to join her in case the mission turned violent, however, Lorna reasoned that they had better chances of obtaining the information they needed if two girls went in, rather than a guy.

Dreamer and Polaris with unconscious Trask guard

Dreamer and Polaris entered the late night bar disguised as ordinary people. Inside, they found a Trask guard as predicted. The two ladies sat on either side of him, talking the guard up as they got drunk, hoping that he would reveal the information they sought after. The guard compared Trask to a fortress with guns and detectors. Dreamer asked if he ever grew concerned while working around mutants, considering that they could attack him. The guard explained that Trask had a program in place which forced the mutants to behave accordingly. He then began to mock the phrase "Homo superior", which was often how mutants referred to themselves. However, in doing this, he made the mistake of angering Polaris, who used her control over metal to bend a spoon around her hand to form a brass knuckle-like construct, which she then used to knock the guard unconscious with a single blow. Fortunately, no one had seen knockout blow. Dreamer then took advantage of this opportunity by exhaling pink smoke into the face of the unconscious guard to gather what she could. While inside his mind, she saw a guarded fence, high powered guns mounted to the rooftop, and the guard's login password. Before leaving the bar, Dreamer made sure that he had no recollection of the attack, altering his memory so that all he could remember was hitting his head on the urinal.

Sonya, John, Sage, Lorna, Marcos, Clarice, and Esme discussing the substation

After going through with Marcos the memory she got from the guard, they regrouped with the others to inform them that the lab was hardened against mutant attack. They had motion and infrared sensors connected to heavy-caliber guns that were mounted all over their building. Lorna stated that she could handle guns. Unfortunately, there were too many for her to handle them at the range they needed her to. Forcing them to look to Clarice as an alternative to getting past Trask's defenses. However, she wouldn't be of much use either given that the distance they needed to travel was far too great. Not to mention that she was unfamiliar with the building, meaning she could blink them into the middle of a concrete wall. Luckily. Sage managed to find one vulnerability. There was a power substation a few piles away. If they took it out, they could gain access to the lab before Trask's systems got back online. Regrettably, they didn't have enough combat ready mutants to hit the station and the lab at the same time. So, they were check with other stations to presumably see who would join them.

Sonya, Clarice, Lorna, Esme, Marcos, John, and Sage asking the Struckers for help

Later, Sonya, Clarice, Lorna, Esme, Marcos, John, and Sage called down the Struckers to ask if Reed and Caitlin would be willing to allow Andy and Lauren to disengage the substation transformers, similar to how they stopped the prison convoy. While it was admittedly a lot to ask, they felt as if they had no other choice as everyone else with combat powers would be assaulting the lab. Hopefully, they could take down the power substation without putting Andy and Lauren in danger. Sage hacked the security cameras, and the station only had a handful of guards. Clarice would portal everyone in, and from there, Sonya would guide them. They'd be through every option. Regrettably, the plan with Andy and Lauren was the only one that could work. Having said that, both Andy and Lauren were willing to help in whatever way they could. Reed and Caitlin agreed to allow the kids to take out the transformers, but only if they could monitor security. With a plan set in motion, they'd be moving out within the hour.

Dreamer leading the team to the transformers

Shortly after they arrived at the power substation, Blink opened a portal into one of the back rooms of the building. Luckily, Sage had managed to loop the camera feeds so security wouldn't see the team moving about the substation, though it wouldn't last for long. With Reed and Caitlin in her ear, Dreamer, Blink, Lauren, and Andy progressed forward into the station. After waiting for a couple employees to pass, Dreamer guided the team throughout the building. However, she wasn't entirely sure she knew where she was going because the guard that she borrowed the memory from had only been in the substation a couple times, thus the memory was a bit hazy. After the team passed the conference room, Reed warned her of an incoming guard. She slowly approached the guard with a friendly attitude until getting close enough where she could blow smoke into his face, resulting in the guard dispatching of his gun and radio before walking pass them.

Dreamer sacrificing herself

As they proceeded throughout the building, Caitlin and Reed alerted them of a quickly approaching Sentinel robot and armed team. As the alarm began to sound, the team began looking for an exit. Dreamer had decided that it was time to abort the mission, then looking to Blink for a way out. Unfortunately, with Blink being unfamiliar with the building's structure, she had no idea which direction to portal them in. As the Sentinel turned the corner, Andy attempted to rip it apart as he did before at the warehouse, but to no avail. With Blink unable to portal them out and Andy unable to stop the Sentinel, the four of them started to run in the opposite direction. However, they didn't make it far. Blink was the first to be apprehended, as the Sentinel jumped onto her back and pinned her to the ground. Dreamer attempted to go back for her, but Blink yelled at her to run for safety. With Sentinel Services seconds behind them, Dreamer, Lauren, and Andy made their way to the basement of the building. Using the code that Sage gave her, Dreamer unlocked the basement door for Andy and Lauren to pass through. However, she shut the door behind them, sacrificing herself to Sentinel Services in order to provide them a chance to escape.

Sonya being interrogated by Agent Turner

In eXploited, Sonya was taken into an interrogation room at the Sentinel Services' building, where she was interrogated by Agent Turner. According to Sonya's statement, she, Clarice, Lauren and Andy wandered into the power substation because they got lost. She claimed that they were looking for the aquarium. While it was a bit hazy for him given that Sonya unintentionally scrambled his brain, which he believed was done to cover their own tracks, Agent Turner was able to recall their previous encounter, where she dug through his mind for information in relation to Trask Industries and their Hound program. Agent Turner then revealed to Sonya that she took the memories of the last few days that he had of his daughter, Grace. After the incident in which they held him hostage in a warehouse for hours, he went home that night to read his daughter a bedtime story. However, his wife had to stop him, to remind him that their daughter had died four years prior. Because of Sonya, he had been cursed with the opportunity to lose his daughter twice. As a single tear of remorse ran down Sonya's face, she apologized for her actions, claiming that it was a mistake. Unfortunately, Agent Turner wasn't after an apology. This matter was far too personal. He wanted Sonya to pay. As he was leaving, he informed Sonya that they were going to introduce her into the Hound program.

Sonya in her cell at Trask

Sonya, Clarice, Lauren, and Andy were later transported to Trask labs. As she and Clarice sat in their connected cells, Sonya began to wonder what was being done to Lauren and Andy. She then revealed to Clarice that many years ago, before anyone knew that she was a mutant, she used to volunteer at a shelter for battered women, who had suffered great tragedies. Occasionally, she would secretly use her powers to pull their worst memories from their minds. Sonya wished that she could make all of them forget that they were apprehended. Clarice instructed her to think more positively. She thought back to her days in the mutant detention center, where she was terrified. She was shaking so hard that when she got the chance to escape, she almost portalled herself into the middle of a 10-lane freeway. However, Sonya couldn't help but feel that their current predicament was impossible to escape. It's only impossible if you give up, Clarice retorted. Furthermore, John would eventually come to their rescue. They merely needed to figure out a way to hold on until then.

Sonya's moment of death

After Lauren and Andy refused to combine their powers as part of Trask's experiments, Dr. Campbell brought Sonya and Clarice into the lab to incentivize them. Dr Campbell threatened to shoot both Sonya and Clarice should Andy and Lauren fail to comply with his demands. Despite knowing the dangers she faced, Sonya told Andy and Lauren not to combine their powers, which angered Dr. Campbell. When she repeated this sentiment to the Strucker kids once more, Dr. Campbell grew tired of both her interference and Andy and Lauren's refusal to obey. So as a show of force, he shot Sonya in the chest without hesitation. She died instantly as her lifeless body hit the ground and pink smoke exited her mouth.


Dreamer was fiercely loyal to her friends, especially Johnny and Lorna, and was willing to go into any danger for them and with them, as seen on many occasions. She does however have some moral ambiguity when it comes to using her gift, though she always believed that the ends justify the means. However, this does not mean she is guilt free or unremorseful for her actions. She has proven to be quite the opposite. This is shown when she not only apologized to Clarice for implanting a memory into her mind but also when she unintentionally stole the last memories that Agent Turner had of his daughter, Grace.

Physical Appearance

Dreamer was an attractive woman with long red hair, pale skin, and green eyes.

Abilities and Skills

  • Memory Manipulation: Dreamer possessed the ability to scan, implant, remove and manipulate memories. She exhaled a pink colored mist from her mouth that allowed her to affect the memories of anyone exposed. Dreamer’s abilities could have intense effects on the recipients, as seen when Clarice, a.k.a. Blink, was able to overcome her limitations and access her powers based on strong emotions associated with a false memory. Dreamer stated that false memories used to fade over time, like a dream, but sometimes these memories could endure and grow within the mind, as seen with Blink. Dreamer also stated that she was capable of removing and manipulating memories, as seen with Agent Turner when Dreamer was interrupted while scanning his mind and accidentally removed the memory of his daughter's death four years ago or when she removed Norah’s memories. It has been said that implanting memories into a person's mind can lead to dire consequences.
    • Limitations: Dreamer displayed difficulty with using her abilities on moving targets, proven when she failed to gain access to Chloe Tan's memories. Furthermore, with Chloe being a mutant with the gift of super speed, even if she had breathed in Dreamer's smoke, her metabolism was far too fast for Dreamer to access her memories.


Season 1

Season 2


  • She made her first appearance in the 1985 comic series titled Power Pack vol. 1 #12.
    • In the comics, her first name was only established as Sonya. When The Gifted was developed, she was given the surname Simonson to honor Louise Simonson, who co-created the character Beautiful Dreamer in the comic book.
  • Dreamer's appearance in the second episode was her live-action debut.
  • In the comics, she is known as "Beautiful Dreamer".
  • In the mainstream Marvel Comics universe, Beautiful Dream was killed by the Sapien League, an anti-mutant hate group led by the Leper Queen. They inoculated her with the Legacy Virus and loosened her at an anti-mutant rally, killing hundreds of bigots and dying herself when her powers overloaded.
  • Showrunner, Matt Nix, described her ability as being sexy; "One of the things about her character is that’s a really sexy power that isn’t a gigantic power. We aren’t blowing up a building with her… it doesn’t involve a six-week CG build."[1]
  • Dreamer is a remarkable sketch artist, as seen when she sketched what she could remember from Agent Turner's memories. [2]
  • At Dreamer's funeral, Polaris notes that she could have easily passed for human and not join the Mutant Underground in the fight for mutant liberation. Dreamer's comic book counterpart was a member of the Morlocks, a community of mutants forced to live in the sewers because they bear physical mutations that make it hard for them to integrate within human society.



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