Docs said Campbell was burned pretty bad, but he'll live. Said he didn't want surgery. I guess his mutant has skills.
Agent Weeks to Agent Turner about Aide[src]

Aide is a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. He is portrayed by Andrew Benator.

Up until Dr. Roderick Campbell's recent assassination at the hands of Polaris, Aide was his mutant asset, who possesses the power of biological manipulation.

Early Life Edit

Very little is known about Aide's early life, though at some point he was apprehended by Sentinel Services and handed over to Trask Industries, where he was subjected to the Hound program.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit


Aide stays quiet as Campbell and Turner negotiate

In got your siX, Aide accompanies Dr. Campbell to the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters for his meeting with Agent Turner. Campbell had reached out to some friends on Capitol Hill to get Turner reinstated and reassured them that he is committed to the cause. But before they can move forward, Campbell wants access to Andy and Lauren Strucker's files.

The next day, back at Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, Agent Turner holds a conference to inform everyone that the mutants who hit the roadblock are the same mutants from the cell that broke into the Baton Rouge federal building to steal vital, classified information. Agent Turner wants surveillance on all cellphones within a 50-mile radius of the roadblock site. They're to also monitor target names, keywords, repeated phrases, anything that sounds like coded communication.

In eXtreme measures, Aide and Dr. Campbell meet with Agent Turner in the conference room of the regional headquarters to discuss their surveillance program. While Sentinel Services has been monitoring every phone call in the region, the Mutant Underground is discreet in their workings. This only reinforces Dr. Campbell's conviction to take a more direct approach. To date, they've employed their mutant assets cautiously, but now it's time to be more effective by placing their assets in the field. As a trial run, Dr. Campbell has placed several mutant assets in local prisons as part of an experimental program. They remained undetected until activation. And when they were activated, they were quite effective.


Aide causes the DOJ official to have a stroke

Later that day, everyone is called in by an official of the Department of Justice. She wants to make sure there is no confusion from where they stand. Their warrantless surveillance has strayed well outside of legal bounds. So they cannot deploy mutant assets against suspects. Turner informs her that they're pursuing terrorists. Although, she corrects him in saying that they're pursing people they suspect of terrorism. She reminds him that before anything else, they are American citizens. However, Agent Turner begs to differ.He questions why they should enjoy the rights of American citizens when they're determined not to act like American citizens. She replies that this argument was tried on Catholics in the 1950s, on Muslims in the 2000s, and the Supreme Court shut it down every time. So she's requesting a court order. Before she can continue, Dr. Campbell signals Aide, who causes the official have a stroke though Campbell then comes to her aid to play the hero.

The following day, Aide, Dr. Campbell and Agent Turner have begun their undercover program involving sending their mutant assets into the field. Turner questions the success rate of their plan since they had been trying to send in spies for years. Rather than spies, Campbell thinks of them as weapons. All they have to do is get them inside. The "Hounds" will take it from there. Turner, Campbell and Aide enter a secured room to find at least a dozen Hounds waiting for command.


Aide heals Campbell

In outfoX, Aide uses his skills to heal Dr. Campbell's injuries after he was badly burned from the encounter with Otto Strucker in Chattanooga. Campbell requires surgery, but instead opts to use Aide.

In eXtraction, Aide joins Dr. Campbell at the Humanity Today Summit North Carolina, where Campbell gives a speech. Afterwards, they are attacked by Thunderbird and Eclipse as thy get off the elevator. Aide uses his mutant abilities against Eclipse before Thunderbird intervenes and knocks him out while Campbell escapes with children hostages.

Personality Edit

Aide is shown to be almost emotionless and expressively apathetic due to his brainwashing at the hands of Trask Industries, causing him to mindlessly obey his orders no matter how gruesome or immoral.

Physical Appearance Edit

Aide, like most Hound, has a tattoo on his wrist. He appears to be in his thirties, with black, balding hair.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

  • Biological Manipulation: Aide has the ability to influence biological systems. He was able to induce a stroke with a clench of his fist and demonstrated the power to heal a persons injuries, although the process is painful, and scars will remain if the damage is severe enough, as demonstrated in his healing of Dr. Roderick Campbell.

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Season 1 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • As of X-roads, Aide is the only known surviving Hound.
  • Aide is not a character from the Marvel Comics. He's an original character created for this series.

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