3 X 1 is the eleventh episode of the first season of The Gifted. It is the eleventh episode of the series overall.[2]

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THE MUTANTS MUST CHOOSE WHOSE SIDE THEY ARE ON THE ALL-NEW WINTER PREMIERE — As tensions heat up among the team at Mutant HQ, no one knows who they can trust. Fearing for his family's safety, Reed rethinks their future at the compound. Meanwhile, Dr. Campbell proposes an improved program to Jace that could change everything.[2]

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The Purifiers torch Clarice's car

Two years ago, Athens, Georgia, Clarice is on a date at a local movie theater with a young man named Nate. He apparently convinced Clarice to come into town against her better judgement. As they head back towards her car, an anti-mutant hate group known as the Purifiers confront Clarice after seeing her walk into the movies a couple hours before. They tag her car with spray-paint and ask if her friend Nate is a mutant as well. He isn't. And he doesn't do much in Clarice's defense. As a crowd forms, Clarice looks to them all and wonders how they can be okay with the treatment mutants face. No one responds or steps forwards. Not even when the Purifiers torch her car. Left to fend for herself, Clarice runs away.


Esme, Phoebe and Sophie recount their attack on Trask

Present day, Esme, Sophie and Phoebe recount the Trask escape with William, an associate of theirs. The alarms were going off. People were coming. They went one way while the Mutant Underground went another. They took the Struckers without so much as a thank you, the girls add. And in the 2 days since that, they've had no interaction with the Underground, who felt used. So Esme, Phoebe and Sophie wanted to give them some space since their parting moment was heated, to say the least. William is displeased with the mess they left at the Trask lab. But as Esme points out, they barely got out of their alive. William explains that he was recruited to rebuild the Hellfire Club with them. So activities like his, such as taking down a hedge fund are essential, while their transgressions will only make things more difficult, like their killing of a dozen Sentinel Services agents. They made a lot of noise, yet the Hound program is stronger than ever. So they need to act quickly and they'll need the Underground's help.


Agent Ed Week's funeral

Sentinel Services holds a burial for Agent Ed Weeks, who was murdered by Esme during the Trask escape. Agent Turner steps forward to say a few words. Weeks was a good man, an agent and a close friend of his. Ed lived a life of service, and he gave the ultimate sacrifice. Jace grew up in his granddad's church. There's a story that he learned there. In the beginning, the Lord loved one angel above all the others. To him, he gave special gifts. He made that angel beautiful and powerful. But one day, that angel decided that he wanted to rule over Heaven. That angel disobeyed God. And for that, he was cast down out of Heaven. That angel was Lucifer. We have, living among us, some who have been given special gifts. Some who, like Lucifer, have followed their pride into darkness. They ask for understanding. They ask for tolerance, but Jace is done tolerating evil. He promises that they're going find the mutants responsible for Ed's death and bring them to justice.


Dreamer's funeral

Concurrently, the Underground holds a service for Dreamer. Lorna speaks on her behalf. Everything Dreamer did, she did for everyone at the station, up until the very end. She could've disguised herself as a human forever, but she chose to live with them, her true family. Marcos then says a few words. It's days like this that remind them that they're up against people that don't think of them as human. And they will point to their differences. But the simple fact is this: Mutants love like they do. Mutants die like they do. Mutants grieve like they do. Sonya will not be forgotten. And Marcos promises they will find justice for her. Lorna and Marcos then place flowers on Sonya's grave. Followed by the Struckers. Then everyone else. Lastly, John leaves flowers.


John and Clarice discuss their game plan

John returns to the station. He stops on the steps as everyone goes inside and begins to cry. He pulls himself together just as Clarice approaches to check on him. She knows that Sonya meant a lot to him and he meant a lot to her. If there's anything John needs, Clarice volunteers her assistance. John's voice cracks as she explains that everything is so confusing. Regarding Esme and her sisters, no one can agree on whether what they did was a disaster or miracle. However, their goal remains the same, to stay focused and take down the Hound program. As far as game plans are concerned, they don't have any. But John refuses to lose anymore friends.


Caitlin and Reed tell Lauren and Andy that they're leaving the station

Caitlin asks Andy and Lauren if they want to talk about what went down in the lab and Sonya's death, but they would rather not as talking about it only makes them feel worse. Reed understands that the station is now filled with difficult memories. It's one of the reasons that he and Caitlin have been considering moving on. However, Andy and Lauren disagree with their decision to abandon the station as they see it as giving up. Reed and Caitlin almost lost them a few days ago and don't want to risk that happening again. Besides, there was a lot of tension that they don't want to get caught in the middle of. They want to head up to Mexico as planned, but Andy and Lauren believe they can make a difference while with the Underground.


Phoebe, Esme and Sophie propose an alliance

Shatter alerts the station of Esme, Sophie and Phoebe's arrival. They've come peacefully as they only desire to talk about the Hound program, which is expanding, and they want the Underground's help in taking it down. However, Marcos and Reed are still upset that Esme used and lied to them. Admittedly, Esme mislead them, but she also saved their children and her family. The ends justify the means as far as she is concerned. As for why they need the Underground's help despite their own powers being so great, Sentinel Services knows what they look like. So they can't take them on by themselves. They have information about Dr. Campbell's plans and resources to share. Meanwhile, the Underground has the muscle. While Caitlin and Marcos refuse to even consider an alliance of any kind, John seems more willing though he does kick them out after hearing what they have to offer.


Agent Turner visits his daughter's grave

Agent Turner visits Grace's grave to leave some flowers. He is interrupted but Campbell, who has come to offer his condolences, among other things. He admires what Turner did at the lab to spare the mutant the trials of the Hound program as he is fully aware that the program is the furthest thing from humane. However, he started it to end a terrible conflict that threatens all of humanity, that being mutants. Campbell understands that Agent Turner was trying to be merciful, but the time for mercy is over. This is a crucial moment for them. The research at Trask has entered a new phase, but they want Agent Turner's support before proceeding further.


Fenris - The Wolf

While sketching a picture of a wolf, Andy is approached by Lauren, who came to get him for school. Andy can't believe that Lauren's bothering him about school when there's more important matters at hand, like Esme and her sisters. Andy then comments on their mother also abandoning the school she started at the station. Lauren didn't want to leave either, but maybe with everything going on, it's best they leave. While Clarice didn't tell anyone what they did in the lab, people know that something happened. And with Esme and her sisters around, it's a bad time to be at the station. But Andy argues that it may be the best time.


Sage informs John and Clarice of the Frost Sisters

Sage did some digging. She couldn't find much, but she knows there are three sisters. At least that they know of. Esme, Sophie and Phoebe Frost. But they often use new alias. When Sophie and Phoebe were arrested, they gave their last name as Cuckoo. John asks if Clarice got anything from Phoebe and Sophie while on the transport. Unfortunately, she didn't. Their police file says that they have a HIVE mind. Capable of limited psychic control if they can get close and the target doesn't see it coming. They're politically connected and wealthy. Sage discovers via a campaign photo that one of them (Esme), infiltrated Senator Montez's campaign last year. Clarice recognizes Montez and accuses him of being a Purifier. John worries that an alliance with the Frost Sisters will tear the station apart. However, as Clarice points out, that's already happening due to the Underground being at odds in regards to the Frost. Sage decides to separate the arguing Underground members while Clarice and John further discuss their game plan. Sage then calls John over for help as the Underground continues to fall apart.


Marcos and Lorna argue over the alliance with the Frost Sisters

Marcos can't believe that Lorna is leaning towards an alliance with the Frost Sisters after they turned everyone against each other. While this may be true, Lorna thinks Marcos is still just upset about Esme tazing him. Furthermore, Lorna feels not one ounce of remorse for the Sentinel Services agents that died. After brief stomach pains, Lorna reveals that her bottom line is that the Frost Sisters got the job done. If it's a question of their survival, maybe that has t be all that matters.


Caitlin and Reed pack their things

Marcos follows Lorna out the room only to find the Struckers packing their belongings. Reed and Caitlin had reach out to the Fairburn station. He's surprised that they're leaving now despite all that has just happened. They are needed at the station, especially the help Caitlin has been giving with the school. But, they feel that it's time to move on, more so with Esme and her sisters coming back. Marcos doesn't want to align with them either, which is why the Underground needs to stick together, but Reed claims it's too late for that. The last time, Esme played them all against each other. They can't risk that she might do that again. Not to mention that she has already turned some of the mutants at the station against them because they talked to Agent Turner.

The next day, as the Strucker prepare to leave the station, Marcos brings them out some supplies as there isn't much to the Fairbun station. It's basically a meeting point for people heading South. Marcos shakes Reed's hand and gives Caitlin a hug after telling them to stick to the back roads and follow the speed limit. Andy, who sits inside the car, is still upset about leaving and tells Reed that Lauren is still inside.


Clarice offers Lauren a few words of advice

Clarice finds Lauren as she's on her way out and tells her that just leaving isn't going to solve anything because the Underground is going to have a real problem on their hands with or without the Frost Sisters. Lauren explains that it was neither her idea nor choice. So Clarice offers her a word of advice. Running isn't going to solve anything. At some point they're going to have to take a stand. Lauren recalls doing just that, but it got Sonya killed. However, Clarice insists that Sonya's death isn't Lauren's fault. She learned the hard way that hate feeds on fear. So, if they run, hate wins.


Dr. Campbell and Agent Turner forge an alliance

At Trask, Dr. Campbell takes Agent Turner to see the Hounds. From Andy and Lauren, they've learned how to combine the Hounds' abilities. When Turner asks if this is legal, Campbell replies that it's well within the mandate of Trask Laboratories. Also, Campbell's confident that they're political allies can handle the bureaucrats once they see the program's potential. They know bold steps must be taken in order to end the war, which the program is capable of. The Frosts and the Strucker siblings all had the ability to harness exponentially more power together than apart. Dr. Campbell directs Agent Turner's attention to the Inertia Hound, who has the ability to manipulate intermittent bursts of inertia, while the Gravity Hound influences gravity in minor ways. Separately, their powers are of limited use, but together, that's another matter. So Campbell wants to demonstrate the program in the field. They can help each other as Turner wants to take down the Underground while Campbell wants his program to expand.


Wes securing the Fairburn station

The Struckers arrive at the Fairburn station. When they enter, the station is seemingly vacant. However, as they proceed forward they learn that Wes is merely creating an illusion of an empty station. Lauren is thrilled to see him and they embrace. He'd been helping out with security, ensuring that no one sees them there unless they want to be seen. Lauren informs Wes that they're leaving for Mexico. They've got about 20 mutants and they're still arranging a ride. So until then, Wes gets them some dinner. Reed notes that it's good to see Wes again, before he heads off with Lauren to catch up. When Caitlin points out how relaxed Reed is with Wes, Reed explains that he's just happy to see Lauren smiling again.


One of the Frost Sisters messes with Andy's head

Later that evening, one of the Frost Sisters visits Andy at the Fairburn station. When he asks which sister he is talking to, she replies that it doesn't matter much as they're essentially Three-in-One. She heard about the Struckers running off from Atlanta. Andy explains that his parents wanted to protect him and his sister. However, Andy is hardly someone who needs protecting. She tells him to speak to his parents as "Andrew Von Strucker" if he wants to be taken seriously. He's surprised that she knows about his family's history. She claims that she knows all about the Strucker family and who Andy is meant to be. She tells Andy that he's not a child anymore and that they need him most of all.


Esme visits Lorna

That night at HQ, Lorna gets out of bed and heads out front of the station, where she is met by Esme, who apparently woke her up from her sleep to talk to her. Time is running out. The Frost Sisters need to know if the alliance is going to happen. Deep down, Esme knows that Lorna likes the idea of teaming up. However, Esme has pissed a lot of people off. They don't like being puppets. There's also a rumor about Esme and her sisters being members of a terrorist organization known as the Hellfire Club. This is the same organization that Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker were members to. Esme then realizes that Lorna has no idea about her biological father, not her adoptive father who was a pilot that died in a plane crash. Esme informs Lorna that her father was more than just a member of the Hellfire club. He was a king, which makes Lorna royalty. Esme then turns her attentions to Lorna's pregnancy. It's changing her. If she wants to protect the child then Esme advises her to join them. Lorna has to ask herself what matters most as Esme isn't out to win a popularity contest.


Lauren and Wes kiss

The next day, at the Fairburn station, Wes and Lauren handle the supplies. Wes tells Lauren that she doesn't have to help, but she wants to. It feels better when she's doing something as it's been getting harder for her to sleep. Wes heard about what happened at the lab with Sonya. Lauren can't help but wonder what if she had done something different that maybe Sonya might be alive. While Lauren can't take back what happened, she can let it make her stronger. Wes likes to think a lot of bad stuff happened to him, but it had to happen, because it led him to his current situation. With her family going to Mexico, she won't be there much longer. That's fine with Wes. As long as he got to see Lauren one last time. They then kiss.


Lorna tells Marcos the baby is making her stronger

At the station, Lorna's power grows. She notices the green hue of her abilities have changed. She she focus in on the vault door and slams it closed. Marcos asks what that was about. Lorna explains that she could never move that much metal from such distance before. She thinks it's because of the baby. Lorna feels amazing. Marcos recalls the last time she felt amazing, she had a bipolar episode, but she insists the feeling isn't the same. She's changing, along with everything else. They then inform John of this discovery.


John, Lorna and Marcos discuss the alliance with the Frost Sisters

Expecting the Frost Sisters' arrival at any time, John tells Marcos and Lorna that they need to come to a decision. As far as Marcos is concerned, Esme and her sisters are not an option because he doesn't agree with their tactics. They know nothing about them, but Clarice interjects that they saved her, which is apparently enough for her to agree to the alliance. Marcos is worried as they've now been pulled into an all-out war with Sentinel Services. Congress could declare Martial law, not that Clarice seems to care since they didn't need Martial law when they killed her foster parents. Lorna agrees. Adding that there's no reason for them to continue fighting with one hand tied behind their backs while Sentinel Services is coming at them with full force. In short, they need all the allies they can get, including the Frost Sisters. But Marcos doesn't want to disregard their principals just because it's convenient. the X-Men chose them for a reason. They will take down the Hound program, but they'll do it their way. Sage interrupts to inform them that she had learned from the police scanners that something big is about to go down.


The Hounds attacking the Fairburn station

At the Fairburn station, Reed tells Caitlin that he checked in with the transport people and there's a trucking company that might be able to help them. But there's still a chance they could stay longer, allowing Lauren to spend more time with Wes. Assuming they are staying, Andy wants to go back to Atlanta, but Reed reminds him that the whole point of leaving was to get away from Atlanta. Caitlin reminds him that they've already talked about this. Just as it seems that Andy is about to speak to his parents as "Andrew Von Strucker", per the Frost Sisters' suggestion, Sentinel Services arrive. With the Inertia and Gravity Hound, who are wearing some kind of manacle that allows them to combine abilities, they snatch an entire window out of the building.


Wes and the Struckers hiding behind his illusion

Fortunately, Wes manages to create an illusion and cloak them in time before they are spotted. Agent Turner and Dr. Campbell watch from the surveillance van as the Hounds tear the building down. They can flush out the mutants without Turner needing to send his men in harms way. Wes tells them to make a run for it while he covers them, but Andy wants to fight. He looks to Lauren for help, but before they can join hands, Andy is is struck with a massive wave of energy and knocked unconscious. Lauren sees the manacle around the Hounds' hands and realize that this is why Dr. Campbell wanted them to join their powers at Trask.


Blink portals the team into the Fairburn station

After learning from Sage that the Fairburn station is under attack, Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Blink head down to save the Struckers. Thunderbird calls Reed to inform him that they are on their way. Reed tells Thunderbird that they're hiding out on the south end of the building, but they can't get to an exit. It was just them and Wes as most of the refugees have already surrendered. Unfortunately, Andy is hurt and still unconscious. Caitlin fears that moving him will only make matters worse. Wes' mirage is hiding them, but he can't keep it up forever. Outside the station, in regards to how Agent Turner knew of the station, they got a tip off one of the truck drivers who ships mutants south of there. Campbell explains to Turner that the manacle around the Hounds' wrist mingles their bloodstreams, conjoining them and their powers. With the right mutants, the possibilities are endless. As they flush out most of the refugees, Turner orders all units to prepare to move in. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Blink arrive at the station soon thereafter. Thunderbird hears them prepping to surround the building, and so Blink portals them in.


The Frost Sisters coming to the Underground's rescue

As Wes struggles to maintain the mirage, Caitlin and Reed tend to Andy as he bleeds from his head. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Blink make their way through the station while it is under constant fire. Unfortunately, Wes is able to maintain the illusion no more, making the Struckers vulnerable to attack. Lauren, however, shields them from Sentinel Services' gunfire. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Blink find the Struckers and Wes on the south end and see them to safety though it is no easy task as the Hounds continuously strike the building with great power. Lorna and Marcos are hit, but it is Lorna who goes flying several feet into the air. Luckily, Thunderbird is there to catch her. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris Blink, Lauren, Wes, Andy, Reed and Caitlin quietly move throughout the woods, hoping not to alert any nearby agents. To make matters worse, Thunderbird's foresight reveals that their car has been discovered. Andy then jumps to his feet and leads the group out of the woods, claiming that "they" said it was safe. "They" turn out to be the Frost Sisters, who are waiting by the road with escape vehicles.


Agent Turner and Dr. Campell convince Director Wolcott to proceed with the Hound program

At the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters, Agent Turner and Dr. Campbell inform Director Wolcott that the Hound program is more effective than anything they've put in the field before, which includes the Sentinels. The robots are getting stronger, but in terms of raw power, there's no comparison. The program has unlimited potential as they're building on what they got from the Strucker children, as well as their grandfather's research. However, it will still take significant resources to get the program off the ground. Not only that, there's a reason they've kept these kinds of programs quiet. Agent Turner interjects that they've lost too may people to be politically correct. At the end of the day, people want results and actions. Director Wolcott agrees, and tells them to a demonstration prepared. Benchmarks, timeline, resources needed to bring it Washington later that week. They can make the program an international effort with the right support.


Clarice is glad to have Lauren back at the station

Back at HQ, Reed watches over a sleeping Andy while Caitlin monitors Wes. Lauren joins to see if Wes will be okay. Caitlin explains that he used his powers for a long time. His body's exhausted. Once he rehydrates, he'll recover. Clarice comments that both Wes and Lauren are tough kids for holding out and lasting as long as they did against the Hounds. Lauren replies that she had to because like Clarice said, hatred feeds on fear. Clarice is glad that Lauren is back as they can use all the help they can get. Andy wakes up, but Reed tells him to rest as he has a concussion. He also deserves to rest after saving them in the woods. But Andy reveals that it was the Frost Sisters who saved them as they led him through the woods.

Marcos questions how the Frost Sisters even found them in Fairburn. They claim that they have sources. The Hounds that attacked them is what the Sisters tried to warn the Underground about. But it was only the start. It's going to get worse, which is why they need the Underground's help to take down Campbell and Trask.


The Frost Sisters tell William about their alliance with the Underground

The Frost Sisters reconvene with William, who is irate. He has been taking calls for hours. The inner circle is angry with their stunt. The sisters wonder if the inner circle had a better idea. Because if they did, they could've shared it instead of hiding behind their screens and chessboard. Esme, Sophie and Phoebe risked a lot of lives as they were responsible for tipping off Sentinel Services to the Fairburn station. The Frost sisters defend their actions by reasoning that someone times you have to sacrifice a few pawns if you want to win. The Underground needed to understand what they are all up against. It would seem that their stunt went exactly as planned as the Underground has agreed to the alliance.

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  • "3 X 1" is a reference to the Three-in-One in the Marvel Comics universe. In The Gifted, the lineup consists of Esme, Sophie, and Phoebe. However, in the comics, the Three-in-One was originally known as the Five-in-One, but the deaths of Esme and Sophie reduced the lineup to only three sisters.

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