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Benedict Ryan is a recurring character on the second season of FOX's The Gifted.

He is a popular TV news host, an anti-mutant advocate and secretly a big supporter of the Purifiers, and in association with Inner Circle to keep humans and mutants from uniting. After the fall of the Inner Circle, his involvement with the said mutant terrorist organization was under investigation. Ryan attempted to get away from his crimes, but was stopped by Esme Frost, who mind controlled him into confessing his crime.

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In no Mercy, Ted Wilson tells Jace Turner that he is invited to meet with one of the Purifiers biggest supporters who turns out to be TV news host Benedict Ryan. Ryan offers Jace the chance to come on his show and tell the truth about what happened in Atlanta and how Sentinel Services lied about it. Jace doesn’t want to betray his old Sentinel Services friends until Ted Wilson reminds him that they haven’t stood by him. Eventually, Jace agrees to go on Ryan’s show and criticize his old organization without naming names.

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