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This is a burden, yes, but it's also a gift.
— Caitlin to Lauren and Andy

Caitlin Strucker (née Reynolds) is a main character on FOX's The Gifted. She is a human nurse skilled in mutant medicine.

She is the widow of the late Reed Strucker, and mother of Lauren and Andy Strucker, two mutant teens. Her world is shaken to its core following the discovery of her children's abilities, forcing her family on the run from Sentinel Services.

Character Description

"A woman who is struggling with her separation from her husband, Reed, and her increasingly challenging teenage children. When her family situation takes a dark turn, she finds that she's stronger than she thinks.".[1]

Early Life

Caitlin's father taught her how to use a gun when she was only four years old, however, she didn't have a good relationship with her late mother, they couldn't be in the same room without fighting - mostly about why Caitlin wasn't a "perfect" and well-behaved teenager like her siblings Jenny and Daniel. Caitlin was only able to fix their relationship when her mother was sick, just before she died.

In 2001, while Caitlin was five months pregnant with Andy, she and Reed were advised by their doctor to get an abortion due to medical complications with the pregnancy. Even after being told that she and the baby might die if she carried it full term, Caitlin told Reed that she will see it through because she was not about to give up on their son. [2]

Once, Caitlin and her family nearly got into a car accident with an oncoming truck but it managed to swerve out of the way, avoiding them. Unknowingly, this was due to her daughter's mutant powers manifesting and saving them. For weeks after this, she had said that them being saved was a miracle.

Two years prior to discovering her children were mutants, she and her family had gone bowling with her mother-in-law and she saw some people teasing a young mutant girl. She let her powers lash out, sending a small shockwave that rattled some of the people in the building and watched as her husband told the girl and her father that they had to leave before the police had to be involved.

Around that same time, her and Reed had taken the family out for a picnic in the park. They were happy to see that their children weren't fighting for a change. Unknown to her, the two had momentarily tapped into their joint power for the first time.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Caitlin and Reed at Andy's school

In "eXposed", Caitlin and her husband, Reed arrive at Belleview Acres High School to address the bullying of their son, Andy. They meet with Mr. Baird, who assures them that Belleview has zero tolerance for bullying. However, they notice a recent change in Andy's behavior, which in return is negatively impacting his grades. Not to mention that he hasn't been sleeping. In situations such as this, Mr. Baird would recommend the C.A.R.E (communicate, adjust, reconcile, and empathize) system. Though Caitlin would rather more drastic measure be taken. The bullies are terrorizing her son, and they needed to be handled appropriately. Furthermore, should the school continue to neglect Andy's needs, Reed will sue them into oblivion. After Mr. Baird exits the office to retrieve someone more equipped for the task at hand, Caitlin comments on Reed's aggressive demeanor and scary glaring. Sadly, Reed has to leave soon thereafter as he is called in to interview a suspect at the Garland Detention Center. They exchanged I love you's before kissing him goodbye.

Caitlin, Lauren and Andy at the dinner table

Caitlin and Andy return home that evening, where they are joined at the dinner table by her daughter and Andy's sister, Lauren. Caitlin asks Lauren if she will still be attending the dance at school that night, offering to show her daughter some of her best moves, which Lauren respectfully declines. She then asks Andy about his day, to which he comments was bad, mostly because she was there. As for his classes, in social studies, they debated over a law to reinforce the testing of people with the X-gene and the right to monitor them. Andy mentions how a student in the class freaked out because his cousin is a "mutie", forcing Lauren to address just how racist that sounds. Caitlin points out the fact that they are fighting over social studies of all things. She was hoping that they could have a normal conversation, but that seems to be beyond reach.

Caitlin learns that her children are mutants

Later that night, Caitlin learns that Andy is a mutant, and that he was responsible for bringing down the school's gym during another bullying incident. Andy tried to explain for his actions, which resulted in the destruction of the gym, but Caitlin is simply in disbelief. She questions why there weren't any warnings, to which Lauren explains that that's how mutant powers manifest, in moments of great stress or danger. Reed talks about it constantly, though Caitlin is still confused by Lauren's sudden expertise in the subject. Lauren then reveals that she is a mutant as well, and that she's the reason that she and and Andy made it out safely. Lauren reminds Caitlin of an incident from three years ago, when they were coming back from a concert at church, and a truck narrowly missed them. Caitlin went on and on for weeks how it was a miracle that they didn't die, but in actuality, it was mutant intervention, Lauren's intervention to be more specific. After realizing that Lauren has been burdened with keeping that secret for the last three years, Caitlin asks her daughter why she never confided in her. Lauren says that she tried but it was difficult, especially with a father that imprisons her kind. As Caitlin explains, Reed prosecutes criminals, but this doesn't mean that he is against mutants.

Caitlin then answers the knock at the front door. On the other side is Agent Turner and Agent Weeks of the Sentinel Services, coming to take Andy and Lauren into custody after the mutant related incident at their school. Caitlin refuses to give her children up without a fight. She informs them that her husband is a prosecutor, which they are already aware of. Under the amended Patriot Act, it is their job to secure the safety of the community, meaning that Andy and Lauren would have to go with them for the time being, but Caitlin is reluctant in standing by, and just allowing them to take her kids, so she attempts to shut the door on the Agents, but fails as they knock her to the ground, which angers Andy, and causes the entire house to shake. As Andy grows angrier, the shaking intensifies, forcing the Agents to draw their weapons. However, Lauren obstructs their path with her force fields, which in return buys Caitlin, Andy, and Lauren enough time to escape in the family's van.

Andy comforts Caitlin

After their daring escape, Caitlin stops at a payphone to inform Reed of recent developments. In a diner on the outskirts of Atlanta, Caitlin, Andy, Lauren, and Reed meet up, and discuss their next course of action. Reed asks if anyone was actually hurt and if they instigated the altercation with Andy. Caitlin reminds him that it isn't a deposition, and that a legal understanding of the matter will do little to help against Sentinel Services. The only reason they got away is because Sentinel Services didn't have enough time to put a full team together. Soon, the pressure will be on. They need to find some place safe. Caitlin suggests that they stay with her sister, Jenny, in Phoenix, but Reed is thinking more along the lines of someplace with less strict mutant laws, like Mexico. As Reed promises to figure something out, Caitlin is pulled close and comforted by Andy.

Caitlin and Reed spot the Sentinel Services drone

The next morning, the Struckers awaken at the Caravan Motel. Caitlin joins Reed by the window, and Caitlin jokes that he may be a mutant as well, nut with a snoring ability. Later in the evening, Reed would be meeting with Eclipse, a powerful mutant and member of the Mutant Underground. Caitlin wonders how great their chances are in making it out. They don't have many options, Reed replies. Caitlin is aware that he is doing the best he could. She'd take one option over none. She then asks Reed if he knows how rough it is on the mutant fugitives who are constantly on the run from Sentinel Services. Reed knows it isn't easy, but they both remember how it is with the mutants fighting amongst each other, and innocent people getting hurt in the crossfire. Before long, it is time to move again as Reed spots a Sentinel Services drone circling the area. With that in mind, they wake the kids, and exit the motel, stealing a truck, and driving off.

The Struckers meet with Eclipse

With everything going as planned, the Struckers meet up with Eclipse in an abandoned warehouse facility. From there, Eclipse would get them food, water, and blankets before heading down to the border, though Caitlin refuses to go any further until she knows all of what he has planned for her family. Eclipse explains that he knows people down by the border with a specific set of skills, that'll allow them to get people under, over, or even through the wall. Once that is done, they'll get them new IDs. There are also churches of people who will help them. Unfortunately, their plans never initiate as doesn't take long before they are surrounded by Sentinel Services, and ordered to the ground.

Caitlin and Lauren watch Blink's portal close

Luckily, Eclipse is not alone. Two of his fellow mutants, Thunderbird and Blink, come to their rescue. The Struckers and the mutants run throughout the facility in search of an exit, all the while being pursued by Sentinel Services and the Sentinels. Despite their best efforts, they find themselves cornered by the Sentinels. With all hope seemingly lost, Caitlin grabs Reed's hand as the mutants fend off the attacking robots. Much to their surprise, Blink's ability is teleporting via portals. She manages to create a portal, and hold it open long enough for Thunderbird, Lauren, Caitlin, Eclipse, and Andy to make it through. However, Blink's ability to maintain the portal is wearing thin, and with Reed being attacked on the other end, he end up being left for capture.

Strucker family outing

In "rX", one year ago, Caitlin, Reed, Lauren, Andy, and Reed's mother Ellen have a family outing to the bowling alley for a family gathering. He recommended that Caitlin reconsider her professional bowling career after witnessing her poor attempt at a strike. Reed then looked to his mother, who shared no desire in partaking in the family's activity. She informed Reed that the love of bowling was one of many things that she and his father did not have in common. Their fun family outing quickly turned bad as they were interrupted by a dispute occurring one lane over between a father and his mutant daughter, and the obnoxious group of people that were teasing the daughter because of her mutation which resembled a vibrating motion. Reed attempted to ignore the dispute turning his head, but as the belittling and arguing continued between the two parties, the young girl briefly lost control of her abilities, and while no serious damage was done, Reed decided it was time to intervene in the conflict. He advised the father to leave the bowling alley with his child before the situation got any worse because damaging property with a mutant ability is a serious crime.

Caitlin upset over Reed

In the aftermath of the portal closing, Caitlin and her kids, Andy and Lauren, start panicking about leaving Reed behind. John explains that they are in the Mutant Underground's headquarters. As much as John and Marcos want to help the Struckers with going back to retrieve Reed, the chances of them being captured, or worse, killed, are greater. What is within their ability, however, is tending to Clarice, who has overexerted her power to save them from Sentinel Services, and ended up collapsing, thus shutting the portal she created, forcing Reed to remain on the other side.

As they are moving an unwell Clarice out of the room, they don't make it far as Clarice is barely able to stand on her own two feet. Marcos then places her on a bench by the stairs. The Struckers still panicking about going back for Reed doesn't make their siuation any easier, forcing Marcos to explain to Andy that Reed was planning to help him get his girlfriend, Lorna, out of jail, but as much as he wants Reed there, they can't think of that right now.

Caitlin look at the portal

As time progress, Clarice's condition worsens. The Long-distance leap and holding her portal open for such an extensive amount of time took a lot of energy out of her. Caitlin, being a nurse, diagnoses Clarice as being in respiratory distress and with her temperature spiking, which means she needs medical attention that only a hospital can provide. Marcos offers first-aid and painkillers in hopes that Caitlin can make do. When she starts to question whether or not she's capable of saving Clarice, Lauren steps in to offer a few words of encouragement. Clarice then begins convulsing causing her powers to become unstable. Without the right medication, she could die, Caitlin explains. As Clarice goes into shock, her powers start to uncontrollably manifest, causing her to involuntarily open a portal to stretch of road where a truck is headed straight for them. As the truck tries to avoid them, it skids out of control, resulting in the truck being sliced in half. The back half unfortunately makes it through the portal, prompting everyone to take cover.

Marcos, John, Lauren, Andy and Caitlin look at another portal

After helping the others, John carries Clarice to a table in the back of the room by the vault. Marcos asks Caitlin that if she said that Clarice is over-exceeding her powers, how is she able to create portals. Caitlin admits that she isn't an expert in the field. As Clarice starts convulsing again, a new portal emerges to the same road as before. Civilians with loaded rifles stand on the other side of the portal looking in. Seeing this, Marcos prepares for a fight. However, advises him to show restraint as they aren't to hurt innocent bystanders. Lauren walks in front of them and manages to close the portal using her shields, thus preventing any possible altercation. This shuts down Clarice's powers as she falls unconscious. Marcos and Caitlin then set forth a plan to raid the hospital for the medication to treat Clarice while Lauren agrees to stay behind and close any potential portals.

Caitlin and Marcos drive out to the hospital

That night, Caitlin and Marcos head out for the hospital. Worried about her kids, Caitlin asks how long the mission will take. Marcos explains that Andy and Lauren aren't alone. They have John. He may be a tracker, but he is also bulletproof so Caitlin has nothing to worry about. Caitlin makes it clear that she expects Marcos to honor his deal with Reed to get their family out of the country. Marcos informs Caitlin that Reed was trying to send his girlfriend, Lorna, to prison up until recently. Caitlin defends Reed's actions, stating that he was only following the law as a prosecutor, but they have nothing against mutants. Marcos wonders if Caitlin or Reed would be standing up for mutants if it hadn't been Lauren and Andy in that gym at their school. Caitlin does not reply as she ponders on Marcos' question.

Marcos and Caitlin at the hospital

Caitlin and Marcos arrive at South Region Hospital later that day. They look inside to the sight of the over-crowded urgent care facility. It's not much like the hospitals Caitlin is used to. And the state is even considering closing down the hospital to mutant patients. He jokes that one of their best powers is bankrupting hospitals as they are born with the ultimate pre-existing condition. Caitlin notes that the ER is secured and the drugs are inside, meaning they need an emergency in order to enter the treatment area. Luckily for them, Marcos has a bullet wound from their previous escape, so Caitlin reopens the wound. Much to her surprise, his blood is like no others she had seen before. He seems to bleed some form of solar light; he's bioluminescent. They enter the hospital, with Marcos holding onto his bullet wound that is dripping. They use this to his advantage as he convinces the front desk receptionist that he desperately needs help.

Caitlin with Marcos in the ER

As Dr. Watkin stitches Marcos' wound, he asks what caused this, to which Marcos replies that he was injured while climbing a latter. Skeptical about the story, Dr. Watkin calls Caitlin into the hallway. She had claimed that she was Marcos' girlfriend. Noticing the bruises on her face, that, unbeknownst to him, was the result of Clarice's portal bringing half a truck careening into the headquarters, Dr. Watkin's immediate assumption is that because she's dating a mutant there's a domestic violence situation at hand. Perhaps for the first time in her life, Caitlin begins to realize the degree to which people's casual prejudices adversely affect mutants. Although still baffled by his assumption, Caitlin reassures him that this isn't the case. She then grabs a pair of hospital scrubs.

Caitlin works up a plan to the medicine

Dressed in her stolen hospital scrubs, Caitlin sneaks into the medicine cabinet to take what she needs in order to treat Clarice, but on her way out, she spots Dr. Watkin talking to two police officers. So she regroups with Marcos and tells him that they need to leave immediately. Just when Marcos asks if Caitlin is sure that the doctor was talking to the police about them, the two officers come barging through the door. With their guns drawn, they demand that Marcos and Caitlin get down. Instead, they make a run for it. Caitlin and Marcos run through the laundry room and out the backdoor. As they make their escape, Marcos welds the door shut.

Caitlin on her way back to the station

On their way back from the hospital, Caitlin asks if it is always that bad for mutants. Marcos reveals that what Caitlin saw was actual top quality mutant health care as the doctor at least bothered to stitch him up before calling the police. While there are civil rights acts, Marcos explains that there's always an exception for public safety. All they have to do is call a mutant dangerous and instantly, their rights vanish. When Caitlin asks how Marcos' family dealt with him being a mutant, he reveals that they kicked him out at 13 the first time he lit up. To survive, he had to do a lot of things he isn't proud of, and it was Lorna who saved him from that. She is more so his family than his own parents. Upon returning to HQ, Caitlin begins to panic, but he assures her that it's a security measure by a mutant Underground member to keep unauthorized people away. However, he notes that something is wrong with it being stronger than usual. Speaking to Pedro (the mutant responsible for the fear induction), Marcos learns that the building was being evacuated as Clarice's portals continue to violently open and close everywhere in and around HQ.

Caitlin stabilizes Clarice's potassium levels

Caitlin and Marcos arrive to find Andy and Lauren assisting with evacuation. After a brief family reunion, Marcos stays back with the kids as Caitlin heads inside to tend to Clarice and hopefully stop the destruction of Headquarters. Caitlin enters to find the building in complete chaos. She jumps through one of the portals, transporting her to John and Clarice's exact location. Caitlin then injects Clarice with the medication they had stolen from the hospital to stabilize her potassium levels. Fortunately, it seems all of their efforts have paid off as the portals desist and the Underground is left intact.

Later, Caitlin expresses how proud she is of Andy and Lauren. As for Reed, Caitlin is determined to find him at all costs, however, Andy isn't so sure they will. Caitlin looks around before telling them that it is their turn to fight the same fight that many have been fighting for a long time.

Caitlin during the meeting about rescuing Polaris and Reed.

In, "eXodus", Caitlin offers her input over a meeting where Marcos tries to rally support to try and get Lorna out of prison. Unfortunately for Marcos, John and Caitlin are in agreement that Clarice's powers are too unstable. Sonya reminds John that Clarice freed herself from jail, suggesting she may be possible of accomplishing what Marcos' plan calls for. John reluctantly agrees though Caitlin isn't backing down. She reminds them all that they still have laws to abide by. She recommends calling a lawyer as some members of congress are sympathetic to mutants, but John claims that she may be overestimating their sympathy. Caitlin has connections. She can reach out, but contact with the outside world is disallowed. They can't risk the exposure with Sentinel Services on the look-out. Much better odds, they will get turned on, which is a risk that Marcos and John refuse to take.

Caitlin tells Andy and Lauren that she's leaving the station

She then goes off to where Andy and Lauren are playing, and overhears them get into a small argument over a game piece that Lauren quickly quells when she explains that their father always uses that game piece when they play. It's then and there that she makes up her mind to go to her brother, Danny for help. So late that night, whilst everyone else slept, Caitlin wakes up Andy and Lauren to inform them that she is leaving the station and going to their uncle Danny's house to see if he can help find Reed. However, as Lauren points out, they haven't seen him since their grandmother's funeral. Nonetheless, there is no way Andy and Lauren are allowing her to leave alone. If Sentinel Services showed up, she'll need someone to protect her, and so they'll be there to ensure her safety. They had already lost their father,. They aren't willing to lose their mother as well, refusing to take no for an answer. With that being said, Caitlin brings them along.

Caitlin, Andy and Lauren make their way to her brother's house

By the following morning, the Struckers have successfully made it out to downtown Atlanta though not with out risk as Atlanta PD patrols the area. Andy and Lauren remind Caitlin that their uncle Danny lives across town and that the only way they'll make it without capture is to find a ride. However, their bank accounts are frozen and would never make it to Buckhead. Andy suggests that they rob the bank but Caitlin and Lauren rejects his plan as it is both dangerous and illegal. Lauren hopes to some day return their lives to a sense of normalcy, but as Andy explains, their lives will never return to what it once was. Instead of robbing a bank, Andy uses his abilities to rip open nearby parking meters, providing them with the needed change for cab fare.

Caitlin, Andy, and Lauren arrive at Danny's house

Caitlin arrives at her brother Danny's house with Andy and Lauren. He embraces her and invites them all in though not before telling them that they were in a lot of trouble as the police had come by his house looking for them. Inside, Danny tells Caitlin that his wife Mary is out of town on a sales conference. Danny's son, Scott and Andy and Lauren's cousin Scott asks if they had to fight off the police. They didn't. But Andy did however destroy a few Sentinel robots much to Scott's amusement. Scott seems to take great interest in Andy and Lauren's recent adventures as he then asks where they've been living. Lauren tells him about the Underground and how they helped them.

Danny tells Caitlin that she and the kids have to leave in the morning

After sending the kids away to play games, Danny tells Caitlin that she never should've come to the house, but Caitlin needs to find Reed and she has nowhere else to go. Danny knows members of Congress. So Caitlin is hoping that he can uses his connections to find Reed. However, it isn't that simple even with working on Senator Montez's campaign. Danny can't just call him up to ask that he pull some strings for what he considers to be outlaws. Caitlin begins to cry as she recalls their mother getting sick. When that happened, she left Danny alone as she knew that he didn't like seeing their mom like that. Caitlin never asked for help, but now she is. However, Danny tells her that he has to consider his family, in regards to his wife and son, but as Caitlin reminds him, she, Andy, Lauren and Reed are his family as well. Nevertheless, Danny can't risk them being at his home. They can stay the night and take all the money he has in his safe, but in the morning, Danny wants Caitlin and the kids out.

Caitlin hears some commotion coming from her nephew's room, and sees that he and her children look a little tense but Lauren tells her that it was all from Andy and Scott roughhousing. She then tells them to try and get some rest. When Andy asks if Daniel is going to help them, she lies, telling them that they will see.

Thunderbird and Eclipse confront Caitlin on leaving the Headquarters.

The next day, as Caitlin sleeps on the couch, she was awakened by the surprise arrival of Thunderbird and Eclipse. Imagine their surprise when she pulls a kitchen knife from under her pillow from being startled. Thunderbird and Eclipse tell her that she and the kids are in danger and that they need to leave immediately. However, Caitlin is dead set on staying and finding Reed. Danny then comes out his room to find Thunderbird and Eclipse in his living room. Unfortunately, their troubles don't end there. Eclipse looks out the window to find that a mob has formed on the front lawn and is surrounding the house. When they demand that Danny come out to talk, he asks Caitlin who else knew they were coming to his house. Caitlin insists that she told no one. Scott admits that the mob forming out front is due to him texting a picture of the the trophy Andy tore apart to one of his friends.

Caitlin, Andy, Lauren, Thunderbird and Eclipse in Danny's house

The man leading the mob is Chuck Sanders. Caitlin was on the swim team with him. They even went to the same Church. She thinks she can use their past to reason with him, but Danny isn't so sure. Caitlin still seems to misunderstand the prejudice that mutants face and how it can bring out the worst in others. Danny goes outside to calm the mob, but they demand that Caitlin and the kids be sent out. Chuck claims that he is simply trying to protect the community, but Danny knows all about the $300,000 reward. When Danny fails to convince them that no one is in the house except for Scott, Chuck hits him in the head with the gun. As they proceed forward, Andy completely obliterates the door and sends Chuck and the mob flying back. As Chuck picks up his gun to fire back, Thunderbird pulls Andy to safety while Eclipse projects powerful rays of light from his hands to deter the mob. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Andy, Lauren and Caitlin then get into the truck and leave.

Eclipse, Caitlin and Thunderbird

The next day, Thunderbird and Eclipse drive Caitlin out to meet with her brother Danny. Caitlin apologizes for being her drama to his home, but he admits that he is the one that should be apologizing for turning her away. For that, he is sorry. He then tells her that he and Mary bought a cabin in the Smokies and that she and the kids can hide out there. As for Reed, Danny had made some calls and discovered that Reed is in fact alive. Sentinel Services is taking him to a top-secret mutant detention facility along with Lorna. Danny tells Caitlin to face the fact that she's never going to see Reed again, but she refuses to accept that as the truth. She tells Danny that she loves him and gives him a hug goodbye before rejoining Eclipse and Thunderbird.

Underground meeting to rescue Lorna and Reed

In "eXit strategy", Caitlin sits alongside Andy and Lauren as the Underground discuss saving Lorna and Reed. According to John and Marcos, they're being held in a cell at the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, and will soon be relocated to an ultra secure facility, which the Underground doesn't have much insight on beyond the fact that the people who go there, don't come back, thus forcing their hand in attacking the Sentinel Services head on. Many are reluctant in volunteering to help, Sage included. They lost 6 people the last time they went up against the Sentinel Services directly. This time around it is a prison they are attempting to infiltrate, whose systems have improved. Extrapolating from other attacks, the Underground has an 86.5% chance of failure, Sage determines. But as Marcos explains, if they do nothing, then there's was a 100% chance of never seeing Reed or Lorna again. Caitlin pleads with the Underground for help. Marcos reminds them how Lorna has risked her life for everyone in the room. With that, he asks for a show of hands from those willing to save Lorna. Unfortunately, Sonya, Clarice, and Harry are the only ones willing to help.

Afterward, Andy's concern for his father grows. Almost everyone bailed and Sage confirmed that chances of saving him are minuscule though Lauren is convinced that they will find a way, as is Caitlin, who tells Andy that they can't afford to think like that. Caitlin tells them that sometimes when taking risks, you have to hope for the best.

Caitlin and Clarice discuss the prion break-in

Marcos is applauded with how few are willing to help save Lorna though John says to give them a break as a lot of them lost friends the last time they went up against Sentinel Services directly. Five (John, Marcos, Sonya, Clarice and Harry) of them to break into a prison, and Marcos has not the slightest clue how they are to accomplish this. Caitlin then joins in on both the discussion and rescue mission. Making it an even six. Clarice informs them that if there's a window, she can portal them in, but there will likely be guards and cameras which they'll likely want to avoid. While Harry can cloak himself from the guards, the same can't be said about the cameras. Going in like that will mean never coming out. So Caitlin suggests that they don't go in at all, rather they make their move when Lorna and Reed are being transported. While in theory, the idea is plausible, they don't know the transit route. However, Marcos suggests using his connection to the Cartel to gain access on the route. John advises him against it but they are out of better ideas.

Harry, Clarice, Caitlin, Sonya and John discuss stopping the convoy

The next day, Caitlin and the others learn from John that Marcos discovered from the Cartel that a convoy of military vehicles is taking Lorna and Reed to a military airport. Based on the route, the best place to hit it would an old warehouse district off Peachtree. John asks Clarice if she can open a portal. She explains that if the driver can see out, then she can see in, but if the bus is moving, it can get messy, meaning they have to stop the bus. Clarice suggests that Marcos melt the tires, but Caitlin objects as that would be far from subtle. Should that happen, a battle will ensue, in which people die. The goal isn't just to get Reed and Lorna, it's to get them alive. John agrees. They need to find another way to stop the bus. Unbeknownst to them, Lauren listens in on the entire discussion.

Andy and Lauren share their combined ability with John and Caitlin

With this information, Lauren finds Andy, and together, they combine their abilities, providing them with a possible way to stop the convoy. Lauren and Andy demonstrate their new found combined ability on the tire of an old and abandoned cab. John is impressed. So much so that he asks if they are capable of doing it from a longer range. Which they are. The best part is that no one will see where it came from. However, Caitlin is against using them as child soldiers to attack a convoy. John and Andy stay back while Lauren pleads her case with Caitlin. She reminds her mother than it was her who told them sometimes they have to take risks. They want to fight, no matter what, even if it means facing trained men with guns. Caitlin had always told them that there were things worth fighting for. Was that all just talk, Lauren asks. There are risks worth taking. While she is still hesitant, Caitlin agrees to allow them to stop the transport bus, but only if John can guarantee her that Lauren and Andy won't be in harms way.

Lauren helps Caitlin with the medical supplies

The day of the convoy has arrived. Caitlin, Andy and Lauren get into position on top of one of the rooftops in the warehouse district. While awaiting the convoy's arrival, Lauren notices her mother struggling with the medical supplies, and offers to help. When Andy mentions how strangely quiet it is, Lauren remembers that it is Sunday, which is the same day of the football team's fundraiser breakfast, which she was suppose to make corn muffins for. Stopping a government operated convoy is the furthest thing from that. Caitlin stands back, watching as the convoy approaches. Lauren and Andy prepare to use their combined powers to disengage the transport bus, however, Andy fails to come through on his end. So Lauren motivates him through anger, blaming him for all their problems, which works, as they mange to stop the bus. Having fulfilled their end of the mission, Caitlin, Lauren and Andy prepare to leave the area.

Caitlin separates from Lauren and Andy

Caitlin, Andy and Lauren make their escape. They hear gunshots firing all around the warehouse district as they head back towards their SUV. Upon arrival, they discover a Sentinel Services agent examining the vehicle. Lauren attempt to take him out with a shield, but her powers have been deactivated as well, forcing Caitlin to take matters into her own hands. She approaches the agent up from behind and injects him with an unknown substance that immediately renders him unconscious. Caitlin hands Lauren the keys and tells her to take the car and go without her. Caitlin will be staying to ensure that Reed comes back with them. But she is going alone because she doesn't want to lose the two of them as well. She tells them to return to Headquarters and that she'll meet them there with their father. Caitlin, Andy and Lauren then share a hug before parting ways.

Caitlin pulls up in a state issue Sentinel Services vehicle just as Polaris and Reed free themselves from the prison bus. Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird and Reed get into the vehicle. After a quick reunion, Caitlin and the others flee the scene.

Caitlin and Reed reunited

In "boXed in", Caitlin, Reed, Thunderbird, Eclipse and Polaris pull into their rendezvous point; an abandoned lot. Reed thanks Eclipse for saving him despite having no obligation to, but Eclipse is more concerned with getting out of the open. While Caitlin and Reed embrace after being apart, Polaris, Eclipse and Thunderbird retrieve the untraceable getaway cars they had left nearby. Thunderbird then hears an incoming Sentinel Services drone. Eclipse and Polaris volunteer to draw it away while Thunderbird, Caitlin and Reed head back to Headquarters.

Caitlin separates Reed from Fade

Caitlin, Reed and Thunderbird arrive at Headquarters to find the station crowded with new arrivals. Caitlin informs Reed that they are at the Underground station and that their room is downstairs. Reed wonders about their previous plan to go to Mexico. Caitlin explains that they could never leave him behind. Reed then calls out Andy and Lauren, and they come together as a family. After their reunion, Caitlin and Reed learn from Lauren that Sentinel Services shot Harry. Not long after his arrival is Reed attacked by a mutant named Fade. Fade and Reed exchange blows before the fight is broken up by John. According to him, the last time he and Reed crossed paths, Reed was working for Sentinel Services. Reed admits to wearing a tracker into Fade's bar. He was doing what he had to do to get back to his family. But he realized that what he was doing was wrong, which is why he stopped. Meanwhile, Harry condition worsens as he can be heard groaning in pain throughout the station. Leading Caitlin, Andy and Lauren to take action while Reed tries to make amends.

Caitlin tends to Harry's wounds

Caitlin joins Clarice in the vault as she applies pressure to Harry's wounds. Caitlin takes a look at his wounds before instructing Clarice to get her clean gauze and painkillers. Dilaudid, fentanyl, even codeine. Despite Caitlin's efforts, the Struckers are starting to draw a lot of attention. Andy notes how they are being looked at and with that believes that it's time for them to leave the station. Rather than running, Lauren suggests gaining the Underground's trust. Caitlin then calls Andy and Lauren over for help in treating Harry.

Caitlin, Andy and Lauren continue their efforts to save Harry. Unfortunately, they are running out of supplies and what they truly need to possibly save Harry's life is actual blood, during which time Andy offers to donate his blood given that he he is 0-negative, a universal donor. Caitlin then begins the transfusion.

Caitlin kiss Reed goodbye

After Reed has agreed to go out on a mission with Fade to lead Sentinel Services away from HQ, Reed says his goodbyes to Caitlin who isn't pleased that he's leaving after they just got him back. But Reed explains that he has to do this to lure the police away as there is nowhere else to go. The Underground needed to know what side he is on, so this is his chance to make it right. Reed gives Caitlin a kiss and tells her to tell the kids that he'll be back by dinner. Caitlin returns to the vault to find that Harry's condition is worsening. They can no longer postpone removing the bullet.

Caitlin, Lauren and Andy save Harry's life

While Caitlin is far from being a surgeon, she has no other choice but to perform the operation. Caitlin tells Lauren to keep pressure on the entry wound while she makes a midline incision to remove the bullet, which had been lodged fairly deep. Caitlin, equipped with a scalpel, slices Harry's stomach open wide. After removing the bullet, Harry begins to bleed profusely. He is hemorrhaging, meaning that an artery must have been cut. Unfortunately, Caitlin isn't capable of stopping the bleeding without a cross-clamp. Lauren suspects that she may be able to stop the bleeding with one of her shields so she asks her mother to show her where the nicked artery is located. After getting the shield in place, Caitlin sews Harry up while Lauren continues to apply pressure via her shield. Thankfully, it seems as if all their efforts have paid off, as Harry will survive. In the process of saving him, they have also earned the trust of the refugees who quietly observe from afar.

Strucker family dinner

Reed returns from his mission with Fade just as Caitlin is preparing dinner for the kids. All four of them sit around the table, enjoying their first meal together as a family in quite some time. Andy asks what is next for them, if they are still going to Mexico since that was the initial plan. However, they won't be leaving the station anytime soon given that it's still unsafe to travel due to the heavy police presence. Reed had also been talking to some of the people around the station who have questions about Sentinel Services, which he can help them with. So, for the time being, they will remain at the Underground, especially considering that they could use all the help they could get.

Caitlin checks out Skyler

In "got your siX", Caitlin discovers that Skyler, one of the latest mutant refugee arrivals, suffers from high blood pressure. She wonders why that would be. Skyler tells her that he uses his power 2 or 3 times a day. Whenever he has to find food. This has been going on for a couple of years, much to Caitlin's surprise. He and a couple other mutant kids found a place on I-85 until the Sentinels came after them. After sending Skyler off to get some food, Caitlin observes Lorna training another arrival, Naya. She possess the ability to control and manipulate water. Caitlin interrupts to asks what Lorna's intentions are with training them. Lorna replies that she's training them for combat given that they are faced with constant persecution.

Reed and Caitlin kiss goodbey

The next day, Caitlin watches from the steps as Reed and Andy load up the truck for the mission to the Baton Rouge Federal Building in order to learn more about the Hound program. Reed briefly stops to discuss bringing Andy on the mission with Caitlin. She asks if he is alright with taking Andy. Reed sees it as an opportunity to connect with Andy. "Nothing says "father-son bonding" like breaking into a federal building." Caitlin replies. She understands that this is their best chance, but it doesn't mean she has to like it. After loading up the truck, Caitlin tells Andy to stay close to his dad and she then gives Reed a goodbye kiss. However, she notices that his wedding ring is missing. They took it from Reed while he was in jail. They kiss one more time before parting ways.

Caitlin looks for kid books

While in the supply closet, looking for school books, Shatter offers to help. He finds her the books but wonders what she has in mind with them. Caitlin explains that she's going to start a school for all the refugee kids. As for how they acquired the books, Shatter tells Caitlin that Sentinel Services likes to target families while they're picking their kids up from school to get them all at once.

Caitlin later walks in on Lorna's dangerous training session with Lauren, Wes, Skyler and Naya, in which she hurls sharp objects at them. Caitlin will not stand for it, stepping in front of Lauren, and openly opposing Lorna's dangerous training methods. Lauren begs her mother to participate in the training session, but Caitlin refuses once more, telling Lauren to come with her.

Caitlin wants to give the kids a future

Caitlin runs into Lorna after their last encounter. She understands that Lorna's trying to help the kids, but Caitlin believes that the idea is to give the kids a future. Lives after the fighting. While that is a nice idea, Lorna explains that they will all be fighting for the rest of their lives despite the fact that this isn't what Caitlin wants for Andy and Lauren. Lorna tells Caitlin that Andy and Lauren's powers are incredible. It's way beyond what they normally see. Caitlin states that they need some kind of normalcy, but as far as Lorna is concerned, the station is their normalcy as persecuted mutants.

John and Caitlin stay behind

The next day, Caitlin, Lauren, John and Lorna learn that Marcos, Andy and Reed are headed into an ambush. Despite getting away the first time, Lorna explains that the cops stopped them on their way to Baton Rouge. While they didn't find anything, the driver said he was going to Denver, so they were marked by the tollway cameras when spotted in Baton Rogue. With John failing to come up with a plan, Lauren devised a plan of her own, one that involves Wes creating on of his illusion. Caitlin and John stay behind while Lorna, Lauren, and Wes head out to save Marcos, Reed, and Andy.

Later that night, Reed prepares dinner for the family, during which time, he and Caitlin make jokes and reminisce. She then gives him a replacement wedding ring that she found in the storage room and they kiss. Reed wonders if now would be a good time to have that talk that Caitlin previously spoke of, but she suggests that he talk with Andy first.

Caitlin wonders where Lauren was at

In "eXtreme measures", Caitlin feeds Zingo while waiting for the kids to return. Lauren and Andy soon make their way downstairs, joining her mother for lunch. Although, she is curious as to what took them so long. Andy says that he couldn't find Lauren, so he looked on the roof, which is off limits, but he then covers for Lauren by saying that he didn't find her there either. When Caitlin asks where was she, Lauren lies and says that she was downstairs in the supply room, where she had lost track of time. Caitlin then reminds them about the homework she had assigned and how she wanted them turned in tomorrow. Neither Lauren nor Andy took her serious when she initially assigned it. Unfortunately, this is the deal they had made with their her. If they wanted to train, they'd have to study as well.

Caitlin teaches a class

Caitlin teaches a biology class to the young mutant refugees. She teaches them about the passing down of specific traits, much like the X-gene. She halts her teaching to speak with Reed about Wes. Reed tells her that he is almost certain that Wes is in the mutant criminal files for conning people and robbing stores in Cartersville. While Caitlin agrees that this is bad, she tells Reed not to overreact as Lauren has been through a lot lately. Caitlin instructs him to talk to her because she won't be happy about this. The worst thing Reed can do right now is go on the attack.

Reed and Caitlin present Lauren with Wes' file

Lauren returns, supposedly from the basement as some of the refugees needed more towels. However, Caitlin and Reed know this to be a lie. They tell her that they need to talk to her about Wes. Lauren immediately assumes that it's about them not wanting her to date a mutant. But Reed shows her Wes' file that he recovered from the encrypted drive. Lauren reads the file, but she's in denial that Wes has committed the crimes being accused of him. Lauren defends him by pointing out that they've all broken the law. But as Reed points out, they broke the law out of survival. Wes did it out of greed, by conning a jewelry store owner. Lauren realizes that her father hasn't changed a bit. He still assumes the worst of mutants with little to no proof. Reed wants her to look at the situation from clear eyes, but she pleads with him to stop as she walks off teary eyed.

Caitlin joins Reed as he contemplates his approach with Lauren. He never figured they would be arguing over mutant boyfriends. He just wants to protect her. Caitlin and Reed were blind to so much about the world, which is why Lauren hid herself from them. Right now, Caitlin tells Reed that Lauren needs a dad, not a prosecutor. That night, after Reed righted his wrongs, and Andy and Lauren slept, Caitlin and Reed proceeded to have sex.

Caitlin, Lauren and Andy learn the truth about Reed's father

In "threat of eXtinction", Caitlin, Lauren and Andy learn of Reed's father's past involvement with Trask Industries, the same independent contractor responsible for the Hound program. Andy recalls Reed telling them that his dad disappeared years ago, and that he ran out on him and his mom. However, this isn't quite true. He lives up in Chattanooga. Which is only 2 hours away. The kids had never met him, which was intentional, Caitlin explains. He was a difficult man that was always working and never close with his family. When Reed was a child, he got sick, and almost died, yet his father didn't even bother coming to visit him at the hospital. Lauren sympathizes with her father, grabbing his hand tightly. They hadn't spoken since before Lauren and Andy were born, but that would have to change if they desire to know more about Trask Industries and their affiliation with Sentinel Services.

Reed and Caitlin say goodbye

Caitlin says goodbye to Reed before he leaves for Chattanooga. Caitlin wants to go with him since seeing his father for the first time in so long will certainly bring up all the disappointments and bad memories, but she's better off with the kids. Reed can cross examine a murder suspect, but he's shaken by the thought of talking to his father after 20 years. Regardless, if talking to him helps protect them from their latest threat then it is a small price to pay. Caitlin then gives him and hug and says that she loves him before sending him off.

Caitlin and Lauren pop back in the arm of one of the newest mutant refugees at the station after he was injured during the fight between an unknown woman and John, Marcos, and Clarice. Andy then steps in to assist Lauren with putting on the refugee's sling.

Caitlin meets Esme

While Andy and Lauren do that, Caitlin tends to Esme, another new refugee at the station who was injured during the fight. She had suffered a terrible gash on her arm that will require stitches. Caitlin had heard of her heroic actions back at the Church. She deduces that Esme is a Psychic. Sort of, Esme replies. She can feel the thoughts of those within close proximity. Caitlin asks if Esme can read her thoughts. Esme's eyes glow bright blue while using her ability. She can tell that Caitlin is concerned about the war between mutants and humans, and she didn't want her and Reed to end up on opposite sides of their kids. Esme apologizes for prying, as she can tell that Caitlin is growing uncomfortable. Caitlin brushes it off, joking that Esme shouldn't go looking into her college experimentation days. Just for the record, Esme tells Caitlin that she is valued around the Underground.

Marcos, Caitlin, Lauren, Lorna, and Andy look down on the prisoner

Caitlin is approached by Lorna and Marcos, who are under the suspicion that the prisoner is suffering from withdrawal. Caitlin confirms that the woman has all the symptoms. Marcos asks if they've ever seen a mutant on Kick. A mutant drug that temporarily boosts their powers, making them feel invincible. But it's incredibly addictive. And if that's the case, they might be able to treat her. Lorna thinks treating her will only allow the prisoner to get stronger and provide her with the opportunity to kill them while Marcos believes that treatment may lead to their questions getting answered. As they argue, Caitlin reminds them that them that they're fighting for a word where people can live together.

Caitlin incapacitates the prisoner

Lauren and Andy volunteer to restrain the prisoner in order for Caitlin to be able to properly treat her, which will hopefully result in them getting answers from her. Andy will push her back towards the bars while Lauren holds her back with a shield long enough for Caitlin to inject with her the "sleep juice". However, Caitlin is merely guessing on the dosage in which she would inject into the prisoner. So if something goes wrong, she will look for Marcos and Lorna to step in, who are on standby. Just as planned, Andy pushes the prisoner back against the rails, which allows Lauren to hold her still with a shield while their mother comes up from behind to inject her with an unknown substance that renders her unconscious almost immediately.

Caitlin treats the woman

After removing her from the cell, Marcos and Lorna lock her down onto the table. Lauren, Andy, Lorna, and Marcos watch as Caitlin injects the woman with medication to help with her withdrawals, though it won't matter given that she is dying from the massive amounts of drugs that Sentinel Services had given her. This is reason for concern as Marcos suspects that she won't tell them anything if she is already dying. Caitlin isn't so sure, however. She once treated a gang member with a fatal gunshot wound. As he was dying, he told the cops everything he'd done just to get it off his chest.

Caitlin tries to talk to Chloe

After looking through the hard drives from Baton Rouge, Sage returnd with the prisoner's identity. Her name is Chloe Tan. She used to live in a trailer park outside of Jasper. Her kid got sick, but the pediatrician wouldn't treat mutants, so Chloe destroyed the doctor's office and was subsequently apprehended by Sentinel services. As she wakes up, Caitlin attempts to speak to her. They know she was arrested by the Sentinel Services, but they need to know what happened to her while she was in their custody. Chloe attempts to speak, but Caitlin determines that she can't speak and she has not the slightest clue whether it is mental or physical. Caitlin suggests that they use Esme to read Chloe's mind.

Caitlin watches Chloe die

Caitlin returns with Esme. Just as before, Esme eyes glow while reading Chloe's thoughts. She senses need and pain. A deeper dig reveals that Trask Industries, which is North of the Underground, had killed her husband and took her daughter. Unfortunately, Chloe dies on the table soon thereafter.

As the day comes to a close, Reed and John return to the station. Soon thereafter, Reed reveals to Caitlin, Andy and Lauren the death of his father. Learning this, Lauren and Andy hold hands while Caitlin comforts Reed.

In "outfoX", one year ago, the Strucker family have a picnic at a local park. It had been a long time since their last family outing and Reed apologizes for that, but Caitlin understands that his work keeps him busy. He then inquires about the kids. Lauren has apparently been distant lately, but Caitlin writes it off as normal teenage behavior.

Reed tells Caitlin about his father's work

Present day at the station, Caitlin joins Reed as he sits thinking. Reed can't sleep nor can he stop thinking about his dad. He hadn't spoken to him in 20 years and didn't think that losing him would hurt so bad, but it does. Caitlin can relate all too well. Her mother used to constantly remind of every screw up of her teenage years as a reminder of how perfect Danny and Jenny (her brother and sister) were. When her mother got sick, they finally managed to get past all that. Caitlin imagines that it's worst when you're not close to someone who dies because you realize how much time you missed. Reed then tells Caitlin about his father's work and how he's the reason that Reed's powers never manifested. For those 2 years that Reed was sick, they thought he had Leukemia and it destroyed his family.

Caitlin struggles

The next day, Caitlin is found by Reed as she struggles with everything that has happened in recent weeks. While it isn't fair, Caitlin can't help but think how much different everything might be if Lauren had told them the truth about her being a mutant or if his father had just told everyone the truth. Reed doesn't want to think like that, but it's all Caitlin can do. Their whole lives could be different, from Reed's job to how they raised Andy and Lauren. Nonetheless, Reed explains that they did the best they could. He then looks to Caitlin and asks if she had known then what she knows now, would she have done anything differently between the two of them. Caitlin assures him that she wouldn't have. Hearing this, Reed shares one last thing with Caitlin, that Otto's father and Aunt, Andreas and Andrea, were terrorists and they had the same powers as Andy and Lauren. And when they combine those powers, they are massively destructive. Caitlin and Reed suspects that Andy and Lauren might be able to do the same thing and so they decide to test the theory.

Reed and Caitlin take Andy and Lauren tot test their powers

After explaining the news to Lauren and Andy, Caitlin and Reed suggests that they test to see if the kids inherited the Fenris Force. They learned the hard way that discovering mutant abilities by accident isn't ideal so they decided to test it in a controlled environment. Caitlin, Reed, Lauren and Andy head to the vault, where Lauren and Andy conjoin hands. When nothing happens, Andy asks Lauren to try again. They join hands once more, and this time they begin to glow. The two begin to light up as their hair blows upward in a dramatic fashion. They proceed to build up their energy until Reed forcefully pulls their hands apart. Andy and Lauren explain that it was like they could feel everything around them and could've torn the entire building down with everyone in it. Caitlin and Reed are frightened.

The Underground convinces the Struckers to help take down Trask

The Underground hatches a plan to take down Trask Industries. So they call down the Struckers to ask Lauren and Andy can assist in disengaging the substation transformers, similar to how they stopped the prison convoy. While it is admittedly a lot to ask, they feel as if they have no other choice as everyone else with combat powers will be assaulting the lab. Hopefully, they can take down the power substation without putting Andy and Lauren in danger. Sage hacked the security cameras and the station only has a handful of guards. Clarice will portal everyone in, and from there, Sonya will guide them. They'd been through every option. Unfortunately, the plan with Lauren and Andy is the only one that can work. Having said that, both Lauren and Andy are willing to help in whatever way they can. Caitlin and Reed agree to allow the kids to take out the transformers, but only if they can monitor security. With a plan set in motion, they'll be moving out within the hour.

The Struckers headed to the power station

As Blink drives Caitlin, Lauren, Reed, Andy and Dreamer to the power station, Reed informs Thunderbird that they are in route. Caitlin then tells Andy and Lauren that what they're doing is a parents' worst nightmare. But they're doing it because they trust Andy and Lauren. They arrive at the power station soon thereafter. Reed then calls Sage to inform her of their arrival. Sage bypasses the fire wall, allowing Caitlin and Reed to view the security footage from the truck. She looped the feed so that security wouldn't see their team but they would notice eventually. Blink then rips open a portal for Dreamer, Andy, Lauren and herself to go through, leading them into the building.

Caitlin monitors the team

With Caitlin and Reed in her ear, Dreamer, Blink, Lauren, and Andy progress forward into the power station, avoiding security and other personnel. Caitlin and Reed inform the team that the next few hallways are clear. Reed assures Caitlin that they're going to be alright but Caitlin can't help but worry. Caitlin wonders how Reed used to deal with the nerves whenever he went on busts. Reed tells her the first few times he threw up, which he never told her because they were still dating and he was trying to impress her. Reed found that if he focuses just on his plan, it gets better. Now their plan is to watch over the kids to keep them safe.

Caitlin cries as Andy and Lauren are captured

As Dreamer, Blink, Lauren and Andy proceed throughout the building, Caitlin and Reed alert them of a quickly approaching Sentinel robot and armed team. As the alarm begins to sound, the team begins looking for an exit, but they ultimately fail to get away. First Blink is apprehended. Then Dreamer. Andy and Lauren make it to the basement, but there is nowhere for them to go. Caitlin and Reed watches this unfold from the surveillance van. Caitlin wants to go in and help, but Reed convinces her to stay back as they can't help the kids if they get captured too. Andy and Lauren are then surrounded by numerous Sentinel Services agents, and told to get down on their knees. They do as they are told. Mutant Inhibitor Collars are then placed on them and they are arrested. All the while Caitlin and Reed watch helplessly from the van as this occurs. Caitlin, crying hysterically.

The Underground plan their next move against Sentinel Services and Trask

In "eXploited", the Mutant Underground is under distress following the apprehension of Dreamer, Blink, Andy and Lauren by Sentinel Services. Lorna wants to move in now to retrieve the team, but Caitlin and Reed argue that hitting Sentinel Services is far too risky. She reminds them that it isn't just her people with Sentinel Services, they also have Andy and Lauren, though Caitlin needs no reminder. John grows tired of their senseless bickering and breaks the table in a fit of rage while demanding that they stop because there is no more "yours" or "ours". Andy, Lauren, Sonya and Clarice are all of their people. While Reed argues that going in weapons drawn will only get someone hurt, Lorna worries that the longer they wait, the greater the risk of their friends being turned into Hounds become. As Lorna, Caitlin and Reed go back and forth, Marcos reminds them that the enemy is Sentinel Services and Trask Industries. So he wants to set up scouts to possibly get eyes on their people. John agrees and decides to send out Sage and Shatter while checking in with their police contacts.

Esme approaches Reed and Caitlin with a plan

Caitlin and Reed try to take a more political route in retrieving Andy and Lauren. Just outside their door, Esme eavesdrops on their conversation while also looking through Reed's thoughts. She sees Reed's encounter with Sentinel Services. Esme then enters the room to tell them that they are right about not attacking Sentinel Services as they both have family inside and another attack will only get them killed. She explains that it is a human problem that requires a human solution, and Caitlin and Reed are the only ones who understood that. She suggests going to Agent Turner and trying to appeal to him. Caitlin and Reed are skeptical due to their past with Turner, but Esme tells them that they can try to convince Agent Turner to take the mutants out of Trask labs and to do the right thing. Better them sitting in jail then being inject with drugs and turned into Hounds. Andy and Lauren's powers in the wrong hands can change everything.

Caitlin and Reed plan to see Agent Turner at his home

Caitlin and Reed discuss the risk they take with Esme's plan. At least in jail, Andy and Lauren will have a chance. In that lab, they'll be turned into Hounds. So if they'e going to do it, they need to do it now. Without telling anyone since the Underground doesn't want them talking to anyone, much less a Sentinel Services agent. Caitlin wonders how they will even go about getting in contact with him. Reed suggests approaching him at home. The file work from the courthouse had the addresses of all the agents on the program, which includes Agent Turner. Caitlin tells Reed to get the address while she gets supplies and keys to a car.

Caitlin and Reed arrive at Agent Turner's home

Caitlin and Reed pull into Turner's neighborhood. It reminds them of their own neighborhood. Reed wonders how Patriotic they'd feel if they knew their fellow Americans were being used as Science experiments. Honestly, Caitlin believes that a lot of people would be fine with it, just as they were before everything that happened. Caitlin then turns her attention back to Turner. Reed wants to at least try to convince him to do the right thing. Turner on some level Reed believes is a good man, but he's just angry. Caitlin pulls a gun out of the glove compartment just in case things go wrong. When Reed asks if she's sure she wants to do this, she replies that her dad put a gun in her hand when she was 4 years old. As they arrive at the Tunrer's house, Caitlin and Reed force their way in with a gun.

Caitlin and Reed try to convince Agent Turner to release the mutants

Caitlin and Reed are told by Jace that kidnapping him and Paula will only hurt their cause. Furthermore, Sentinel Services doesn't negotiate with terrorist. Reed explains that it isn't a kidnapping and that they aren't terrorist. At the end of this, they're going to walk away. What happens after that is up to Turner. Caitlin explains that they're only there to talk about their kids and the other mutants who are being tortured. So Paula decides to hear them out. Caitlin and Reed are there because they've seen Agent Turner's record and more importantly because he's a father who has dealt with the pain of seeing his child get caught up in a war that they did not start, a war that began before they were even born. Caitlin and Reed want the Hound program shut down. But Agent Turner isn't willing to let an entire facility full of criminals to go free. All Reed is asking is that he uphold the constitution. However, Agent Turner counters that everything going on at Trask labs has been authorized by Congress.

Caitlin tells Paula about the Hound program

Caitlin and Reed continue to plead their case to free Andy and Lauren along with the other mutants. While Reed insists that Turner knows what Trask is doing is wrong, Turner counters that what they're doing is perfectly legal. However, as Reed points out, that doesn't make it right. But the matter isn't up for debate as far as Turner is concerned. He reminds Reed that Andy and Lauren were apprehended attacking a key infrastructure facility. Which makes them terrorists. Whatever their circumstances, Turner points out that at least their kids are alive. Meanwhile, his daughter is dead. Caitlin then speaks up. She knows how upsetting this must be for Turner with them at his house as she recalls him coming into her house with a gun. So she's going to say what she has to say, then she and Reed are going to leave. Caitlin tells Paula that she's seen first hand what the Hound program does to people. It pumps the mutants full of drugs until they are helplessly addicted. They're also given mental conditioning so that they have to do as told. And then they are sent to kill everyone they love. They may be alive, but that's worse than death. Caitlin and Reed then exit the Turner's home.

Caitlin and Reed are confronted by Harry as soon as they return to the station after learning that they went to Agent Turner. Caitlin and Reed can't make sense of why Esme would tell everyone about their plan as she was the one that suggested it. They're now realizing that Esme has been lying to everyone.

In "3 X 1", couple days later, the Underground holds a funeral for Sonya. The entire station is in attendance. After Marcos and Lorna say a few kind words on her behalf, the Struckers place flowers on her grave.

Caitlin and Reed tell Lauren and Andy that they're leaving the station

Caitlin asks Andy and Lauren if they want to talk about what went down in the lab and Sonya's death, but they would rather not as talking about it only makes them feel worse. Reed understands that the station is now filled with difficult memories. It's one of the reasons that he and Caitlin have been considering moving on. However, Andy and Lauren disagree with their decision to abandon the station as they see it as giving up. Caitlin and Reed almost lost them a few days ago and don't want to risk that happening again. Besides, there was a lot of tension that they don't want to get caught in the middle of. They want to head up to Mexico as planned, but Andy and Lauren believe they can make a difference while with the Underground.

Caitlin and Reed watch the Frost Sisters enter the station

Their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of the Frost Sisters. They've come peacefully as they only desire to talk about the Hound program, which is expanding, and they want the Underground's help in taking it down. They need the Underground's help because Sentinel Services knows what they look like. So they can't take them on by themselves. They have information about Dr. Campbell's plans and resources to share. Meanwhile, the Underground has the muscle. While Caitlin and Marcos refuse to even consider an alliance of any kind, John seems more willing though he does kick them out after hearing what they have to offer.

Caitlin and Reed pack their things

After reaching out to the Fairburn station, Caitlin and Reed begin packing their belongings. Marcos finds them as they're doing so. He's surprised that they're leaving now despite all that has just happened. They are needed at the station, especially the help Caitlin has been giving with the school. But, they feel that it's time to move on, more so with Esme and her sisters coming back. Marcos doesn't want to align with them either, which is why the Underground needs to stick together, but Reed claims it's too late for that. The last time, Esme played them all against each other. They can't risk that she might do that again. Not to mention that she has already turned some of the mutants at the station against them because they talked to Agent Turner.

The next day, as the Strucker prepare to leave the station, Marcos brings them out some supplies as there isn't much to the Fairbun station. It's basically a meeting point for people heading South. Marcos shakes Reed's hand and gives Caitlin a hug after telling them to stick to the back roads and follow the speed limit.

The Struckers arrive at the Fairburn station

The Struckers arrive at the Fairburn station some time later. When they enter, the station is seemingly vacant. However, as they proceed forward they learn that Wes is merely creating an illusion of an empty station. Lauren is thrilled to see him and they embrace. He'd been helping out with security, ensuring that no one sees them there unless they want to be seen. Lauren informs Wes that they're leaving for Mexico. They've got about 20 mutants and they're still arranging a ride. So until then, Wes gets them some dinner. Reed notes that it's good to see Wes again, before he heads off with Lauren to catch up. When Caitlin points out how relaxed Reed is with Wes, Reed explains that he's just happy to see Lauren smiling again.

The Fairburn station under attack

The next day, at the Fairburn station, Reed tells Caitlin that he checked in with the transport people and there's a trucking company that might be able to help them. But there's still a chance they could stay longer, allowing Lauren to spend more time with Wes. Assuming they are staying, Andy wants to go back to Atlanta, but Reed reminds him that the whole point of leaving was to get away from Atlanta. Caitlin reminds him that they've already talked about this. Just as it seems that Andy is about to speak to his parents, Sentinel Services arrive. With the Inertia and Gravity Hound, who are wearing some kind of manacle that allows them to combine abilities, they snatch an entire window out of the building.

Reed and Caitlin tend to Andy

Fortunately, Wes manages to create an illusion and cloak them in time before they are spotted. Wes tells them to make a run for it while he covers them, but Andy wants to fight. He looks to Lauren for help, but before they can join hands, Andy is is struck with a massive wave of energy and knocked unconscious. As Caitlin and Reed check on Andy, they get a call from Thunderbird, who is aware of the attack, and is in route to the station with Polaris, Eclipse and Blink to save them. Unfortunately, Andy is hurt and still unconscious. Caitlin fears that moving him will only make matters worse. Wes' mirage is hiding them, but he can't keep it up forever.

The Underground escaping the Fairburn station

As Wes struggles to maintain the mirage, Caitlin and Reed tend to Andy as he bleeds from his head. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Blink make their way through the station while it is under constant fire. Unfortunately, Wes is able to maintain the illusion no more, making the Struckers vulnerable to attack. Lauren, however, shields them from Sentinel Services' gunfire. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Blink find the Struckers and Wes on the south end and see them to safety though it is no easy task as the Hounds continuously strike the building with great power. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris Blink, Lauren, Wes, Andy, Caitlin and Reed quietly move throughout the woods, hoping not to alert any nearby agents. To make matters worse, Thunderbird's foresight reveals that their car has been discovered. Andy then jumps to his feet and leads the group out of the woods, claiming that "they" said it was safe. "They" turn out to be the Frost Sisters, who are waiting by the road with escape vehicles.

After getting back to Headquarters, Caitlin monitors Wes. Lauren joins to see if Wes will be okay. Caitlin explains that he used his powers for a long time. His body's exhausted. Once he rehydrates, he'll recover.

Caitlin and Reed settle back into the station

In "eXtraction", the Struckers are settling in at the station and are partly glad to be back home. While Caitlin and Reed are unpacking, John comes into the room to inform them about their plan to kidnap Campbell and ask Reed if he was able to extract anything useful from Otto Strucker's old research notes. Unfortunately, Reed didn't uncover much. His father only gave him his old notebooks and Reed couldn't follow much of the science. Considering that Otto's research helped build the Hound program, John is positive that there must be something of use from his notes. If they're trying to take the program apart, it's best to start from the beginning. So Caitlin and Reed agree to look through Otto's research again.

Reed, Caitlin and Sage discover that Sentinel Services is going after Reed's mom

While they're happy to be back, Fade is not pleased with the Struckers' return and he makes that known, to Caitlin in particular. Some people were happy when they left for Fairburn. Caitlin doesn't know what Fade's problem is, but she tells him that they're on the same side. She can say that as much as she wants, but as far as Fade is concerned, that doesn't make it true. Caitlin joins Reed and Sage in the monitoring cell as they comb through his dad's research, most of which was from his grad school days. They haven't found much of his work on mutants. Sage discovers that Sentinel Services is also tracking down everyone Otto Strucker's ever worked with and they're even sending agents to the Southern Worldwide Insurance company where Reed's mom works. Caitlin and Reed then interrupt Andy and Lauren's discussion to inform them that Sentinel Services is going after Ellen, and that they have to get to her first.

Reed and Caitlin find Ellen

The Struckers arrive at Southern Worldwide to retrieve Reed's mom, Ellen. Caitlin and Reed go up to the office while Andy and Lauren stay on the ground to guard outside. Caitlin tells them if there's any kind of trouble to return to the station. While looking for Ellen's office, they run into one of her co-workers, who claims to know Reed but can't exactly pinpoint from where. Caitlin comes up with a cover story that they're "Ally and Mark Young" from last year's party. The guy seems to buy it, but they still don't have much time to find Ellen before Sentinel Services arrives. They begin to worry when they find her office empty, but are relieved when they find her yelling about the dirty dishes around the office.

Caitlin and Reed reveal that Otto is dead

Caitlin and Reed update her on every thing that has been going on since they went on their run, including the fact that Sentinel Services will be coming to pick her up to interrogate her on Otto's research, which she claims to have no knowledge of. Ellen hasn't seen Otto in years, but that won't matter to them. Caitlin and Reed just need for her to come with them. If Sentinel Services even thinks that she knows something of use, they won't stop coming after her. However, Ellen refuses to run away from her entire life though she starts to reconsider that when Reed reveals that Sentinel Services killed Otto.

Reed, Ellen and Caitlin leave the building

Ellen now knows that Otto was a mutant, which he kept a secret from her for 26 years. Reed then reveals to his mother that his father is the reason behind his illness when he was 10. Otto was using a serum to block the X-gene in Reed, which is what Sentinel Services is in search of. Should they acquire it, they could wipe mutants off the face of the earth. Reed asks if his dad had another lab, but Otto had no other lab, at least not to Ellen's knowledge. Caitlin tells Reed that they can continue questioning her later, but they have to leave now. Reed then gets a call from Lauren that Sentinel Services has just arrived. Reed, Caitlin and Ellen quickly make their way out the office to meet with Lauren and Andy downstairs. Caitlin, Reed and Ellen exit the building. Everyone gets into the SUV and they speed off.

Caitlin and Reed learn about Otto's research partner Madeline Risman

The Struckers stop near a gas station after narrowly escaping Sentinel Services. Ellen is fine, but she wishes she could be of more help. If Otto had some type of secret lab, he never told her. If not a lab, Caitlin and Reed asks about a possible research partner or even somewhere secret Otto would go. Ellen recalls a researcher that Otto used to talk to late at night. Ellen only ever met her once at the house. She came to see Reed around the same time he got sick. Her named was Madeline Risman. While the Underground is coming to pick them up, Ellen however, won't be going with them. She would only hold them up. Though, she has no intentions on going home either. Ellen has a friend in Boca Raton who lives way out of town and she has enough money to get there. The Struckers then share a hug.

Caitlin learns about Andy and Lauren's fight

Noticing that something is wrong, Caitlin confronts Andy and Lauren on their odd behavior after returning to the station. She demands to know what went down in the parking lot because when they came out both Lauren and Andy were on the ground and they haven't spoken to each other since. Andy claims it was only a disagreement, but Lauren explains it was much more as he almost killed the agents. Caitlin informs them that they need to stick together as a family, but Andy doesn't need to hear it, so he claims as he's the one person in the family that's proud to be a von Strucker. When he walks off, Caitlin looks to Lauren to work it out with him as they are family, but as Lauren explains, something has changed in Andy.

Reed and Caitlin update Andy and Lauren

In "X-roads", At headquarters, Caitlin and Reed learn from Sage and Shatter that something went wrong at the Summit. They'd been been monitoring the police reports and all they know for sure is that Campbell escaped. Caitlin and Reed relay this information to Andy and Lauren. Andy wants to go out there and back them up. But with them being 2 states away, it would be too late by the time they got out there. Andy disagrees. He still thinks they should go out to help their friends, but Lauren reasons that with people to protect at the station, they better stay put. When Caitlin and Reed urge Andy and Lauren to stop fighting amongst each other, Andy loses his temper as he feels that he's the only one that wants them to be strong. But Lauren corrects him in saying that Andy really wants them to be the von Struckers again. Andy feels they should be ready for when the humans attack. Reed takes offense to this statement and rhetorically asks Andy if he or Caitlin are coming after him as they are human, though Andy claims he didn't mean it like that before brushing past Reed.

Andy moves upstairs. Caitlin is upset

Andy packs his things to crash with Naya and Skyler upstairs. Caitlin's upset that he's leaving, but Andy assures her that it's not what she thinks. A month ago, he had a bedroom with a door where he could have some space if he wanted it. He no longer has that. Reed tells Caitlin that Andy's likely looking for a little bit of independence.

Shatter receives Pedro's warning and begins evacuating the station at Sentinel Services has found their location. He tells Caitlin and Reed that Sentinel Services is coming, and that they need to get as many people in vans as possible. Reed tells Caitlin to get the kids while he helps Shatter evacuate. Caitlin sends Lauren to find Andy. She then asks for Fade's help in evacuating the children in the first van and hiding them.

Caitlin saves the mutant refugees

With evacuation underway, Caitlin sees the children (and Zingo) out to the van with Fade, who's taking them to the Nashville station. He wishes them good luck before pulling off. Just after that, Reed returns with unfortunate news of Sentinel Services' arrival. They need another van as there are more people, but it's too late. Inside, Reed, Bulk and the others block off the windows and doors with large cement boulders in an effort to secure the station. Caitlin wonders what his plan is. If the refugees are captured, they'll end up as Hounds. Reed isn't sure how to get everyone out as Sentinel Services will have teams on all the exits. So Caitlin suggests making a new exit. Reed recommends the vault. It's partially underground. Sentinel Services is not going to have cover on that side of the building. If they can get through there, they might be able to get away. Reed then gives a speech to the Underground about unity and giving Sentinel Services a fight. Caitlin calls everyone who's been in combat training upstairs while everyone else is to help her in the vault.

Caitlin leads the charge inside the vault as Bulk and the others remove the safe deposit boxes. Behind the boxes is a reinforced wall so thick that not even Bulk can punch through it with his super strength. Caitlin calls in Shatter who crystallizes the wall, making it easier for Bulk to punch through. As Reed leads the combat ready mutants upstairs, downstairs in the vault, Caitlin and the mutants continue to break their way through the wall.

Caitlin informs Reed of their progress

As they continue to break through the vault, an opening appears, letting in a ray of light. Caitlin instructs them to keep digging so that they can crawl through while she gets the others. Caitlin heads upstairs to inform them that they're almost through the vault. Just a couple more minutes. Unfortunately, they may not have that long. While the Underground managed to hold off the S.W.A.T team, Sentinel Services is now bringing in the Hounds, who hit the station hard. Caitlin, Reed, Andy, Lauren, Naya and Skyler fight off the agents though they are no match for the Hounds, who shake the building with each blast. So everyone runs downstairs into the vault.

Caitlin, Reed, Skyler and Naya watch the building explode

Downstairs in the vault, Bulk and the others have finally managed to break through to the other side as the Hounds continue their assault of the station. While Shatter helps escort everyone out, telling them to go downhill and stay near the trees, Caitlin and Reed worry that the Hounds will see them and know where they went, resulting in their capture. So Andy and Lauren volunteer to stay behind after everyone's out so that they can destroy the building in order to cover their tracks. Caitlin and Reed reluctantly agree, telling Andy and Lauren that they will see them outside. Just as Caitlin and Reed exit, the Gravity and Inertia Hound enter the station. As the Hounds proceed further into the station, they are met by Andy and Lauren, who have conjoined hands and combined powers before unleashing a wave of power so strong that it kills the Hounds and completely vaporizes the station. Outside the station, Caitlin, Reed, Skyler and Naya watch the building explode just after escaping the tunnel.

Caitlin and Reed at the station

Nashville, Tennessee, the Underground has regrouped at the Mutant Way Station. John, Marcos and Blink arrive some time later. Meanwhile, Caitlin checks in on Lauren and Andy to ensure that they are fine. Lauren's just trying to wrap her head around what happened, but it was either them or the Hounds as far as Andy is concerned. Lauren knows this, but the Hounds were mutants too. They didn't choose to be that. Campbell made them into monsters. Reed then tells all 3 of them that while what happened today was hard, the fact is that they recused the station.

John and Marcos announces that they need to start thinking about next steps, like rebuilding. With Headquarters gone, a lot of people have nowhere to go. It's not about the building. It's about the network and the people in it. Sage and Shatter doubt that it's even possible to start from nothing and they worry that that anything that they build, Sentinel Services is just going to smash it again. Sage then points out that since the Struckers arrived, half their stations have been destroyed, but Caitlin counters that the Hound program was coming one way or another.

The remainder of the Underground

Marcos explains that the X-Men didn't do this because they thought it would be easy. They knew it would be a struggle and take sacrifice. Lorna interrupts with Esme, and tells Marcos that there's nothing noble about struggle. And sacrifice is just a pretty name for losing. The Mutant Underground is dying, but that world that they've always talked about where they don't have to hide and live in fear, she wants to build that for them. Esme informs Marcos that they aren't there to ask for his help. The people they've come for know who they are, which includes Fade, Bulk, and Sage. Last to join them is Andy. Caitlin and Reed refuse to let Andy leave, but ultimately, it's his decision. What they're trying to rebuild, the Hellfire Club, Andy explains that their family was apart of it. He feels as if it's his birthright. As Reed grabs Andy's arm to forcefully stop him, Andy pushes him off and causes the building to shake. He apologizes for that before joining Polaris, Esme, Sage, Fade, and Bulk. Still unwilling to let her son leave, Caitlin tries to run after him, only to be held back by Marcos and Reed.

Season 2

Caitlin treats Cristina

In eMergence, at the Community of Mercy Clinic, Caitlin personally tends to Cristina, a mutant who was rescued from a raid at Liberty Park Apartments. It would seem she suffered to deep cut to her right hand. As Caitlin attempts to treat her, Cristina is overwhelmed with pain, causing her powers to forcefully manifest. Caitlin ducks down, pleading with Cristina to control her powers, which she does long enough for Caitlin to treat her. Cristina then asks if they found her sister Jazmine. She's 12 and they got separated after their parents got killed. Caitlin assures her that they'll ask around as soon as she finishes up. Until then, she inquires about Liberty Park Apartments, asking if there were a lot of mutants there, which there was. When Cristina questions why Caitlin is so curious, Caitlin replies that she lost someone as well.

Caitlin enters the secret room

Caitlin finds herself all alone as the clinic shuts down for the afternoon. She enters a closet labeled with a bio-hazard sign. Once inside, she opens a secret door, leading to a secret room, where she finds Reed, forging identification for the mutants that the others had previously rescued. Caitlin begins to wonder what is the point behind all their effort, to which Reed replies that they rescued ten people. A sure victory in his eyes. Caitlin then reveals that she asked someone that she treated about Andy, but no one knew anything because she couldn't use his real name due to the fact that law enforcement was under the impression that they were all dead. They'd searched a number a cities in their attempt to find Andy before John managed to track Andy and Lorna to D.C. Reed understands Caitlin's frustration, comforting her with a hug.

Mutant Underground meeting

The next day, Caitlin, John, Marcos, Clarice, Lauren and Reed are held up at the Potomac Salvage junkyard. Reed speaks to the group, as he's very much aware that losing Liberty Park Apartments is difficult to stomach. But it is because of what they did that ten mutants and their families get to start new lives today. So he would like to try and focus on that instead. Furthermore, Reed has organized transportation for the people they took in and got them documents. Shatter's crew in Baltimore are going to get most of them someplace safe. However, Lauren is concerned for Cristina, who doesn't wish to leave without her sister Jazmine. While the trail is a day old, John and Clarice will continue their efforts to find Jazmine, and until then, Cristina will stay with them. Lastly, Marcos had been asking around, and in doing so, got in contact with a group of mutant hackers who can get into computer systems.Marcos spoke to the man in charge, Wire, personally. John and Reed are upset with Marcos' effort to reach out as the hackers are known criminals, however, Caitlin, as desperate as she is, doesn't believe they have too many other options. John reminds everyone that the only thing keeping them safe is that the government thinks they died in Atlanta. So they have to be careful. However, given that his child is about to be born, Marcos is done being careful.

Caitlin focuses on finding Andy

As Caitlin surfs the web for mutant related school incidents and Lauren prepares dinner, Reed returns from his trip to Baltimore, where he dropped off the rescued mutants. They got lucky at the check points, and everyone made it through safe. Reed then asks about the shelter, which Lauren claims is fine, however, she hasn't made any friends there. Reed encourages Lauren to find a job where she can meet people her own age. However, as Caitlin explains, most of the information they have Lauren got through people she met at the shelter. While Reed is aware, he doesn't think her sole focus should be finding Andy, though Caitlin disagrees, arguing that it's a priority. Reed simply wants Lauren to live her life, but Lauren doesn't seem to mind working at the shelter. She then excuses herself, as she wishes to be alone.

Caitlin inquires about Lauren's dream

Caitlin and Reed rush into Lauren's bedroom that night after hearing her screams. She had a nightmare. Lauren claims that it didn't feel like a dream though, and Andy looked older and different. Lauren reveals that the dream took place at a parking garage, from where she could see the Capital. When Caitlin pushes for more answers, Reed suggests that she ease up. Caitlin is happy to hear of Lauren's dream, as it could mean they're getting closer to Andy. She recalls Lauren saying that she and Andy can see through each other's eyes, but Reed believes that it may have just been a dream. Furthermore, Lauren back tracks, claiming that she can't fully remember the dream and that it might not have even been Andy at the parking garage.

While getting Lauren a glass of water from the kitchen, Caitlin calls Marcos to ask him to reach out to Wire, the mutant hacker. Caitlin suspects that Andy may be close, so she's done waiting.

Wire pulls a gun on Caitlin and Marcos

The following day, Caitlin and Marcos proceed with the meet up with Wire, the mutant hacker. Marcos informs Caitlin to tread carefully because Wire is erratic, mostly due to his Kick addiction. Caitlin doesn't care what drug he's on, as long as he knows something. When they get inside, Marcos wants to do all the talking. If things go side ways, he'll handle it. Caitlin reminds Marcos of her training with John at the scrap yard, but Marcos isn't convinced it will be enough, much to Caitlin's dissatisfaction. Caitlin and Marcos then arrive at Wire's place. He is upset that Marcos broke the rules by bringing Caitlin, but he assures Wire that Caitlin is just a friend who is interested in the same thing as he is, which is a bad thing as far as Wire is concerned. Nevertheless, Wire did some digging, as promised. He discovered that the Hellfire Club is into some heavy stuff, which Marcos failed to mentioned during their arrangement, causing Wire to demand more money, as he pulls a gun out on Caitlin and Marcos.

Caitlin turns the tables on Wire

When presented with the opportunity, Caitlin rushes Wire, quickly disarming him, but she got grazed by a bullet in the process. As she holds him at gunpoint, Marcos keeps his goons at bay, lighting up his hands as a means of intimidation. Caitlin demands that he sends his goons away and give them what they came for, or else she'll kill him. Wire agrees to her terms and calls off his people. Wire explains that the Hellfire Club spun off something called the Inner Circle. He suspects there was a management change. The Inner Circle is well hidden and very wealthy. They have multiple accounts with millions in each. However, Wire has no idea where they are. Caitlin explains that they don't care about the money. They want to find the people. However, Wire tells them that this is the opposite of what they want because one thing is very, very clear. If you mess with the Inner Circle, you disappear.

Caitlin and Marcos return to the apartment and rush to the bathroom to tend to her wound. They reveal to John, Clarice and Lauren that they arranged a meeting with Wire, which went south. While they still don't know where Andy and Lorna are, it is a step in the right direction.

Reed, Caitlin and Lauren argue over Andy

Once Reed returns from the clinic with the suture kit, Caitlin stitches herself up. Reed is upset that she put her life at risk by meeting with Wire. But Caitlin didn't have many options. Reed wonders what they're even going to do with the new found information, as it isn't worth much but Caitlin argues that it's better than nothing. However, Reed isn't sure how much longer they can continue. They searched for six months and it got them nowhere. But Caitlin refuses to just give up. She sees it as Andy being taken, but Lauren disagrees. She states that he left. As did Lorna. And they can't just keep acting like Andy was kidnapped when in actuality, he knew what he was doing. Reed agrees. This war came to Andy. And this is what he chose to do about it. Caitlin reminds Lauren that Andy is her brother, but it is because of this that Lauren knows Andy better than anyone else can possibly imagine, which is why she's so adamant about Andy leaving them.

Reed, Marcos, Caitlin and Lauren observe the surge

Caitlin understands that Lauren's hurt, but she can't dismiss her own brother. Reed doesn't believe that this is what she's doing. Sometimes they get so focused on this search that they ignore other issues. It's not just Lauren. Just as it seems that Reed is about to reveal something to Caitlin, Marcos knocks on the door, telling them both to come to the roof. Marcos, Caitlin, Reed and Lauren make it to the roof, where they see the surging of lights throughout the entire city. Marcos is certain that this is Lorna's doing. Reed argues that they don't know this for sure, but Marcos knows what her powers look and feel like. Given the circumstances, Caitlin concludes that the disruption in the magnetic fields is due to Lorna's contractions, meaning she's in labor.

The Underground can't track Lorna

On the road, Caitlin, Reed and Lauren track the surge, which gets stronger as they get closer. Caitlin looks back to Lauren, telling her than her dream was right and that Andy is in D.C. Unfortunately, before they can track the surge to its source, the entire grid shuts down, preventing John from tracking it any further. Marcos questions what this means, if Lorna or the baby are dead. However, no one has the answers for him. Caitlin and Reed hold hands to draw comfort from one another as Marcos, in an emotional state, drops down to his knees in agony as his hands glow.

Reed and Caitlin argue over Andy

In unMoored, Caitlin is confronted by Reed, as he is dissatisfied with her latest decision to drive out to Philadelphia with John to see Evangeline Whedon, a mutant attorney, who possibly could lead them to Inner Circle and Andy. Caitlin believes the trip is more than worth it despite the fact that she still has an open gunshot wound. For months, he gave Caitlin some space, but Reed doesn't think she's making rational decisions, especially since like Lauren said, Andy chose to leave them. Caitlin questions if this means that they should just let him go. She wonders what Reed would do if it was Lauren, daddy's little girl, who left. This leads to Reed addressing the fact the Caitlin has been distant. Caitlin counters that Reed has been disappearing into his work and lapsing into pained silences. While Reed may believe in suppress and repress, Caitlin's a fighter. For the family's sake, Reed is asking Caitlin to stay, but the family is why she has to go.

John, Caitlin and Marcos ask Evangeline for help against the Inner Circle

Caitlin, John and Marcos have arrived in Philadelphia. They visit Evangeline at her firm, though she isn't pleased to see them as their arrival could result in Sentinel Services connecting her firm to the Mutant Underground. She can't have them there, especially since they're fugitives who are supposed to be dead. Marcos informs her that they're fighting every day while she's hiding. Caitlin pleads with her to help in anyway, but as Evangeline explains, she's simply a mutant's rights lawyer. John knows some of her past cases involved tracing bank records so he wants her help in tracking down the Inner Circle through their records. Evangeline is very much aware of the Inner Circle. When she questions how they managed to gain a USB's worth of information on the group, Marcos replies that a friend acquired it for them, leaving her to wonder if that friend is still alive.

Evangeline can't help John, Caitlin and Marcos

Evangeline speaks to an associate of hers, who managed to trace some of the Inner Circle's transactions. There are weapons purchases, facilities, assets diversified and hidden in every way imaginable. Evangeline explains that Reeva Payge is preparing for war, someone who Caitlin, John and Marcos are all unfamiliar with. She's one of the most powerful mutants still standing after 7/15. John wants Evangeline's help to stop her, but Evangeline explains that the Inner Circle's resources are too great, not to mention that they have Polaris and a descendant of the Von Struckers. The Underground doesn't have the power to go to war with the Inner Circle. Evangeline refuses given his failure in Atlanta, which by the way, led to half of the Underground being taken apart by Sentinel Services. She refuses to allow John to destroy the rest of what they built, and then kicks the three of them out her office.

Caitlin and Marcos attempt to comfort John by explaining that the station in Atlanta going down was not his fault. They were all there, but as far as John is concerned, it was his responsibility. Marcos would beg to differ however, believing that it was all of their duties. John then tells them to go on ahead and that he'll meet them at the car as he rushes back to Evangeline's office.

Caitlin cries on the rooftop

That night, after returning to D.C., Caitlin is up on the rooftop, looking over the city, still saddened at the loss of Andy. A single tear runs down her face as Marcos approaches with the bottle of Champagne that he had bought after finding out Lorna was pregnant. He had hopped to share it with her once the baby was born, but that is no longer an option. So, he pops the bottle open and shares a drink with Caitlin instead. Marcos can't stop thinking about what Evangeline said, about an approaching war. Marcos fears what will happen if he doesn't find Lorna and the baby in time. However, Caitlin forbids him from giving into despair. She then heads back downstairs, leaving Marcos alone on the rooftop.

Caitlin asks Reed to talk with Lauren

In coMplications, Caitlin approaches Reed as he prepares to leave for Baltimore to meet up with Shatter. Caitlin apologizes for all she said the day before. Reed apologizes as well. Caitlin the reveals that she's worried about Lauren. Last night, Caitlin could sense that something was off between Lauren and Reed. And now, Lauren won't even talk to her at all. Despite knowing that Lauren was suffering from the aftermath in Atlanta, Reed claims that Lauren seems fine to him. Nonetheless, Caitlin would like for him to talk to her. She suggests that he bring Lauren along for the ride to Baltimore.

Caitlin calls Reed as he is on his way back from Baltimore. She is looking for the files they have on the Inner Circle. They're usually in the back of the clinic in the filing cabinet, the same one Reed disintegrated, unbeknownst to Caitlin. Reed lies and tells her that the cabinet is broken, so he's replacing it. Caitlin then notices the crack in the wall, also caused by Reed, who begins to become unsettled as Caitlin suspects that something strange is going on. Reed hangs up in a panic.

Reed and Caitlin hug

Once Reed and Lauren arrive at the clinic, Reed informs Caitlin that he has powers. His father thought that he had suppressed his powers permanently, turns out he was wrong. Reed can't control it. He even destroyed the filing cabinet and his wedding ring. When Caitlin asks how long this has been occurring, Reed says he's been getting the headaches since Andy left six months ago. Caitlin's upset that he didn't tell her sooner. Reed reasoned that he thought he would be able to get them under control. He had similar headaches when he was a kid, so he started reading his father's researching, hoping that he could stop them. Reed apologizes for not coming to Caitlin earlier as he doesn't know what's happening to him or how to control it. Lauren watches from outside the office as they hug.

In outMatched, sixteen years ago, Atlanta, Georgia, Caitlin and Reed receive startling news from her OBGYN. The prognosis is worse than they anticipated. Caitlin's liver is already seriously affected and they don't have many options other than termination, which given the fact that Caitlin is five months pregnant with Andy, is a hard pill to swallow. In 20 weeks, the baby isn't viable and carrying to term is very risky. The pain Caitlin is experiencing could worsen to severe bleeding and seizures. A successful pregnancy is technically possible but there's a greater chance of death for Caitlin or Andy or both of them. Despite the doctor's advisement, Caitlin is determined to carry to term.

Present day, the Struckers minus Andy, are having family dinner. Reed tells Lauren that he intends to discuss his manifesting powers with Thunderbird to see if they can get ahold of them. Caitlin and Reed are also thinking about Lauren, who claims she's fine. Caitlin and Reed realizes that they've been so focused on getting Andy back that they didn't consider what bringing him back might mean to Lauren. Reed's powers manifesting has opened his eyes to how terrifying this ordeal must be for Lauren. All this time, Lauren has been scared of what happened and the dreams and what she thought they meant. However, she now thinks the dreams are telling her that she has to be the one to bring Andy home.

The Mutant Underground convenes at the Potomac Salvage yard, where Marcos informs the group of his run-in with Reeva Payge. She's powerful and has a hold on Andy and Lorna that's greater than anything Marcos thought possible. Caitlin claims that Andy's merely caught up in it all, being a kid who is given anything he wants, but Marcos explains that Andy is a believer in the Inner Circle's cause. As for Lorna, she looked Marcos in the eyes and told him that she loved him. But their goal matters more. This goal is the key to the Underground tracking the Inner Circle, so they first need to discover what it is. However, after six months, all they know is that the Inner Circle is well-funded and well hidden. They also like destroying things and killing people, Clarice adds. Marcos wants to pay Wire another visit as the Inner Circle were hacking into data cables. Clarice and Lauren are hesitant but Marcos and Caitlin are determined.

Caitlin, Reed and Marcos have Graph chained up in the communications room. Marcos is still upset that Graph shot John, but Graph explains that he did so in retaliation to his brother getting killed by the Frost Sisters. They took control of him and forced him to kill himself with a 9 millimeter handgun. Graph possess similar powers to his brother, which allowed him to hack the security cameras and see just how Wire died. Reed offers to pay Graph for his assistance, but he refuses as he is very much aware of Reeva Payge and why his brother was killed. Furthermore, Wire wasn't Reeva's only victim. Graph hacks their computers to pull up images on the screen of dead former members of the Hellfire Club that were spread throughout the city by Reeva as part of some sort of hostile take over. She has a project that she wishes to see through, no matter who she may have to kill to achieve it. So, Graph has no desire to get in her way. Reed tries to reason with Graph, explaining that Reeva has their son, but Graph doesn't care. Marcos becomes enraged and threatens to melt Graph's eyes out.

When Marcos' threats fail to convince Graph to help them, Caitlin decides to take matters into her own hands. When Lauren asks how it's going, Caitlin replies that he has no intentions on helping them, so she will force him to. Graph's a Kick addict like Wire. In the ER, Caitlin saw addicts stab themselves for a scrip of oxycodone. Past a certain point, a junkie will do anything for a fix. Lauren questions what her mother intends on doing, to which Caitlin answers that she'll do what she has to.

Caitlin returns to the communications room with a bottle of Hypertrexone. When Kick addicts come in with an O.D. they give them Hypertrexone. It counteracts the drug, and it brings them down in seconds. The addicts hate it because they go into immediate withdrawal. Reed watches in disapproval as Marcos holds Graph down long enough for Caitlin to inject him with the Hypertrexone. Caitlin pleads with Graph to help her find Andy as he utters out that he can't breathe.

Graph is going through withdrawals, but Caitlin doesn't seem to care. She and Reed need him to access the hospital's network, however, given Graph's condition, brought on by Caitlin, who claims he did it to himself, he is hardly in the right state to perform such a task. For it to end, Caitlin tells Graph to find out what the Inner Circle is doing at Lynwood hospital. He can hack into the hospital's system, but he can't promise he'll find anything. While looking through the hospital's network, Graph discovers that somebody built a backdoor to the hospital SCADA system. All comm systems are down. Nothing in or out. It went into emergency mode 12 minutes ago. Whatever the Inner Circle's doing, it's happening right now.

Caitlin and Reed relay this information to John, Marcos and Clarice, who immediately gear up and head out. Lauren informs her parents that Andy's likely there as well. This may be their one chance to get him back. Reed is hesitant, as she would be going into a dangerous environment. But Lauren feels that she has to. She and Andy are connected. If anyone can get through to him, it's her. And so, Caitlin sends Lauren off with John, Marcos and Clarice, telling her to ensure Andy comes back.

Despite the fact that Graph is puking into a trash can, Caitlin demands that he get them into the security system. Reed is beginning to further question the lengths Caitlin is willing to go, though she isn't too concerned. She does however offer to make Graph better should he do as he's told. In Caitlin's possession is Hypercortisone D. It's the pharmaceutical version of Kick. If she gives him some, she expects him to get them into the system. Reed can't believe that she would stoop so low. Caitlin reasons that their kids are out there and their friends are in danger. Even still, as Reed points out, she's already taken him down, and now she's going to get him high. As a nurse, shooting up a junkie to get him to do what she wants is unethical. While Caitlin is admittedly a nurse, she is a mother first. Caitlin injects him with the Hypercortisone D and the effects are instant. With that, Graph gets them into the security system of Lynwood. Armed guards storm the halls. The staff runs away in what looks to be lock down procedures and Lorna and at least one of the Frosts make their way throughout the building.

Caitlin and Reed get a call from Eclipse, asking for answers as to what's the cause of the explosion. However, they don't have the answer just yet as they're still working on it. Reed tells Graph to bring up the security feed of the basement. He used to go to places like this when he was a prosecutor. They keep the mutants they can't control with collars in secure rooms underground. If the Inner Circle's blasting something, the chances are they're down there. Trying to free someone, Reed suspects. But who, Caitlin wonders. Graph can't quite figure that out as all the data coming out of the facility is encrypted. As he tries to extend his reach, he discovers that someone's blocking him. They know he's in the system. Some kind of hacker, leading Reed to suspect Sage. So, he informs Thunderbird that the Inner Circle is now aware of their presence. Thunderbird and Blink head into the basement, where the maximum security area is located.

Caitlin is desperate for video inside the basement, so much so that she bribes Graph with Kick. If he gets them what they need, Caitlin promises Graph that he can have what's left of the Kick in her hand and all they have stocked in the clinic. As an added incentive, Caitlin reminds Graph that they killed is brother, and that is all he needs to hear to take action. Caitlin gives him an injection of Kick and he manages to best Sage, gaining them live surveillance to the basement, which much to Caitlin and Reed's surprise, is footage of Polaris and Andy, who smiles at the camera, unbeknownst to him that his parents are watching.

Thunderbird and Blink make it into the high security area with help from Caitlin and Reed, who guide them along the way. Thunderbird, Blink, Caitlin and Reed watch as Polaris and Andy escort a mutant prisoner from their cell. Caitlin and Reed asks Wire for the camera feed to the elevator and stairs, hoping that they'll get a view on Andy, which they do, before informing Eclipse and Lauren that Polaris released all the patients to cover her and Andy's escape. Caitlin then informs them that Andy and Polaris are on the loading dock, getting into a silver Hummer. And so Eclipse and Lauren intend to cut them off. Meanwhile, Wire's conditions seems to worsen as he starts to bleed from his nose before having a heart attack.

Caitlin and Reed manage to prevent Graph from dying, yet is Reed not over the fact that Caitlin was the cause for his near death. He questions how they're any different from the people they're trying to save Andy from. Reed reminds Caitlin that they both saw Andy smiling in the video footage, meaning no one is making him do anything. After leaving the room to gather some saline for Graph, Caitlin stumbles across a live news report of the employees of the Lynwood mental facility admitting to war crimes. It would seem that the Inner Circle has orchestrated the entire event to seem as if it was centered around mutant rights. #MutantUprising is now a popular hashtag on social media.

Caitlin and Reed then learn from Thunderbird that Andy and Lorna got away and that they also took at least one patient with them. Caitlin is devastated to hear that they allowed Andy to get away, especially when they were right on top of them, but as Thunderbird explains, they had to tend to the injured. Not to mention the fact that Lauren is still unconscious from the hit she took from Andy. Hearing that Andy is the one responsible for Lauren's state weighs heavy on Caitlin and Reed, who hold each other closely, though this news takes a bigger tole on Reed, whose powers begin to manifest. In his hand, he holds his medication, but the bottle crumbles in his hand and the pills fall to the floor. Reed drops to his knees, picking two pills off the floor and taking them to force his powers to subside.

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Caitlin appears to be level-headed, caring and a loving mother and wife. Upon finding out about her kids, Lauren and Andy, being mutants, knowing her husband's work as a district attorney prosecuting mutants, she still uses her maternal instincts and protects them from the Sentinel Services. She sternly believes that they don't always have to resort to violence though she is slowly accepting that there are situations where fighting is unavoidable.

However, Caitlin has shown to be naive and overly-trusting, as she has not fully embraced that fact that life as she had known it was not as she had believed and not the way she wanted it to be, such as wanting to try and give Andy and Lauren a kind of "normalcy" in their lives and not wanting them involved in the conflict between humans and mutants.

Also, she has a tendency to distort reality to make it more comfortable for herself, as she tries to avoid the fact that Andy chose to leave their family by referring to him as being "taken" from them by the Hellfire Club.

Physical Appearance

Caitlin is an attractive and slim middle-aged woman with brown eyes and long blond hair.

Abilities and Skills

While Caitlin possesses no known mutant abilities, she does have a skill that many others lack; that being knowledge and experience in mutant medicine. [3] After Andy left their family to join the Inner Circle, Caitlin became determined to fight to get him back and has has trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat with help from John., She has also become well versed in firearms to improve her usefulness in the field.


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  • Amy Acker, who portrays Caitlin, is married to James Carpinello, who portrays Max in the series.



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