Caitlin Mehner is an actress and producer. She portrays Andrea Von Strucker on FOX's The Gifted.


Little is known of Caitlin's life. She made her television debut in 2007, on the TV movie The Hacking Chronicles, as Adrienne. Since then, she's made a list of appearances in movies, televisions series, and short films, such as Chasing the Green, Guardian Angel Blues, The Blacklist, and Rebel in the Rye. Along with her acting credits, Caitlin has produced multiple films and television series; The Crimson Mask, and Curse of the Crimson Mask to name a couple.


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  • Caitlin is skilled with accents; RP and regional British, German, Irish, Chinese, Russian, New York, New England, Southern. A skill that likely came in handy when portraying Andrea Von Strucker.


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