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The X-Men are gone. We're not little kids anymore.
— Andy to Lauren[src]

Andrew "Andy" Strucker is a main character on FOX's The Gifted. He is the mutant son of Caitlin and Reed Strucker. He inherited his destructive telekinetic abilities from one of the Fenris twins, Andreas von Strucker. The day he first discovered his powers changed not just his life, but the lives of his whole family as well.

Initially wanting to be a firm member of the Mutant Underground, he had shifted his allegiance towards the Hellfire Club as he desired to claim the legacy left behind by his great-grandfather. Andy later returns to the Mutant Underground after learning the full scope of Reeva Payge's plan.

Character Description[]

"A sensitive kid and bit of a loner, who keeps to himself to avoid the turmoil he faces at school and at home."[1]

Early Life[]

Once, he and his family nearly got into a car accident with an incoming truck but it managed to swerve out of the way, avoiding them. Unknowingly, this was due to his sister's mutant powers manifesting and saving them.

A year prior to discovering he was a mutant, he and his family had gone bowling with his grandmother and he saw some people teasing a young mutant girl. She let her powers lash out and send a small shockwave that rattled some of the people in the building and watched as his father told the girl and her father that they had to leave before the police had to be involved.

Later on in the year, Andy and his family went on a picnic to the park. Andy was skateboarding while Lauren watched. Andy showed Lauren a trick on his skateboard and he convinced her to try it out. When Lauren attempted to do the trick, she almost fell off; but Andy grabbed by her hand to try and catch her. The moment they touched, their hands began to glow igniting their combined powers. They both looked shocked at what they were seeing before their eyes. Andy and Lauren immediately let go after Reed called out to them. He asked if everything was ok, and Lauren said yeah as they were just messing around. That time stayed with Andy and he wondered just what had happened. It was after that time that he started getting detached and in trouble at school.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

In "eXposed", at Belleview Acres High School, Andy waits in the hallway as his parents sit in the principal's office, demanding that the school take action to prevent Andy from future bullying incidents, as it is affecting his academic performance as well as communication between him and his parents.


Caitlin, Lauren and Andy at the diner table

Once home, he sits at the dinner table with his mother Caitlin and his sister Lauren. His father couldn't make it because he was called in to interview a suspect at the Garland Detention Center. When their mother asks Andy how his day was at school, he tells her that in social studies class, they debated a law that would require people to be tested for the X-gene. He mentions someone in the class who freaked out because his cousin, according to Andy is a "mutie". Lauren, angered by such a derogatory term, tells Andy how racist he sounds. They get into an argument before their mother interjects, complaining about how they can't have one normal conversation.

When Lauren makes plans to see her boyfriend at the school dance, she gets in the car to find Andy in the passenger seat. She refuses to take him with her because he has neglected to tell their parents about attending the party and has chosen, instead, to sneak out. Andy reassures her that his disappearance won't trace back to her as he could make an excuse that he just went to a friend's house. Despite being bullied at school, he still wants to attend the school dance because he feels like he's being raised like a veal, cooped up in the house. After a lot of effort on his part, Lauren reluctantly decides to take him with her.


Andy's powers manifest

They arrive at the school dance and they separate. Lauren goes off with her boyfriend while Andy sits in the bleachers as he observes everyone dancing. After a while, Andy notices a girl standing not so far from him. He starts advancing toward her, preparing to ask her for a dance, but his voice is drowned out by the girls' friends. Andy is disappointed by this, however, there are more pressing matters — Andy's bullies have just arrived at the dance and they waste no time dragging him into the locker rooms ready to resume their torments on Andy. They proceed to mock Andy for telling his parents about them as he's restrained by the bullies under scalding hot water from the showers. Andy's physical and emotional pain explodes into something that's out of his control, leading to the revelation that he is a mutant as his powers violently manifest. Tiles start to crack, pipes burst, and soon the walls of the gymnasium are collapsing, prompting students at the dance to run out of the school. Lauren finds Andy screaming. She calms him enough to stop his wild fit and the two exit the school and go straight home.


Andy and Lauren explain the incident at school

Once home, Andy and Lauren tell their mother what happened. In disbelief, she asks how this could happen. Lauren quickly comes to Andy's defense saying this was beyond his control as the X-Gene is often triggered in moments of stress or danger, and she knows this because she has a secret of her own, that she is a mutant and has been hiding her abilities for three years after they first manifested when she saved the family from a near-fatal car accident when they were coming back from a concert at church. Their mother is saddened that Lauren didn't confide in her all these years. Caitlin shows her naivete by failing to understand why Lauren would keep her powers a secret from her who imprisons mutants for a living.


Agent Turner trying to take Andy and Lauren into custody

Agent Jace Turner and Agent Weeks from Sentinel Services knock on the door. They've come for Andy and Lauren following the incident at the school. Under the amended Patriot Act, it is Sentinel Services' duty to secure the safety of the community. When Caitlin refuses to comply, they force their way into the Strucker house, knocking Caitlin down in the process, which angers Andy, causing the entire house to shake. Agent Turner urges Andy to calm down and to come with him for questioning but as Andy grows angrier, the shaking intensifies, forcing the Agents to draw their weapons. However, Lauren obstructs their path with a barrier, giving the Struckers enough time to escape in the family's van. While attempting to flee with agents surrounding them, Andy tries to use his powers but can't seem to control them. But Lauren on the other hand has better control. She creates a shield between the van and the agents, allowing them to escape.


The Struckers at a Diner on the outskirts of Atlanta

Andy, Lauren and their mother reunite with their father in a diner on the outskirts of Atlanta, where he begins his professional evaluation of the situation, asking Andy if he was the one who initiated the confrontation. Caitlin reminds him that this isn't a deposition and that a legal understanding of the matter will do little to help against Sentinel Services. When she mentions the Sentinel Services' part in all of this, he finally understands the life and death reality of the situation. Sentinel Services is a federal agency with little oversight. They've made mutant suspects "disappear" in the past and Reed won't allow that to happen to his children. The only reason they got away was that Sentinel Services didn't have enough time to put a full team together. Soon, the pressure will pick up so they need to find someplace safe, not as Caitlin suggests, which is that they stay with her sister Jenny in Phoenix. Reed is thinking more along the lines of someplace with less strict mutant laws, like Mexico. He promises to figure something out.


Lauren shielding Andy from the exploding vending machine

At the Caravan Motel, Andy and Lauren discuss their abilities and Andy's frustration with his inability to control them. Lauren explains that her powers are comparable to when you put your hand out of the window of a moving car. You can feel the air and somewhat guide it. She can push air together. Water too. Lauren tells Andy that with time he will learn to control his powers because she will teach him. She goes onto demonstrates her ability by knocking popcorn loose from a vending machine and encouraging Andy to do the same. When he attempts this, initially having some control, his powers escalate when his emotions from the incident at the dance take over, resulting in the machine being destroyed.

Before long, it is time to move again as they spots a Sentinel Services drone circling the area. While it can't see them from inside the room, it knows the license plate of their vehicle and it won't be long before Sentinel Services agents are at their door. With that in mind, they exit the motel, stealing a truck in the process.


The Struckers meet with Eclipse

With everything going as planned, the Struckers meet up with Eclipse, a member of the Mutant Underground, in an abandoned warehouse facility. From there, Eclipse will get them food, water, and blankets before heading down to the border, though Caitlin refuses to go any further until she knows all of what he has planned for them. Eclipse explains that he knows people down by the border with a specific set of skills that'll allow them to get people under, over, or even through the wall. Once that is done, they'd get them new IDs. There are also churches of people who will help them. Unfortunately, their plans never initiate as it doesn't take long for Sentinel Services to track them down and surrounded them. When they are instructed to surrender and get on the ground, the opt to run just as Thunderbird and Blink arrive with an escape route.


Andy destroying the Sentinels

The seven of them sprint through the warehouse as Sentinel Services unleash their mutant-hunting robots, the Sentinels, which Thunderbird sees coming ahead of time due to his foresight. When they are cornered, Eclipse and Lauren try to fend them off by using their mutant abilities while Blink creates a portal for them all to retreat through that'll lead to the Mutant Underground Headquarters. Everyone except Andy and Reed goes through the portal. With Andy hyper-focused on destroying the sentinels, he telekinetically rips them apart before joining the others through the portal. Blink can't hold the portal open for much longer. Just as Reed is about to go through, he gets shot before he gets the chance. Having strained her abilities, Blink collapses, causing the portal to close and for Reed to be left for capture on the other side.


Andy and Lauren at the bowling alley

In "rX", one year ago, Andy went out to the bowling alley for family night with his mother, father, sister and grandmother. Andy scores a strike. Lauren goes up after him. Moments later, Andy bared witness to an altercation one lane over between a father, his mutant daughter, and the obnoxious group of people that were heckling her because of her mutation, which caused her to vibrate uncontrollably.The incident only escalated from there. Between all the yelling from the mutant girl's father, and the cruel group of individuals making fun of her, the girl temporarily lost control of her powers, and in doing so, her screams to calm the commotion resulted in a huge gust of wind forming. It was then that Reed decided to intervene, suggesting that the man leave with his mutant daughter before the situation worsened. Reed then returned to his family.


Andy and Lauren wanting to go back for their father

Present day, after crossing over through Blink's portal, Lauren screams out for her father who had been shot by Sentinel Services and left behind in the abandoned warehouse. Lauren repeatedly asks Blink where her father is, but Blink is not responsive given that she is barely conscious, and as Eclipse explain they know no more than anyone else. After learning from Thunderbird that they had been taken to the Headquarters for the Mutant Underground, Lauren, Andy and Caitlin demanded that they go back for Reed. However, even if they could get back, doing so would be suicide. It won't help Reed if they all end up getting killed. So, for the time being, they are to focus all their attention on helping Blink, who has grown ill from the extended teleportation. Marcos tells Andy that his father plans to help him get his girlfriend, Lorna, out of jail, but as much as he wants Reed there, they can't think of that right now.


John shields Andy and Lauren

Clarice is in respiratory distress and her temperature is spiking. With her having portaled for miles, it must've taken a massive amount of energy. Unfortunately, despite the size of the network, a doctor is one thing they don't have. The only thing they can offer Clarice is first-aid and pain killers. Clarice then begins convulsing, causing her powers to become unstable. Without the right medication, she could die. As Clarice goes into shock, her powers start to uncontrollably manifest, causing her to involuntarily open a portal to stretch of road where a truck is headed straight for them. As the truck tries to avoid them, it skids out of control, resulting in the truck being sliced in half. The back half unfortunately makes it through the portal, prompting everyone to take cover.With John's physical invulnerability, he is able to shield Andy and Lauren from any harm.


Andy watches as a portal opens

After John helps Andy and Lauren back to their feet, they rush over to check on their mom, who has been hurt during the crash. John and Marcos then move Clarice to a table, where her abilities manifested once more and began to have a physical strain on her body. As Clarice starts convulsing again, a new portal emerges to the same road as before. Civilians with loaded rifles stand on the other side of the portal looking in. Seeing this, Marcos prepares for a fight. However, John grabs his wrist and urges him to show restraint as they aren't to hurt innocent bystanders. Andy watches as Lauren walks in front of them and manages to close the portal using her shields, thus preventing any possible altercation. This shuts down Clarice's powers as she falls unconscious. Marcos and Caitlin then set forth a plan to raid the hospital for the medication to treat Clarice while Lauren agrees to stay behind and close any potential portals.


Andy and Lauren learn about Clarice

The next day, with their mother off with Marcos to retrieve Clarice's medicine, Andy and Lauren learn from John that Clarice was a refugee that escaped from jail before they found her. Clarice was apprehended after using a portal to steal food from the back of a supermarket. It happens often with mutants who can't pass as humans. They usually can't get jobs and one thing leads to another. John is cut off as Clarice's powers being to manifest yet again to the same road. This time around, the road is filled with Atlanta PD. Fortunately, Lauren manages to close the portal, but not before John uses his super senses to overhear the officers call in the SWAT. While John heads off, Andy tells Lauren that her closing of the portals is insane.


Andy uses his power to drive away the SWAT team from the portal.

Andy, Lauren, John and Sonya gather around Clarice as her condition worsens. John wants to begin evacuation as Clarice continues to open portals, but Sonya objects to the notion of abandoning the Underground. John calls out to Clarice as another portal opens, but this time it's larger. Lauren attempts to close it but fails. With S.W.A.T closing in, the Underground is left with no other choice but to fend them off. As one of the officers enter the portal with his weapon drawn, John disarms him of his firearm, lifts him to the ceiling, and then tosses him back onto the other side of the portal. Just as the rest of the S.W.A.T team prepares to open fire, Andy runs out in front and in a great display of power, sends the officers flying backward into the air, as well as Clarice, who is knocked to the floor, and falls unconscious, causing the portal to close. However, after the closing of that single portal, many opened in its place within the Underground. And so John instructs Sonya, Lauren, and Andy to evacuate the building.


Andy and Lauren are told by their mother that they will find their father.

Andy and Lauren stand on the steps of the station, helping refugees evacuate as their mother and Marcos return from the hospital with the supplies they need to save Clarice, though the reunion is short lived, as Caitlin has to go back inside to give Clarice her medication despite Andy and Lauren pleading with her to stay with them. Later that night, as the Underground recovers from Clarice's portals, Andy and Lauren sit with their mother, who tells them that she is proud of them both for their heroic actions. As for their father, she assures them that he will be found. A lot of people have been fighting the war for a long time, and now it id their turn. They will fight to bring not only their father home, but to bring everyone home.


Andy and Lauren play Monopoly

In "eXodus", Andy and Lauren set up a game of Monopoly, during which time they discover that the money is covered in mold. Since the ten dollar bills are stuck together, they decided to use the ones as tens, and the paper nubs as ones. However, none of it matters to Lauren given that she believes that she is going to win it all in the end. Though, Andy reminds her of the last time they played, which apparently resulted in Andy winning. However, Lauren claims that she let him win because it was his birthday. She then decides to be the nickel while Andy reaches for the shoe, which Lauren opposes because their father is always the shoe, telling Andy to be the battle cap instead.


Andy and Lauren demand to accompany their mother

Andy and Lauren are awakened from their sleep during the late hours of the night by their mother, who tells them that she is leaving for their uncle uncle Danny's house, but she will be back tomorrow, even though there are clear rules against leaving as it can compromise the station. She is hoping that he can help locate their father. But Lauren reminds her mother that they haven't seen their uncle since their grandmother's funeral. Furthermore, there is no way that Andy or Lauren are going to allow their mother to leave alone. If Sentinel Services tries to apprehend her, she'll need someone to protect her. After realizing that she is better off with them than without them, Caitlin agrees. And so, the three of them quietly sneak out the station, going unnoticed as they head into the woods.


Andy uses his power to destroy parking meters

Andy, Lauren and Caitlin have successfully made it out to downtown Atlanta though not with out risk as Atlanta PD patrols the area. Andy and Lauren remind their mother that their uncle Danny lives across town and that the only way they'll make it without capture is to find a ride. However, their bank accounts are frozen and would never make it to Buckhead. Andy suggests that they rob the bank but Caitlin and Lauren rejects his plan as it is both dangerous and illegal. Lauren hopes to some day return their lives to a sense of normalcy, but as Andy explains, their lives will never return to what it once was. Instead of robbing a bank, Andy uses his abilities to rip open nearby parking meters, providing them with the needed change for cab fare.


Caitlin, Andy, and Lauren arrive at uncle Danny's house

Andy, Lauren and Caitlin catch a cab out to their uncle Danny's house. He greets them at the front door before inviting everyone, though not without informing them that the police had stopped by the house after the incident at the school. While their mother speaks with their uncle about their current predicament, Andy and Lauren chat with their cousin, Scott, who is fascinated with the idea of them being mutants on the run. He asks if they had to fight off cops. Lauren explains that it wasn't like that. They mostly ran, but they destroyed a few Sentinels along the way, Andy adds. Scott then asks if they had been hiding out on the streets. So Lauren tells him about the Underground and how they helped them. Disturbed by their topic of conversation, uncle Danny suggests that they play video games instead.


Andy and Scott play games while Lauren checks her Instagram

Andy and Scott play video games while Lauren scrolls through her social media. Scott nicknames Andy "De-Struckto" and asks him about his abilities. Lauren scrolls through her social media. Curious about what he is capable of, Scott begs Andy to destroy his little league trophy but Andy has yet to learn to control his abilities. Lauren adds that he shouldn't do it anyways and that Scott should stop encouraging him. While scrolling on Instagram, Lauren makes a startling discovery. It is a post of their home, which has been vandalized by kids from their school. Seeing this, Andy grows angry, so much so that he tears Scott's trophy apart. When their mother enters the room to ensure that everyone is alright, Lauren covers for them, claiming that Andy and Scott were simply roughhousing. Andy then asks if Danny is going to help them, and their mother replies that they're working on it.

The next morning, Andy and Lauren come downstairs to find Thunderbird and Eclipse in the living room. They had come to bring Andy, Lauren and Caitlin back to the station, as they aren't safe anywhere else, proven by the angry mob that arrives outside soon thereafter. As for how the mob knew that were there, Scott admits that the mob forming out front is due to him texting a picture of the the trophy Andy tore apart to one of his friends.


Andy confronts the mob and demands they leave them all alone.

Thunderbird can get them through a wall, but if the mob begins shooting while they run, there will be a fight. Andy questions why they should have to run when they could easily take them. Thunderbird explains that if that happens, people will die which Andy doesn't seem to have any quarrels with. He thinks it's time that people learn to stop coming after them. The man leading the mob is Chuck Sanders. Danny goes outside to calm the mob, but they demand that Caitlin and the kids be sent out. Chuck claims that he is simply trying to protect the community. When Danny fails to convince them that no one is in the house except for Scott, Chuck hits him in the head with the gun. As they proceed forward, Andy completely obliterates the door and sends Chuck and the mob flying back. As Chuck picks up his gun to fire back, Thunderbird pulls Andy to safety while Eclipse projects powerful rays of light from his hands to deter the mob. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Andy, Lauren and Caitlin then get into the truck and leave.


The Struckers make it back to the station

They are still being pursued by the "local mutant welcoming group" while on their way back to the station. Thunderbird and Eclipse call Dreamer to ask for help. The SUV is repeatedly shot at, and unfortunately, Lauren can't shield what she can't see, thus rendering her abilities useless against the gunfire. So their mother instructs Lauren and Andy to stay down. Luckily, it would seem that Dreamer was successful in coming up with plan. With the pursuit still in full form, they round the corner to the sight of Blink, standing in the middle of the road, holding open a portal large enough for the entire truck to pass through. After passing through the portal, they find themselves just outside the entrance of the Underground with everyone miraculously unharmed.


Underground meeting to rescue Lorna and Reed

In "eXit strategy", Andy sits alongside his sister and mother as the Underground discuss saving Lorna and his father. They're being held in a cell at the Sentinel Services regional Headquarters and will soon be relocated to an ultra secure facility, which the Underground doesn't have much insight on beyond the fact that the people who go there, don't come back, thus forcing their hand in attacking the Sentinel Services head on. Many are reluctant in volunteering to help, Sage included. They lost 6 people the last time they went up against the Sentinel Services directly. This time around it is a prison they are attempting to infiltrate, whose systems have improved. Extrapolating from other attacks, the Underground has an 86.5% chance of failure, Sage determines. But as Marcos explains, if they do nothing, then there's was a 100% chance of never seeing Reed or Lorna again. Caitlin pleads with the Underground for help. Marcos reminds them how Lorna has risked her life for everyone in the room. With that, he asks for a show of hands from those willing to save Lorna. Unfortunately, Sonya, Clarice, and Harry are the only ones willing to help.

Afterward, Andy's concern for his father grows. Almost everyone bailed and Sage confirmed that chances of saving him are minuscule though Lauren is convinced that they will find a way, as is Caitlin, who tells Andy that they can't afford to think like that. Caitlin tells them that sometimes when taking risks, you have to hope for the best.


Lauren and Andy combine their powers

The next day, after Lauren learns that there is a convoy of military vehicles taking her father and Lorna to a military airport and overhears the team planning on intercepting the convoy in a warehouse district by stopping the transport bus, she and Andy work together in finding a way to stop the bus without arousing suspicion. Lauren asks if he can destroy a truck wheel like he did the parking meter. Andy clarifies that he only meant to break one but actually ended up breaking several. He lacks control over his abilities, meaning he could tear the entire truck apart with their father in it. So, Lauren suggests that they use her abilities to focus Andy's. She tells him to focus on the lamppost. As he starts to tear it apart, Lauren uses her shields to focus his destructive telekinetic fields, thus resulting in a more precise attack, causing the light to burst.


Andy and John stand back while Lauren convinces Caitlin

Andy and Lauren demonstrate their new found ability on the tire of an old and abandoned cab for their mother and John. John is impressed. So much so that he asks if they are capable of doing it from a longer range. Which they are. The best part is that no one will see where it came from. However, their mother is against using them as child soldiers to attack a convoy. John and Andy stay back while Lauren pleads their case with their mother. She reminds her mother than it was her who told them sometimes they have to take risks. They want to fight, no matter what, even if it means facing trained men with guns. Caitlin had always told them that there were things worth fighting for. Was that all just talk, Lauren asks. There are risks worth taking. While she is still hesitant, Caitlin agrees to allow them to stop the transport bus, but only if John can guarantee her that Andy and Lauren won't be in harms way.


Andy and Lauren combine their powers to stop the bus

The next day, on one of the rooftops of the warehouse district, Andy, Lauren and Caitlin get in position while awaiting the convoy's arrival. When Andy mentions how strangely quiet it is, Lauren remembers that it is Sunday, which is the same day of the football team's fundraiser breakfast, which she was suppose to make corn muffins for. Stopping a government operated convoy is the furthest thing from that As the convoy approaches, Andy and Lauren prepare to combine powers to disengage the transport bus, however, Andy fails to come through on his end. Perhaps motivating him through anger will work, so Lauren blames Andy for ruining their lives, antagonizing him even further by claiming the bullies who tormented him were right about him. She even challenges Andy to prove them wrong. Allowing his rage to fuel his power, Andy and Lauren attack the tire of the transport bus and successfully bring it to an abrupt stop. Lauren apologizes for attacking him, adding that he is better when he is angry. Having fulfilled their end of the mission, Andy, Lauren and Caitlin prepare to leave the area.


Andy and Lauren separating from their mother

Andy, Lauren and Caitlin hear gunshots firing all around the warehouse district as they head back towards their SUV. However, upon approaching the vehicle, they discover a Sentinel Services agent examining the SUV. Their mother approaches the agent from behind and injects him with an unknown substance that immediately renders him unconscious. Caitlin then hands Lauren the keys and tells her to take the car and go without her. What about you, Lauren asks. Their mother reveals that she is going after their father alone, because she doesn't want to lose the two of them as well. However, they don't agree with her decision to go alone. Their mother plans to find their father and meet them back at Headquarters. However, for the time being, she needs Andy and Lauren to leave. The three of them shared a hug and part ways.

In "boXed in", Andy and Lauren are reunited with their father at the station as they run into his arms to greet him with a hug.


Lauren and Andy learn of their father's deal with Sentinel Services

Upon their parents' return, they are informed them that Sentinel Services shot Harry during the convoy attack and that a lot of people are in bad condition after Sentinel Services raided every place suspected of being mutant sympathizers. As they head down the stairs, their father is attacked by Fade, who accuses him of working with Sentinel Services to set up the Underground for attack. Fortunately, John intervenes and instructs everyone to calm down. They are the first to admit that while their father used to prosecute mutants, he later stood up to Sentinel Services when he found out about them being mutants. However, Andy and Lauren are unaware that their father had wore a tracker into Fade's bar. Reed then steps forward to apologize for his actions, reasoning that he did what he had to do in order to get back to his family.


Lauren and Andy in the vault

Andy and Lauren follow their mother into the vault to help treat Harry for his gunshot wounds. Their mother takes a look at his wounds before instructing Clarice to get her clean gauze and painkillers. Dilaudid, fentanyl, even codeine. Despite Caitlin's efforts, the Struckers are starting to draw a lot of attention. Andy notes how they are being looked at and with that believes that it's time for them to leave the station. Rather than running, Lauren suggests gaining the Underground's trust. Their mother then calls them over to assist with aiding Harry.

As Lauren applies pressure to Harry's wounds, they discover that they are running out of supplies, Saline to be exact, which leaves Andy wondering if Harry is going to survive. What they truly need to possibly save Harry's life is actual blood. So Andy offers to donate his blood given that he he is 0-negative, a universal donor. Caitlin then begins the transfusion.


Caitlin, Lauren and Andy save Harry's life

While their mother is far from being a surgeon, she has no other choice but to perform the operation. Caitlin tells Lauren to keep pressure on the entry wound while she makes a midline incision to remove the bullet, which had been lodged fairly deep. Andy continues to help where he can by offering blood. Caitlin, equipped with a scalpel, slices Harry's stomach open wide. After removing the bullet, Harry begins to bleed profusely. He is hemorrhaging, meaning that an artery must have been cut. Unfortunately, Caitlin isn't capable of stopping the bleeding without a cross-clamp. Lauren suspects that she may be able to stop the bleeding with one of her shields so she asks her mother to show her where the nicked artery is located. After getting the shield in place, Caitlin sews Harry up while Lauren continues to apply pressure via her shield. Thankfully, it seems as if all their efforts have paid off, as Harry will survive. In the process of saving him, they have also earned the trust of the refugees who quietly observe from afar.


Strucker family dinner

That night, just as Andy prepares for dinner with Lauren and their mother, their father returns from his mission with Fade to redirect the police search from the station. All four of them sit around the table, enjoying their first meal together as a family in quite some time. Andy then asks what is next for them, if they are still headed for Mexico since that was the initial plan. However, they won't be leaving the station anytime soon given that it's still unsafe to travel due to the heavy police presence. Reed had also been talking to some of the people around the station who have questions about Sentinel Services, which he can help them with. So, for the time being, they will remain at the Underground, especially considering that they could use all the help they could get.


Lauren and Andy helping refugees

In "got your siX", Lauren and Andy are tasked with handing out supplies to the new wave of refugees that had arrived at the station. While Andy is grateful that they at least got beds before the rush, Lauren reminds him that they are the reason for the rush. Sentinel Services is looking for them, making it all their fault. As Andy heads back down to get more water, Lauren is approached by a refugee named Wes.

Andy stumbles upon his father talking with the other leaders of the Underground as they discuss infiltrating the Baton Rouge Federal Building to get information on the Hound program. However, they can't find a way to sneak in without raising too many alarms and getting caught. Andy suggests that he go along to use his power to give them a way inside through the concrete walls. His father is opposed to the idea but he insists that he could do it. So Reed reluctantly agrees.

The next day, Andy and Reed load up the truck for the mission. After loading up the truck, his mother tells him to stay close to his dad.


Andy and Reed hiding

Andy, Reed and Marcos get a ride on a cargo truck. While in the back of the truck, Marcos recommends that Andy and Reed get some sleep on the long ride to Baton Rouge, but Andy would rather sit up and beatbox which Reed notes that he hasn't done in a while. The guys at Andy's school used to think it was weird. Which reminds Reed that they never talked about the bullying that Andy was enduring. Reed tried to help. He went to the school to see the guidance counselor, but as Andy explains, that's the entire reason the guys came after him, which led to his powers manifesting. Reed wished Andy had talked to him about it before it had gotten that bad, but Andy points out that his father was never home. Reed offers to talk about it now, but the truck gets pulled over by highway patrol who wants to take a look in the back of the truck. Marcos tells Andy and Reed to turn off the lights as he might be able to hide them. He absorbs light before he emits it, so as the officer open the backdoor to the truck, Marcos drains all the light out of the room, seemingly encasing him, Reed and Andy in a large shadow, creating a blind spot.


Andy and Reed talk about his powers

They stop in a park to rest for the night. Andy recalls how he and his father used to always talk about going camping. He jokes that they can go swimming in the puddle behind the bathrooms. Reed takes this opportunity to talk to Andy about his abilities. Reed wonders if it ever hurt Andy to use his powers. He had seen Marcos using it earlier and it looked like it took a lot out of him and so he wonders if it is the same with Andy, though it's not. Andy tells him that it didn't hurt him and that it in fact felt good when he ripped things apart. He compares using his abilities to yelling. He has to put something into it but it's worth it when it happens. Reed then tries to remind him that his powers can actually hurt people but Andy insists that he's done no wrong. He gets a tad bit defensive as he feels that his dad should be proud of him embracing his power.


Andy breaks into the federal building

When they arrive at the federal building, they sneak down into the adjacent parking garage. Most of the building is sealed off, so it'll take authorities longer to get to them. As planned, Andy cracks through the wall and makes a hole large enough for his father and Eclipse to sneak through. Andy tries to run on in after Eclipse but Reed holds him back. Andy argues that he can handle himself but Reed orders him to follow the plan and go back to the truck. When Marcos tells them that there is no time for their arguing, Andy relents and runs back to the truck.


Andy wants to help stop the ambush

As they are fleeing, they find themselves being pursued by the police. Reed instructs John to check the traffic agency public notices to see if there is any directives to avoid Buford Highway, which there is, meaning that Marcos, Andy, and Reed are heading into an ambush. Fortunately, Lorna, Lauren and Wes devise a plan to save them. Nonetheless, Andy begins to lose his temper as they approach the roadblock as he feels that he can help, but Reed informs him that the solution is to work as a team. Thankfully, Lorna, Wes and Lauren succeed in getting them past the roadblock and back to the station.

As Andy sits alone by the Monopoly board, he is approached by his father who tells him that he's always been proud of him. Whatever it is that Andy is thinking, Reed wants to hear it. Andy is thinking that his dad should be the shoe for the game of Monopoly as he is always the shoe.


Andy interrupts Lauren and Wes' near-kiss

In "eXtreme measures", Andy interrupts Lauren and Wes' near kiss out on the roof scaffolding to inform her that it's time for lunch. Andy and Lauren make their way downstairs, joining their mother for lunch. Although, she is curious as to what took them so long. Andy says that he couldn't find Lauren, so he looked on the roof, which again, is off limits, but he then covers for Lauren by saying that he didn't find her there either. When she asks where was she, Lauren lies and says that she was downstairs in the supply room, where she had lost track of time. Caitlin then reminds them about the homework she had assigned and how she wanted them turned in tomorrow. Neither Andy nor Lauren took her serious when she initially assigned it. Unfortunately, this is the deal they had made with their mother. If they wanted to train, they'd have to study as well.


Andy at training

In a demolished wing of the station, Lorna trains Andy, Naya and Skyler. She hurls bricks at them, instructing them with the appropriate action as she does so. Reed interrupts to speak with Andy. Andy is asked about Lauren, who was also supposed to be at the training session though Andy claims to have no knowledge of her whereabouts. But he quickly caves and reveals that she is with Wes. Lorna commends Andy, Naya and Skyler on their respective performances as training ends. But she tells Andy not to do any structural damage. "No promises", he replies.

Later that night, the Struckers' dinner is interrupted by Wes. He's come to let them know that he spoke to Sage and the others and told them about his criminal history. It was all behind him and he intends to be a better person moving forward. So they allowed him to stay. He then apologizes for lying and thanks Reed for the talk. Unfortunately, Wes has no plans on staying. There is a group going to the Augustus station tomorrow and they asked him to join them.


Andy and Lauren learn the truth about their grandfather

In "threat of eXtinction", Andy, Lauren and their mother learn from their father that Sentinel Services has been working with a defense contractor called Trask Industries, which is the same company that his father (Andy and Lauren's grandfather) used to work. Andy and Lauren had always been told that their grandfather ran out on their father and grandmother years ago, but that isn't entirely true. He actually lives out in Chattanooga, which is only two hours away, yet Andy and Lauren have never even met him, which their mother explains was intentional because their grandfather wasn't good to their father when raising him. Andy and Lauren's grandfather was a difficult man that was always working and never close with his family. When their father was a child, he got sick and almost died, yet their grandfather didn't even bother coming to visit him at the hospital. Reed and Otto haven't spoken since before Andy and Lauren were born, but that will have to change if they desire to know more about Trask Industries and their affiliation with Sentinel Services.

Andy steps in to assist with putting on a refugee's sling after Lauren helped their mother pop back in the arm of one of the newest mutant refugees at the station. He was injured during a fight between one of Trask' Hounds (later to be identified as Chloe Tan) and Thunderbird, Eclipse and Blink, following the attack on the station in Perry.


Marcos, Caitlin, Lauren, Lorna and Andy look down on Chloe

Upon further examination of the apprehended Hound, who they have locked in the cell, they begin to suspect that she is suffering from drug withdrawals given that she has all the symptoms. Marcos asks if they've ever seen a mutant on Kick, which is a power enhancing mutant drug that is highly addictive and makes the user feel invincible. However, the effects are only temporary. If that is the case, then Caitlin believes they can treat Chloe, which only frustrates Lorna, who thinks treating her will only allow the prisoner to get stronger and provide her with the opportunity to kill them. However, Marcos believes that treatment may lead to their questions getting answered. As they argue, Caitlin reminds them that them that they're fighting for a word where people can live together.


Andy and Lauren restraining Chloe

Andy and Lauren volunteer to restrain the prisoner in order for their mother to be able to properly treat her, which will hopefully result in them getting answers from her. Andy will push her back towards the bars while Lauren holds her back with a shield long enough for their mother to inject with her the "sleep juice". However, Caitlin is merely guessing on the dosage in which she would inject into the prisoner. So if something goes wrong, she will look for Marcos and Lorna to step in, who are on standby. Just as planned, Andy pushes the prisoner back against the rails, which allows Lauren to hold her still with a shield while their mother comes up from behind to inject her with an unknown substance that renders her unconscious almost immediately.

After removing her from the cell and locking her down onto the table, Andy, Lauren, Lorna and Marcos watch as Caitlin inject Chloe with medication to help with her withdrawals, though it won't matter given that Chloe is dying from the massive amounts of drugs that Sentinel Services has given her.


Andy coming to Lauren's defense

While their mother treats Chloe, Lauren is approached by one of the new refugees, a larger man, who is quite intimidating in size. He is upset that they have taken the prisoner out of the cell despite what she is capable of. While Lauren understands his frustration, she asks that he stay back because they need to figure out who she is and where she came from. In doing that, they'd be keeping everyone safe, but the man doesn't seem to care much for what she has to say, forcing Andy to step in. He warns the larger man to back off, making the station shake as he does so, which works as an effective form of intimidation. The larger man's attitude quickly downsizes and he backs off. Lauren thanks Andy for coming to her aid. He tells her that she is his sister and that only he can talk to her like that.


Andy and Lauren hold hands

Despite his mother's best efforts, Chloe dies from her withdrawals later that evening, just as they suspected she would. Although, they did discover that Sentinel Services killed her husband and took her daughter, and that she was connected to Trask Industries, which they now know is North of the station thanks to Esme, another new refugee. Andy later greets his father as he returns from Chattanooga with devastating news. He enters the room, visibly upset. From him, they learns that his father was murdered during an attack by Sentinel Services. Hearing this, Andy and Lauren hold hands while their mother comforts their father.


Lauren and Andy combine powers for the first time

In "Outfox", one year ago, the Strucker family have a picnic at a local park. It had been a long time since their last family outing and their father is apologetic for that, but his work keeps him busy. He inquires about the kids. After doing a couple tricks of his own, Andy convinces Lauren to let him teach her how to skate. When Lauren falls, Andy grabs her hand to keep her from falling, and when he does, their hands begin glowing when their hands touch and they combine powers. Andy and Lauren look at each other in shock, but when their dad asks if they're alright, they decide to keep it secret.


Andy and Lauren learn about their ancestors

That night, whilst everyone slept, Andy and Lauren lie awake with the startling revelation of their grandfather being a mutant. However, Andy had come to learn that it wasn't just their grandfather who was a mutant in their family. He found a book in the station's library that covered a portion of their family, more specially Andre and Andreas Von Strucker. During the 1950s, they were known as Fenris. They supposedly wiped out an entire building full of people within seconds by holding hands and combining powers. They were also rumored to be part of a shadowy international organization known as the Hellfire Club. They disappeared fleeing from the X-Men. However, they were some of the most powerful mutants ever. Lauren is applauded at her family's history and decides to cut their history lesson short.


Andy and Lauren combine powers in the vault

After explaining the news to Andy and Lauren that they might share the same ability as their ancestors to combine powers, their parents suggests that they test to see if they did in fact inherit the Fenris Force. They learned the hard way that discovering mutant abilities by accident isn't ideal so they decided to test it in a controlled environment. Andy, Lauren, Reed and Caitlin head to the vault, where Andy and Lauren conjoin hands. When nothing happens, Andy asks Lauren to try again. They join hands once more and this time they begin to glow. The two begin to light up as their hair blows upward in a dramatic fashion. They proceed to build up their energy until Reed forcefully pulls their hands apart. Andy and Lauren explain that it was like they could feel everything around them and could've torn the entire building down with everyone in it. Reed and Caitlin are frightened.


Andy and Lauren explain their combined powers

Andy and Lauren explain that when they combined their powers, everything around them more so disappeared. They weren't two people anyone, but a conjoined force, almost as if they were seeing out of the same eyes. Their father recalls them saying that they could've destroyed the building. He questions how they knew that. Lauren replies that she could feel it. Andy pushes things apart while she does the opposite by pulling them together. Combined, it was like they could do anything. They were looking at the wall in front of them and they could've vaporized it. Andy wants to practice to hone this newly discovered ability, but Lauren agrees with their parents in it being too dangerous. Andy storms off when Reed points out that he can barely control his own powers let alone his and Lauren's. So Lauren chases after him.


Andy doesn't hate his powers

Lauren calls out to Andy to explain that their parents only want to protect him. But Andy sees it as everyone else viewing him as a freak because he doesn't hate his powers. Lauren corrects him when she reveals that she doesn't hate her powers either, in fact, she never felt more powerful than when they joined abilities. It scared her because it felt good. They both recall the first time it happened at the park a year ago, which was before Andy even knew he was a mutant. He started messing up in school around this point because he couldn't get that out of his mind. All Andy wants to do is try combining their power again, which forces him to question if this means they're going to turn out like the von Struckers.


The Underground convinces the Struckers to help take down Trask

The Underground hatches a plan to take down Trask Industries. So they call down the Struckers to ask if Andy and Lauren can assist in disengaging the substation transformers, similar to how they stopped the prison convoy. They feel as if they have no other choice as everyone else with combat powers will be assaulting the lab. Hopefully, they can take down the power substation without putting Andy and Lauren in danger. Sage hacked the security cameras and the station only has a handful of guards. Clarice will portal everyone in, and from there, Sonya will guide them. They'd been through every option. Unfortunately, the plan with Andy and Lauren is the only one that can work. Having said that, both Andy and Lauren are willing to help in whatever way they can. Reed and Caitlin agree to allow the kids to take out the transformers, but only if they can monitor security. With a plan set in motion, they'll be moving out within the hour.


Andy, Dreamer, Lauren and Blink in the power station

Andy, Lauren, Reed, Caitlin, Dreamer and Blink later arrive at the substation. Reed and Caitlin stay inside the surveillance van to monitor the cameras while Blink portals everyone else inside the substation. Dreamer, Blink, Lauren, and Andy progress forward into the power station. After waiting for a couple employees to pass, Dreamer guides the team throughout the building. However, the memory is a bit hazy because the guard she borrowed it from had only been there a couple times. When Andy wonders why Blink didn't just portal them to the middle of the building where the transformer are, she replies by asking if he can make a portal through a hundred walls into a room they've never seen before and land safely next to a high-voltage transformer. After the team passes the conference room, Reed warns them of an incoming guard. Dreamer slowly approaches the guard with a friendly demeanor until getting close enough where she can blow smoke into his face, resulting in the guard dispatching of his gun and radio before walking pass them.

The alarm begins to sound as Dreamer, Blink, Lauren and Andy proceed throughout the building. To make matters worse, a Sentinel robot and armed team is quickly approaching. So the team begins looking for an exit as it is time to abort the mission. Unfortunately, Blink is unfamiliar with the building's structure. So she can't portal them out. As the Sentinel turns the corner, Andy attempts to rip it apart, but to no avail. The four of them start to run in the opposite direction. However, they don't make it far. Blink is the first to be apprehended, as the Sentinel jumps onto her back and pins her to the ground.


Andy and Lauren are apprehended

With Sentinel Services seconds behind them, Dreamer, Andy and Lauren make their way to the basement of the building. Dreamer unlocks the basement door for Andy and Lauren to pass through. However, she shut the door behind them, sacrificing herself to provide them a chance to escape. The two siblings enter a vacant lot panicked and scared, realizing there is no way out. Lauren convinces Andy to combine their powers to get out as they did before. She wants to take the building down. Andy agrees and they conjoin hands. However, Andy comes to a realization and pulls away from Lauren. Andy explains that they're in the basement of the building. If they use their conjoined power, the whole building will come down, killing everyone inside, leaving them with no other option but to surrender as Agent Turner, Agent Weeks and their team enter the lot with their weapons drawn. Agent Turner tells them it's over as they get on their knees and ability suppressing collars are placed around their neck.


Andy in a cell

In "eXploited", at the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, Andy and Lauren are placed in neighboring cells. Andy notes that the power suppressing collars itch. Hopefully, that's all it does, Lauren retorts. As Andy grows restless and anxious, Lauren attempts to calm him. But she fails as his powers begin to manifest, which triggers the collar to give Andy a high voltage shock. He wonders what is going to happen next. They have to be charged at some point. Lauren surmises that they'll be brought up on charges of terrorism. Leaving them both in a state of fear. Andy begins to regret his decisions to not combine powers in the basement to escape, but Lauren assures him that he made the right decision as a lot of innocent people would've died otherwise.


Lauren and Andy take to Campbell's lab

Andy, Lauren, Sonya and Clarice are transferred to Trask labs. Andy and Lauren are brought into Dr. Campbell's office. Immediately, Lauren questions what was done to Clarice and Sonya. Dr. Campbell assures her that they are fine. His concern is only Andy and Lauren, who are now wearing skintight jumpsuits that'll measure their biometrics. It'll help give Trask an accurate reading on the full extent of Andy and Lauren's abilities. They're the great-grandchildren of Andreas Von Strucker. He and his sister Andrea shared a trait that Campbell believes Lauren and Andy have inherited. The ability to combine their powers. However, they claims to have no knowledge of what Campbell is referring to. Although, he isn't buying it. Their father has been exploring his past, which includes their grandfather Otto's Trask research. Dr. Campbell orders that they be taken to testing to determine whether or not they share their ancestors' special gift.

Andy and Lauren are taken into an indestructible cell lined with adamantium. An extremely rare, metallic alloy. Took a while to acquire, but they had found some in a defunct military installation in British Columbia. Dr. Campbell tells them to face the sensors, join hands to combine abilities and demonstrate what they're capable of. With their collars turned off, Campbell requests they give it all they got, but they refuse. So he shocks Lauren. But even then she still refuses, as does Andy, who encourages Campbell to shock him as well.


Lauren and Andy watch Sonya die

In the adamantium cell, Andy and Lauren wonder how much longer they will be kept inside. While the shocking hurts, Andy and Lauren refuse to combine powers for Campbell. If they hold out long enough, Lauren is sure that someone will come for them. Dr. Campbell returns, this time around with Sonya and Clarice as additional motivation. Dr. Campbell holds Sonya and Clarice at gunpoint and threatens to kill them should Andy and Lauren refuse to comply with his demands. Despite knowing the dangers she faces, Sonya tells Andy and Lauren not to combine their powers, which angers Dr. Campbell. When she repeats this sentiment to the Strucker kids once more, Dr. Campbell grows tired of both her interference and Andy and Lauren's refusal to obey. So as a show of force, he shoots Sonya in the chest without hesitation. She dies instantly as her lifeless body hit the ground and pink smoke exits her mouth.


Andy and Lauren's combined powers

Dr. Campbell points the gun at Clarice's head and demands that Andy and Lauren face the sensors or else Clarice will suffer the same fate as Sonya. Andy looks to Lauren for answers though neither of them know what to do next. Lauren even appears to be in shock. With Clarice still being held at gunpoint, shaking her head no, Andy and Lauren decide to conjoin hands and combine powers in order to save her life. Just like before, their hands glow and their hair blows upward in a dramatic motion. As they hold hands and the light seemingly courses throughout their body, Andy and Lauren direct their blast at the sensors. However, they are approaching the limits of the sensors though Campbell isn't concerned as the room is supposedly indestructible. Andy and Lauren disprove that theory by greatly denting the wall of the adamantium cell and completely destroying the wall of the neighboring lab.


Andy and Lauren lose hope

That night, Andy and Lauren sit in their cells, upset over Sonya's death. They blame themselves for Campbell killing her. She told them not to do it, but they did it anyone, essentially making her death meaningless. Lauren can't believe that Campbell just blew her away so effortlessly. Andy looks to Lauren for reassurance that everything is going to be okay, but not even she is sure anymore because Campbell now has whatever it is that he wanted from them.

Some time later, Andy and Lauren are boarded onto a transport bus by Sentinel Services, along with Clarice and Esme's identical sisters Sophie and Phoebe. Before they even make it past the front gate, one agent kills two of his fellow agents before killing himself while under telepathic mind control. Andy, Lauren, Clarice and the other mutant prisoners then exit the transport vehicle after removing their collars.

In "3 X 1", couple days later, the Underground holds a funeral for Sonya. The entire station is in attendance. After Marcos and Lorna say a few kind words on her behalf, the Struckers place flowers on her grave.


Caitlin and Reed tell Lauren and Andy that they're leaving the station

Afterwards, Andy and Lauren are asked if they want to talk about what went down in the lab and Sonya's death, but they would rather not as talking about it only makes them feel worse. Their father understands that the station is now filled with difficult memories. It's one of the reasons that he and their mother have been considering moving on. However, Andy and Lauren disagree with their decision to abandon the station as they see it as giving up. Reed and Caitlin almost lost them a few days ago and don't want to risk that happening again. Besides, there was a lot of tension that they don't want to get caught in the middle of. They want to head up to Mexico as planned, but Andy and Lauren believe they can make a difference while with the Underground.

Esme and her sisters stop by the station unannounced soon thereafter. They've come peacefully as they only desire to talk about the Hound program, which is expanding, and they want the Underground's help in taking it down.


Andy's drawing of Fenris - The Wolf

While sketching a picture of a wolf, Andy is approached by Lauren, who came to get him for school. Andy can't believe that Lauren's bothering him about school when there's more important matters at hand, like Esme and her sisters. Andy then comments on their mother also abandoning the school she started at the station. Lauren didn't want to leave either, but maybe with everything going on, it's best they leave. While Clarice didn't tell anyone what they did in the lab, people know that something happened. And with Esme and her sisters around, it's a bad time to be at the station. But Andy argues that it may be the best time.

Andy later sits in the car upset while his parents pack up their things and prepare to leave the Atlanta station. When asked where is Lauren, he tells his father that she's still inside.


The Struckers arrive at the Fairburn station

The Struckers arrive at the Fairburn station. When they enter, the station is seemingly vacant. However, as they proceed forward they learn that Wes is merely creating an illusion of an empty station. Lauren is thrilled to see him and they embrace. He'd been helping out with security, ensuring that no one sees them there unless they want to be seen. They inform Wes that they're leaving for Mexico. Wes explains that they've got about 20 mutants and they're still arranging a ride. So until then, Wes gets them some dinner. Andy, still upset about leaving Headquarters, wanders off on his own.


Andy talking to one of the Frost Sisters

Later that evening, one of the Frost Sisters visits Andy at the Fairburn station. When he asks which sister he is talking to, she replies that it doesn't matter much as they're essentially Three-in-One. She heard about the Struckers running off from Atlanta. Andy explains that his parents wanted to protect him and his sister. However, Andy is hardly someone who needs protecting. She tells him to speak to his parents as "Andrew Von Strucker" if he wants to be taken seriously. He's surprised that she knows about his family's history. She claims that she knows all about the Strucker family and who Andy is meant to be. She tells Andy that he's not a child anymore and that they need him most of all.


Caitlin, Reed and Andy at the Fairburn station

The next day, Reed announces that he checked in with the transport people and there's a trucking company that might be able to help them. But there's still a chance they could stay longer. Assuming they are staying, Andy wants to go back to Atlanta, but Reed reminds him that the whole point of leaving was to get away from Atlanta. Caitlin explains that they've already talked about this. Just as it seems that Andy is about to speak to his parents as "Andrew Von Strucker", per the Frost Sisters' suggestion, Sentinel Services attacks with the Inertia and Gravity Hound, who are wearing some kind of manacle that allows them to combine abilities. They snatch an entire window out of the building.


Andy lying on the ground

Fortunately, Wes manages to create an illusion and cloak them in time before they are spotted by Sentinel Services and the Hounds. Agent Turner and Dr. Campbell watch from the surveillance van as the Hounds tear the building down. They can flush out the mutants without Turner needing to send his men in harms way. Wes tells them to make a run for it while he covers them, but Andy wants to fight. He looks to Lauren for help, but before they can join hands, Andy is is struck the a massive wave of energy and knocked unconscious. Andy is hurt as he bleeds from his head, though Reed and Caitlin are at his siding, protecting him until Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Blink can save them.


The Underground escaping the Fairburn station

Unfortunately, Wes is able to maintain the illusion no more, making the Struckers vulnerable to attack. Lauren, however, shields them from Sentinel Services' gunfire. until Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Blink find them and see them to safety. Although, it is no easy task as the Hounds continuously strike the building with great power. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris Blink, Lauren, Wes, Andy, Reed and Caitlin quietly move throughout the woods, hoping not to alert any nearby agents. To make matters worse, Thunderbird's foresight reveals that their car has been discovered. Andy then jumps to his feet and leads the group out of the woods, claiming that "they" said it was safe. "They" turn out to be the Frost Sisters, who are waiting by the road with escape vehicles.

Andy wakes up at HQ. His father tells him to rest as he has a concussion. He also deserves to rest after saving them in the woods. But Andy reveals that it was the Frost Sisters who saved them as they led him through the woods.


Andy reading his family's history

In "eXtraction", in the vault, Andy is again reading about his ancestors Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker when Lauren interrupts after seeing Wes off to Augusta. Andy's curious about their family history though Lauren can't be any less interested. Andy explains that Andreas wasn't a psycho as the book portrays him to be given that it was written by humans, and by Andy account is therefore bias. According to Andy, Andreas and Andrea were apparently trying to build a separate place for mutants. However, as Lauren explains, that's exactly what the Underground is. Andy disagrees as the station is merely a place to hide while Andreas wanted more for them. Lauren argues that the Underground is more than just a safe house. They're saving people while Lauren and Andy's ancestors on the other hand were murders. Lauren then begins to suspect that the Frost Sisters have gotten in Andy head after he praised them for at least treating him like an adult. Lauren claims they're liars but Andy thinks they're the only ones telling the truth.


Andy wants to help

Andy is frustrated that he and Lauren have been tasked with watering plants while there are more important matters to be attended to, like Campbell, who is likely moving ahead with his program. Lauren tells Andy that the Underground is going after him, but Andy wants to be apart of the assault. He recalls the Hounds that ambushed them at the Fairburn station and how they combined their powers. Andy feels responsible as Campbell managed to combine their powers through him and Lauren giving Campbell what he wanted back at the lab. But Lauren explains that going out and attacking people will solve nothing. The Underground is a team and they're part of that. Their parents interrupt the discussion to inform them that Sentinel Services is going after their grandmother, and that they have to get to her first.


Lauren failing to get through to Andy

The Struckers arrive at Southern Worldwide to retrieve grandma Ellen. Their mother and father goes up to the office while Lauren and Andy stay on the ground to guard outside. Their mother tells them if there's any kind of trouble to return to the station. Just outside, Andy and Lauren stand guard for Sentinel Services. While Lauren is prepared to run should a problem arise, as advised by their parents, Andy wants to fight. Which Lauren fears will only make matters worse. However, considering what they can do, if Sentinel Services does show up, Andy says that he and Lauren won't be the ones in trouble. They agents will be. Lauren again tries to reason with Andy, explaining that their powers come with responsibilities and the last thing they want is for people to be scared of them. Andy counters that maybe they should be scared. Maybe if they were more scared then they wouldn't be going after their grandmother Ellen just because she's related to them.


Andy takes down Sentinel Services agent

When Lauren calls their father to inform him that Sentinel Services has just arrived, Reed, Caitlin and Ellen quickly make their way out the office to meet with Andy and Lauren downstairs. As the agents approach, Lauren plans to find an exit, but Andy prepares to fight. Andy steps out into the open and the two agents immediately draw their weapons and demand that he put his hands in the air. Andy makes them regret that request when he puts his hands up and sends the agents flying back. Although, Andy doesn't want to stop there. So Lauren makes him stop by obstructing his path with a shield. He gets angry and turns his powers on her. But Lauren counters his attack, which blows up in both of their faces, knocking both of them to the ground. At that moment, Caitlin, Reed and Ellen exit the building. Everyone gets into the SUV and they speed off.


The Struckers saying goodbye

Andy and Lauren stay back at the SUV as their mother and father speak with their grandmother. Andy and Lauren refuse to even speak to one another after the incident outside of their grandmother's work place where they used their powers against one another. While the Underground is coming to pick them up, their grandmother however, won't be going with them. She would only hold them up. Though, she has no intentions on going home either. She has a friend in Boca Raton who lives way out of town and she has enough money to get there. Lauren begins to cry as she explains that they are still the same people they've always been. Ellen says that this isn't true. They're so much more. She then gives Andy and Lauren a hug before parting ways.


Caitlin learns about Andy and Lauren's fight

Noticing that something is wrong, their mother confronts them on their odd behavior towards one another. She demands to know what went down in the parking lot because when they came out both Andy and Lauren were on the ground and they haven't spoken to each other since. Andy claims it was only a disagreement, but Lauren explains it was much more as he almost killed the agents. Caitlin informs them that they need to stick together as a family, but Andy doesn't need to hear it, so he claims as he's the one person in the family that's proud to be a von Strucker. When he walks off, their mother looks to Lauren to work it out with him as they are family, but as Lauren explains, something has changed in Andy.


Andy learns that the Underground failed to get Campbell

In "X-roads", Sage and Shatter informs them that something went wrong at the Humanity Today Summit. They'd been been monitoring the police reports and all they know for sure is that Campbell escaped. Andy wants to go out there and back them up. But with them being two states away, it would be too late by the time they got out there. Andy disagrees. He still thinks they should go out to help their friends, but Lauren reasons that with people to protect at the station, they better stay put. When their parents urge them to stop fighting amongst each other and act like family, Andy loses his temper as he feels that he's the only one that wants them to be strong. But Lauren corrects him in saying that Andy really wants them to be the von Struckers again. Andy feels they should be ready for when the humans attack. Reed takes offense to this statement and rhetorically asks Andy if he or their mother are coming after him as they are human, though Andy claims he didn't mean it like that before brushing past his father.


Andy moves upstairs

Andy packs his things to crash with Naya and Skyler upstairs. His mother's upset that he's leaving, but Andy assures her that it's not what she thinks. A month ago, he had a bedroom with a door where he could have some space if he wanted it. He no longer has that. Andy heads upstairs to find Naya and Skyler washing clothes. He asks if he can stay with them, which they have no problem with. They begin to talk about Campbell, though none of them know what will happen next. Nonetheless, this is what Polaris has been training them for. Andy just wishes she was there to guide them. Lauren finds Andy to talk with him as they were both effected by the their time spent at Trask Industries. That day changed everything for them. Lauren can't get the death of all those people out of her head. But they must focus on making things better, like when they rescued their dad and Lorna and saved Trader when he was shot. While this admittedly felt good, there are people trying to hurt them and Andy has the power to stop the. Or destroy them as Lauren points out as being Andy's true intention. Andy counters that she's the one that denied her abilities and almost destroyed the family.

Pedro spots Sentinel Services just off the road. He tries to scare them away, but when that doesn't work, he alerts Shatter, who then begins evacuation of the station. Upstairs, Lauren finds Naya, Skyler, Andy and the others packing. They learn that Sentinel Services is coming and that they will do whatever they have to protect everyone.


Andy and Lauren get in position

His mother tries to break through the wall down stairs for a way out while his father leads the combat ready mutants upstairs, which includes, Andy, Lauren, Naya and Skyler. Sentinel Services will be focusing on attacking the front. So their job is to stop them there. Naya and Skyler are doubtful that they can do it on their own, but Reed informs them that they only have to hold the agents off long enough for the others to create another exit. Andy and Lauren also assures them that everything will be okay so long as they stand up and fight and remember what Polaris told them, to stick together and watch each others' backs. Naya and Skyler are ordered to take the right while Andy and Lauren take the left, with Reed in the middle. Lauren reminds Andy that they're trying to save the station, not settle a score though Andy doesn't seem to show much interest in what she has to say.


Andy and Lauren fends off Sentinel Services

The Underground watches as Sentinel Services slowly approaches. About a dozen or so agents move in. When they do, the Underground attacks at once. Reed fires a shotgun as Skyler and Naya attack using their abilities. Lauren shields them from gunfire while Andy also attacks the guards, forcing the agents to fallback per Agent Turner's request. While the Underground manages to hold off the S.W.A.T team, Sentinel Services is now bringing in the Hounds, who hit the station hard. Andy, Lauren, Caitlin, Reed, Naya and Skyler fight off the agents though they are no match for the Hounds, who shake the building with each blast. So everyone runs downstairs into the vault.


Andy and Lauren combine powers and destroy the station

Downstairs in the vault, the others have finally managed to break through to the other side as the Hounds continue their assault of the station. While Shatter helps escort everyone out, telling them to go downhill and stay near the trees, Andy and Lauren volunteer to stay behind after everyone's out so that they can destroy the building in order to cover their tracks. Reed and Caitlin reluctantly agree, telling Andy and Lauren that they will see them outside. Just as their parents exit, the Gravity and Inertia Hound enter the station. Just behind those Hounds are the Clairvoyant and Molecule Hounds, who unleashes a sonic scream, causing the building to crumble. As the Hounds proceed further into the station, they are met by Andy and Lauren, who have conjoined hands and combined powers before unleashing a wave of power so strong that it kills the Hounds and completely vaporizes the station.


Lauren and Andy at the way station

Nashville, Tennessee, the Underground has regrouped at the Mutant Way Station. John, Marcos and Blink arrive some time later. Meanwhile, Caitlin checks in on Andy and Lauren to ensure that they are fine. Lauren's just trying to wrap her head around what happened, but it was either them or the Hounds as far as Andy is concerned. Lauren knows this, but the Hounds were mutants too. They didn't choose to be that. Campbell made them into monsters. Reed then tells all 3 of them that while what happened today was hard, the fact is that they recused the station.

John and Marcos announces that they need to start thinking about next steps, like rebuilding. With Headquarters gone, a lot of people have nowhere to go. It's not about the building. It's about the network and the people in it. Sage and Shatter doubt that it's even possible to start from nothing and they worry that that anything that they build, Sentinel Services is just going to smash it again. Sage then points out that since the Struckers arrived, half their stations have been destroyed, but Caitlin counters that the Hound program was coming one way or another.


Rebirth of the Hellfire Club

Marcos explains that the X-Men didn't do this because they thought it would be easy. They knew it would be a struggle and take sacrifice. Lorna interrupts with Esme, and tells Marcos that there's nothing noble about struggle. And sacrifice is just a pretty name for losing. The Mutant Underground is dying, but that world that they've always talked about where they don't have to hide and live in fear, she wants to build that for them. Esme informs Marcos that they aren't there to ask for his help. The people they've come for know who they are, which includes Fade, Bulk, and Sage. Last to join them is Andy. Reed and Caitlin refuse to let Andy leave, but ultimately, it's his decision. What they're trying to rebuild, the Hellfire Club, Andy explains that their family was apart of it. He feels as if it's his birthright. Lauren reminds Andy of their childhood when they used to play X-Men. They did that because they are heroes. She begs Andy not to leave, but Andy does so anyways, explaining that the X-Men are gone and that they aren't kids anymore. He then joins Polaris, Esme, Sage, Fade and Bulk.

Season 2[]


the Inner Circle arrive at the munitions warehouse

In eMergence, six months have gone by, and Andy has become a part of the Inner Circle alongside Lorna, the Frost Sisters and Reeva Payge in Washington D.C. He has changed his hair and has started wearing a new style of clothes. He goes with Lorna as Reeva and the Frost Sisters take them to an old munitions warehouse and explain that it will be where Lorna could safely deliver her child. Lorna doesn't think it is much but they all assure her that they will fix it up so that it is comfortable in time for the big day. Lorna suddenly feels the baby kicking which triggers her powers and causes the cars and the metal poles and wires around them to go crazy. It lasts only for a moment and Lorna quickly apologizes.

Unbeknownst to him, his sister Lauren has a dream with him in it where she has seen the new changes to his look, as well as the fact that he is in Washington. Yet, the dream Andy takes Lauren's hand to invoke their shared power. She tells him to let go but he doesn't and asks why she is fighting him as this was what they were meant to be.


Lorna asks Andy to save the baby at all costs

Andy is supervising as the work crews get the warehouse in order with a special safe room when Lorna pulls him aside. She tells him that she doesn't think the birth will go well but Andy assures her that it will as she has everything she needs including a safe place to have the baby and the best doctor. Lorna tells him that she is scared that if the worst happens, Reeva will choose to save her over the baby. She asks Andy that he not let that happen and Andy is confused as what he could do about it. She reminds him that he is a Von Strucker and makes him promise that he will do whatever it takes to stop them and protect her baby. He promises her that he will.

Andy is hanging out with Lorna in the Inner Circle's meeting room as he wants to toss around more names for the baby. Lorna tells him that his choices weren't good and he would be more suited in naming porn stars and he asks what is wrong with the name Bolt. He assures her that he has a better selection but Lorna starts to sway and feels pain. She tells him that the baby is coming. He takes her off to the birthing room and stays with her as everyone else rushes to try and quell the situation as everything around them is going haywire due to Polaris' power.


Andy helps Lorna through her labor

As Lorna is having trouble with the contractions and pushing, the doctor tells them that she is suffering some sort of mental block that is interfering with the baby's delivery. Andy sees Reeva with the Frosts, whispering to each other and becomes defensive. They start to approach Lorna but he moves to get in their way and asks what they are doing. Reeva tells him that they are trying to help. Andy moves aside as Reeva tells Lorna that she has to focus on what she is fighting for. The Frosts then move to show her their vision for the future and Polaris finds herself at the Capitol with her daughter, Andy, Sage and the others as they succeed in having a place of their own for mutants. She then is inspired to pull through and finish delivering her child.

Andy is with the others as they look down at Lorna holding her daughter, whom she names Dawn.


Lauren and Andy's shared dream

In unMoored, Andy starts to have a dream of being on a roof, looking out onto the city, before he is joined by Lauren. She tells him that he has to come back but he takes her hand and starts to invoke their shared power. Lauren tells him to let go but he says that they belong together and that Fenris is their destiny. Lauren shouts at him and yanks her hand away and she ends up falling off of the roof. Andy shouts to her but finds that she has disappeared. He wakes up with a troubled gasp, unaware that Lauren was having the same dream.

Andy is at the coffee machine, tired and yawning, so he doesn't notice that his cup is overflowing. Polaris comes over and shakes him out of it, telling him that she supposed to be the tired one. He tells her that he hadn't gotten enough sleep as he had been up all night playing video games. She asks him if he'll be okay for training because Reeva takes it seriously. He tells her that he'll be okay.


Andy fails at training

Andy goes to the training room where walls have been set up for him to destroy. Reeva is overseeing him with Sage and she tells him that each wall is made of stronger material than the last and his goal is to break his way through them all. This exercise is to prepare him for their first assignment and target. Andy readies himself and at the siren, starts. He runs and breaks through each wall quickly and effortlessly yet when he gets to the last one, he starts to see his dream again. He sees Lauren screaming and falling off the roof and he ends up hitting the wall, not breaking it.


Andy tells Reeva that he had an off day

Andy is called in for a private meeting with Reeva as she wants to know what had happened during his training. She tells him that she knows something is wrong as someone with his power should've been able to break through the final wall. She tells him that if something like that happened during their operation then it would be disastrous. Andy tells her that it was nothing and he just had an off day. Reeva then tells him of when she was younger and had a best friend but one day they had a big argument. Later that day, they had been ambushed by some Purifiers and Reeva was still so angry at her friend that she couldn't access her power. Her friend was then stabbed and bled out in front of her as she held her while crying. That had been her 'off day'. Andy tells her that he would do better.


Lorna tells Andy to get his act together

He goes off to find Lorna in her room with Dawn and asks if he could come in. Lorna says yes as Dawn is cute but not much of a talker yet. Andy asks if she had heard about what happened during training and Lorna nods before asking what had happened. Andy admits that he's been having thoughts lately about his family. Lorna tells him that it's natural that he would miss them but he had to stay focused. She starts to warn him that if Reeva didn't think that he was committed to what they were doing, but Andy understood and doesn't need her to finish. Dawn starts crying and Lorna tells him that she had to feed her. Andy understands what that means and he quickly leaves.


Andy calls Lauren

Andy picks up a disposable phone from the store. He calls the Community of Mercy Clinic, asking for Lauren, but Reed answers. He asks who is calling for Lauren, but Andy does not respond, but hangs up instead, before destroying the phone. Little does he know, Fade has been tailing him, and reports this unsettling discovery to Reeva.

After speaking with Lorna, Andy heads down and immediately begins smashing his way through the walls as Sage and Reeva monitor from above. Sage states that his kinetic energy is back to its original level and moment of inertia is climbing. Just as it seemed he would break through all the walls successfully, again, Andy begins to recall his dream of Lauren falling off the parking garage's roof, and yet again, he goes face first into the wall.


Andy reveals that he's been lying to Reeva

Andy is in his room when he is visited by Reeva. She had hoped that he would come to think of the base as a home and them as people he could trust. What Reeva saw in the training room was someone whose mind was elsewhere and had doubts and secrets. While having doubts is fine, lying about them isn't. Andy claim he isn't lying about anything. Andy then admits that for the past 6 months, his mother has been messaging him through an online game, telling him where they are and how to find them, But he never responded. Andy also admits to calling Lauren, just to hear her voice, but when she didn't answer, he hung up. Andy then reveals the dreams he's been having of Lauren, where she's afraid of him. He tires to forget it, but he can't. Reeva doesn't want him to forget it. She wants him to use it. They all have the same goal, to build a homeland. For that to happen, Andy has to be strong and do as he's told. Reeva then gives him a hug.

Andy is put back into the training exercise and he succeeds in breaking all of the walls quickly and easily. He smiles at his success and looks up when Reeva starts to applaud him on completing the training.


Andy checks in on Lorna

In coMplications, Andy joins Lorna in her room, who looks over an ill Dawn. Andy came to check in on her after hearing that Marcos is coming. Lorna explains that Marcos is solely coming for Dawn, not her. Andy questions if Lorna wants to be there when Marcos arrives as it will only make it harder for herself. Lorna is very much aware of this. However, she would do anything to save her daughter. She can handle a few minute in the same room with Marcos. Andy then asks if Dawn is a mutant like them. While they won't know until she's old enough for her powers to manifest, Lorna knows that Dawn's a fighter at least.


Andy agrees to stand by Reeva's side

Andy is in his room playing a video game when Reeva comes on in. She wonders why Andy is holed up in his room playing games at a time like this and he tells her that he heard that Marcos was coming to help the baby so he thought it would be best if he stayed in his room so he stocked up on games to play and keep occupied. Reeva however told Andy that she wanted him to be there when Marcos came, and stand by her side. Andy is surprised and says that a security team might be better but Reeva tells him he is what she wants. She points out that anyone could stand up to an enemy. But, the real test is when you are put up against a friend, one that you've fought alongside and cared for in the past, that is the real challenge. She asks Andy if he can handle it and Andy nods and says that he is.


Andy tells Marcos to be grateful

Marcos is brought to their base by the Frost sisters and Andy stands right by Reeva's side as she lays down the ground rules for his time there. Marcos asks if she is serious and looks over at Andy but he firmly tells him that he should just be thankful that he's here. Andy stays silent as Reeva then tells Marcos that he will help the baby and then he will leave.

As Marcos is being escorted out, he breaks free from the Frost sister's power and tries to get back to Lorna but Andy and Reeva stand in his way. Marcos gets ready to fight them but Reeva quickly uses her power to render him and his powers harmless. Once Marcos passes out, Reeva tells Andy to help take Marcos away.

In outMatched,

In afterMath,

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In oMens,


Before discovering he was a mutant, Andy was a typical teenager. He loved playing video games with his cousin and doing youthful activities. Due to a history of bullying, Andy is withdrawn and sullen, though he has exhibited a sarcastic sense of humor, seen when he responded to his sister assertion that "Mutie" was offensive with "Genetically different person", and later, when he told his sister not to get pregnant when she was merely dancing with her boyfriend. Beyond this, Andy has shown to have a bit of a rebellious streak, proven when he told his mother he was going to bed and then slipped out to a dance with Lauren.

Andy is also very protective of his family, willing to risk everything to protect them. He nearly lost control of his powers when Agent Turner and Agent Weeks of the Sentinel Services pushed his mother to the ground. Further proof of Andy's will to protect his family was demonstrated when he destroyed the Sentinels chasing them throughout an abandoned warehouse. When it comes to his sister, he has a "no one messes with her but me" attitude.

Now that he is on the run, Andy has started displaying a great degree of sarcasm with how to handle situations as well as a fiery and heated temper when they run into people that don't hide their hate of mutants. He has stated that it feels good when he uses his power to rip stuff apart and will use his power to intimidate anyone who gets on his bad side. After his time at Trask Industries, Andy's mind has slowly started having darker thoughts in using his powers against those that wish to harm his family and friends. It has also made him spiral to wanting to take harder and more aggressive action against the Sentinel Services and anti-mutant supporters. Ultimately, his desires led him to pursue joining the Hellfire Club as he felt that the Underground wouldn't do what was needed to stop those that wanted to destroy them.

Unlike Lauren, Andy admires his great-grandfather and great-aunt, seeing them as freedom fighters, as opposed to Lauren, who sees them as murderers. Their legacy partially inspired his decision to join the Hellfire Club and continue their work.

Andy seems to have formed a bond with Polaris, whom had trained him to control his powers. Both of them share pride in their mutant heritage and have displayed a desire and willingness for using aggressive force against those who oppress mutants. Upon both joining the Hellfire Club, Lorna comforted Andy as he left with her and the other Hellfire recruits, leaving his family behind at the Mutant Way Station. Andy himself admits that her destroying the Trask airplane and ending the Hound program inspired him to join the Hellfire Club. Their bond only seems to have strengthened in the six months since joining the Hellfire Club. They consider each other family and are constantly exchanging sarcastic comments to one another. Lorna even trusted Andy enough to have him promise that if Reeva was going to save her over her baby during labor, he would stop her and make sure the baby was safe at any cost.

Andy has become more willing to use his powers against his family, albeit reluctantly, as demonstrated at the mental hospital when he attacked Lauren and gave her a concussion.

Since accidentally killing Rebecca, Andy has developed a more sadistic side, similar to Rebecca, as he tortured a Purifier by breaking both of his legs. Andy also claimed to his family that the world won't be safe until all of the mutant haters and their families are destroyed. He believes the only way to deal with individuals like the Purifiers is to wipe them out completely to prevent them from spreading their hate. However, Andy eventually comes to regret joining the Inner Circle after learning that Reeva has been working with the Purifiers; realizing everything he had worked for was a lie and Rebecca died for it.

Since rejoining his family, he has admitted that he does not enjoy using violence and everything that he had done was for a better future.

Physical Appearance[]

Andy is a tall and slim teenager, with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a light complexion. His slim build makes him an easy target for bullies.

After joining the Hellfire Club, Andy‘s hair is cut shorter and been dyed platinum blonde. He has also taken to wearing darker clothing.

Abilities and Skills[]

  • Molecular Manipulation: Andy possess the ability to manipulate matter on a molecular level.
    • Destructive Telekinetic Field:[2] The opposite of his sister, who pulls molecules together to create shields, Andy has the power to push molecules and matter apart from each other. He can do it on a physical level such as push people and objects away from him such as when he threw armed SWAT officers away from him as well as Chloe Tan back against some bars. He can also achieve this effect on a molecular level to rip things apart or tear them to pieces, as seen with metal parking meters and walls. Further proof of this ability was demonstrated when he tore apart Sentinels with ease and nearly brought down a school gymnasium. However, his powers were not precise and was done in a radius-like field. Now, six months later, he has more control of his powers as he can focus it on certain objects and/or people without damaging anything in the surrounding area. This is seen when he destroyed a tennis ball and when he attacked a guard with precision. He has also grown much stronger as he can destroy walls with less concentration than before and can also cause earthquakes. This is a destructive and chaotic power in its own right, but when fueled by his emotions, it is a force to be reckoned with.
      • Molecular Combustion: This ability allows you to speed up the molecules in an object to the point of an explosion. This ability was shown in afterMath, when Andy showed Rebecca his power by causing a police car to explode after she had used her powers to turn it inside out.
      • Limitations: Previously Andy's power did not work against Lauren's. Because she's pushing molecules together and he's pulling them apart (at equal force), they canceled each other out, as seen in eXtraction. When this previously occured, a blast of energy was released, strong enough to launch both Andy and Lauren back several feet, because it was equal force, but as seen in afterMath Andy's power was far greater than Lauren's, because he has been training with the Hellfire Club, her power had almost no affect on him and he was easily able to overpower her, breaking right through her shield, thrusting her backwards and knocking her unconscious, and having virtually no affect on himself. However, Lauren's powers have recently begun developing at an accelerated rate since she has begun training and studying extensively. When Andy was confronted by Lauren, she threw him across the Inner Circle training room with a simple swipe of her hand.
  • Fenris Force: A powerful force of incredible strength. If Lauren and Andy hold hands, they are capable of producing an incredibly strong and destructive blast of light. According to Lauren and Andy themselves, they become a single collective entity. They feel everything around them, especially when inside buildings. They combine Andy's power to push things apart and Lauren's power to pull them together and produce a force they describe as being able “to do anything [they] want.” Whatever they feel, they can destroy. They were able to unleash enough energy to create a large dent in a room made of the supposedly indestructible metal adamantium. When used in the confines of a building of any other material, the building is said to essentially vaporize. The effect of this force, when used in an outdoor environment, as such shown in oMens can vaporize an entire building, leaving behind only its infrastructure. It has been mentioned that Lauren has two copies of the X gene which is what allows her to access the Fenris Force, so it would stand to reason that the same could be said for Andy.
    • Limitations: While powerful, the Fernis Force takes time to unleash. During the preparation for utilizing the force, the users are completely vulnerable to attack. This is demonstrated when the Von Strucker twins were cornered and attempted to use the Fernis Force to wipe out their enemies when they were pinned down by gunfire but the attempt failed because Andrea was shot in the chest and died shortly afterwards. This same weakness applies to the current holders of the Fernis Force i.e. Andy and Lauren.
  • Psychic Connection: Andy has a psychic connection with his sister Lauren, through this connection they have shared dreams. More over, Andy has felt Lauren's physical pain on at least one occasion, when he felt the sting of a needle in his left arm at the same time that Lauren had blood samples taken from her. Their mental connection extends to the use of the Fenris Force as Lauren describes becoming one with Andy when they used this powers previously.


Andy: "We had a debate in social studies about a law they want to make to test people with the X-gene and monitor them, I don't know. Anyway, this one kid was freaking out, guess his cousin's a mutie or something."
Lauren: "Mutie, Andy? Racist much?"
Andy: "What? A person of genetic difference."
Lauren: "You're such an ass."
―Andy and Lauren[src]

Run? Why should we have to run?
— Andy to John[src]

You're my sister. Nobody talks to you like that but me.
— Andy standing up for Lauren[src]

Mom, it's who we are, okay? It's who I am.
— Andy about his identity[src]

They're not taking me. It's my decision. This thing they're trying to rebuild, the Hellfire Club, it's something that our family was a part of. And you're the one who's always talking about helping people.
— Andy to Caitlin[src]

Lorna, it's gonna be okay. We're your family now. I'm here if you need anything.
— Andy to Lorna


Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • His blood type is O-.
  • Andy's powers are comparable to those of Avalanche from the comics, who has telekinesis that specifically causes earthquakes and tears things apart.
  • In the comics, Andy's ancestor are related to Baron Strucker, an agent for Hydra who appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron who was responsible for the experimentation done to Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) and his twin sister Wanda (Scarlet Witch), who in the comics are the half-siblings of Polaris.
  • Andy seems to be a talented artist as he takes to sketching and drawing pictures in his spare time. His favorite things to draw seem to be wolves.



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