The Baton Rouge Federal Building is a Federal Building in Louisiana that serves as a major mutant justice center in Southeastern America.


During his time as a prosecutor, some of Reed Strucker's cases were transferred to the Baton Rouge Federal building. Judge James Kresge dealt with most of his cases. This only ever happened under rare occasions. And all they ever told Reed was that some of his cases were being prosecuted under a special federal program. But the mutants sent there were never heard of again.

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The Mutant Underground planning to attack the federal building

In got your siX, the Baton Rouge Federal building is targeted by the Mutant Underground following the discovery that the building houses vital information concerning the Hound program that Sentinel Services is using to turn mutants against one another. Marcos, Andy and Reed.

Upon arriving in Baton Rouge, Marcos, Andy and Reed call Lorna to tell her that the courthouse is more well protected than initially though. They have to find a new entry point. Andy thinks he can get them in through the parking garage of the building next door as it shares a wall with the courthouse.


Eclipse scorches the judge James Kresge's office

Eclipse, Reed and Andy enter the parking garage connected to the courthouse. Most of the building is sealed off, so it'll take authorities longer to get to them. As planned, Andy cracks through the wall and makes a hole large enough for his father and Eclipse to sneak through. Andy tries to run on in after Eclipse but Reed holds him back. Andy argues that he can handle himself but Reed orders him to follow the plan and go back to the truck. When Marcos tells them that there is no time for their arguing, Andy relents and runs back to the truck. Eclipse and Reed proceed into the building and break into judge James Kresge's office to uncover the files regarding Pulse and mutants like him who are being turned against other mutants. While Reed gathers the files, Eclipse works to get the hard drives. Before leaving, Eclipse scorches the room.

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