Andrea and Andreas von Strucker. They called themselves "Fenris"? Yeah, I think it means "wolf" in some language. Oh, my God. - They did that? - Yeah. They combined powers by holding hands. They wiped out an entire building full of people in seconds. This is crazy. This is our family history. Look, it says here they're "rumored to be part of a shadowy international organization called the Hellfire Club." Does it say what happened to them? I think they disappeared fleeing from the X-Men. They were some of the most powerful mutants ever. Yeah. It also says they were monsters.
Lauren and Andy about Andrea and Andreas[src]

Andrea Von Strucker is a minor character on FOX's The Gifted. She is portrayed by Caitlin Mehner and Julia Farino.

Together with her brother Andreas, they were a mutant terrorist duo known as Fenris (the Wolf).

Early life[edit | edit source]

Andrea and her twin brother Andreas went on to join a shadow organization called the Hellfire Club. Using their powers, they went on to commit dozens of terrorist attacks which killed many innocent people. One of these was the "Plac Zamkowy Incident" in Warsaw, which left 238 dead, and over 400 injured.[1]

In 1952, Andrea and Andreas were hiding out in London after orchestrating a number of terrorist attacks. When they received a mysterious call, Andrea asked her brother who was trying to get a hold of them. Andreas simply told her that the authorities had tracked them down. Holding hands, Andrea and Andreas generated a blast of energy to use against their pursuers.[2]

In 1962, Andrea and Andreas were once again involved in a terrorist attack that occurred in Rio de Janeiro. Sometime after this, she and her brother attempted to raise his son, Otto, into being a terrorist like them. However, he ran away from Andrea and Andreas, vowing to never use his mutant abilities to cause harm.

Over the years, she and her brother disappeared and went into hiding in order to flee from the X-Men.

Around the year 1985, Andrea and Andreas were involved in a firefight with a barrage of bullets being shot at them. They joined hands and attempted to create a blast of energy against their attackers, however before they could fully unleash their powers, Andrea was shot in the chest. She died in her brothers arms, leaving Andreas completely devestated.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Andrea and Andreas combine powers

In threat of eXtinction, Andrea and Andreas appear via flashback. London, England, 1952, Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker hideout in an apartment building while on the run for their many heinous acts. The phone rings though only "the Organization" is known to have their number. Andreas picks up. Before long, they are surrounded by interpol who've come to place them under arrest. Andrea and Andreas appear to be outmatched, but when they hold hands and combine powers, they unleash a bright yet destructive force.

Andrea and her twin brother Andreas are mentioned by her nephew Otto when his son Reed comes looking for information relating to Trask Industries. Otto reveals that Reed's children, Lauren and Andy, have inherited their powers from Andrea and Andreas.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Andrea was a psychopathic killer that loved to use her power to commit mass terrorism alongside her brother Andreas. The thought of using her power against people always brought a smile to her face. She didn't hesitate to use her power to kill anyone that got in their way.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Andrea was a fair-skinned woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slim build. She preferred to wear dresses and leave her long hair down.

In her old age, she has taken to wearing dark dress suits instead of dresses and keeps her hair pinned up.

Abilities and Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Shield Generation: Andrea can push molecules together to create shields. She is seen in meMento using this power to create a rapidly rotating forcefield to slice open a fence. This power is later inherited by Lauren.
  • Fenris Force: When combining her powers with her brother's, the two become one entity and are capable of unleashing a force of energy that completely disintegrates everything within the vicinity. The two hold hands and a powerful light is generated and then unleashed. Targets caught within the field have their molecules simultaneously pulled apart and pulled together vaporizing them instantly.
    • Limitations: While powerful, the Fenris Force takes time to unleash. During the preparation for utilizing the force, the users are completely vulnerable to attack. This is demonstrated when the Von Strucker twins were cornered and attempted to use the Fenris Force to wipe out their enemies when they were pinned down by gunfire but the attempt failed because Andrea was shot in the chest and died shortly afterwards. This same weakness applies to the current holders of the Fenris Force.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the comics, Andrea and her brother were the children of Hydra member Wolfgang von Strucker, who appeared in the mid-credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and made his proper debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • In the comics, Andreas and Andrea have an incestuous relationship, however, it does not seem to appear in the TV show, suggesting an adaption in comic history to make the backstory more family friendly.
  • In the comics, Andreas and Andrea's powers only work when they're in contact, however, the show has adapted this so their powers work individually (like Andy and Lauren's) and that they can combine their abilities, holding touches of the source material.
  • In the comics, the twins' DNA is altered in utero to contain the X Gene by Wolfgang von Strucker, so the twins would hold mutations, however, it appears that the twins may have inherited their mutations within the TV show.
  • A newspaper clip from 1952 states that Andrea and her brother are of European descent, but it does not clarify whether they are German like their comic counterparts.[2]
  • Despite failing to mold Andreas' mutant son Otto, into a terrorist like the two of them, their legacy would ironically inspire their mutant descendant Andy Strucker to somewhat follow in their footsteps and join the Hellfire Club in the 21st century.

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References[edit | edit source]

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