The Atlanta Police Department is the law enforcement agency of the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

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In eXposed, units of the Atlanta PD are first seen chasing Blink through back alleys, but Blink used her powers and escaped. Later, other units of the Atlanta PD corner Blink and members of the Mutant Underground (Polaris, Eclipse and Thunderbird) in an abandoned workshop. Afraid of the mutants inside, they open fire, breaking out many of the front windows, but Polaris stops the bullets. Members of the police corner the fleeing mutants in a back alley, where Polaris temporarily incapacitates one officer. Polaris is overpowered and arrested as the other mutants flee. The use of her powers against a police officer has led to Polaris being charged with attempted murder of the officer.

In rX, units of the Atlanta PD are seen congregating on the unnamed road where Blink's portal kept opening. Later, members of the SWAT team join regular PD units, with at least one member of the SWAT team making his way through the portal into the Mutant Underground Headquarters, where he is confronted by Thunderbird.

At least two officers were dispatched to the South Region Hospital after medical staff contacted them to say that Eclipse was being treated at the hospital.

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