I'm not a child anymore, Marcos. I'm a businesswoman. And I don't pull strings for men just because I used to be stupid in love with them. You think the price is flirting with me in my own club while you drink my tequila? The price is you. So from now on, I call, you come, and you do exactly what I ask you to do.
— Carmen to Eclipse[src]

Carmen Guerra is a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. She is the current leader of the Guerra Cartel and was once romantically involved with Marcos Diaz.

Early LifeEdit

Before Carmen became the leader of the Cartel, her father was the boss. Marcos was a member of the Cartel and was treated like a son by Carmen's father. The two of them became romantically involved and supported each other through the business. Seeing as Carmen loved Marcos, her father expected him to marry his daughter and take over the family business when he retired. However, that never happened, as he left her for Lorna and work with the Mutant Underground. She soon was left to lead the Cartel after her father retired.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit


Carmen meets with Marcos to tell him that she runs the Cartel now.

In "eXit Strategy", Carmen receives a surprise visit at her night club from Marcos Diaz, an old associate. He insists that he doesn't want any trouble as he assumes there are still hard feelings considering the last time he saw Carmen, he was sneaking out of bed, never to be seen again. Much to Marcos' surprise, Carmen is pleased to see him and would rather leave their past in the past. Carmen then informs Marcos that her father has retired and that she is the new boss. He notices that Carmen has made drastic changes to the club since his last visit though this provides her with an operation that she can run $3 million through and deposit it in an American bank. Marcos has come to ask for a favor. Sentinel Services is relocating his girlfriend Lorna and Reed Strucker, and he needed to know where and when. However, Carmen isn't so quick to offer the information. She recalls when Marcos came to the club with her father to help with business in Atlanta. Marcos claims that he was just a muscle man, but they lost a lot of shipment when he left. Furthermore, he father loved him like a son. He though that Marcos would marry Carmen and take care of the family. Marcos apologizes for his past actions, but he needed the bus route. Carmen agrees to get him the needed information so long as he agrees to be her "friend" again.


Marcos and Carmen come to an agreement

Carmen snatches Marcos' phone away when she notices him talking on it. She tells him that they were good together. But Marcos tells her that they cared about different things. Carmen cared about her family, a family that he was apart of. The family was fine. Marcos explains. It was the business, and the things he was required to carry out that chased him away. Carmen compares his smuggling mutants across the boarder to the family's smuggling drugs across the boarding, asking which is more illegal. Marcos needs a time for the convoy. So he asks what Carmen wants from him. She wants his hands, more specifically, the use of his abilities.


Carmen orders Marcos to gain information

The next day, Carmen takes Marcos to an abandoned warehouse for his help with a project of hers. They enter a room to find a man bloody, beaten and tied to a chair. Marcos recalls that she used to hate torturing people and how she used to beg her father not to do it. Carmen admits that she was a child back then. But now she protects her people. While Marcos may think he's above it all, Carmen knows that they're not so different, referring to him as "Eclipse". The man tied to a chair supposedly stole two kilos from the family's distro centers. Carmen needs him to reveal where they are. Which is why she brought in Eclipse as he could be very persuasive. Eclipse insists that he has changed, but the only way she'll give him what he wants to save Lorna is if he does as he's told. For now on, she calls and he comes and he does exactly what she asks of him. With no other option, Eclipse concedes. He threatens to burn the man's eyes out. As he applies a bit of heat, the man confesses that he hid the kilos of drugs in his cousin's garage.

In "got your siX", Carmen calls Marcos, and tells him that she is cashing in on the favor that he owed her for giving him the information he needed to save Polaris. He tries to resist but she threatens to call Sentinel Services should he refuse.

In "eXtreme measures", Carmen reminds Eclipse of their arrangement and Marcos' obligation to fulfill his end of their deal. Carmen strongly recommends that Marcos honor their deal as it wasn't easy for her to learn the prison convoy's schedule. She's expecting him to show up to her place tomorrow.


Carmen welcomes Marcos

The next day, Marcos arrives at the Guerra Cartel's mansion. Carmen greets him. He takes that time to remind her that he go out for a reason though she remembers. He wanted to fight for fellow mutants. The truth is that their reunion could benefit everyone, humans and mutants alike. Marcos' people and Carmen people have a lot in common such as being under constant persecution by law enforcement and being forced to fight. Carmen has money. Marcos has power. She believes that can help each other in what would be a mutually beneficial relationship. Carmen remarks that she's missed him and then asks that he just hear her proposal out.

Marcos asks to know more about the job from Carmen. She informs him that they've been having trouble with the Russians moving into the area and they want to send a message. The Russians have a shipment going up north tomorrow. Carmen knows where they load their trucks. So she wants Marcos to go in and deal with the shipment. No one has to die. She even offers to pay Marcos so that he can supply the Underground.


Carmen plans to attack the Russians

Carmen, Marcos and the Guerra Cartel later gear up to destroy the Russians' shipment. While strapping on his bullet proof vest, he is reminded of the old days. Carmen recalls that it used to give him a rush and he'd come home and keep her up all night. Marcos claims he was just excited to have a roof over his head. He can tell himself that all he wants, but Carmen knows the truth. She remembers when he was just "Marcos who likes the burn things". Marcos explains that people evolve. They find something to believe in. However, Carmen is convinced that Marcos' change only stems from his love for Polaris or as she calls her "Magnet girl". Back to the Russian lab, it is in Forest Hills. They'll go there, where Lodo will take care of the guards without killing them. Lodo, like Marcos, is a mutant.


Carmen and Eclipse camp outside the Russians' lab

Carmen and Carmen camp outside the Russians' lab in Forest Hills. They're waiting for all the drugs to come out before going in. Carmen recalls Eclipse always being very anxious when it came time to deliver. Then he'd go in to do the job, and they couldn't stop him until everything was burning. As the final shipment of drugs come out, Eclipse and the Cartel move in. They drive straight through the front gate and Lodo freezes the guards in their place. Eclipse proceeds towards the drugs and set everything ablaze. Carmen is pleased. She kisses Eclipse on the cheek, and they flee the scene.


Carmen is a very cunning young woman, she will do anything to get what she wants. When Marcos asks her for a favor of providing information about the Sentinel Services, she uses this to her advantage, making him pay her back in the form of exploiting his abilities to torture the Cartel's enemies whenever she needs him to. She's fairly outspoken, quick to say what's on her mind, and not one to bite her tongue, proven when she openly spoke ill of Polaris in front of Eclipse.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Carmen is a tall attractive young woman with a slim figure, long flowy black hair and brown eyes. Her clothing style is very formal and expensive, which compliments her high position in the Cartel.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Given that she is human, Carmen does not possess any mutant abilities. Also, she has yet to demonstrate any notable skills.


Season 1 Edit


  • Carmen is not a character from the Marvel Comics. She's an original character created for this series.



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