Did you find my sister? Her name is Jazmine. She's only 12. We got separated after my parents got killed.
— Cristina to Caitlin[src]

Cristina is a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. She is portrayed Danube Hermosillo.

She is a mutant with telekinetic powers. Cristina lived in Liberty Park Apartments in Washington, D.C. with her parents and younger sister Jazmine until the housing complex was raided by Sentinel Services, resulting in the death of her parents and separation from her sister.

Early LifeEdit

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Season 2Edit


Cristina breaks her window to escape

In eMergence, Cristina is living with her parents and her young sister, Jazmine, in Liberty Park housing complex in Washington, D.C that housed many other mutants when Sentinel Services raids the compound. They've surrounded the building and demand that those inside come out. Mutants scatter as Sentinel Services' presence increases. They begin to force their way into the mutants' home. Her father raises his hands in the air, insisting that they didn't do anything, while her mother yells out to Cristina and Jazmine, telling them to run. Unfortunately for the girls, their parents are shot dead by Sentinel Services officers in the living room. Hearing the shots go off, Cristina, locks the bedroom door. She tells Jazmine to take cover as she telekinetically launches a wooden chair through the bedroom window, providing them with an escape, Unfortunately the sisters got separated while fleeing from Sentinel Services.

While monitoring the radios, Reed intercepts dispatch's call for the raid at Liberty Park Apartments. He alerts John ,Marcos, Lauren and Clarice. Blink and Lauren find Cristina and other mutants trapped on the other side of the wall. Blink opens a portal, allowing Lauren to guide the persecuted mutants out through the portal while simultaneously holding the steel door shut with her shields, preventing Sentinel Services from breaking through.


Caitlin treats Cristina

Cristina is taken to Community of Mercy Clinic, where she receives treatment for her injuries. Caitlin personally tends to her. It would seem she suffered a deep cut to her right hand. As Caitlin attempts to treat her, Cristina is overwhelmed with pain, causing her powers to forcefully manifest. Caitlin ducks down, pleading with Cristina to control her powers, which she does long enough for Caitlin to treat her. Cristina then asks if they found her sister Jazmine. She's 12 and they got separated after their parents got killed. Caitlin assures her that they'll ask around as soon as she finishes up. Until then, she inquires about Liberty Park Apartments, asking if there were a lot of mutants there, which there was. When Cristina questions why Caitlin is so curious, Caitlin replies that she lost someone as well.


Cristina misses her sister

At the Potomac Salvage, Mutant underground members are planning to move the refugees they rescued from Liberty Park to Baltimore but Cristina doesn't want to leave town without her sister, and so John and Clarice invite Cristina to stay with them until they find her sister. That night, Clarice checks in on her, asking if she's sure that she doesn't want anything to eat. Cristina's sure. She can't think about anything other than her sister. Clarice assures Cristina that she shouldn't worry as John's an excellent tracker who can find anyone.


John and Clarice tell Cristina they can't find her sister

John and Clarice head out first thing the following morning to track Jazmine, unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in finding her. They tracked Jazmine across the city. Seems she was trying to get out of town. She got to the bus station, but it looked like she got picked up, but there was no sign of a struggle. So they're still hoping that one of their people took her in, and so they're reaching out now. Lauren explains to Cristina that this is good news because if Sentinel Services found her, there definitely would have been a struggle. Clarice promises to find Jazmine, but it's going to take a little while. They're going to follow up with their contacts and Christina is going to stay with them.


Cristina is happy to hear that Clarice and Lauren find Jazmine

In unMoored, Cristina receives good news from Clarice and Lauren. A source said that a girl matching Jazmine's description turned up in a church shelter in Alexandria. Clarice and Lauren plan to pick her up in the morning. Cristina asks to join them, but Clarice and Lauren advise against it as she is a fugitive. Cristina becomes aggravated, which causes her to unintentionally shatter the light fixture on the wall. Cristina apologizes, but she can't risk losing her sister again as she's the only person Cristina has left. Lauren is familiar with the feeling. She hasn't seen Andy in six months. All her life, he's been there, and now he's just gone.

As Reed wraps Cristina's wound, he tells her that she'll need to change it twice a day where she's going, which is Memphis. Lauren and Clarice then return with Jazmine. The sister reunite since being separated during the Liberty Parks Apartments raid. As they hug, Reed asks Clarice to help them get loaded up.

Personality Edit

Cristina has shown to care deeply about her younger sister and will do anything to find her. It's because of this love and loyalty that she refuses to leave town without her, looking to the Mutant Underground for help in tracking her.

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Cristina is a teenage girl with a tan complexion, brown eyes and a long dark wavy hair.

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Telekinesis: Cristina has the ability to move objects with her mind.

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  • Cristina is not a character from the Marvel Comics. She's an original character created for this series.

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